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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: mdomisore



A presentation addressing the low reading culture and how to significantly improve upon the reading habit, unveiling the book, Writing Masterpieces, Nine Steps to Giving Your Readers Sky-scraping Value for their Time and Money, a compelling and beautifully structured resource on the writing subject for both authors and readers, experts and laymen – everyone in fact. The Writing Revolution presentation - and Writing Masterpieces book - is a crusade against poor writing and reading particularly in the author's part of the world. The war is on!

The Writing Revolution… has begun.

A person can have the greatest idea in the world. But if that person can’t convince enough other people, it doesn’t matter. –Gregory Berns

What are the reasons for the low reading culture in our society?

Learning Gaps (Why should I read except to pass?) Our education system has not helped matters. Reading books have been wrongly taken among students as cramming, just to pass exams – so no reading after school. Now, we have children growing into adulthood without having truly assimilated the contents of great books required. Terrible! Anti-Learning Fads (How dare you say I don’t read, when I surf the net?) Good books are no Economic Crunch longer flying around (Why should I read these days but gist, when I am hungry?) hearsays and rumors still do – a whole lot not just in print, but People are also on other media merely getting by sources. Though the with daily living internet, a massive so are not either buoyant enough source of to invest in books information, is now or don’t just see available, a lot more the need. people’s attention are mostly on A very sad socials, not development so necessarily gaining to speak. knowledge or core competence. And perhaps a few other reasons… Poor Writing Quality (What’s really there to read?”) Somehow, authors seem to have been caught in this whole mediocrity. Books, particularly those produced locally, are mostly - in content and final output – a bad representation of the good essence the author has in mind, or, permit me to state,

Are these reasons really tenable from the individual perspective? Really, from the individual point of view, no reason is actually acceptable for not engaging in reading and learning due to its huge significance and benefits. Therefore, for each of the earlier reasons for not reading, we may need to burst the bubble for the average person out there.

Let’s burst the BUBBLE(S) Economic Crunch (Why should I read when I am hungry?) Learning Gaps (Why should I read except to pass?) Anti-Learning Fads (How dare you say I don’t read, when I surf the net?) Poor Writing Quality (What’s really there to read?) The fact that the economy is not currently favorable is the more reason why you should read. It is through adequate knowledge (and expertise acquired by it) that the tide will be turned in your favor – at least personally, ensuring sumptuous meals on your table always. Maybe not from today, but definitely from “tomorrow.” Learning and cramming are miles apart. Learning is a continual process so you actually don’t read to pass, you pass to read. If all you do is cram knowledge in becoming an adult or professional – and completely stop opening books afterwards - the world will not so appreciate the mediocre you would have become. With so many media options and availability of the gigantic information base that the internet is, there is no excuse again for not reading. But you really need to get down to business, not just while away your time on frivolities (on these same media options). Why? It is true readers that become real leaders! It is as simple as that. ????????????? Poh! Poh! Poh!

One Bubble remains… ? There is a challenge. There seems to be no answer for the “Poor Writing Quality” from people’s angle. Why? The answer is not hinged on the output of books and reading materials but rather on the input. A special set of people – not the general populace will have to provide the answers. Who are they? Authors – producers of books and other published works.

Mini Assertions Based on the foregoing, the following assertions suffice: There are different factors facing the reading culture in our society, already highlighted.  It requires a drastic change of mindset and attitude from individual readers to navigate their way to overcome these problems. (It takes a lot more – something close to a revolution – to rid the whole society of the ills of poor reading culture.)  There is however one main problem that individual readers cannot personally do anything about or be able to initiate adequate measures against, which is poor quality writing.  Written materials are not produced by the readers. They are done by writers and authors. Readers are only served the input and package of the authors in their books – good or bad.  If authors keep serving the general populace with bad contents and packaging, readers will continue to experience a disconnect with proper learning and assimilation. Scale up the effects over the whole members of society, then we have seriously poor reading culture.  No matter how much other factors can be in place, we will still have a poor reading culture if authors don’t produce books and

Mega Assertion That brings us to the main point of this presentation. Here is the bombshell, the assertion of all assertions: “The Reading Culture is low in our Society because the Writing Quality is low.” - Michael Omisore

Further Assertions If writers and authors will up their game - producing good quality writings consistently - the development will positively impact on the other negative factors, and thereby improve the reading attitude in a space of time, and if sustained will completely transform the attitude of the populace towards books and published materials. For there to be a remarkable change in the reading culture in our society, writers and authors (in a moment you will see you are not excluded) must do the needful: Write Masterpieces.

It really has to do with writing masterpieces… The Book  Nine steps to giving your readers skyscraping value for their time and money  With 101 Illustrations/Examples Michael Omisore

What is Masterpiece Writing? Masterpiece Writing is communicating your written piece with intent, clarity and style. It is to make the average reader readily get your message and give a nod of approval to its essence and import, most brilliantly captivating his interest all through the piece and at the end making him feel satisfied about the whole content – like he just had the best of meals. In other words, Masterpiece Writing is showcasing the essence of your writing with a concept (an underlying notion) that runs through the entire piece helping the reader to read, assimilate and easily digest the contents with a very good understanding of what it is all about.

Masterpiece Writing Equation

e s s e nti al steps to writing master pieces 11 Supply the ingredients: laying out your conceived insights and ideas as outlines and jottings, drawing out the key points and arranging them in sequence. 22 Work your essence into shape: giving form to your writing by putting all jottings under the key points and working each set to desired shape. 33 Draw your viewpoints: choosing an angle for your writing through which the shapes or parts already formed are perceived from. 44 Sew the parts together: fusing the different parts of your writing together with a thread of connecting lines, achieving a blend that runs through the entire piece. 55 Shed light & cast shadows: creating effects through word play that will translate into beautiful contrasts & shades of expression transforming your writing as a result. 66 Guard the flow: ensuring that your writing is smooth to read, flows with a common theme, and is rid of monotony. 77 Watch your balance: proofing your writing for context errors and other excesses, ensuring the right sequence is maintained. 88 Embellish the frames: creating a unique pattern with the structure of your writing that will greatly aid reading and assimilation. 99 Put the icing: coming up with an underlying notion that will, on the overall, drive the whole essence of your writing and leave a wonderful impact and impression on every reader.

WHO Is Writing Masterpieces FOR? You would say just authors. But before you exclude yourself from this group because you don’t see yourself as one, check out this very last assertion, as eye-popping as the mega one: “Everyone 30 years and above (in any part of the world) has garnered enough experiences, insights, knowledge or ideas that can be packaged as a published material for a particular target audience.”

Consider yourself an author… Debatable? But it should at least jerk you to the reality of being a prospective author if you are not one already. If you are not yet convinced, let’s take it from another angle: Masterpiece Writing is for three categories of people (based on leaning and disposition to writing), and you happen to belong to one of them: Three Categories of People that need Masterpiece Writing: The The Deterred Uninterested The Endowed

Pick your category I don’t give a damn about writing! The truth is, one way or the other, you still write. Why not make something of it by adding value to people‘s life (thus to your life) on a regular basis by learning the vital skills of articulating and presenting your thoughts, ideas and experiences in a well crafted manner that will sell your written pieces to your audience. That you don’t like writing doesn’t mean you don’t have what you want to communicate to the world. Get yourself familiar with Writing Masterpieces and good that you can produce I want to write and be published but it appears I don’t have the time or skill. You are quite aware you ought to be published, so let’s get on with it. With the aid of a good (masterpiece) editor, you can put your ideas together as a published work. But you shouldn’t leave the whole work to the editor. It is not his book, it is yours. The essential skills you will pick up in Writing Masterpieces will help you able to work with the editor to produce desired results. I am naturally gifted to write, may be using the gift or not. If you aspire to be or are already working in one publishing or editorial outfit/section or another, you stand to become more proficient at your job giving high value to your readers and getting high value in return. You can tap into the huge prospects of writing contents on the world wide web as a freelancer. Really, it is getting more and more lucrative out there for creative (masterpiece) writers. If you are pretty loaded yourself with ideas, insights and experiences to be published, then make a good living out of it - writing masterpieces.

Whichever category you belong to… Writing Masterpieces is especially for you Now on AMAZON

About the Author Michael Oludayo Omisore took a leap from Architecture, his course of study in college, into creative writing. The decade old plus journey is paying off handsomely with this one, Writing Masterpieces, a compelling and beautifully structured resource on the writing subject for both authors and readers, experts and laymen – everyone in fact! Michael creatively drew from the basics of design learned in the school of Architecture to showcase the science and art of writing in a way those that write - and those that “don’t” - can grasp and turn their written communication around for huge exchange of value. Michael, now an authority in the field, personally engages himself in written works of different genres self help, motivation, sports, life issues, poetry, fiction and faith. His firm, Edistyle Company, provides top class editorial services for individuals and organizations and facilitates training for would be masterpiece writers. Michael also leads a campaign to significantly improve the societal reading culture that is considered critically low in his part of the world.

Edistyle Company: Our Offerings PROJECTS We help individuals and corporate bodies package their experiences, insights, ideas, findings and profile into a top notch resource suited to the target audience.  Non-Fiction Books  Brochures/Handbooks  Technical Reports  Website Contents  Proposals and Business Writings  Scripts for Video Documentaries  High Occasion Speeches CAMPAIGNS  Sales Letters/Copies for products and services  Online Publications for organizations  Website Content Updating for dynamic websites  Speech Campaigns TRAININGS     We run online campaigns and programs for businesses and organizations to showcase their products and services to the end of making desired sales. We help individuals and staff of organizations build their potential in writing through training , aiding them in both written projects and day-to-day correspondence. General Freelance Writing Course Business Writing Course Copywriting Course Scriptwriting Course

Final Word In this part of the World… War is on About reading culture… Writing Revolution is Here!

Writing Masterpieces Now on AMAZON: Email: Twitter: @mdomisore Facebook: Michael Omisore Tel: +2348060940106

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