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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: lucylizziewilliams



Pendle College's magazine Issue 2! Edited by Media and Comms. Officers Lucy Williams and Dale Cooper.

Contents Welcome to the 2nd edition of THE WITCH! Edition of THE WITCH! 2 Contents Page 2 Letter from JCR Exec 3 The History of Pendle (A.Zidan) 4 Top Ten Things about Pendle 5 Social Revamp 6 Taking You to the Cleaners (J.Jones) 7 Sugar: The Naked Truth (C.Calvert) 9 Pendle Live (C.Brown) 10 BNO vs. Carnage (L.Williams) 12 Off Campus Socials (T.Houghton) 13 How to Cook 14 Student Cocktails 15 Comic 16 Mental Health Awareness (A.Callaghan)17 Sports 18 Carter Shield (B.Hart) 20

A Note from Your JCR… Dear Pendle, It’s week 9, and we’re coming towards the end of our first term in office and the only thing we hope is that we’ve done Pendle justice. Needless to say it’s been a busy 9 weeks. Since starting in early January we’ve managed to push Pendle Live into new heights, purchasing a Pendle guitar every act signs and using lights to give a more professional feel. Pendle suddenly becomes small and intimate and a must play venue for any great musical act on campus. We’ve held multiple events including; Pendle Pub Quiz, a successful refreshers event and even played host to the Pendle Witch trials 3 times this term. We’ve competed in Carter Shield with lots of volunteers coming down to both play and support, even putting us into a healthy 3rd place ready for next term. Make sure you check out the videos we produced for that as well! We’ve revamped the Pendle College pages, making a general sports page and a cool looking Pendle Live display picture, and even got Instagram! We’ve held multiple welfare campaigns, 2 editions of ‘The Witch’ and even ran a 10km run in aid of charity. We hope you’ve enjoyed the last 9 weeks as much as we have, and we’ve got a number of things in the pipeline that are set to put Pendle on another level. Plans for summer term are underway and Extrav is already set to be awesome… more about that though next term. We hope we’ve set a good precedence for our next 2 terms, which we have in office. We won’t let you down Pendle. With Love from Your JCR Exec 3

Pendle College, despite being one of the newer parts of Lancaster’s collegiate system, perhaps has nonetheless one of the most interesting back stories and histories to its name. The college itself was founded in 1974 as Lancaster University sought to expand and has now more than 700 students within its ranks. Having originally occupied the site where Grizedale College now stands, the college was moved to its current site in 1993 after the construction of a new set of blocks. The choice to move Pendle over its pig obsessed neighbours was decided by a drinking competition between the students of both colleges, with Pendle unfortunately losing. Having always been situated at the edge of campus and therefore being slightly more isolated then some of the other colleges, Pendle over the years has developed a strong sense of community not found elsewhere. Every college in the university bar Graduate is named after a particular region in the North-West of England, with Pendle being the first to look to the south of the city of Lancaster. The Pendle region and specifically Pendle Hill received a degree of notoriety in the 17th century as the place of the infamous Lancashire Witch trials. It was in this backwater of Lancashire in 1612 that a chance encounter between a travelling salesmen and a member of the Demdike family during a period of anti-witch hysteria, would lead to one of the most high profile witch trials of the early modern period in England. Soon after stumbling across the self-professed witch, the salesman was struck by illness which was subsequently blamed on witchcraft and brought the Demdike family to the authority’s attention. The local magistrate rode to the Demdike family home, Malkin Towers, in the forested foot of Pendle Hill where those present were arrested and put under trial. Out of the 11 accused, 9 were hanged at Lancaster Castle after the highly publicized trial whereby many of those accused professed their guilt of witchcraft. The ‘witch connection’ with the region would later inspire the identity of the best college at Lancaster University which can be seen beyond just the name. As well as having a broomstick riding witch emblazoned on the college logo, every now and then Pendle students celebrate their heritage by roaming around campus dressed in the theme of the supernatural on themed bar-crawls, with the college’s 2011 Extrav Theme being ‘Black Magic’. Beyond the historical themes of the college, Pendle has also once been called home by a number of alumni who have since gone on to become rather well known and successful. Out of all Pendle College’s famous former members, most people will be familiar with James May, one of the three presenters of TV’s Top Gear. Labour’s Alan Milburn, the former Secretary of State for Health as well as the presenter for BBC North West Tonight, Ranvir Singh. Who knows, perhaps you may one day appear in an article like this as a famous Alumni of Pendle! Article by Adam Zidan 4

Here at Pendle, we don’t just have a bar… We have the legendary sitting room complete with comfy sofas and the new purchase of a wall mounted flat screen tv. It’s a place where anyone can go at any time to chill out and socialize with other pendleites. We love it! One of the most attractive features that prospective students choose Pendle College for is it’s colourful history. The gothic history of the Pendle Witch trials is not only infamous in ghetto and posh but is well known throughout the UK. Unlike our neighbouring colleges, our logo has a story. Pendle pond. We only see this rare specimen when the heavens open and rain graces the quad for days on end. Fresher’s from years gone by have paddled, swam and even canoed in the murky water. A tradition which shall hopefully live on. You have to admit, our bar sports teams do us proud. Winning the George Wyatt Cup two years in a row is legendary enough but we have Pendle’s very own members playing for the University, winning Legends last year and even representing the University in Roses. We all know Jill, our lovely College Administrator. The face of Pendle College. Her office has been refuge for many a Pendleite, whether it’s for an issue that needs bringing up or just for a chat. She definitely makes the top ten! Pendle bar has the only balcony on campus! And in summer, Pendle balcony is THE place to be. Drinking cheeky VK’s and listening to music when we probably all should be revising. Pendle Live is perhaps the most legendary of the regular events on campus. We are definitely the home of live music. Every week, your events officers source only the best acts for you to enjoy. We even hosted a heat of battle of the bands. About once a term, Pendle plays host to the legendary basement parties attended by Lancaster Students from far and wide. The blackened out bar and upstairs entrance makes what some have called “The worst bar on campus” into an underground rave. Our next one is just around the corner… Friday, Week 20, be there. Extrav. It needs no introduction, other than: The biggest party of the year. 950 students pile into Pendle quad. But you’re probably thinking… Why does OUR Extrav make it into the top 10? It’s it just the same as everyone else’s? Well… Since Pendle’s tickets are snapped up within minutes of going live every year is there any wonder why we want to make a song and dance about it? It’s going to sound cheesy, but the sense of community that Pendle College creates from the very first day of fresher’s week is one of the reasons we are the best college of campus. Pendle ghetto is one of the most open residences of campus and creates a friendly and family-like vibe. It’s definitely the top Pendle attributes.

The Big Social This term you may have noticed that each segment of Pendle College’s social media has been redesigned and rediscovered! From Facebook to twitter to Instagram – there’s no denying that Pendle now has a sexy new look. Revamp! Facebook has perhaps fell victim to our biggest transformation. The main page for example has now been renovated to keep up with the designs of other colleges. From an old and tired looking cover to a new modern collection of photographs and yellow designs which screams college spirit! And we didn’t even stop there either. We’ve recently revived the old Pendle Live page, bringing it to life with a new design – showing favourited tweets from the previous week and even showing a witch flying on a guitar instead of the traditional broom! Last year’s Carter Shield page has gathered inspiration from both; using sports team pictures on the cover photo and the witch is displayed as flying on a hockey stick much like the Pendle Live page. Not only that, but we’ve also had a change of name! Instead of just a Carter Shield page, info from all sports and teams will now be posted there making it a generic and centralised Sports page! It’s fair to say that Twitter hasn’t had its fair share of attention after the remodel of the Facebook pages. However this is definitely something to look forward to in the coming term as the two Media and Comms officers have time to revitalise the Twitter account…make sure you keep a look out! This year, we’ve also managed to start up Pendle’s very own Instagram account, joining the small group of colleges that are on the social networking site. This, it is hoped will be utilised most in fresher’s week and Extrav, as freshers’ use hashtags and send in their photos to be displayed for all to see! Either way, we hope that you enjoy Pendle’s new look as we cast aside the old and bring in the new! All pages and accounts are updated regularly and can be found through the description section of the Pendle College page. Be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us to make sure you’re in the know and to share your thoughts and pictures with everyone! #LOVEPENDLE 6

Is Lancaster University taking you to the cleaners? Now we’ve all been there when somebody complains about the price, whether it’s the Sugarhouse, campus bars or accommodation. It begs the question of what does my money actually get me in Lancaster? On the surface it seems like not very much! Accommodation prices are increasing year upon year. My first year in Pendle “Ghetto” was around £92 per week, this year £98 and next year £100.80; something which is reciprocated by most other colleges, if not all. If we’re being charged more than inflation, it must surely be because our living standards have improved, right? Think again, this year the university decided we need to take our own rubbish out so that cleaners can spend more time cleaning. All be it a valid point, we’re still paying more than our fair share for less. Is this a growing trend? My memory of being in Pendle bar during my fresher’s week will be something I’ll never forget, unfortunately if the University has its way it won’t be something future Pendleites will experience. Pendle bar has been on the verge of the universities chopping board for quite some time. Last year the opening hours were reduced drastically. Fortunately fresher week and first term this year saw a turning point for the bar, largely down to the JCR. With that said and the knowledge that we need more people in the bar, what has the university done to help? Now that’s an easy one, not a lot, in fact nothing. Other college bars have seen investments of time and money, whilst Pendle remains largely unchanged. Grizedale for example now has pizza and as much hot food as you can shake a stick at, while we sadly have nothing. Thus meaning the only time the bar is open is when events or bar sports take place. The reality is this, if we find the bar slipping towards the chopping board once again, it’s going to be up to the current JCR and Pendle students to reclaim it. 7

Now here comes the big one, the Sugarhouse. It’s the place we all complain about, but still we enter its doors, it’s the place you love to hate. Let’s face it if you live on campus you have no other option other than to get the Sugar bus home, unless you like paying a £12 taxi fare. At the risk of this getting too controversial I should probably state that it doesn’t belong to the University. LUSU are in charge of the Sugarhouse and its prices. I know that all money raised by LUSU goes back into improving our life; however, where it goes is anyone’s guess. A look at the Universities account sheet gives no clear guidance, looking for a needle in a haystack is an understatement in this case. If you want to have a look yourself, here you go ( Now if you’re reading this and getting annoyed, you should probably stop. Sugarhouse made £172,744 profit in 2013 and with drink prices so expensive, I’m not surprised. Now I know there are those people who think that £2-3 is not that much, but let’s not forget an entrance fee of between £3-6 means it not too hard to spend £20 in Sugarhouse alone. You can walk less than 100 meters away and get drinks for £1-2, not much difference some say? Absolute dribble, in Uni I expected drinks to be cheap and to survive on 13p noodles. So far the noodles have been coming thick and fast, but the cheap drinks are nowhere to be seen. Our nearest University besides UCUM is UCLAN. Every Thursday UCLAN has ‘Skint’ Thursday, where entry is £1 and all drinks are £1. Now when was the last time you got a drink in Sugarhouse for £1? And get this, UCLAN also has bands playing in their SU club and different music on each floor, now what more do you want? Once again ask yourself the question, what do you get for your money? On the surface it seems like not much and when you look beneath the surface; well let’s just say there’s no redeeming shining light. Article by Joe Jones. 8 If you agree/disagree with Joe and want to have your say about the cost of living, get in touch with us!

To Sugar or not to Sugar? That is the question that pre-drinking Lancaster Uni students have been asking themselves since the dawn of time (read: since approximately 1983). You might be thinking ‘Why should I listen to this guy? Does he even know anything that I don’t about sugar house in order to provide a clear and unbiased conclusion on whether or not I should go there?’ If you are thinking that, my answer is no, actually if anything, I know even less than you, and this article will most likely not be clear, unbiased or even remotely informative. On the other hand, if you were thinking that; fuck you, I’m writing this anyway. The Venue From the outside, you’d probably think sugar house is some sort of human slaughterhouse from a 90’s thriller movie, from the inside though, you’d probably think the exact same thing. But, then again, you could probably say that of most nightclubs from anywhere in the UK, and who are we kidding? We’re not there to admire the deco, we’re there to get drunk enough that shitting yourself is a very real risk, and to neck some complete stranger we’ll never speak to again. As far as your choice in Lancaster goes Sugar may not be the best, but it is certainly not the worst, ample seating, plenty of bar space clean(ish) toilets (though I can’t speak for the women’s toilets) and lots of room to dance awkwardly in a circle and be pushed and shoved all night by other drunk people. The Music Personally I like the music in sugar, especially on a Friday, but then again I am also a massive fan of the movie Batman and Robin (1997), yes, the one with Bat Nipples™, so make of my taste as you will. Outside of my poor taste in music and movies though, is the fact that Sugar House keeps up with the other large clubs in Lancaster, in that it provides two different rooms with two different kinds of music in them, so no matter what you want to listen to there is probably a night and room you can actually enjoy the music in (unless you’re a fan of EDM). Another good fact about Sugar House is that they change the music week on week, and certainly on Fridays, they tell you exactly what kind of music they’re planning on playing, and will usually make a theme out of it, so if you’re not a massive fan of 80’s cheese rock or 70’s disco swing then you can plan accordingly. As good as these changes in music weekly are, you can guarantee at some point in the evening the music will go back to exactly the same set you heard last week (DAE love Mr Brightside?) and you will have to play the game of “am I drunk enough not to notice I’ve heard this song played here for the last consecutive 10 weeks?”. is that they change the music week on week, and certainly on Fridays, they tell you exactly what kind of music they’re planning on playing, and usually make a theme out of it, so if you’re not a fan of 80’s cheese rock or 70’s disco swing then you can plan accordingly. As good as these changes in music are, you can guarantee at some point in the evening the music will go back to exactly the same set you heard last week (DAE love Mr Brightside?) and you will have to play the game of “am I drunk enough not to notice I’ve heard this song played here for the last consecutive 10 weeks?”. The Price I’ve left this till last because it’s always the complaint I see/hear whenever somebody mentions Sugar House, now I will admit, I was the first to take action in weeks 1 and 2 when Sugar ramped up the prices on tickets, by going on my computer and making snide remarks on Facebook and writing drunken rants at 4am in my underwear covered in pizza grease and shame. Now the drinks prices I will admit are steep for a student union venue, especially when taken into consideration that there are union bars out there that do £1-1.50 pints. Compared to other clubs in Lancaster though, I believe Sugar House has a rather good price on drinks on the whole, granted I can never really remember buying any drinks in sugar, just remember waking up being about £20 lighter and ever so slightly stupider. The Conclusion And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, when this semi-drunk rambling of a man comes to an end. I do hate to disappoint you (I don’t really, if anything I take a rather sick joy from it) but this will not be the hard- hitting, do or die conclusion. In reality, Sugar House may not be the best student union venue ever, hell, it’s not the best club in Lancaster, but it’s sure as fuck not the worst, and it’s actually doing pretty well at the moment. But if it’s not for you, it’s not for you, some nights you might prefer to go to the Mos Eisley of Lancaster, otherwise known by its local name, Hustle, or Elements, or Dirty Buddha, I forgot where I was going with this sentence, but yeah, moral of the story, do what you want on a night out, not what anyone else tells you, certainly not some half-drunk fuckwit writing an article. 9

Pendle Live Pendle Live Goes Indie – 20/02/14 It’s that time of the week again, where some of Lancaster and the surrounding area’s finest musicians perform for your pleasure in Pendle Bar! Thursday 20th February was the turn of indie week, and trust me when I say it was a good one. First on stage was Zac Thompson, who was highly anticipated due to a great performance last time he performed at Pendle live. Zac played a mixture of covers such as ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz and his originals, all of which were performed effortlessly and with great feeling. Next onto the stage was Zlew is Dead, Zlew (as he will now be known for short, I have decided) attempted the seemingly impossible task of playing both his electric guitar and keyboard at the same time, and succeeded, to the delight of the crowd. Zlew was the only University based act of the evening, and his talent was an excellent demonstration of the quality that the Uni can offer. Our final act of the evening was Memorymode. The six-piece progressive indie band from Barrow in Furness were polished and professional, producing a sound unrivalled by anything we’ve heard a Pendle Live for a long time. Huge bass riffs accompanied by sweeping guitar solos and impressive vocals all combined to give a hugely impressive performance. We were delighted to have them play and eagerly await their new album that should be released later in the year. For more information about Pendle Live, to catch up all the acts that played for us this term, like the Pendle Live Facebook page, at 10Articles by Chris Brown

Battle of the BandsPeople that tell you Pendle isn’t the music college clearly missed Battle of the Bands… Thursday 6 th Feb saw Pendle host the hotly contested Heat 2 of LUSU’s Battle of the Bands with the winners, The Marties, going through to the final at the Sugarhouse… Mat Baker opened the night in style with sounds that just didn’t seem possible from one instrument. Some clever work with a loop pedal allowed him to create drum sounds, harmonies and various guitar parts, providing a very accomplished performance. A particular favourite of ours was his take on Ed Sheeran’s ‘You Need Me I Don’t Need You’, which really showed off his talent. Up next was Lemming Along. A strong vocal performance from Maria was accompanied by guitar solo after guitar solo, each one more impressive than the last. The band was well polished and there was no doubting the skill of the musicians on display from this well-established campus band, who were unlucky not to get to the next stage of the competition. Then it was the turn of Pendle’s very own BC555. The previously unseen band played a range of covers and original songs, to great support from the home crowd. The band played well and sounded as if they had been playing together for a lot longer than they had in reality, which was only for around 2 weeks at the time of the event. Their music must have translated well to the audience, as they went on to win the competition overall, and will now headline Campus Festival on Saturday 15 th March. Last up were The Marties, who performed with their usual flair and foot-tapping brilliance. The combination of talents within this band is quite astonishing, with guitar, vocal and sax all being used to great effect. The trio treated the audience to some classic covers and one particular mash-up, which incorporated at least 10 songs, if not more!! The quality of the acts in this heat was staggering; each and every one of them would have been worthy finalists. So good was the quality of the acts that both the eventual winners and runners up of the whole competition came from Pendle’s heat, with The Marties being narrowly beaten by Pendle’s BC555, who gained their position in the final through the Wildcard slot. All in all, a great night of live music organised by LUSU and the JCR, reflected in the fantastic atmosphere in the bar. 11

CARNAGE vs. BIG NIGHT OUT Simple idea really… You buy the t-shirt and in return you’re promised a night you’ll never forget. Bars pay top dollar to cash in on the deal bringing you “drink offers you’ve never seen before.” Now that’s just a fancy way of saying over-priced shit but you’ll hopefully be too drunk to notice. Over the past year we have seen the Big Night Out take a transformation from standard bar crawl to ending with foam parties and even more recently PAINT parties! But are they trying to be more like carnage by introducing the tasks on our green t- shirts? No doubt that they are certainly tamer than the carnage dares. “Kiss a clown.” Was featured just before Christmas, I wonder how many people decided on this costume change given the almost certainty of pulling. BNO on the other hand stuck to items such as “Drink your college colour” which although it’s a clever concept is very un-exciting in comparison. Now let’s look at Carnage. You really should know what to expect when the event is sponsored by zoo, nuts and loaded. But if this wasn’t enough to lead you to a conclusion then just googling will take you to a website where the cover photos include people kissing or dancing around in skimpy costumes. Or both. This is definitely the event for you if you want to get off your face and then get off with a total stranger. Unlike other cities, Lancaster doesn’t seem to have such a following for the Carnage events. With a student’s union that provides an even bigger night out event, the demand just isn’t there. And since everyone follows the same bar crawl, you seem to be always queuing for drinks, getting pushed and shoved in the smallest dance spaces imaginable and without having a sober guide you sometimes pre-emptively walk into an empty bar with zero atmosphere. Big Night Out on the other hand offers different routes, meeting up with different coloured t-shirts here, there and everywhere. A popular feature of the night is the college spirit that flows through the city with chants screamed by those passionate to wear the college colours. In conclusion I have to say I’m a big fan of the BNO. It gives you everything you want from a night out. And unlike most drunken nights you spend in Lancaster, the pub crawl offers time to get to know people without the ear busting music that the clubs offer. It’s an expensive one, but definitely worth it on a one off. So next time the BNO comes to Pendle, don your green t-shirt and join in on a night you’ll never forget. BNO: “Accept no limitations! The Big Night Out: In Colour is the biggest, cheapest, most accessible event of its kind.” Article by Lucy Williams 12

Pendle Invades the North West Manchester Liverpool The Manchester social occurred in the lent term; it was the first time the new JCR handled an off campus social with some members undertaking the task of sober duty (It must be said they did a sterling job.) Once again the night began early but that is to be expected, the majority of students voted half way through the journey for an emergency toilet break (evidence of prinking?) Only after this the coach seemed to have trouble reversing, with some ‘muscle bound’ students having to push it, whilst exuding testosterone. The first bar, Baa Bar did not disappoint with contemporary music cheap drinks, and much nicer toilets than in Liverpool’s initial bar, kicking off the night with a bang. This was followed by 42nd street, another bar clearly catering perfectly for students with cheap drinks and a variation of music meaning everybody could enjoy themselves. At the end of the night the coach was held up by some students grabbing a take away (not me and my friends...promise) but hey, isn’t that how every good night out should end? A greasy kebab which you would never eat unless highly intoxicated! The coach journey home once again consisted of snoring students, evidencing of a tiring but excellent night out. Overall off campus socials are highly recommended by myself and others, one student quotes, “It was nice to have a change from just going the same club, I’d definitely do it again” and another commented, “As a student my highlight was without a doubt the cheap drinks, a really good inexpensive night out, I’d recommend anyone who hasn’t gone before to attend the next one.” Article by Taymar Houghton The first off campus social took us to the bustling city of Liverpool, well known for its thriving student nightlife. The night started off fairly early leaving little time for getting ready, the pre-drinking (or “prinking”) ritual was cut short, but what could you expect when you were travelling over an hour away? Because of this social taking part within the first half of Michaelmas term, the good old Pendle chants from fresher’s week were reborn on the coach journey, really re-establishing the Pendle spirit. The first bar in Liverpool was fairly small with multi-gender toilets...which only included three actual cubicles resulting in a lengthy leg squeezing wait. Although it can be said the queue in the toilets was worth the exceptionally cheap drink offers; the likes of one pound Jäger bombs and mixers, every poor students dream. Next, a couple of others and I decided to go to an alternate bar than the route drawn up by Pendle, veering off to the Tiki bar. Although this bar was less than reputable with a fair few ‘grabby’ locals as well as drinks more expensive than an average student’s price range, besides the music seemed cheesy not really keeping up with contemporary tastes teaching us it’s worth sticking with the college’s route. So once again we joined the original group and went to Krazyhouse, different floors hosted different styles of music so this venue catered to all tastes and needs as well as once again supplying the student’s favourite commodity, the cheap drink. Entry for the club was included within the social’s ticket price highlighting the value for money this social employed. The night seemed to end at just the right time, with everyone snoozing on the bus home and then paying extortionate prices for WHSmiths chocolate/sausage rolls at the service stations as the hangovers begun to kick in. As a Pendle student who attends the majority of the college’s weekly events, I jumped at the chance to attend an off campus social, an opportunity to experience a different style of nightlife within different settings for as little as seven pounds a ticket just seemed too good to be true! 13

With Lucy Williams 5 shop bought meatballs (I use asda’s fresh ones) 1 tsp. Oregano (Optional) ½ tin of chopped tomatoes A Sprinkling of grated cheese (I use parmesan) 1 tsp. chopped garlic 100g dry weight spaghetti Ingredients Method 1 Fry off the meatballs on a medium heat until they are golden brown, turning frequently for about 5 minutes before adding the sauce. Meanwhile boil water for the pasta. Cooking is something that University students normally get thrown into from day one. And yet most of us don’t prepare before standing on our own two feet. This recipe is there to help those who have little experience cooking gain a vital skill, But it’s also here is a quick home comfort fix for the rest of us. Last week I showed you a curry to get your whole flat eating together, but this week I’m going to show you one of my favourite meals for one. So, Pendle College put on your aprons and get in that kitchen… It’s cooking time. 2 Add the tomatoes to the meatballs. And then place your pasta in the boiling water. We want the tomato sauce to thicken. Add the chopped garlic, oregano and season with salt and pepper. 3 After your spaghetti has been cooking for 10 minutes, drain out the water and place the pasta into the frying pan coating it with sauce. Bundle everything into your bowl (or plate) and cover with some delicious cheese! I even enjoyed mine with leftover garlic bread (Yummy!!) 14


Dedications With thanks to Chris brown, Joseph Jones, Charles Calvert, Bethany Hart, Alice CallAghan, Adam Zidan, Taymar Houghton and Joanna Low. To get involved in the next issue of the witch please contact dale or Lucy through facebook or email! Letter from the Editor It’s been a busy nine weeks and we’re proud to bring you the second edition of the witch. With this one we went for a different feel with more opinionated articles. With experience gained from the last issue, we feel we have improved. We hope you enjoy reading! Dale Cooper and Lucy Williams 16

It’s that time of year again. Exam timetables have finally been published and everyone is thinking about the preparation needed for these important dates. We start to look at the subjects we must revise and how much time we will give to each of them. But do we think about our mental health? With 1 in 4 of the UK population suffering from a mental health problem every year it is crucial that everyone is aware of the illness and fight against the stigma that comes with it. There have been many events on campus this term about mental health awareness, the most recent on being the University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day on 19th February (Week 6). Within that the university put on various activities such as massages, relaxation session and a lunchtime walk. There has also been the national Time to Talk day (week 4), were LUSU Gives held an event in The Oak (County Bar). The event consisted of poems and monologues about experiencing and caring for those with a mental health illness. The event was very successful and raised money for Mind, a mental health charity founded by Stephen Fry who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Pendle have also been fundraising for Mind. On the national Time to Talk day, Pendle hosted the second heat of Battle of the Bands and continued to increase awareness and raise money through wristbands after the event in The Oak. The theme continued through to the Pendle Pub Quiz which had a special round on mental health awareness. Through the two events, Pendle raised a fantastic £51.47. (I would just like to say thank you to those who donated and supported the cause!) Now, the big one. Next term holds the national Mental Health Awareness Week starting on the 12th May (Week 24). This will be run by LUSU Gives to make the week as informative and enjoyable as possible, with a few surprises on the way! Each day will look at a different themes surrounding Mental Health and will be filled with information and activities of how to deal with them on a daily basis. There will also be opportunities for fundraising for mental health charities such as Mind. It should be a fantastic week so keep a look out for when more information is released! Whilst exam time is a very demanding part of the year anyone can feel stressed at any point. There are many services available for you to go to: Mental Health Awareness  Pendle Welfare Officers:  Katy Thomas – VP: Welfare and Community (Contact hour: Tuesday 4pm)  Alice Callaghan – Women’s Welfare (Contact hour: Thursday 3pm)  David Clucas – Men’s Welfare (Contact hour: Monday 3pm)  Michal Szulik – International (Contact hour: Monday 1pm)  College Advisors: 01524 592753  Nightline: 01524 594444  Counselling Service: elling/ 17Article by Alice Callaghan


*Please note that all results and fixtures shown are taken from A league teams. A massive congratulations to the entire bar sports family who have secured the George Wyatt cup for yet another year! 19

The Carter Shield Update Pendle are currently 3rd ! A Quick Overview. 1st Lonsdale: 51 2nd Bowland: 50 3rd Pendle: 49 4th Furness: 44 5th Fylde: 43 6th Grizedale: 40 7th Cartmel: 34 8th County: 34 9th Grad The Game UltimateFrisbee The Pendle team began with some expert throws performed by Aleksandra Maciejewska and Calum Brown in the first game against Fylde. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to beat the strong Fylde team and we ended up losing the first game. However, this did not break and Pendle’s spirit and with some great support by Andrew Minzey, Josh Harvey, Alice Callaghan, David Miller and Helen MacKenzie Pendle’s team played their next game with fresh motivation and with some impressive dives from John Janes and Alex Owens we gained a win over County. All that was standing in the way of us getting in the final was Lonsdale. The game started off with some great defence and some very close wins by Pendle, unfortunately Lonsdale scored a point in the last few seconds and this meant us being knocked out and gaining a respectable 5th place. Position finished: 5th Man/Woman of the Match: Aleksandra Maciejewska Handball We had an epic turnout for handball as we had a record breaking 19 Pendle supporters and players come down in which I’d like to thank you all for some great games. We stormed our first game against Fylde, winning with a relentless score of 3-0 as Adrien Muller and Andrew Minzey put on a strong offence and scored some amazingly powerful goals. Another reason we secured such a win was due to the great keeping by Baptiste Frouchardiere and some great defence by Hanne Fiskdel and Victoria Moreau. The second game followed this success as Adam Zidan, Finn Joynson and Becci Armorgie were showing some great passing and Jake Leigh was keeping like a pro. With this kind of team play coupled with Sean Mooney’s persistent attack, Pendle beat Cartmel 2-1. Three games in we were to play Lonsdale. We drew 1-1 which is respectable as we were already through to the semi’s, however I would personally like to commend Aleksandra Maciejewska and Louise Fraser for their determination in this game and David Clucas for his remarkable catching abilities. We next played County in the semi-final and beat them 2-1! This would not have been possible without Harry Roberts’s expert keeping abilities and Harvir Basra’s defence knocking those attacks back. As we were now through to the final, Bowland were are rivals to win first place and although we got our ass handed to us, with them beating us 5-0 I would like to thank Dale Cooper, Alice Callaghan and Josh Harvey who stayed through the whole thing and cheered us on. Position finished: 2 nd Man/Woman of the Match: Harry Roberts Article by Beth Hart, Women’s Sport Rep.

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