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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: lucylizziewilliams



The Witch magazine made for Pendle College students. This is the first ever issue under editors Lucy Williams and Dale Cooper. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s Good to be Back… It’s been 18 months since our last publication of the witch, and since then there’s been an endless list of unbelievable events and successes. The back end of last year alone saw Pendle host an awesome Extrav as well as us getting crowned sporting champions after our 1st place ranking in the Legends competition and Carter Shield. And that isn’t all! The year 201314 has seen Pendle’s achievements linger. The great success that Pendle had with the basement party turned things around. If someone said last year that Pendle Bar would be taken off the blacklist for closure, no one would have believed them. But the basement parties aren’t the only thing that has turned things around for Pendle. The success of ‘The Witch Trials’, Movember month and College Spirit week which saw Pendle host battle of the bands all helped the college to breathe a new lease of life. The fact that Pendle hosted the most events last term is a reflection of how hard last term’s JCR worked. It’s hoped that the amazing freshers week of 2013 has encouraged the new freshers to become more involved and use the bar to its full potential. With the changing of the JCR, is it also hoped that they will carry on the successes of their predecessors and keep giving Pendle what they want. More events and a bar that’s open. Article by Dale Cooper

Opening Times… Monday: 6.00pm-11:00pm* Tuesday: 6.00pm-11.00pm* Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 6.00pm-11.00pm With PENDLE LIVE from 8pm. Friday: 6.00pm-11.00pm With PENDLE PUB QUIZ from 7.30pm. Saturday: CLOSED Sunday: 6.00pm-11.00pm *Please Note: Drinks offers are available every Tuesday and alternative Mondays starting from 7.00pm.

Meet Your New JCR Hi guys! I’m Rebekah Christon, President of Pendle College JCR. It’s my job to oversee the work that the rest of the officers do, this is to ensure that we can provide yo with the best university experience possible. I also participate on a university wide level, making sure Pendle has a political voice in the bigger picture and standing up for the things that matter most to students. I truly believe Pendle College is the best on campus, (yes I know, clichéd), and hopefully by the end of the year, you will too. Email: Hi I’m Chris Conn, and I’m your VP: Events. It’s my job to work with John and Cameron to bring awesome events to Pendle College and to organise extrav at the end of the year. If you’ve got any ideas of an event you want to see then feel free to give us any suggestions! Email: Hi, I’m Katy Thomas and I’m your VP: Welfare and Community. I’m here if you need any advice or just a quick chat about any anything worrying you. I will also be helping to organise several awareness and action campaigns to promote and try to resolve social issues. I am always free to help  My office hour is Tuesday 1-2pm in the meeting room outside Jill’s. Email: Hi, my name is Charles, I’m the Chair of Pendle College, what that basically means is I chair the JCR meetings and sort out the budget and spending for the college. Outside of the JCR I’m a 2nd year Criminology student who likes Lord of The Rings a bit too much. If you have any questions at any point, or just want to chill with a few beers, either contact me or stop me on campus, I’m hard to miss; I’m the bald guy with the ginger beard. Email: Hi I'm Alice and I'm the new Pendle Women's Welfare! I work alongside the other welfare officers to make sure that all Pendle students have the best experience possible through support and organising campaigns. I consider myself to be an approachable and caring person who will give my all to the role. If you have any problems big or small, my contact hour is 3pm on a Thursday, but come and see me whenever just send me an email and I will organise a time for us to meet! Email: Hello there! I'm Dave and I'm your new men's welfare officer! I'll be available officially between 3-4 Mondays in the meeting rooms (inside the porters) or as soon as possible if that's no use! I'm an avid fan of Blackburn rovers, game of thrones, frank turner and play for lacrosse for the university! I'm a light hearted approachable guy who has got your back! Email: Hi I'm Cameron, I study engineering and I'm an events officer on the JCR this year along with John Janes. I aim to hopefully put on some brilliant events for everyone over the coming year and in a nutshell, just make the whole thing an enjoyable experience for anyone involved! I love Lancaster both for the uni and the place, the night life is a bit more tame compared to Newcastle, but eeeeverybody loves a bit of Hustle on a Tuesday! I will admit though, Hustle does bad things to good people... Email: Hello people. My name is John Janes the second year Welshman studying Biochemistry. I play pool and darts for both Pendle and the Uni in my spare time and my most favourite place in the world in undoubtedly Hustle. I look forward to arranging events for the coming year with the rest of the events team and I’m sure I’ll see you soon! Email:

Hey Pendle College! My name is Lucy Williams and I’m one of your Media and Communications officers for this year! That’s right, one of the editors of this magazine! (Hope you like it!) It’s also my job to promote all the events that we run through posters and social media! I’m a second year Mathematics student and I’m involved in societies such as the Rapper Sword Team and Pole Fitness. My favourite thing about Lancaster is definitely our college system! #PendleForever Email: Hello you beautiful people of Pendle. I'm Dale Cooper, and as your Media and Comms officer I work alongside Lucy to make sure you guys are in the know how about everything that's going on in Pendle. You'll regularly see my posts on facebook and twitter and see me and Lucy bobbing around the quad putting up posters. If you happen to see me around Pendle, don't be afraid to say hi! If you've got any ideas for designs, articles for the witch or different ways of how we can run things, don't hesitate to send me an email. Email: Being Pendle’s Audio/Visual Technician is a role I’m really excited to have been chosen for. I have already had great fun working with the new JCR and look forward to working with many more of the Pendle community, particularly those who will be getting involved with events such as Pendle Live. Outside of my role on the JCR I am a first year Marketing Management student, keen guitarist (watch out for the really grumpy guitar-playing face, I can’t help it) and I also like to cycle, although laziness often gets in the way of that one! Email: Hi, I’m James Gaffney and I’m Pendle’s Education Officer, my job is to organise education campaigns and voice the opinions of Pendle students at Academic Council meetings. I’m always around Pendle, generally chilling in Pendle Sitting room. I’m part of the sailing club, and enjoy going for the occasional run. I also cycle to uni every day – my beer fund can’t quite stretch to a bus pass! I do enjoy the occasional drink, regularly heading to Elements on a Friday night! Email: My name is Michal Szulik, I'm your new International Officer. I'm a second year international student from Poland. As International Officer I'll spread awareness and understanding of diversity, equality, and culture by organising campaigns and events throughout the year. Apart from that I'm here to help all international students with any problems they may have. I can be contacted by email or Facebook or during my office hours in Pendle bar if you'd like to see me with any problem or just for a chat. Email: Hi i'm Josh, your current Democracy Officer. My job is to look after the democratic proceedings within the college, as well as helping out across campus. It is my responsibility to let you know what's going on democratically in the college and in the University in general, including what you can vote in or even run for! I study Politics and History and am willing to have a chat about any of your political concerns and queries, whether related to the college, local elections, or bigger! Email: Hey guys I’m Beth, I’m still your Women’s Sports Rep from July last year. My main role in the JCR is to improve sport participation throughout Pendle. My hobbies consist of taking part in the Pendle Pool and Table Tennis teams, Sword dancing and obviously being majorly photogenic. If you want to take part in more sport, be that in Pendle or in a University team, no matter what skill or abilities you have don’t hesitate to email me or give me a cheeky add on Facebook. Email: Could this be you? Pendle is looking for a new Men’s Sports Rep! If you think you’ve got what it takes to work with the Women’s Sports Rep to increase sport participation in the college then come along to the general meeting in the sitting room next Tuesday (4th February). You will need to supply a short speech and then you will be elected by all present college members. Good luck!

Hey everyone! I’m Rebekah Christon, the newly elected President of Pendle College. After being Events Officer last year I decided to continue my involvement with the student body of Pendle by running for a higher position. This was motivated simply by my love of the college and my desire to see it thrive. I know it sounds a bit cheesy and clichéd but when it came down to making the decision whether or not to run for the position, there was no way I could just go back to not being involved. However I did have my reservations, mainly because I saw first-hand how much hard work the previous President, James King dedicated. Part of me still has a few reservations about the coming year; I’m expecting it to be demanding, time-consuming and energy-draining, but ultimately incredibly rewarding and most definitely worth it. Luckily I have a brilliant team of officers by my side to ensure we can succeed in achieving our aims for the college. The officers have already been busy rebranding Pendle Live, working on welfare campaigns, rereleasing ‘The Witch’ and generally putting their own unique stamp on the various aspects their role relates to. Their sense of initiative makes my job somewhat easier, and makes me excited for the possibilities of the coming year. I hope to see a complete revival of Pendle College within the coming year; in strengthening its image and identity we hope to inspire the students, ultimately increasing college spirit. What we, as a JCR want to achieve over our time in office is to have people be proud to be members of the college, to actively admit that they love Pendle. After all, involvement inspires involvement, and it is for that reason that I want as many students as possible to have a say in what happens within the college. Introducing block reps allows us to do just this; one representative for each block of freshers to meet with me every couple of weeks and tell me honestly what they like, dislike, and most

importantly what changes they want to see. Student participation is key to college success; we can’t expect people to be passionate about something they have no say in. I’m really looking forward to listening to what the student body thinks about the college, and I hope that this will contribute towards making our college, the best. Also along the line of strengthening college identity, the combination of events and welfare is an imminent process; we want to make it evident that Pendle is inclusive and takes a political stand for that which it believes. With such a diverse selection of students, equality is vital in Pendle, and I know the welfare officers have some fantastic ideas for campaigns to illustrate this. Promoting college image would also mean increasing the professionalism of events, whether that is through publication, involvement of societies, visual or audio documentation, the addition of food or drinks offers, or just by making sure bar opening times and regularity of events is consistent. This is a huge aim, but I and all the officers in Pendle JCR will continue to work hard to ensure we can achieve it. Finally, thank you all for voting in the elections, you really have picked an amazing selection of officers. We look forward to hearing your ideas about the college, and to seeing you at bigger and better college and cross campus events. Have a great year, and take care. Article by Rebekah Christon, Photographs by, Ottilie Scanlon, Lucy Webster and Mia Harrison

FROM ONE PENDLE PRES. TO ANOTHER So James, are you finding that you have more spare time on your hands since you’re no longer pres?

I feel positive about it. This year’s witch will send it into a new lease of life. We have two brilliant Media and Comms. officers this year.

Games Vs. Bowland Bar Sports Away Games Vs. Lonsdale Bar Sports Away GRIZEDALE HOME VS. BAR SPORTS AT night Plive indie Plive Quiz Pendle Pub Quiz Pendle Pub Quiz Pendle Pub Quiz Pendle Pub Quiz Pendle Pub Handball Badminton New Year Chinese What’s coming up in Pendle College

Live Pendle Pendle 16/01/2014 – ‘Under New Management’ Thursday 16th January was a day of firsts. It was the new JCR’s first Pendle Live, marking the beginning of a planned regeneration of the event so that it is further known campus-wide, increasing attendance and giving all members of our college another reason to be proud to be Pendle. We also saw two brand new acts, in the shape of Dale Cooper and Beth Lowe, both different, both proving themselves to be confident, accomplished performers. Beth Lowe opened the evening with a series of upbeat, modern covers of songs from artists such as One Direction and Jason Mraz, all of which were well received by a large and appreciative audience. Beth’s voice suited her song choices perfectly, and the introduction of the smooth tones of swing singer Dale for the second act provided great contrast between the two. Dale, a JCR member himself, treated us to covers of songs from some of the best-loved male singers of all time, ranging from Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley and Michael Bublé. This was a difficult task as each of these singers has a very distinct tone, but Dale handled them with style and charisma. Finally, we welcomed The Immigrants to the stage. The combination of soaring vocals and impressive guitar riffs was impressive throughout a polished and seemingly effortless performance. The pair played a mixture of covers and their own material. Overall the evening was a great success, and provided a stable base upon which the event can be developed further.

Pendle 23/01/2014 – ‘Pendle Live Goes Mexican’ Yes, you read correctly. Last Thursday saw Pendle Bar turn a little bit like one of those Dorito’s adverts with the 5 men and their crazy green suits. Despite the best efforts of the JCR, however, they weren’t available (funny that), so we had to settle for free food instead, which proved to be a great success. A huge turnout was rewarded with a delicious chilli and Nacho’s, and as if that wasn’t enough, Lake Komo returned to the Pendle Live stage, bringing with them more kit than you could shake a sombrero at. With them, they brought two other bands, who both performed brilliantly. The first of these was Gritty Britain, who define their genre as ‘Alco-pop’ (research shows this is a real thing, hopefully I’m not the only one to whom this is news!!). The mix of rocky guitar riffs and clever, amusing lyrics quickly impressed, some clever vocal harmonies added into the mix really showed off their talent. Next up was Joe McCorriston and his band. Joe has performed previously for Pendle as a solo act, most notably at a previous EXTRAV. The band complimented his skills well and the Bassist in particular caught the eye with his fancy finger-work. Overall it was an enjoyable set, and we look forward to their next performance. And then, Lake Komo returned. A favourite of many of the second and third years present, it was easy to understand why from the moment they began playing. Fantastic singing from all four members, combined with musical talent and songmanship culminated in a hugely impressive performance, creating a great atmosphere in the bar. One of our favourite moments was when they were asked to be the first to sign Pendle Live’s very own guitar, which will be present at all gigs from now on. Acts will be asked to sign it, providing the perfect demonstration of the diverse range of acts that we have to perform, and giving the event its own piece of legacy. For fun, they say, add a little Mexican… Article by Chris Brown

In November of last year, our previous Pendle Men’s Welfare Officer Joe Jones successfully ran the Movember campaign across the university. Here at the Witch we sat down for a chat with Joe, to look back over the great month. Q. Why did you choose to kick start the Movember campaign? I decided on doing Movember as last year on campus it was popular; unfortunately last year it failed to raise much money. I saw the opportunity to take Movember and revitalise it and let’s face it, who doesn’t like growing a moustache? Most universities take part and run their own Movember campaigns, so why not Lancaster. Above all it was a great choice as it concentrates on men’s health, predominantly testicular and prostate cancer and mental health. Quite possibly the most shocking statistic for me was “Men have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer than women and a 37% higher risk of dying from it”, this is purely down to a lack of awareness and openness to talk as there is no biological evidence why the percentages should be different. Q. How much did Movember raise? The target was to raise over £1000 for Movember, which I am pleased to say we smashed, raking in £1,148. A big part of the thank you has to go to the men’s rugby union team, who beasted Movember becoming the best Mo team and raising £499. Q. What was your personal highlight of the month? The highlight of the month for me was November 1st, the Movember launch night. The waxing of body areas which probably should never be waxed, and which I’ve never before seen waxed, the armpit springs to mind. The head shaving was also a highlight as seeing the oddly shaped bald heads afterwards provided enough laughter for the month. But I think most of all was the support of the people of Pendle in taking part and donating to the great cause. Q. The best moustache in history? For me it has to be Nigel Mansell, because of the similarity between his tash and eye brows. Look out for the Movember campaign to return in our next academic year! Watch this space… Interview by David Clucas Interviewee: Joe Jones

BIG MO ON CAMPUS… As we all know Movember is the time when men sport wielding and often impressive moustaches. It's the time when November once again becomes Movember, a time when you could be forgiven for thinking you had been transported right back to the 60’s, when facial hair was king. “Men have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer than women and a 37% higher risk of dying from it” This year saw Lancaster University taking part in the big moustache on campus, a competition between Universities to see who can raise the most. Last year Lancaster University took part in Movember but the campaign failed to make much money or gain publicity. This year was set to be different with Pendle College at the forefront, revitalizing and putting a spin on things, ensuring that this year failure was not an option. The college held several events and even from the opening night managed to raise a massive £260, pretty impressive by anyone’s standards. The purpose of this opening night was to raise awareness and get the ball rolling, what better way than waxing and shaving. Waxing body areas which probably should never be waxed, and which I’ve never before seen waxed - the armpit springs to mind. The head shaving was also a highlight as seeing the oddly shaped bald heads afterwards provided enough laughter for the month. The campaign was a cross campus event with most colleges taking part and being run predominantly by the JCRs. The target was to raise over £1000 for Movember, which I am pleased to say we smashed, raking in £1,148. A big part of the thank you has to go to the men’s rugby union team, who beasted Movember becoming the best Mo team and raising £499. Coming in second place were the “Lads” of the Lancaster University Theatre Group raising £235, closely followed by the mighty Pendle College coming in a close third raising a whopping £209. Pendle College also has the best Mo sister, that of our very own Liz Whitehouse who raised a monstrous £92, aided by getting a tattoo for the cause. The best Mo bro bringing home a colossal £156 was that of Sachin “Farmer” Patel, a member of the men’s rugby union team. None of this could have happened without the hard work and help of the people involved. From the Lancaster University Hip-Hop & Breakdance Society, LUMIS and the Comedy Club who all performed and help raise awareness for Movember. We also had a photo booth on the closing ceremony event run by La Loupe Vintage Photography who donated all their profits for the evening. A big thank you to Charles Calvert, James Gaffney and Dale Cooper who all shaved their heads in aid of Movember. The biggest thank you has to go to Dale Cooper as without his help, none of the above would have been possible. And finally but certainly not least, the people of Pendle, the college who raised the most: Proving once again that we truly are the Venue of Legends’. This year its set to be even bigger, with Dave Clucas becoming the new Ambassador for Lancaster University and once again keeping the title in the Venue of Legends. Article by Joe Jones

With Lucy Williams Ingredients 800g Chicken breast, cut 1 tbsp. Tomato puree into bite sized pieces 1 Garlic clove chopped 2 Onion diced 1 tsp. Ground ginger 2 Peppers diced 2 400g Tin chopped tomatoes 2 tbsp. Balti paste 600g White rice Method 1. Fry off the chicken breast in a little oil. After 5 minutes add the onion and the peppers. Fry until softened. 2. Add the balti paste, tomato puree, chopped garlic 3. While you look and ground ginger to the curry and fry for two after the curry, minutes before adding the chopped tomatoes. Simmer ask one of your for about 15 minutes, adding water if the curry housemates to dries out. take care of the rice. Makes 6 portions. With thanks to Recipe and photographs by Lucy Williams. Chef, Finn Joynson. Rice bitch, Jake Leigh. Guinea pigs, Jasmine Hodgekins, Taymar Houghton and Beth Lowe.

Your College Needs You Pendle College is looking for a new Men’s Sport’s Rep to join this year’s JCR. If you think that this is the position for you then come along to the General meeting next Tuesday! th Tuesday 6 February 6pm Pendle Sitting Rooms A cross campus event to celebrate the Chinese New Year is held by all the colleges and CSSA society. The event will take place on the 2nd of February in the Great and Minor hall. The event will consist of two venues: The first venue will be held in the minor hall from 4-6:30pm, consisting of a large number of stalls for the event. The stalls will have stuff like FREE FOOD, games, KF Chinese Shop and many more… The second venue will be held in the Great Hall from 7-10pm, containing a sitting arrangement for the 20 performances for the Chinese New Year. A limited number of tickets are available for the performance so grab them fast from the information stall from the first venue. Chinese New Year

After the very first hearing of Jake Bugg’s debut, about a year ago, my first reaction was: “This is going to be a new Bob Dylan!” I waited patiently for a new album watching Bugg getting more and more hype. When at last Shangri La was released, I had some mixed feelings after first listening, and after a few, like a true hater I said: “First one was better!” Basically, songs on this album can be divided into two groups: actual good tracks and “space fillers”. The contrast between them is so huge that it makes my ears hurt. What’s curious, the good ones reflect the mood of the debut – these are energetic songs with really nice lyrics describing the state of nowadays society (There is a beast and we all feed it, and Kingpin) or some radio number one hits (Slumville Sunrise, Messed up Kids), or just some charming acoustic tunes (Pine Trees, Me and You). Now, the second group are incredibly boring radio friendly songs with flat lyrics. A Song About Love, All Your Reasons and Simple Pleasures are the best examples of this. The worst thing is that they are unnecessarily prolonged by some boring instrumental parts. This all lays a responsibility on Jake Bugg to do really good on his next record, to deserve the title of New Bob Dylan. Though some songs show that he is on a good path, he still needs to work on it. When it comes to the music itself, the record is dominated by the instruments that can be heard on the debut – guitar, bass and drums. A change is that Bugg ditches acoustic guitar in favour of electric in most of the songs. This is the whole set of instruments, except for little pinch of hammonds and strings somewhere. Credits should go to really good guitar solos, which make the worst part of this record more bearable. I had a great hope about Jake Bugg. I expected him to be someone to appear on the music market not giving a monkey’s about what it actually wants him to be and criticizing it in a neat and brilliant way in his lyrics. Bugg’s new album is exactly like that. But only in some unsatisfying parts. Anyway, I am still a huge supporter of him, as he’s a guy that’s got the potential to shake the foundations of the music world. What made Shangri La only partially good? Was it because of a short (only a year!) interval between debut and the second album that forced Bugg to write some space fillers? Too much fame for a young man? Whatever it might be, I hope that on his third record Jake Bugg will show his finer side. Article by Jedrzej Jedraszyk

Cross-witch Puzzle James King’s Sudoku

Letter from the Editors We can honestly say that this week has been the most stressful week of our lives. After hours and hours of hard graft we hope you enjoy the finished article. We’ve really enjoyed writing, editing and interacting will all the different articles but the journey from vision to print has definitely had its ups and downs. All we can say is that we hope the blood, sweat and tears have been worth it. Now onto the beers before preparations for the next issue starts. Dale Cooper and Lucy Williams Dedications With thanks to Rebekah christon, James king, Chris brown, Jedrzej jedraszyk, Joseph Jones, David clucas, lee braley, Finn joynson, Josh Harvey, Anna Davis and Michal szulik. To get involved in the next issue of the witch please contact dale or Lucy through facebook or email!

Pendle College Sports Fixtures Table Tennis Pendle are currently holding fifth place in the university inter-college table tennis league. Despite some challenging games in the first term, we managed to win against a number of rival colleges! Our next two games will see us first hosting Lonsdale in Pendle bar, before we head to Fylde the following week. Also congratulation to Daniel Hulse, the winner of our most recent Pendle tournament in week 1 and also a staple in Pendles solid team. Anyone is welcome to join Pendle table tennis and all abilities are welcome. We meet Wednesday evenings at 6, so come down whether you want to compete against other colleges or just play with other Pendlers for fun! Netball Pendle A’s won against Bowland, Cartmel, Grizedale and Furness last term, finishing in joint third place on goal difference with Bowland. This is the highest Pendle A’s have ever finished and we hope to continue the winning streak through to this term. Pendle A’s next game will be against Bowland on Friday 31st January 5 – 6pm. Please come down and support, this game was very close last term so is guaranteed to be a good one. The Lonsdale game has been rescheduled for Monday 3rd February 7 – 8pm after the game was cancelled due to a mishap with the lighting on court.

Men’s Football Men’s Darts Men’s Pool *Please note that all results are taken from A Team Leagues.

The Carter Shield Thus Far Article by Beth Hart Pendle are currently 3rd! what is the carter shield? DODGEBALL For those of you that don’t know, the Carter Shield is an intercollege sporting event which takes part three Sundays in every term. On these Sundays, students of Pendle meet at 12:30 at the bar and walk towards the sport centre to watch and support the college or compete in a variety of unique sports. These sports can range from dodge ball to korfball to badminton and welcome all abilities to battle for the college’s title. Last year, Pendle’s consistency and great turn out in al l events of the Carter shield meant that we won 123 points and along with it the Carter shield trophy in term 3. Due to our similar consistency last term we are high in the rankings and there is every confidence that Pendle can win the Carter Shield twice in a row. last term In week 4, Dodgeball kicked off the first of the carter shield events. The game consisted of 6 team members on each side of the court and a ball collector from each team. Pendle entered the scene with Sean Mooney, John Janes and Andrew Minzey throwing balls like pros and the rest of the team attempting to remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball. As the games progressed we managed to make it to the semi-final. This is when things got intense, Harvir Basra took the ultimate sacrifice for Pendle as a ball hit his sensitive area, Dale Cooper was named the ‘bald guy’ (after he shaved his head for charity) as he was called out and Alice Callaghan ended up fighting for the team on her own. All in all great spirit was shown by all players including Lucy Williams and David Miller. Position finished: 2nd Man/Woman of the Match: Harvir Basrar Volleyball Hockey The next event was Uni Hock in week 6, this consisted of 5 members on each team, during one of our first games unfortunately a ball slipped through David Miller’s grasp and into the goal. This left us at the bottom of the league and with what seemed like no hope for recovery as none of the other teams had lost a point. However, Pendle did not admit defeat and in our next game a penalty was awarded to us. Katy Thomas lined up her puck and with an awesome feed from John Janes Pendle was up 1-0. With persistent attacks from John Janes, Josh Harvey and David Miller, consistent defence from Chris Conn and Katy Thomas and great support from Alice Callaghan and Mia Harrison Pendle managed to secure a place in the semi-final. Unfortunately we were beaten by Cartmel on the penalty shoot outs, although there were some great saves by Tom Walker in goal. Position finished: 4th Man/Woman of the Match: Katy Thomas Volleyball drew the final Carter shield event to a close. The tournement started with Adrien Muller and Bormir Kolev demonstrating their general volleyball expertise with their amazing smashing abilities. Pendle was annihilating the competition and due to Filsan Tarsey and Katy Tomas’s serving and Mike Logan and Chris Conns passing we were soon through to the semi-final. Unfortunately competition was fierce and Pendle then lost against Fylde. However, in the fight for third place, Adrien Muller’s consistant direction, Oli Reyes’s great blocking and David Miller’s and Sean Mooney’s effort, Pendle manage to defeat Grizedale. With the first term events finished, we are eager to start second term off with a bang and retain our championship from last year. Position finished: 3rd Man/Woman of the Match: Adrien Muller

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