The wisdom of Motivated Crowds and use of new media in creating services & products

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Published on June 5, 2012

Author: teemul



A lecture at the Aalto Global Impact / World Bank Training Program on Innovation
Policy for ICT.

The wisdom of Motivated Crowds and use of new media in creating services & products Teemu Leinonen

Teemu LeinonenDr. Associate ProfessorNew Media Design andLearningDesigner:web/ mobile and learningEducation / learning science> New Media > Design >Design Methodology

New Media Design and Learning Why design? What is design?

Designer / artist. . . focuses on experiences,. . . the future experiences, . . . to design them.

1. What is New Media?2. Wisdom of Motivated Crowds3. Epilogue

1. What is New Media?2. Wisdom of Motivated Crowds3. Epilogue

1990’sStory: Me and New Media



1990’skatele$ spsskatele$ mail psraah@uta.fiSubject: This is an emailHi Rami.This is an email. You can send thesewith a command “mail”I think you can reply with command “R”.-Teemu.katele$ irckatele$ talk psraahkatele$ news

New Media: Convergence of three “areas” and the emergency of the “new” “Holy Trinity of the New Media”

(Leinonen 2009, 2010)

1. What is New Media?2. Wisdom of Motivated Crowds3. Epilogue

1. What is New Media?2. Wisdom of Motivated Crowds3. Epilogue

Book release (June 1st 2012):Towards Peer-production in Public Services: cases from Finland Edited by:Andrea Botero, Andrew Gryf Paterson and Joanna Saad-Sulonen Download:

Wisdom of Motivated Crowds Case 1: Wikipedia

wiki- World Wide Web (WWW) site that can be modified or contributed to by users. (Source: Encyclopædia Britannica)

• Word largest encyclopedia – ever!• 270+ languages• 20 000 000+ articles • English: 3 900 000 • FI: 300 000 / SV: 500 000 / ET: 100 000• One of the world’s top 10 websites• English Wikipedia over 130 000 active users. • FI: 1900• English Wikipedia 1500 Administrators • FI: 50 / SV: 90 / ET: 40 (Source: Wikimedia Foundation 2012)

Why is there Wikipedia?

Wikipedia in a global context

Over 1 million articles:English, German, French, DutchOver 700 000 articles:Italian, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, PortugeseUse of Wikipedia(s)54% English 4% Russian10% Japanese 4% French8% German 3% Italian5% Spanish (Source: Wikimedia Foundation 2012)

0,30% 94 languagesTop 8 = 50,93% English 17,95% German 6,39% French 5,68% Dutch 4,73% Italian 4,18% Polish 4,07% N= 284 languges; Spanish 4,04% 22,064,929 articles Russian 3,88% (Source: Wikimedia Foundation 2012)

Hawaiian, Kalmyk, Lingala, Kinyarwanda, Pennsylvania German, Palatinate German, Karachay-Balkar, Crimean Tatar, Emilian- Romagnol, Acehnese, Guarani, Tongan, Chechen, Greenlandic, Assyrian Neo- Aramaic, Erzya, Lower Sorbian, Banjar, 0,30% Papiamentu, Assamese, Tok Pisin, Lak, Vepsian, Wolof, Moksha, Lojban, Kabyle, Avar, Zamboanga Chavacano, Shona, Tahitian, Sranan, Lao, Kabardian Circassian, Abkhazian, Lezgian, Mirandese, Latgalian, 94 languages Igbo, Nauruan, Kongo, Tetum, Zhuang, Karakalpak, Northern Sotho, Zulu, Romani, Old Church Slavonic, Tswana, Cherokee, Samoan, Bislama, Moldovan, Bambara, Inuktitut, Inupiak, Norfolk, Swati, Cheyenne, Sindhi, Gothic, Pontic, Min Dong, Ewe, Hausa, Tigrinya, Buryat (Russia), Oromo, Kashmiri, Tsonga, Venda, Sango, Kirundi, Dzongkha, Cree, Kikuyu, Luganda, Akan, Tumbuka, Fijian, Sesotho, Chamorro, Chichewa, Fula, Xhosa, Twi, Ndonga, Sichuan Yi, Choctaw, Marshallese, Afar,(Source: Wikimedia Foundation 2012) Kuanyama, Hiri Motu, Muscogee, Kanuri

English Wikipedia7,4 billion page views / month= 249 million/ day= 173 000 / minute= 2 900 / secondAbout 1000 new articles / month3 376 001 edits / month= 1,2 edits / second (Source: Wikimedia Foundation 2012)

It is not only Wikipedia it is Wikimedia

Wiktionary - a dictionary in all the languages of the worldWikiquote – a collection of quotations from famous people, books and speechesWikibooks - a collection of free study and textbooksWikisource – multilingual collection of texts that could be distributed as free and open content

Wikispecies - directory of the world speciesWikinews – free news serviceWikimedia Commons - collection of free photographs, diagrams, maps, videos, animations, music, sounds, spoken texts, and other free mediaWikiversity – a site for learning materials and learning communities

Why these projects?

Wikispecies- directory of the world species

Why not a directory of the puppets of the Muppet Show?


Editorial decisions

MissionThe mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empowerand engage people around the world to collect anddevelop educational content under a free license or inthe public domain, and to disseminate it effectively andglobally.In collaboration with a network of chapters, theFoundation provides the essential infrastructure and anorganizational framework for the support anddevelopment of multilingual wiki projects and otherendeavors which serve this mission. The Foundation willmake and keep useful information from its projectsavailable on the Internet free of charge, in perpetuity.

VisionImagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Thats our commitment.

Why Wikimedia is important?

Lack of media (access to media) = lack of education = many things that are not nice (like: poverty, wars, no respect of human rights,crimes, abuse, civil conflicts, lack of democracy etc.)


Strict commitment to . . . free content, free standards, and free software.


Read the Mission and Vision

How Wikipedia works in practice?

Photo by:Università Reggio Calabria

Wisdom of the crowd orWisdom of the motivated crowds ?

Because we can.

Motivation: What makes people to act?• Desire to influence • Desire to obey a traditional moral (including leadership; code, related to mastery), • Desire to improve society• Desire for knowledge, (including altruism, justice),• Desire to be autonomous, • Desire to exercise muscles,• Desire for social standing • Desire for sex (including courting), (including desire for • Desire to raise own children, attention), • Desire to organize (including desire• Desire for peer for ritual), companionship (desire to • Desire to eat, play), • Desire for approval,• Desire to get even • Desire to avoid anxiety, fear, (including desire to • Desire to collect, value of frugality compete, to win), Reiss 2004

In Wikipedia different desires meet andhave a place and time to become true.

Wisdom of Motivated Crowds Case 2: Restaurant Day Case 3: Cleaning Day

1. What is New Media?2. Wisdom of Motivated Crowds3. Epilogue

1. What is New Media?2. Wisdom of Motivated Crowds3. Epilogue

Think Linux Source: Engeström, J. 2005 / 2006

Think Wikipedia

Think Skype

Think Blogs

All these are projects started by individualsin the open and free Internet.

Thank you.

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