The Whole Product Manager: A Craftsmanship Approach

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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: prabhakar



A talk at ProductCamp Austin 2/15/2014. Product Management is a multi-disciplinary domain. To be a craftsman requires mastery in both maker skills and meta skills. And a relentless pursuit of excellence and continuous learning.

Prabhakar  Gopalan VP  Products @PGopalan …what it takes to be a Craftsman

Crafts●man /’kraf(t)smən/ Noun: craftsman; plural noun: craftsmen; noun: craftswoman; plural noun: craftswomen 1.  A person who is skilled in a particular craft. Synonyms: artisan, artist, skilled worker; Crafts wom an /’kraf(t)s,wǒomən/ Noun: craftsman 1. A woman who is skilled in a particular craft Source: Wikipedia 2

Sho ● ku ● nin (show-koo-nin) Japanese (n) craftsman, artisan 3

3 Types of People Type 3 Expert Learner Type 1 Fledgling Learner Type 2 Holding Ground 4

3 Types of People Type 1 Type 3 5

The traditional PM route Product Management Product Marketing Business Analyst/Consultant UX/UI/Designer Developer/Sales Engineer Entry Level Job MBA MIS Engineering Liberal Arts Degree High School 6

…is paved with good intentions Newly Minted PM Certified! Ta Da!!! In-the-box Training The First 90 Days Aside: Add Silicon Valley Blogs by ex-Googlers & VCs 7

And In-the-Box Training We will skip this entirely in this presentation Customer ü Problems ü Pricing Product ü Benefits ü Features Competition ü Positioning ü Differentiation Process ü Req. Mgmt ü Dev. Planning This is known stuff you see everywhere We are going to talk about a different subject today 8

That can even lead you up here Director of Product Management VP of Product Management Btw, it really smells bad up here Product Manager 9

What do great product managers do? Ship beautiful inspiring products Meet unmet needs of customers B.S. How many customers know and articulate their needs clearly? 10

Let’s do it right by learning from the ground up Meta Skills Maker Skills 11

Why Maker Skills? § Do you respect your boss (/VP)? (Most likely answer is…) No. So don’t be like him! 12

Maker Skills Wire framing/Prototyping Writing UX/UI/IxD Sketching Product Analytics Presentation/ Story Telling Quantitative Analysis Infographics HTML, CSS, CMS, Git, More… 13

Kata 14

Where are you now What Goal have you set Assessment Self What will you do to improve Practice Achievement Other Critical Min(s) Days Weeks Months Goal Post 15

Let’s visit a few Katas to practice learning through books 16

Writing Self Directed Learning 17

Presentation Self Directed Learning 18

Infographics Self Directed Learning 19

And so on. 20

But Maker Skills carry you only so far and there’s always the problem of “working with others” 21

Most problems are not because of others. They exist because I am unable to manage myself It’s  like  dog  training.    The  class  is  for  me,  not  my  dog 22

Why Meta Skills? § Avoid blame game scenarios § Own the problem 23

Meta Skills EmoKonal   Intelligence 24

Meta Skills – Self Assessment 25

Meta Skills Self Directed Learning 26

So, does it take 10,000 hours to be a Craftsman Product Manager? 27

Product Management is an Inter-Disciplinary Domain To be the master craftsman in Products you may follow the 10,000 hours rule that Gladwell researched But do it like Tim Ferriss Practice every six months Learn fast, learn continuously, learn many things, non-stop 28

And when you do it, you’ll find your own Hero’s Journey 29

Thank You! [this presentation is still under development Maker Skills Workshops to be added soon] @PGopalan 30

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