The White Legacy--Generation 6, College (Part 2)

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Information about The White Legacy--Generation 6, College (Part 2)

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: Keika20



The Whites visit the aliens and the Takemizans, and also find love.

We Have Cookies The White Legacy: Generation Six, College (Part Two)

Sol: “What do you think, Ella?” Ella: “They’re a lot more comfortable than they look. You know, you would think skintight jumpsuits would be a lot more itchy in certain areas, but actually—” Sol: “That’s not what I mean, and you know it. What about what 6 asked?” Ella: “…I don’t know…”

Aliens: “WELCOME HOME!!”

6: “So, how’s Simearth been treating you? The human male we sent you with seemed cool enough.” Sol: “It’s a nice place.” 6: “Sweet. So, what do you think? You going to stick around or not?”

Ella: “Stick… around?” 6: “Sure! Hasn’t your human male guardian been talking to you about it?” Ella: “No…” 6: “Has he told you anything about us at all?” Sol: “Not really…”

6: “Humans! Okay, so from the beginning. Um, our home planet… well, what you see in this room is pretty much a third of our current population, I think.”

Ella: “Seriously? This is it?” 6: “Pretty much. There’s four more of us polli-techs on the opposite side of the galaxy, hitting up the planets over there, and the last third is still on-planet. We don’t have enough aliens anymore to build up the numbers we need to repopulate the planet, so we, uh, took the party on the road, you see. So that’s why you’re here!” Sol: “You’re hoping we stay with you, right?”

6: “Well… yeah. We’re not gonna force you, o’course, but we really hope you do. All of the aliens in red and blue around here are the kids we’ve—the four of us in silver: me, 21, 10, and 13—fostered out on Simearth. So, what do you think? Come party with us?”

Ella: “It seems like a pretty good deal.” Sol: “I don’t agree.” Ella: “Why not? We stay on the ship, we party it up, and eventually we go back to our real home planet and party it up there. No responsibilities, no worries, no more final exams…”

Sol: “No Ani-Mei.” Ella: “Ani-Mei? You want to give up Pleasure Sim Paradise for a girl?” Sol: “What about Bo? Are you going to leave him without even saying goodbye? And what about Dad and Vis and Grandpa? We were just getting ready to go meet him again for the first time since we were kids! What about all of them, huh?”

Sol: “Besides, I’m not a Pleasure Sim. None of this really appeals to me in any way.” Ella: “Well, I… I think I’m going to stay.”

Ella: “Can you say goodbye and I’m sorry to Bo for me? Also to Dad and Vis, and also Peter?” Sol: “Peter?” Ella: “You know, the redheaded guy in the garden club. He’s been around a few times.” Sol: “Oh yeah, sure. Green shirt, glasses. I’ll tell them for you, if this is what you really want.” Ella: “It is. Let’s go tell 6. I’m staying, you’re going home.”

Ella: “Love you, you idiot. See you around, right?” Sol: “Of course! There’s got to be some kind of intergalactic video chat system, right? Have fun, little sis.” Ella: “I will. Have a good life, big-bro-by-three-point-six-minutes.” Sol: “I will.”

13: “Alright, everything’s configured and all set to go. One for Silky Way Galaxy, Simearth, Sim City, Sim State University, Oresha-Annya-Var House, Between Second And Third Lampposts.” 6: “Are you sure this is what you want, 92? There’s still time to reconsider. The chicken dance is coming up on the playlist, you know.” Sol: “Positive.”

56: “So, you’re 93, right?” Ella: “Yeah, that’s me.”

56: “Hey, congratulations on making the right decision! I’ve been here for a long time, and I haven’t regretted a minute!” Ella: “Thanks! You know, I’m a Pleasure Sim, so this really appealed to me.” 56: “Me too! And don’t worry, you’ll get used to the whole no-hair thing. It’s a fashion statement back at Home, you see.” Ella: “Yeah, they offered to shave it off for me right away, but I think I want to kind of ease into the lifestyle, you know?” 56: “Oh sure, I totally get you. It took me ages to go through with it. But it’s really liberating, once you get used to it.”

Sol: “Nothing you say is going to change my mind.” 21: “Well, okay, if you say so.” 10: “Initiate beam. We’re going to miss you, 92.” Sol: “It’s Sol.”

56: “Well… actually, I lied.” Ella: “Oh? What about?” 56: “I did regret my decision right at the beginning. I came out of Strangetown, you see, with a bunch of uncles who all had their own alien kids, too. Big family, you see. I was the first and only one of them to decide to stay with the ship.” Ella: “Oh. Do you miss all your family?” 56: “Every single day. But you get used to that, too. Besides, we’ve got a new family now, and they’re pretty happening!”

Ella: “…” 56: “So…?”

Ella: “I’ve gotta go!! Thanks!!” 56: “See you later, sister! Good luck! Run fast!!”

Stereotypical Tinny Machine Voice: “Initiating stick-in-the-mud antisocial fortune sim return placement tractor beam (SMAFSRPTB) in 3… 2… 1…”

Ella: “WAAAAAAIIIIIIIIT!! I want to go, too!!” Sol: “Hey there, sis. Knew you’d see it my way.” 10: “Dang. This means we’ll have to reconfigure the tractor beam again. I hate technology.” 6: “Awww… do we have to?”

6: “You’re sure we can’t convince you to stay? We have cooooookiiiiiiiiies….” Ella: “Save me, Sol. They have cookies.” Sol: “No, 6. We want to go home. You’re going to drop us off in Takemizu Village, right? We have a reservation at the Flaming Dragon Hotel.” 10: “Yeah, yeah, I’m working on it. Hold your Krzolian wild horses. Flaming Dragon, right? …hey, the life reader’s, like, picking up two vampiric life forms near the hotel. Are they your party guests?”

Ella: “Vampiric? That’s got to be Grandpa!! He’s waiting for us at our hotel!!” Sol: “Wait… two? What do you mean, two? I’m pretty sure Grandpa wouldn’t turn someone into a vampire… so who’s the second one?”

10: “We don’t have video monitors, 92. No way of knowing, you know? All I can tell you is that they’re both dead and can’t carry living adorable alien babies. Still want to be dropped off at Flaming Dragon, then?”

Sol: “No, it’d better be the Steaming Dragon instead. Grandma Jade always said that vampires are dangerous.” Ella: “Except for Grandpa Sun, of course.”

Aliens: “Bye!! Good luck!!” 13: “Hey 21, is the chicken dance on yet?”

Ella: “Oof!” Sol: “Ouch!” Nice landing as always. Head inside, kids, I don’t trust these “vampiric life forms” the aliens were talking about.

Sol: “Dang, this is going to cost a fortune…” Clerk: “Thank you for choosing the Steaming Dragon, sir. May I call a bellhop for your luggage?” Sol: “We don’t have any, thanks. Our, um, plane left before we could get it loaded.” Clerk: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir.” Yeah. Plane.

Sol: “Yes darling, I really am okay. I unexpectedly went to visit my extraterrestrial parent for a few days, I’m none the worse for wear. No, I’m not alien pregnant. Hold on, sugar, there’s someone on the other line.” *click* “Hello? Sure, she’s right here.” Ella: “Is that Bo?” Sol: “Nope. Peter.”

Ella: “Hey, Peter! What’s up? Yes, I’m fine. Alien abductions, you know how it is.” Sol: “I think he likes you.” Ella: “Shut up, bro, I’m on the phone. No, sorry Peter, that wasn’t directed at you. My stupid brother’s making stupid comments again.” Maybe not so stupid. Ella: “Shut up, Author. No, no Peter, don’t be embarrassed! That wasn’t directed at you, either!”

Ella: “So. Mr. Ninja Man. I want to learn how to teleport.” Ninja: “Is it more important to know yourself or your enemy?” Ella: “What does that have to do with—” Ninja: “YOURSELF OR YOUR ENEMY!?!?” Ella: “Uh, um, uh… enemy, I guess. Though I’ve never met any of my family’s enemies myself.”

Ninja: “A wise answer.” Ella: “Hey, where did that gong sound come from?” I stared at the screen for too long trying to decide what Ella would be more likely to pick, and the game picked for me. Fortunately, it picked the right one. So does that mean the game itself decided Ella was worthy of the mystical magical secret of teleportation? Whoa…

Ella: “Hey, you guys seem like cool people. Have you seen a vampire in a tie-dye shirt wandering around? He was supposed to meet me and my brother here…” Elder: “Vampires? How horrid.” Local: “Kyuuketsuki? Hai, I know them. Kaijuu. We stay away from them. Kowaii desu.” Ella: “Er, okay.”

Ella: “Aw, come on, Sol.” Sol: “No. Absolutely not.” Ella: “Ani-Mei would think it was cute.” Sol: “She’s not here. I don’t feel like looking like a nerdy tourist. No.” Ella: “Well, I like my yukata. It’s a heck of a lot warmer than the Twikkii Island traditional dress for sure!”

Ella: “Sol, you’re just the coolest brother that ever brothered. Can I shake your hand?” Sol: “Um… sure…?” Don’t do it, Sol, I’ve seen this trick before…

Bzzt! Sol: “WAAAAAH!!” Ella: “HAHAHAHA!!” Told you so.

I’m feeling the strangest sense of déjà vu. Where have I seen this before…? Oh, wait. I know.

Remember Snow and Patrick’s honeymoon? Yep, this is the same spot where they took a soak in the hot spring. Sol and Ella are even staying in the same hotel too, though granted not the same room. You would think that after six generations, they would be able to afford a better one. Alright, back to the present.

Tours. They never end well.

Sol: “Think we should comment on this, sis?” Ella: “Nah. I figure all the possible jokes about the wise old man and the dragon legend have pretty much been done.”

Sol: “Well, our plane leaves tomorrow morning. Ready to go?” Ella: “No. Where is Grandpa? He should be here by now!” Sol: “Ella, I’m really starting to wonder if he actually sent that e-mail.” Ella: “Well, if he didn’t, who did? I’d rather think he’s looking for us, Sol. We can’t leave yet.”


Sun: “Ella…? Sol…? You guys in there…? I just got back from sabbatical and all, and I, like, was hoping you would totally be here, because I’ve, like, missed you guys, man…”

Sun: “Kids…? Where are you?”

Sol: “Hey… Ella. Take a look at this.”

Sol: “There’s a tree in the way… but, still…”

Sol: “…those two don’t look like Grandpa Sun to me…”

Ella: “Omigosh. That tourist just gave them an invite into the hotel, didn’t he?” Sol: “Okay, let’s not panic. We don’t know they’re here for us… right? Back me up, Ella! Right!?”

Romi: “So you say this is the room where the Whites are staying?” Unlucky Tourist: “Yes! Please, leave me alone! Let me go!” Sol: *whispering* “Ella… they’re right outside the door…” Ella: “Shh!”

*knock* *knock knock* Romi: “Ellesmere. Solander. We know you’re in there. Don’t ignore us.” Unlucky Tourist: *whimper*

Romi: “Your grandparents did us a great injustice. We’re only here to right a wrong. Fricorith, talk to them.” Fricorith: “Come out, or we’ll kill this tourist, and anyone else who happens to step out of their room over the course of the night. You have two minutes.” Unlucky Tourist: “Please… no… please… I’ll do anything…!”

Fricorith: “…Have it your way, then.” Unlucky Tourist: *scream* *thud*

Romi: “We’re losing patience, you little brats! There is nowhere you can hide! Wherever you go, we will follow! We will be your shadow every night, and someday, you, or your brother, or your father, or your children will make a mistake, and we will be there with our fangs!” Ella: *whispering* “…what time is it?” Sol: *whispering* “Five-thirty. Almost sunrise.” Fricorith: “ARGH! Get out here, you pestilential puss-filled boils!!”

Ella: “I have never been so glad to see a sunrise my whole life. Are they gone?” Sol: “I-I think so. Still… let’s wait a little bit… just in case.” Ella: “Good idea. Maybe we should have stayed with the aliens after all, huh?” Sol: “That… might have been best, yeah.”

Sol: “Well… go ahead.” Ella: “Nuh-uh. You first.”

Ella: “The tourist…!”

Ella: “I never thought I would say this, but I am so glad to be back at school.” Sol: “No kidding, Miss Pleasure Sim who held a want to skip class the whole time we were on vacation. Let’s get inside already. It’s dark out here.” Sun: “GRANDCHILDREN!!”

Ella: “GRANDPA!! I can’t believe it!!” Sol: “Where did all this stuff come from?” Ella: “Come on, Grandpa, we have to get inside. There’s other vampires… they followed us to Takemizu… actually I think they might have baited us there…” Sun: “Other vampires? Is the loathe back!?”

Sun: “Nope, sorry kids, I totally didn’t write this e-mail. I, like, don’t write my accent. Besides, I’ve been, like, living it up as a hippie, man. I, like, don’t carry no money. I couldn’t, like, pay your airfare.” Ella: “Aw, man… I was so sure…” Sol: “So it was those two that killed the tourist who wrote it, probably. How do they know so much about us?” Sun: “Like, what did they look like, man?”

Sol: “Well, we never really saw them up close. Not enough to see their faces, anyway. We saw them coming up to the hotel, and they were obscured by a tree.” Sun: “What did you see?” Ella: “There was a man and a woman. The woman had black hair in a ponytail, and the man had short blond hair.” Sun: “What kind of ponytail? Short or long?” Ella: “Long, I think.”

Sun: “That would totally be Romi. Good. Kali was helping us, last time I checked, and she’s, like, the other one with the black ponytail, man. And the dude… you said he was, like, blond?” Sol: “Yeah.” Sun: “That means he was either, like, Fricorith or Gabriel.” Ella: “I think the lady called him Fricorith. That sounds familiar.”

Sun: “Oh, that’s totally not groovy. So not good.” Ella: “What? What’s wrong?” Sun: “Fricorith was, like, incinerated with most of the rest of the loathe when Star was, like, in college. That means the loathe is totally starting to rebuild itself, and they are, like, not going to be happy, man.”

Sun: “I’m, like, totally sorry I went and like, disappeared for so long. It’s just, you know, Star going like that… it wasn’t groovy. It, like, hurt. I, like, went to Twikkii Island, but then the witch doctor dude made me leave, so I like, went to hang out in Desiderata Valley for a while. I met some groovy people there, and I like, decided to come back a couple nights ago. But then, like, you weren’t here… and now I’ve gone and let you guys get into danger, man…” Sol: “I don’t see what you could’ve done, Grandpa.” Ella: “Yeah, but what are we going to do? The vampires are after us…”

Sun: “I’ll, like, watch the loathe, and make sure they don’t, like, launch anything against you guys. Meanwhile, we’ll try to think of a plan, and I don’t want you guys, like, wandering outside at night or anything. Ever. Understand me?” Ella: “Sure, Grandpa. We’ll pass the news to everyone else, too.” Sun: “Sweet. I’ll be keeping in touch. Like, don’t die, grandkids.” Sol: “We won’t, Grandpa. It’s good to see you home.”

Ella: “It felt so good to sleep in my own bed last night. No aliens, no vampires. Just my own pillow.” Yeah, and blankets hung over the windows so you couldn’t see anything out there if you tried. Sol: “…food just doesn’t seem terribly appetizing right now… I’ve got to call Ani-Mei.”

Sol: “Well, those vampires aren’t going to get me or mine! I’ll show them! Ha! Fwah! Throat punch!!”

Ella: “You know, you’re really not all that great at this, bro. Remember, put your center of gravity too high, and you’ll be ridiculously easy to tip over.” Sol: “Pay attention to your own routine, sis, and quit critiquing mine.”

Ella: “Hey, Bo! How are you, honey? How’s the big snooty degree coming? …what!? But… but I thought…” *sigh* “Have a good life with her then, Bo. Don’t call me again. Ever.” Oh… I’m sorry, Ella. Ella: *sniff* “Long distance relationships. They never work.” *hiccup* Really, I’m sorry, Ella. At least we know who to call now!

Ella: “O great wishing well gods, I call upon you to bring me my one true love… again. Let’s do better this time, mkay?” …not quite what I meant…

Fugly Secret Society Member: “Hey, I’m back on the legacy lot! And I still think I count as an NPC.” I agree with you. Fugly Secret Society Member: “Really!?” The whole NPC thing is most emphatically not the main issue with you. Ella: “Er… well, I guess I could give this one a shot…”

That’s funny. If Ella’s glow is anything to go by, apparently snuggling the womrat is a nature hobby activity. Ella: “Who’s the cutest wittle womrat in the big whole world!?” Blizzard: {Gak… can’t… breathe…}

GO GEORGE!! And to think I was considering deactivating you! George: “Beep boop beep. Resistance is futile. Beep. Funny, the damage doesn’t look so bad from up here. Boop beep.” Cow Mascot: “AAAAAAAGH!! I thought this house was pro-cow! I thought they married in one of us!! I’M SORRY!!”

Peter: “Ella! Th-thank you so m-m-much for inv-viting m-me to your s-senior celebratory t-t-toga party! This is a b-b-blast!” Ella: “Well duh I’m going to invite you, Peter! You’re my best friend!” Peter: “S-s-s-so, uh, are y-you st-still with B-B-B-B-Bo...?” Ella: “No, actually. He found someone else at Académie Le Tour. We broke up.” Peter: “R-r-r-really!?”

Ella: “Yup, so I went to the wishing well and got a new boyfriend! His name is George. Isn’t he cute?” Peter: “Oh. Cong-g-gratulations.” George: “Hey, babe! Great party! Can I talk to you for a sec?” Ella: “Sure! Peter, I think Sol ordered some pizza, if you want some.” Peter: “Yeah… sure. I’ll g-go g-g-grab some then.”

George: “So, babe, you know I love you, right?” Ella: “Oh, no. Where is this going, George?

George: “It’s great news. The secret society at La Fiesta Tech is paying my tuition for a year to be an exchange student over there!” Ella: “But George… when the year ends, I’m going to graduate. We won’t see each other again.” George: “Not in school, anyway, but there’s always the phone, and then we can pick up where we left off after I graduate. What do you think? Want to give a long distance relationship a try?”

Ella: “Well…” George: “Come on, Ella. Please?” Ella: “As long as you don’t go picking up some La Fiesta girl.” George: “Really, Ella, you know me better than that! Love you, toots.” Ella: “Don’t call me that. Ever. But I guess I love you anyway.”

Ani-Mei: “Sol, honey… what kind of toga is that?” Sol: “The non-exhibitionist kind.” The orange kind.

Ella: “That is the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen…” It gives me the sniffles just thinking about it… the poor pizza… *sniff*

Hey Ella, La Fiesta Tech is a happening place! There’s fiestas—the campus slang for “parties” around here, you know, it’s all hip and cool and stuff—every single night! It’s way better than boring old Sim State ever was. That’s why I’m going to stay at La Fiesta and move to Strangetown after graduation. I know you’ve got the whole legacy thing going on and can’t leave Riverblossom Hills, so I guess this is goodbye. Later! --George

Ella: “George…!”

Ella: “Okay, wishing well, let’s try this again. No more losers, please.”

Ella: “So… you’re Lawrence, huh? I have a great-uncle by that name.” Lawrence: “Whoa. You are gorgeous.” This one’d better work. *cracks knuckles* If he mentions going out of town just once…

Lawrence: “So, Elle Belle, I know we’ve only been dating for three days, but I just got offered this great opportunity to study in the field with Doctors Pascal, Vidcund, and Lazlo Curious…” Ella: *sigh* “Where?” Lawrence: “The Simazon Jungle. It’ll only be for the next three years.” Can I zap him? All of them? Please?

Ella: “Sorry, I’m not interested in a long-distance relationship anymore. Let’s just be friends, okay?” Lawrence: “O-kay… just one more kiss for the road?” No. Skedaddle, Laurie. Lawrence: “It’s Lawrence.” Same diff.

Ella: “…”

Ella: “Never mind. I’m done with this thing. This whole wishing well idea turned out to be a total crock, Author.” Sorry, Ella. I really thought it would be more effective than this. It usually is. Ella: “Sorry don’t feed the bulldog. I’m swearing off dating for now. It’s just a load of crap.”

Sol: “Ew, Ella. Gross.” If it’s so gross, why not let Ella clean her own bathroom? Sol: “Because my ten neat points compel me. Still, ew.”

Eeeexcellent. I hate Brittany Upsnott, and if you’ve read the Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy, you know why. What’s more, you probably hate her, too. Zap her good, George. George: “Beep. My preeeecioooous. Beep boop.”

Sol: “Putting a reading area in our front hall was such a great idea. No more having to tune out the game console while I’m trying to study!” Ella: “Sol… they’re out there again.” Sol: “Ignore them. Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing we’re scared. …and also, let’s see what we can do about reprogramming George to consider vampires intruders.” I doubt it would work anyway. They’re dead, remember? A little electric shock isn’t going to hurt them. Ella: “It’s still worth a try…”

Peter: “Like th-this?” Ella: “A little higher. Remember, you’re blocking a punch from your opponent. Thanks for coming over, by the way. I really needed a friend right now.” Peter: “D-don’t m-m-m-mention it. I’m here for y-you anyt-time.” Ella: “Aw, thanks, Peter. Hey, do you want to spar?”

Peter: “W-what are you doing? I th-thought we were sp-sparring…?” Ella: “Well, yeah. But first, we have to bow to each other. It’s the rules, doncha know.” Peter: “Whose r-rules?” Ella: *mischievous grin* “Ready?”

Ella: “HI-YAAH!!” Peter: “Oof!”

Ella: “Best two out of three?” Peter: “N-no way! Where did you l-learn that!?”

Ella: “Heehee… my sensei taught me many things…” Peter: “W-what are you d-d-doing? Like w-what?”

Peter: “WHOA!!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first Big Woman On Campus of the legacy. *sniff* I’m so proud. On a completely unrelated note, have I mentioned how much I love that wishing well?

Sol: “Hey, Author…?” Why assume I’m up high? What is it, Sol? Sol: “Can I please write my term paper?” Um… why? Sol: “Fortune Sim. Also, this is my last chance to do it. Last semester, you know.” Oh, sure, go ahead. If you want to throw such a high-powered Want, who am I to deny you? It’s not my fun bar.

Ella, mind explaining to me why you’re taking Blizzard’s food box to school? Ella: “Inspiration for my next piece. I’m an art major, you know.”

Blizzard: {Food…?}

Sol: “Here, Ella. This is for you. I’ve been meaning to pass these on for a while, actually.” Ella: “Wow… ten blueberry pies?” Sol: “What? Er, no. Sorry. Wrong box. It’s so hard to tell what you’re pulling out when your inventory’s so full…”

Sol: “Here. Ten snapdragons. I figured you might be able to use them, since you’re apparently the legacy heiress and all.” Ella: “Sweet. Thanks, Sol. Er… no hard feelings?” Sol: “What? No! I’d rather have Ani-Mei than the legacy fortune anyway.” Ella: “Cool. So… why do you have ten blueberry pies in your inventory?”

Sol: “Heh heh heh… that’s a secret!”

Oh. Hey, June. June: “Author. There’s no one here to greet me. I take this as a personal insult, you know.” Meh. I’m used to it.

Sol, Ella: “Hello.” June: “Er… I’ll be upstairs… um, cleaning. See ya later.” That’s a good placeholder. *pat pat* June: “Stop patting me, or I’ll leave the bills unpaid, the fridges empty, and the toilets green for the next generation.” *withdraws hand*

Congratulations on the graduation, Ella! Ella: “Thanks, Author!” June: “Ten bucks I can tip that hat off her head with one finger.” I can always get the batbox out, June. That bears remembering, don’t you think?

You of course look great, Sol. Congratulations. But… why do you have two bolts with June? Care to explain? Sol: “It’s not my fault.” Arie: “He has such poor taste in women…”

Ani-Mei: “Care to repeat that?” Arie: “Er, sorry, Ani-Mei. I was referring to June, not you.” Ani-Mei: “Eh, I know. I just like to see people squirm.” Sol: “Nice move, Aunt Arie.” Arie: “Shuddup.”

Ella: *giggle* “Nice suit, Peter.” Peter: “Ella, are y-you d-d-dating anyone right n-now?” Ella: “Nope!” Peter: “Good!”

Arie: “Ooooooooh!”

Ella: “Whoa!” Peter: “I’ve been w-waiting for t-two years to d-do that! I l-love you, Ella White!”

Ella: “You’ve been in love with me all this time?” Peter: “Yep!” Ella: “Why didn’t you tell me!?” Peter: “You were always d-d-dating someb-b-body else!”

Hyde: “I’m not sure how I feel about my little girl kissing somebody in front of me.” Vis: “Ee-yuck. He is so not evil enough for my big sister.”

Ella: “I love you too, Peter. I guess I was too stuck on the wishing well and not paying enough attention to what was right in front of my ample nose.” Peter: “It’s not th-that b-b-big.” Ella: “Yes it is.”

Ella: “Well, if you love me that much… mind marrying me?” Peter: “Of c-c-course! I was j-just ab-b-bout to ask you!” June: “Wow. Serious mush going on here. Remind me never to get like that.” Sol: “This is my party too, you know. Where’s my mushy love scenes with my fiancée?”

Ani-Mei: “I’m right here, darling.”

… You can’t see me, but I’m raising an eyebrow at you, Sol. Those are not good thoughts to be having while kissing your very powerful simself bride-to-be. Especially when they’re about her.

And so, after a last slow dance and one very cute picture for the couples…

…June left for her very first ever final exam. June: “It’s about time. I’ve only been coming in and out of this greek house for the last five generations.” That’s what happens when you only get a few snippets of playtime here and there, June. Oh yeah, also there’s adult transitions going down in the dining room. Want to watch?

Ella goes first, since she’s the one who threw the party and all. Ella: “It’s not horrible, I guess…” Certainly not the best or worst transition outfit I’ve ever seen. Next up, Sol… in the living room, since he has to use a phone to transition, and I’m not throwing a second party. Sorry.

That probably ranks right up there with the best. Sol: “Best? Are you flipping kidding me!? I look like a Pleasure Sim!!”

There they go, back to the Hills. Just three more generations to push through university now. Not that I’m counting or anything.

Wow. June’s going to have a heck of a time cleaning up when she gets back from her final, isn’t she?

Contessa: “I am appalled.”

Contessa: “All this time, and yet still we have only recovered two of our witch-burnt members. This courtroom looks barer by the day.” Romi: “At least we now know why, Contessa.” Contessa: “Oh?”

Fricorith: “It was Kali Vijayakar, your grace. She has been keeping us in ashes, and aided the Count in his recovery.”

Contessa: “A shame, then, that she has disappeared.” Fricorith: “When Elizabeth and I arose, she spooked and ran away from us, Contessa. I suspect she returned to her home neighborhood.” Contessa: “She will be punished soon enough, but we don’t currently have the numbers to pursue her. When Gabriel, Ryker, and William revive, we will see to her.”

Contessa: “In the meantime, I believe there is a legacy begging for vengeance.” Okay, that’s it! Bye, everybody! See you next time! I’m sorry for how long this chapter ran… there was just so much to pack in, even keeping each scene as short as I could. But before this chapter ends, I’ve got one final note to include, just for your information.

You know how the wishing well makes all “wish for romance” beaus automatically in love with your sim? Well, I already knew Ella was going to end up with Peter in the end, so when he came over to practice tai chi with her, I also invited over all the superfluous boyfriends to get their hearts broken. I know, I’m so kind to the poor random townies. I just don’t want them randomly showing up on her doorstep and making a mess of her relationship with Peter. I mention this because if you see angry exes kicking down trash cans in the next few chapters, this is why.

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