The White Legacy--Generation 6, College (Part 1)

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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: Keika20



The sixth generation of Whites begin college.

Don’t Ruin My Mojo The White Legacy: Generation Six, College (Part One)

Neffy: “…I can‟t stay here.”

Neffy: “I‟m going to do it. He killed my father. He deserves it. I want my revenge.”

Calcite: “No, Neffy! Don‟t do it! It‟s not worth your life! Don’t do it!”

Calcite: “Shouldn‟t we be doing something about this? We‟re seeing it all happen!” Jocelyn: “Ah, but then we wouldn‟t be neutral anymore, young grasshopper. Let people make their own decisions, that‟s what I say.”

Neffy: “Okay. Here I go. …But what about Zircon? What if something happens to me? What will he do? And if I kill Arc, will Spar come after me because now I‟ve killed the man he believes to be his father? Am I going to be just like him?”

Neffy: “ARGH, stop it, Neffy! Stop doubting yourself! You‟ve planned this your whole life!! Dangit, Spar! I don‟t want to think this way! He deserves it! He killed Dad!!”

Neffy: “…I can‟t do this.”

Calcite: “HUZZAH!!” Jocelyn: “You have much to learn about neutrality, my inexperienced apprentice.”

Neffy: “You‟ll get yours, Arctos White. I‟ll be back. Probably. I‟ve just gotta sort some things out first. This will not be the end.”

Arc: “There‟s no need, Merry. She‟s leaving.”

Merry: “Our reputation precedes us. Heh heh, I‟ve always wanted to say that! Though I still think we should have culled her the minute we saw her sitting out there.” Arc: “Why? She‟s twenty-eighth in line for the heirship. There‟d have to be excruciating circumstances for her to be selected to continue the legacy, and causing her death would only further aggravate the other family members against us. Still, if she shows up again, we should not be gentle. Seraphine?”

Seraphine: “What?” Arc: “How are preparations coming?” Seraphine: “Fine. Has Baltic gotten any food today?”

Merry: “Oh, dear. I completely forgot.” Well… uh… time for college?

June: “Maybe if I bought a cat…” Blizzard: {Try me. Do it. I dare you.}

June: “Great. The next generation of Whites, right?” Ella: “Right. Sol, what are you doing?” Sol: “Warding off evil.” Good for you. I‟m surprised you‟re the first one to think of it. June: “I don‟t appreciate the insinuation.”

Ella: “So, this is the part where we boot you off the lot for the next four years, right?” June: “Oh, no. I always stick around with you guys, being the affable roommate, and then I‟ll get hooked up with a hot llama mascot or something and live in blissful obscurity in the main neighborhood. That‟s what placeholders do, you know? I just want to be your bestest friend, roomie.” Sol: “I‟ll call a cab.” That‟s my boy.

Ella, Sol: *pupil-less synchronized stare* June: “Er… maybe I don‟t want to live here after all. Later, losers.”

And so we part for another set of college years. June: “I WILL graduate someday, and not as a placeholder. Just you wait. But… it can wait until generation seven. You couldn‟t pay me to stick around with the freaky twin things. They don‟t have pupils.” *shudder* I happen to like those eyes, thank you very much! June: “You also didn‟t get subjected to the „who shall we probe today‟ treatment. Step on it, driver.”

Sol: “Did you see her face?” Ella: “Told you it‟d work! Twin alien power UNITE!!” You two deserve an award. You are the first ones to ever make June WANT to leave. Ella: “Yeah, we‟re just awesome like that.”

Now that that‟s out of the way, let‟s do some official introductions, shall we? This is Solander “Sol” White, Fortune Sim extraordinaire. The eldest of three, he is also the older twin to Ella‟s younger. He has a touch of a vain streak and acts the part of Serious Guy quite well. His LTW is to Become a Hall of Famer. The Solander islands are the remnants of an isolated volcano that existed about one or two million years ago. It‟s a bit of a stretch for fitting this generation‟s “volcano” naming theme, but oh well. The islands are considered part of New Zealand, and have been designated an important bird area. It is also home to a variety of ferns and orchids. Very volcanic, huh?

And here‟s Ellesmere “Ella” White. We all know that she‟s the heiress for this generation, but neither she nor Sol are aware of that yet. See, canonically in the timeline right now, Vis is still a child, barely out of his toddler years, and the family heirship meeting won‟t be held until he‟s a teenager—approximately two days before they return from university. That said, Ella is a Pleasure Sim, much like her father before her. She is the polar opposite of Sol, despite their being twins, in that she is outgoing and playful whereas he is shy and serious. She also seems to enjoy pulling pranks. Her LTW is to Become a Game Designer, just like her old man. Ella is named after the Ellesmere Island Volcanics in Canada. They‟re about 90 million years old, and are among the northernmost volcanoes and lava flows in the world. Very cool, and less tenuous a link than Sol‟s namesake.

Also joining us for the very first time is this cute little fella. His name is George. Say hi, George. George: “Beep boop beep. „X‟ equals negative „b‟ plus or minus the square root of „b‟ squared minus two times „a‟ times „c‟ divided by two „a‟. Beep. Would you like fries with that? Boop.” I think you and I will get along very well, George. George: “Boop. The possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Beep boop.” And now we know for certain that Hyde programmed him. Good work.

Ella: “Get your butt over here, Sol. Uncle Dane‟s spot is on.” Lucy: “…Uncle… Dane? Are you guys Hyde‟s kids? Has it been a whole generation already?” Ella: “Yup!” Lucy: “…well… I guess he hasn‟t made it big yet… he did say he wanted to get established as an actor before settling down with me… there‟s nothing to worry about…”

Sol: “…this is Uncle Dane‟s spot?” Ella: “Do you never watch TV? This is called a commercial. It comes before the show.” Sol: “I‟m not sure I feel comfortable staring at an up-close shot of someone munching down on melted cheese on a crust.” Ella: “Tough. Just watch it. Oh, here we go!”


Host: “Wow, that was very exciting! And you know what‟s even more exciting, folks? This is the Great Dane‟s very first appearance in a motion picture! Tell me, Dane, what are you thinking right at this moment?”

Dane: “I can‟t tell you how thrilled I am! Though I have to admit, that‟s mostly because I‟m feeling a little befuddled sitting next to the most gorgeous actress in Sim City.” Ani-Mei: “Oh, stop it, Dane. You‟re embarrassing me.”

Host: “Oh, but of course! How can I forget to mention the ever-lovely and talented Ani-Mei Angel, veteran of such heart-wrenching blockbusters as „The Quest For Peace,‟ „Where Angels Fear To Tread,‟ „Altered Fates,‟ and now most recently „Candles Without Flame‟! Tell me Ani-Mei, how do you do it?” Ani-Mei: “It‟s simple, really. A pinch of ingenuity, a sparkle of magic, and voila, a tale for the ages.” Host: “You heard it here first, folks! Ingenuity and magic is the Ani-Mei formula for success! Now Dane, why don‟t you tell us a little about how you got your start?”

Dane: “Oh, it‟s a gripping tale. You see, it all started when I was hired as an extra on the soap opera „As The Stomach Turns.‟ I was on set on my first day, waiting for my cue, when all of a sudden Goopy Gilscarbo, who had recently been hired to play the leading man Stefano Grace, just walked out in a huff! Something about having the wrong pattern of curtains in his dressing room!” Host: “We’d heard! Goopy, if you’re watching this, do you really need cheetah and plaid print curtains? Really?” Dane: “So yes. They had an emergency casting call, and had all the male extras read some of Stefano‟s lines, and, as Ani-Mei would say, voila! I got the part! …It‟s all snowballed rather quickly from there, and here I am!”

Host: “An inspiring story, to be sure. Remember, all you aspiring young actors and actresses out there: you too can be a success story, just like the Great Dane! I‟m afraid that‟s all the time we have, so tune in next time when we interview Blizzard, a womrat with a lot to say. We‟re expecting some exciting legacy gossip from him! Until then, same time, same channel!” *yay* Host: “And also, everyone here tonight gets a free car!” *wild applause and whooping*

Sol: “Who is that gorgeous woman?” Lucy: “And why is she sitting next to MY MAN!? I‟m going to KILL HER!!” *backs away slowly*

Ella: “Hallelujah. There‟s cheesecake in here.” Oh, good. Toro‟s baked goods lives on at the college. We‟re good. I was worried, since we‟ve run out of cake and pie at the home lot and all. Ella: “Why not just bake some more?” But then they wouldn‟t be Toro’s sweet treats. It wouldn‟t be the same!

Sol: “Toro‟s baked goods, huh? Hmm… that gives me an idea…”

Ella: “Hey, bro. I’m supposed to be the one to have the wicked ideas. Don‟t ruin my mojo.”

Ella: “Whaaaaat? How come I have to mop up? Don‟t we have a butler for that?” Oh, that‟s right. I‟d forgotten you have no neat points at all. And no, you don‟t have a butler. Ella: “Why not? We NEED one, Author!” You‟re in COLLEGE, Ella!

Sol: “Economics. I want economics.” Interesting place to decide on your major… but hey, I‟m not complaining.

Ella: “Hey, Uncle Dane! Listen, I had this wicked idea…” I‟m not so sure I like it when Ella says that…

Ella: “You‟ll come to the party, then? And you‟ll bring her along? Great! See you in a bit!”

And so the party— Vis: “The EVIL party!!” …the evil party… begins.

Sol: “Ella… why are all these people here? I have to, uh, study! And they‟re blocking up the kitchen!” Ella: “Kitchen?” Sol: “Eh, you‟ll see in a bit.” Ella: “Well, Sol. You know that little celebrity crush of yours?” Sol: “I do NOT have a celebrity crush on Ani-Mei Angel! You‟re crazy! I‟m going to bed!”

Arie: “So… you‟re an actress?” Ani-Mei: “A very famous one. Don‟t you watch TV? You ARE a Pleasure Sim, aren‟t you?” Sol: *jaw drop*

Sol: “I—I—I—” Ani-Mei: “You‟re Sol, right? Mmm… I think I used my IOU well.” I agree, Ani-Mei. I might‟ve snatched him up if you didn‟t. Ani-Mei: “Finders keepers. Get your own spare.” Sol: “I—I—I—”

Dane: “How‟s it going? I can‟t see!” Hyde: “Shh! Don‟t give us away!” Ella: “They‟re kissing! It worked!” *cheer*

Sol: “My entire extended family is just right around the corner, aren‟t they.” Ani-Mei: “Just ignore them.”

Oh, dear. Come on, is it so wrong to throw a loud, raucous party at three in the morning? Who‟s complaining, the other greek houses on the street? Please.

Sol: “Just like Cinderella, she appears in my life for one blissful moment, and then disappears into the night…” Oh, brother. Sol, just stop talking. Sol: “But—” I can only take so much sap in one night! Go to bed!

Useless Cop: {I have a bad feeling about this one…} Vis: “Hello, sir! Are you an EVIL CORRUPTED Officer of the Law!? Let‟s be friends!” Useless Cop: {This one is going on the watch list right now…} Oh, he‟s not that bad. He only pretends to be evil. Useless Cop: “Be quiet, mysterious voice in my head. You‟re already on the watch list.” *pout*

Ella: “…” Well? If you have something to say, spit it out. Silence was Dez‟s shtick, not yours.

Ella: “I‟m bored. This is not making my inner Pleasure Sim happy.” Well, what do you want to do? Ella: “Date. But I don‟t have a celebrity crush to mooch off Uncle Dane.” You couldn‟t marry a playable anyway. Ella: “Why not?” Err… because?

Say, have you ever heard of the wishing well? Ella: “No…” You toss in a coin and your true love falls out of the sky.

Ella: “Where do I sign up!?” Well, they‟re controlled by the garden club, and only given to outstanding members. If you want one, you‟re going to have to plant an incredible garden. Ella: “Okay!! I can do that!! Gosh, I‟m so excited!!”

Plant a garden, find love. Please consider donating to us at 1-800-GARDEN. Remember, five cents a day can fertilize the fields of twenty farmers. Peace out.

Sol: “Thanks for delivering so late, Irfan.” Irfan: “We aim to please, sir. And if you don‟t mind my saying so, I don‟t know what you‟re doing that you need $1300 worth of groceries every other day, but keep on doing it. You‟ve got your very own plaque at the store. We love your business, sir.” Thirteen hundr—there goes the landscaping money. Your sister is not going to be very happy with you, Sol. Sol: “She‟ll get over it. I have a great plan.”

Hey, you‟re pretty good at this. I didn‟t know your one true hobby was nature. Ella: “Yup. You oughta pay more attention.” I‟ll say. By the way, thanks for rolling up a fear of being a history major. Care to roll a want for a major now that you‟re partway through your sophomore year? Ella: “Hmm… nope, I‟m good.” Grumble mumble grr…

Alright, Ella. Your plants are thriving, it‟s daytime, and you‟ve got a gold gardening badge. It‟s Time. You head inside and call over the garden club, and I will spruce up the outdoors a little bit. Ella: “Finally.”

Ella: “Hi! I want a wishing well!” Garden Club President: “Well—get it? „Well‟? I made a joke!—I‟ll call over the rest of the club, and we‟ll take a look at your house and see if you‟re WORTHY of us.” *bites nails*

Ella: *sniff* “It‟s so beautiful…” Sweeeet. I don‟t bother getting the wishing well too often. This is a miracle. A miracle, I tell you!

Ella: “O Great Gods of the Wishing Well, I have worked hard to curry your favor. Please don‟t betray me now. Give me a hot sim to love and marry.” And make him an NPC. Ella: “What was that?” Nothing…

It‟s Mr. Potato Head. He‟s not even an NPC. Pfft. Ella: “Ah… maybe I wasn‟t entirely clear, O Wishing Well Gods.”

Ella: “Mmph!” {Okay… he‟ll do.} Um… hmm… I‟ll think about it. I‟ve been pretty good about getting you guys married to NPC‟s so far… Ella: {Author. I want him.} Maybe. Ella: {Yes.}

Ella: “Actually, you‟re kinda cute.” Bo Ford: *lovestruck* …they are kind of cute together… a little bit. I was really hoping for an NPC.

At more or less the same time… Sol: *whisper whisper* Ani-Mei: *giggle* Er… moving on…

Ella. Seriously. Stop it with the “buy me” wants. You are the Pleasure Sim. Leave those wants to your brother the Fortune Sim.

But at least you finally rolled your major! Ella: “Hey, don‟t judge me! It was a hard decision! I hate history, and physics, and pretty much everything that entails science or math or anything like that!” That‟s why you chose art then, huh? Ella: “Totally.”

Lucy: “Vo gerbitz!!” Ella: “No, Lucy. I will not call Uncle Dane so you can listen in on the other line.” Lucy: “Come on, Ellie, I need to know what his relationship with Ani-Mei Angel really is, and I can‟t just ask him…” Ella: “Ani-Mei is dating my brother. Any questions?”

Ella: “Hi, Miss Garden Club President. It was really nice of you to drop by, but unless you want to have to wash your eyes out with bleach, you should probably head back home. Or at least go inside and lock yourself in a closet. That‟s what I do when Sol has his girlfriend here. Bo and I aren‟t nearly so sappy.” Garden Club President: “Hey, isn‟t that Ani-Mei Angel?” Ella: “Er… no. It‟s a professional look-alike. You know?” Garden Club President: “Oh. Yes. What a disappointment.”

Sol: “Ani-Mei, my angel, will you marry me!” Ani-Mei: “Oh my gerbitz! Would you look at the size of that rock!?” Way to spout off cliché sim proposal lines, Ani-Mei. Ani-Mei: “Don‟t mention it, Keika.” Sol: “Who?”

Ani-Mei: “So, uh, Keika, does this mean that if Sol and I have beautiful green-skinned elf-eared spawnlets, I‟m going to have to get old and wrinkly someday?” Nope. I‟ve altered my spare rules. Kids can stay teens forever if I want them to, and as long as the kids are teens, their parents can stay adults. I‟m trying to preserve my sanity, you see. Ani-Mei: “Excellent. I can get behind that. As long as my perma-teens don‟t have attitude.” Sol: “Who are you talking to, my sugar dumpling? Is the Author whispering again?”

Oh, come on. I SWEAR I paid those bills. Repo Man: “MUAHAHAHAHA, I LOVE MY JOB!!” Yeah, yeah. *sigh* Do your worst, Repo Man.

Smooch. I believe someone was saying they weren‟t sappy with their boyfriend…

Bo: “Honey, I love you, but…” Ella: “Oh, no. What is it, Bo?” Bo: “Well, I‟ve been offered a spot at Académie Le Tour, and I‟d be an idiot to pass this up. Are you interested in a long distance relationship?” Ella: “Of course, sweetie. Go get yourself that snooty degree.” Bo: “I knew you‟d understand. Uh… my plane leaves in ten minutes…”

Bo: “I‟ll video chat with you every day! Goodbye, Ellie!” Ella: “Go get „em, tiger!”

Well, I know George is doing his job. The kids are juniors, and I haven‟t seen hide nor hair of a cow mascot. George: “Beep boop beep. I could have been a contender. Beep. Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies. Beep boop beep.” My thoughts exactly.

Garden Club President: “Attention all garden club members. Ella White is requesting an inspection. Garden club GO!!” Ella: “So are we superheroes or something?” Garden Club President: “YES. Yes, we are. Thank you for noticing. We are TOTALLY superheroes.”

Garden Club Member: “Hi.” Ella: “Hi…?” Garden Club Member: “I‟m P-P-Peter. You‟re Ella, r-right?” Ella: “Shouldn‟t you be inspecting my garden, you know, with the rest of the garden club…?”

Peter: “Oh, y-yeah. S-s-s-sorry. I g-got a b-b-bit d-distracted.” Ella: “Are you nervous or something?” Peter: “A l-little, sure, b-but I al-w-ways st-stutter l-like this. Ever since I was b-b-born. It‟s p-pretty emb-bbarrassing.” Ella: “I see. But hey, don‟t be embarrassed. It‟s kind of cute.”

Peter: “R-r-r-r-eally!? Th-thanks!! Hey, do you w-want to g-g-go out sometime?” Ella: “Oh… I‟m really, really sorry, but I‟m in a relationship right now.” Peter: “Oh, uh, s-s-sorry. I g-guess I‟d b-b-b-better g-go inspect your g-g-garden...”

Ella: “Ho hum, I think I shall check my e-mail for messages from Bo.”

Ella: “No way!! SOL!! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!”

Sol: “What is it, Ellie? I was just getting into the bath!” Ella: “Read this! Read it!!” Sol: “Ella, I‟m not wearing my glasses.” Ella: “Oh, fine. Listen. „Yo Sol and Ella, How ya doin‟? It‟s been a real loooong time since I saw you, dude and dudette, and I was wonderin‟ if, like, you‟d want to come see me in Takemizu Village. I‟ll, like, pay your airfare, since I know you‟re totally in college and all. I‟ve got good vibes about this. Later, Grandpa Sun!‟”

Sol: “What!? That‟s from Grandpa!?” WHOOPEE!! Quick! Pack your bags! Time to go see Sun again!! Ella: “YAHOO!!” Sol: “Great, but I need to take my bath. Also finals are tonight, so we need to wait to leave until after those.” Ella: “Awww…”

Ella: “I am so glad that exam is over. Just three semesters left to go, and then it‟s homeward bound. Not that I‟m counting or anything.” Sol: “Speak for yourself. School can‟t last long enough.” Ella: “You‟re weird.” Sol: “Fortune Sim. …wait, do you hear that? It sounds kind of like a smustle beat.”



Ella: “Sol, don‟t let go!!” Sol: “Ack! My feet are off the ground! Ella, my feet are coming off the ground!!”

That‟s the end of this chapter! Come visit us again for part two! I am so bad at wrapping up chapters… here, have this last joke.

Host: “So you‟ve been with the legacy family since generation two, right Blizzard? Is there any juicy gossip you can pass on about what you‟ve seen at the family greek house?” Blizzard: {WELL, where do I start!? There‟s—} Host: “Do you have any comment, Blizzard? Any at all?” Blizzard: {*sigh* I rue the day I was born a mute womrat.}

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