The White Legacy--Generation 6, Chapter 2

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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: Keika20



The White Legacy moves into generation seven.

Imitation Lobster The White Legacy: Generation Six, Chapter Two

Welcome back to the White Legacy! Last time, Ella finally married Peter Sims, a garden club member, but just as they were getting ready to step under the arch, Peter was offered his dream job in Pleasantview. They still married, but he immediately left for the airport, leaving no time for creating generation seven. It was revealed right at the end of the chapter that Arc was Peter’s boss, and when he tried to quit, promised to kill him if he tried to leave. In other news, the family finally fired that butler, and instead introduced Pennyworth the servo to cook and clean and garden and all those lovely jobs. But before we dig into this chapter, we have an important message from my simself.

SimMe: *grin*

Rosie: “Hey, Keika.” Keika: “I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.” Rosie: “So all your sims survived the move to the new computer?” Keika: “YES THEY DID AND I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. I never knew this game could run so smoothly! I mean, look at this! No lag! No lag at all!!”

Rosie: “I can’t help but notice that the pictures in this chapter are smaller. More… square.” SimMe: “Uh… yeah. My new monitor is bigger and prettier, and so I adjusted the screen size on the game to match it, and… well, the pictures became square-er. I don’t know how to go about changing that, besides making the game window smaller, and to be honest I’d rather not do that.” Rosie: “Uh-huh. Wait, what’s that?”

SimMe: “You know, I don’t know. I can’t figure it out. That black rectangle there only shows up when I’ve got shadows on high detail. Maybe it’s a side effect of running the game on Windows 8? But it’s so perfect otherwise…” Rosie: “Maybe. So you’re going to have to sacrifice shadows?” SimMe: “Nah, they look fine if they’re on medium detail instead of high. Kind of annoying, but you don’t really notice that much of a difference anyway. At least, I don’t. What can you do?” Arie: “Everything seems, I don’t know… square-er. Like this.”

Rosie: “So, when are you going to stop mucking around with TS3 and get back to your legacy?” SimMe: “I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it.” Rosie: “And what about Dane? You’ve still got a plot thread hanging with him and Lucy, you know.” SimMe: “Stop pressuring me! I’ll do it when I’m good and ready!! I’m HAPPY, remember!?”

So… Dane. Is this what famous actors do when they’re not on set? Drink instant meals and watch themselves on TV? Dane: “Huh? Author? What are you doing here?” It has NOTHING to do with my sister pestering me. Dane: “If you say so…” Hush. Go answer the door.

Dane: “Oh… uh… h-hi, Lucy…” Lucy: “ERIDANUS WHITE! So here you are!” Dane: “Yeah… in my apartment. Who’da thunk it, right?” *nervous laugh* Lucy: “Oh, you are so funny. Remind me to slap my knee. You know what’s even funnier? Watching you on TV, making movies and doing interviews and making tons of money and stuff, and not even telling me!” Dane: *sigh* “Do you want to come in?”

Dane: “I, uh, was going to tell you.” Lucy: “Oh, don’t you dare give me that bull! We were going to get married, Dane!” Dane: “’Were’? Aren’t we still, honeybuns?” Lucy: “Honeybuns my foot! You never cared about me! If you did you wouldn’t have left me sitting at college for the last GENERATION while you sat around and enjoyed celebrity status, you PIG!”

Dane: “But sugar, of course I care about—” Lucy: “Nuh-uh, don’t you touch me!” Dane: “But—” Lucy: “I love you Dane, but I am tired of waiting for you! Tell me, do you see a future for us or not? Because if you don’t, I am going to forget about you. Well?”

Dane: “…” Lucy: “…I see.”

Dane: “Wait! Lucy! Where are you going!?” Lucy: “Home. I am through with you. Have a nice life.”

Dane: “…wow… I really screwed that up, didn’t I…” Yeah, you sort of did. Dane: “I’m never going to see her again…” Go to sleep. I have a very strong hunch that you’ll feel better in the morning. Dane: “Whatever you say, Author… I don’t see how a little bit of sleep could help me out of this mess, though…”

Dane: “Whoa… where am I? And what’s up with all the bug jars?” “They’re fireflies.”

Dane: “I don’t understand. I was in my bed…” SimMe Incognito: “You’re having a dream, Great Dane. I have a very important message to pass on to you.” Dane: “Yeah? What’s that?” SimMe Incognito: “Actually, it comes in two parts. You ready?” Dane: “Sure.”

SimMe Incognito: “Smack smack smack SMACK!!”

SimMe Incognito: “Marry that girl!! …Also, since I’ve got you here, adopt a great dane, too.”

Dane: *GASP!* “I’ve got to call Lucy!! And the animal shelter!!” That’s more like it. Now that we’ve got Dane moving a little closer towards where I want him to be, how about we go visit the serene peace of legacy estate, huh?

Ella: “Your boss is WHO!? He said WHAT!?” Vis: “Remind me never to be EVIL like Arc. I like my brand of evil a lot better.” Arie: “Me too, Vis. Me too.”

Peter: “He s-said he’d k-k-kill me if I t-told you, too, but there was no w-w-way I was going to k-keep you in the dark about th-this.” Ella: “You see! This is why you should never have gone! I knew it! I knew something like this was going to happen! You are such an idiot!” Hyde: “Whoa now, Ellie…” Peter: “Stop y-yelling at me, Ella! I d-d-didn’t know!! You agreed to it! You’re just as m-much to blame!”

Arie: “Calm down, everyone. Let’s think about this logically.” Peter: “How was I s-supposed to kn-now what your evil uncle looked l-l-like!? I’ve n-never known him! You should have t-t-told m-me!!” Ella: “I just wanted you to be HAPPY! I thought you would get permaplat working your job and then you could come home! Now you’re stuck there FOREVER! I don’t want to lose you, chlorophyll-brain!!” Arie: “That’s enough! You all need to STOP YELLING!!”

Arie: “We’ll come up with something, Peter. For now, keep your head down, and whatever you do, don’t step out of those gates.” Peter: “T-trust me, I w-w-won’t.” Ella: *sigh* “I love you, you dummy. Be safe.” Peter: “I l-love you too, Ellie.”

Ella: “By the way. I approve of what you’ve done with your skin.” Peter: *laughs* “I though you m-m-might. Love you, s-sweet pea.” Ella: “Miss you.” Peter: “M-miss you, too.”

Hyde: “Morning, Ellie. Up for a game?” Ella: “…”

Ella: “Dad… I’ve lost him!” Hyde: “Shh, shh… it’s okay… aw, Ellie, don’t cry, we’ll think of something…”

Vis: “I am going to seriously injure that guy for making my big sister hurt. I might even give him a hangnail.” Ooh. Scary. Vis: “And then I shall give him a paper cut and squeeze lemon juice all over it!” Because you’re EVIL! Vis: “Hey, that’s my line…”

AWESOME!! You just chance-carded your way to the top of your career! You’re permaplat, Ella! Ella: “Whoopdedoo. How is this going to get Peter safe?” It’s not, really… but now you can use the energizer Whenever. You. Want. Doesn’t that make you happy? Ella: “Joy.”

Arie: [Ella! Finally, you’re home from work! Listen, I’ve got an idea to help you and Peter!] Ella: “Really!? That’s GREAT!!” Arie: [Yeah! Kevin and I are coming over right now!] Ella: “Awesome!! …Who’s Kevin?”

Arie: “So! I’ve got the perfect plan to get your plantsim back with you!” Hyde: “Uh, ‘scuse me. Who’re you?” Kevin: “I’m Kevin Bruty. No relation to Sandy Bruty. I’m Arie’s boyfriend.” Ella: “Huh!? Aunt Arie has a boyfriend!?” Arie: “Shush, you two. I’m explaining my plan. I demand full attention.”

Arie: “So, Peter said Arc said the reason why he was keeping you two apart was so you couldn’t have any children, right?” Ella: “Yeah…” Arie: “I rented a helicopter. It’ll take you to Pleasantview and land you right in the middle of that dumb apple orchard, and can take you back the next morning. With any luck, Arc will never know you’re there! And then if we have generation seven coming, he won’t need Peter anymore, right? Right!”

Ella: “Your plan is to stealth-helicopter me in?” Kevin: “Arc’ll never know you were there! Helicopters are very stealthy!” Hyde: “I like it! This is just like a spy movie!”

Ella: “Why is this stealth helicopter pink?” Arie: “Dramatic effect. Bye-bye, Ella! Have fun!” *wink* Hyde: “Bring back some grandchildren!” Ella: “I am so mortified right now… I can’t even look at you three…”

Arie: “Alright. Kevin, you and me have a couple of phone calls to make.” Hyde: “What about me?” Arie: “Relax.” Hyde: “Oh. Okay.”

Peter: “Hmm…” whir whir whir whir whir whir Peter: “That’s a w-weird n-n-noise…” whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir

whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir Peter: “Agh! That’s a really L-LOUD n-noise!” whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir whir Ella: “PEEEETEEEEERRRRRR!!!” Peter: “Wait… was that…!?”

Seraphine: “…” *sigh* “I’m going to have to report this…”

Ella: “This has been way too much fun. I’ve missed you so much… I don’t want to go.” Peter: “I d-don’t want you to g-go, either. D-d-do you think w-we could get away with y-you staying one m-more day…?” *doorbell*

Sun: “Hey there! Like, you kids done?” Way to be subtle, you guys. Ella, I’m looking at you. Callie: “Can we come in? He needs an invite, you see.”

Callie: “See, we think that once Arc figures out that you’re pregnant, Ella—” Ella: “We don’t even know if I am yet!” Callie: “You better be, or our whole plan goes under. As I was saying, once Arc figures it out, we figure there’s two different things that could happen: Peter, he’ll either let you go, or he’ll try to kill you.”

Sun: “Which is, like, why we’re here! I’m your nighttime bodyguard, and Callie’s got the daytime! We figure that between us, a bodacious sparkly magic user and a Vitamin D challenged dude, we’ve, like, got you totally covered, man.”

Peter: “Is he that dangerous?” Ella: “Grandpa, I kind of thought you were watching the loathe…?” Sun: “I totally have been. They, like, suddenly stopped moving, man. I can’t think of why, either, but I decided we’re, like, probably safe enough for the next couple of days while I totally make sure Peter’s okay. It would totally not be groovy if something, like, happened to him, man. I mean, have you, like, even seen any vitamin D challenged dudes running around since college?” Ella: “Come to think of it… no, I haven’t. I wonder what they’re doing.” *shiver*

Callie: “Well, the ninja helicopter is waiting for you, Ella. You’d better get out of here before the sun comes up.” Ella: “I’ve seen ninjas, and let me tell you, that helicopter ain’t a ninja.” Peter: “So, w-why does she have to g-g-go and you d-don’t have to?” Sun: “We’re, like, going to say we’re just here to, like, bond with our new family member, man. Maybe it’s still suspicious, but I’d buy it, man.”

Ella: “I love you. I love you so much. See you soon, okay?” Sun: “This is, like, a totally sweet tooth moment, man, but you really gotta go, Ella.” Listen to the vampire. Get going. Sun: “Vitamin D challenged, dudette.”

Arie: “Ella! Welcome home! How was it? How are you feeling?” Ella: “Tired. Hungry. Sick to my stomach.” Arie: “All very good signs!” Ella: “How long have you been here?” Arie: “All freaking night. Get out of my way, I’m going to bed.”

Snow: “Author!” Hark! Do I hear the clandestine tones of my beloved founder? Snow: “Don’t give me that crap. You sold my bed!” I did not. Snow: “You did so!” It glitched and I had to force an error to fix it. It is the same bed, so you and Patrick and Toro and everyone need to stop grumping about it already! I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault!

Ella: “I’m… I’m pregnant!” Tell me the truth. Was there really any kind of doubt?

Ella: “I’m pregnant, and I’m alone…” You’re not alone. You’ve got your father and your brother and your robot butler here with you. And I’ll betcha your husband’s going to be here soon, too. Ella: “I’ll take your word for it, Author.” Well, I’m usually trustworthy.


Jocelyn: “YAAAAY GENERATION SEVEN!! WOOT!!” Calcite: “It’s about time!” Tell me about it. But what about neutrality, guys? Jocelyn: “Babies are the epitome of neutrality. They can grow up to be either good or bad. And they’re cute!” Okay, I can buy that.

MAUGRIM!! How are ya, buddy? How’s the afterlife treating you? Maugrim: “Maugrim was right! The Luau is full of bones! And Maugrim can talk now!” Good for you!

Leonard: “Uh, hi there, nice little puppy dog…” Arthob the Wolf: {Yeah, sure. ‘Nice little puppy dog.’ You keep on thinking that, simself guy.}

Ella: “It’ll be soon, little eggplants. You’ll have a plantsim taking care of you soon enough.” Talking to inanimate objects… the first sign… Ella: “Plants are not ‘inanimate,’ Author. They’re as alive as you and me. …you are alive, right?” Yes, Ella, I am alive. Yeesh.

Hyde: “So how’re you doing, Pennyworth? Any short circuits? Unusual urges? Anything you need to talk about?” Pennyworth: “Beep. Tired. Hungry. Sick to my stomach.” Hyde: “Pennyworth, you don’t even have a stomach.” Pennyworth: “Boop. That’s so evil!”

Callie: “Okay, Sun, your turn for guard duty. I’m going to bed.” Sun: “Wait… I hear something…” Peter: “W-what? What’s g-going on?”

Seraphine: *muted* “Sorry, but I’ve got to kill you. It’s either you or Baltic. Nothing personal.”

Ella: “Ooh…” Ella, you’re not in labor, are you? Ella: “OOOOOOOW!!” Okay, so you’re in labor. Don’t panic. You’re a little bit early, but don’t panic. Just breathe. Ella: “THOSE CLOWNS ARE STARING AT ME AND I’M ALL ALONE AT HOME AND THERE’S NO ONE HERE INCLUDING PETER!! OOOOOOOOOOOOW!!”

Ella: “I… I can’t believe it!”

Ella: “She has my eyes!” Welcome to the legacy, generation seven!! *cheer* I was going back over the list of naming schemes I’ve used so far, and I realized I haven’t used any plant names. I can’t use a nature sort of theme to names and not use flower names! So what have I named this child, you ask? Rose, Lily, Daisy? No, no, and no. I love all of those names, but I have opted for Peppermint, which totally is a flower, because I think it might just be the cutest name ever. We’ll see if she agrees with me when she’s an adult.

Hobby Master: “Aww, look at that cute little babykins! Who’s the cutest wittle baby? You are! Yes you are!” Ella: “Hey, can I trade this guy for Peter?” If you can convince Arc and Merry to go for that, sure! That seems like a great idea!

Ella: “Oh hi, Pennyworth. You’re a bit late.” Pennyworth: “Beep! This is your replacement!” Ella: “That’s nice. I just want to go put her down in the nursery. I’m kind of tired, you know.” Pennyworth: “Beep boop! It’s been so long since we’ve gotten a chance to talk!” Ella: *sigh*

Ella: “Alright, Pepper. Now that we’ve got silly Pennyworth out of the way, let’s get you all nice and settled into the nursery. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to your daddy very soon…”

Peter: “H-hey there, sweetie.”

Peter: “Ella!? Sweetie!? Are you ok-k-kay!? PENNYWORTH!! G-get some w-w-water!!” Is the baby okay!? Peter: “She’s f-f-fine. I already ch-checked. Sim b-babies are m-made out of iron.” *pause* “W-wait. Baby! I have a d-d-daughter!! I’m a D-D-D-D-DAD!!”

Callie: *knocks on glass* “I expect to be invited to all the birthdays! It’s thanks to me you all get to be together, after all!” Not you too… what happened to Sun? Callie: “Author, think about it for a second. What time is it?” Twelve noon. …oh. Okay then.

Peter: “Are you f-feeling okay, Ellie? W-w-what happened?” Ella: “Don’t you dare tell anybody that I fainted when I saw you. Here, take Peppermint.” Peter: “Peppermint! W-what a p-perfect name! Hello, Pepper! How are y-you? Oh, she’s so s-sweet… just like you.” Ella: “Stop it, Peter. You’re making me blush. …I love you.” Peter: “Love you, t-too.”

Seraphine: “BALTIC!! Are you still in there!? Are you okay!?”

Baltic: “I’m here, Seraphine! What’s up? Did something happen? Are you okay?” Seraphine: *muted* “Oh, good… Look, if Latimeria teleports in there, jump out a window or something, okay?” Baltic: “Why? What happened?” Merry: “She failed!”

Merry: “She was meant to kill a lone, defenseless plantsim, and she couldn’t do it! So now I’m going to kill you instead!!” Seraphine: *muted* “He was NOT defenseless!! He had a witch and a vampire guarding him!! What was I supposed to do!? Stunning someone and locking him in a dark room might kill a plantsim, but it would do nothing to them! And how was I supposed to even get to him!? Huh!?” Merry: “I will hear NO excuses! I’ve put this off for FAR too long!” Seraphine: *still muted* “YEAH! You’re so ineffectual you can’t even kill Baltic!” Baltic: “Seraphine… what are you doing…”

Merry: “I—I—I—”

Merry: “You. Stay here. I will be back.” Baltic: {Window, window…!}

Merry: “Take. That. Back.” Seraphine: “I will not.” Merry: “I destroyed the last person who called me ineffectual! What’s stopping me from killing you right this very moment, huh!?” Seraphine: “Because I’m right!”

Seraphine: “Let’s face it, ‘mother’. Arc has always come up with the ideas and the big plans, and has used you as a pawn. And what’s more, nothing has worked! In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say…” Merry: “What!?” Seraphine: “Oh, nothing. None of my business. Forget it. I’m going to my room.”

Merry: “…”

Moving on, apparently petting a pet brick doesn’t count as “love” for a plantsim. Sorry, Peter. Peter: “Aw… everyone d-discriminates against Sir B-Bricksalot.”

Nice going, Vis. Vis: “AAAH!! My evil experiment was NOT supposed to explode!! The chemicals weren’t supposed to be unstable!!” May I ask why you’re doing evil science experiments in the kitchen stove? Vis: “I don’t have a super evil lair in this house! I need a super evil lair, Author! …or a kitten. Either one.” Family Sim. *much rolling of eyes*

*snerk* That “evil science experiment” looks an awful lot like burnt lobster thermidor. Vis: “Thanks! That’s exactly what it’s supposed to look like!” What is it really, then? Vis: “Imitation lobster! BWAHAHAHAHA!!”

Obligatory “grandfather feeding the baby” shot. Hyde: “Hm. So this is why people get so excited over grandchildren.” Cute, isn’t she? Hyde: “Yeah…” Pepper: *hiccup*

A nice outdoor hot tub has everything a plantsim needs: sunlight, water, and love. Ella: “And I am never letting you go ever again.” Peter: “You w-won’t have t-to.”

Vis: “Swimming is so EVIL!! Yaaaaaaay!!” Yeowch… that’s going to—

Vis: “OOOOOOW!! THE PAAAAIIIIIIIIIN!!” —hurt. Ooh, bellyflop. Seriously though, Vis adores swimming. Every day and sometimes late at night, he autonomously goes off to the pool. A couple of times I’ve had to rescue him when he’s gone swimming during a thunderstorm.

Hyde: “Pffbt.” Hyde, what are you doing? Those are your parents! Hyde: “I haven’t seen my dad around in weeks. He’s supposed to be back in Riverblossom Hills, so where is he?”

Sun: “Like, this is the life. Hot fire, my very own bodacious RV (if only I could, like, find some paint to put a few peace signs and flowers on it)…”

Sun: “…and within, like, five minutes of travel from my kids! Now if only there wasn’t, like, a loathe to keep watch on, man…”

Swimsuit, bag of chips… yep, you can tell it’s a weekend. Vis: “Saturdays are the BEST! They’re so EVIL!” Ella: “You know, I get the feeling that when Vis says it, the word ‘evil’ doesn’t mean quite the same thing.”

*snerk* She looks so shocked! Ella: “I’m… I’m pregnant again! Already!”

But before we get a new baby, we get to visit the old one first, and she’s getting older! Happy birthday, Peppermint! …I know Pepper is so much easier to say, but “Peppermint” is just so cute… Don’t judge me!!

Hyde: “She looks just like Peter! What do you think, man? Isn’t she adorable?” Peter: “WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” Hyde: “Hmph. That’s kinda rude.” Snow: *snicker*

Hyde: “See? Totally her daddy’s girl. I don’t see anything of Ella in her at all.” Maybe her eyebrows? Hyde: “Maybe… I guess we’ll see when she grows up, huh? I’m gonna go get some cake.”

Very efficient, guys. Hyde: “We thought so.” Vis: “This would make a GREAT trap for my super evil lair!” What, a broken sink? Vis: “People would feel compelled to stop and mop up the puddles… forever! This is so EVIL! I’ve got to write this down in my Book of Evil Villainy!”

Pennyworth: “Beep. Exactly how much of what I say do you understand?” Pepper: “Wheee!! High-a! HIGH-A!!” Pennyworth: “Boop. ‘High-a’?” Please don’t pick up toddler jargon, please don’t pick up toddler jargon…

Ella: “Feel like sparring, honey bee?” Peter: “N-n-n-no. N-not when you’re p-pregnant.” Ella: “Aw, it’s not like you’d get to hit me anyway. I’m a ninja, you know…” Peter: “N-no.”

Alright, that’s it. The brick is worse than the teddy bear. It is getting stashed in the inventory with all the career rewards I don’t need at this second. Vis: “Aww, nobody appreciates you, do they, Mister Bricky Brick? It’s okay, I appreciate you…” …Mister Bricky Brick?

Love the neon pink PJs, Ella. You match the room now. Ella: “Laugh it up, Author. These are the only pajamas I have that fit at this point.”

Peter: “Oh n-n-no… Pepper—she’s—PEPPER! W-WHERE ARE Y-Y-YOU!?”

Pepper: “Hehehehe…” Well, look who crawled out of her crib in the middle of the night. Definitely part plantsim, this one: she made a beeline for the greenhouse!

Romi: “Oh, this is just too perfect.” Ryker: “I still say we should’ve stuck to the original plan and gone after the legacy instead of Kali. At least we know where they are.” Romi: “Hush. If the contessa wants to be fickle, she can be fickle. At least she posted us here as guards.” Ryker: “What are we standing around talking for, anyway? Let’s just nab the kid. Greenhouses don’t count as homes; we don’t need an invitation to get in!”

Sun: “I, like, wouldn’t do that if I were you. That’s, like, my cool-as-a-cucumber great-granddaughter, you see. And her daddy totally is a cucumber, I think you should know.” Ryker: “Count!”

Sun: “Like, don’t come around here ever again. I’m totally watching this family every night. I’ll know when you’re here, man. And you know what I’m capable of…”

Ryker, Romi: {Run away!!}

Sun: “Come on then, Minty, let’s, like, get you back inside to your parents before those uncool cats figure out I was totally bluffing.” Pepper: “Up! Up!!”

Peter: “S-see that, Pepper? That’s th-the sun, and it’s r-rising. We l-love the sun. Without it, Daddy w-w-would shrivel up, so we l-love the s-sun.” Pepper: *yawn*

Aquamarine: “So. This is where the Author spends all her time.” Hyde: “Come on, Aqua, lighten up. It’s my son’s birthday.” Aquamarine: “Fan-freaking-tastic. Another reason to ignore me and my family in favor of yours.” Aquamarine? Aquamarine: “Oh, she speaks to me. What is the honor, O Great and Wise Author?” Cut the sarcasm, and go home. You’re almost as bad as June.

Vis: “I wish for world peace! So I can shatter it!!” *sigh* Happy birthday, Vis.

*shudder* Please… go get changed… I can’t stand looking at it… Vis: “Oh, yeah. Stripey shorts. The single fastest way to conquer the world.”

Oh come on, Vis. Why are you still wearing those horrid things? Vis: “Didn’t have a chance to change! Look Author, the baby’s coming!” Ella: “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING THROUGH THIS WITHOUT MY HUSBAND AROUND AGAIN!! I’M GOING TO KILL HIM!!” Actually… he might be right behind you…

Aw, this one isn’t green either. Maybe it skips generations? Anyway, Laurel here has Peter’s eyes, looks like. And now that she’s here, it’s about time this chapter wrapped up. Before we go, though, I can think of another household that deserves a quick look-in.

Well well, look who else is wearing pink pajamas! Ani-Mei: “AAAAAAAARGH!!” Sol: “Honey, sweetie… please don’t punch your hand through the wall…”

Okay, so maybe the green doesn’t skip generations… Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the very first demi-simself of the miniverse. This little boy’s name is Valerian.

The Great Dane has a great dane. Her name is Pooka. My life is complete. That’s all I’ve got for you today! Come along next time to see what Laurel and Valerian look like, and maybe we’ll be seeing a Dane kidlet or two… *hint hint* Dane: “Don’t bet on it.”

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