The White Legacy--Generation 6, Chapter 1

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: Keika20



Ella, sixth generation heiress of the White Legacy, moves home and gets married.

I Shake My Fist At You The White Legacy: Generation Six, Chapter One

Welcome back to the White Legacy! It‟s about time to get started on generation seven, what do you think? While Ella, our Pleasure heiress, and Sol, her Fortune twin brother, were at college, a number of things happened. Most importantly, Sol got engaged to the simself Ani-Mei; Ella went through a number of boyfriends and eventually got engaged to Peter Sims of the garden club; the twins got abducted by aliens and were given the choice of whether to stay with them or go back to college, and they chose college (with some prodding); Sun made his grand return; and they began getting stalked by members of the slowly rebuilding vampire loathe.

…does anyone else think Leod McGreggor looks just a bit like Cassius Marius in a kilt? Anyway, I was in a good mood, so I decided to make a couple of stops in Peachtree Valley, even itching as I was to get to generation seven. The first was to Zircon and Neffy‟s place. First and foremost, Zircon went to the salon he inherited from his father. It‟s pretty much the one-stop in Peachtree Valley for clothes and hair, so I tend to load it up a lot. Unfortunately, Zircon‟s been having a time of running it by himself. That‟s really why I decided to play it in the first place: he really needed some employees. He now has two stylists and a cashier working for him. The cashier in particular was a great find: Amanda Carlson already had a bronze badge!

Unfortunately for Seraphine, the new stylists did not have badges.

Remember how Zircon got married during this last spares update? He and his wife Angeline now have a bouncing baby boy named Leo. FINALLY! Perhaps the streak of Peachtree Valley girls is broken maybe? And get this—the kid is blond! How did that happen!? I know Zircon‟s carrying a recessive blond gene, but Angeline‟s a brunette! Methinks I‟m going to have to double check her genetics in SimPE. Also, he got his mother‟s nose instead of Par and Zircon‟s infamously huge one. Darn.

Surprisingly enough, Neffy is taking to aunt-hood pretty well. Neffy: “I don‟t know, Leo. I‟m having a bit of a crisis here. My whole life has been about finding justice for your grandfather, but I just don‟t know if it‟s worth it anymore. What do you think?” Leo: “Goo boo.” Neffy: “My thoughts exactly. You know, you‟re far too cute for your own good; I think I‟m falling for those little cheeks of yours. But don‟t tell your daddy I said that! As far as he‟s concerned, I‟m still a stuck-up grouch, okay?”

Neffy: “You know, maybe I‟ll take up dance, as more than just a hobby. Does that sound like a good idea?” Leo: “Shoomoo!” Neffy: “Okay, now you‟re just being silly.” Leo: “Heeheehee! Boo!” Neffy: “Let‟s get you some food, silly goose”

Now, I know what you‟re all (or at least one of you) is wondering: what about Sol? Well, he moved into this cute, and admittedly kind of snug, little house. Cute factor overrules snug factor in my book, though, so this is what the house is going to stay looking as. Alright, so it isn‟t anything fancy, but I like it, okay!? Stop giving me those looks, Ani-Mei!

Don‟t think I don‟t notice that “married a rich sim” memory there, Ani-Mei. In any case, Sol and Ani-Mei got married in a lovely front yard ceremony, which they managed to keep her raging fans away from. Sol‟s family and all the simselves were there.

Well, almost all the simselves. Mia, Thai, and I decided it was far more important to watch TV in Ani-Mei‟s new private evil simself secret lair office. What can I say? “Dr. Who” was on.

You may remember that one of my personal rules is that the main line has the undeniable right to have the firstborn of the generation born to them, so… those green-skinned elf-eared babies you‟re looking forward to will have to wait until next chapter. I‟m looking forward to seeing the kids though; I ask you, how could these two NOT make freaking adorable children? In the meantime, I finally got to give Sol a Want he‟s had locked and been preparing for since freshman year. Excited? He certainly was!

Sol is now the proud owner of a bakery! He‟s calling it “Toro‟s Baked Goods,” with the goal of replenishing the refrigerators of the legacy (and homes everywhere!) with desserts baked using Grandpa Toro‟s secret sugary recipes! He had meant to open it while in university, but in an off-screen chat with his then-fiancée, was convinced to wait until he could buy it using a mysterious phenomenon known to the simselves as “motherlode.” No, that is not cheating.

Aww, how sweet. Sol‟s first customer is his sister. Way to support your family, Ella. Ella: “Sol, I need some cake. Lots of cake. Tons of cake. As in, deliver-a-hundred-to-my-house-every-single-day lots of cake.” Sol: “Trying to appease Aunt Arie, sis?” Speaking of Ella, how about we go back to the main house and see how she and the rest of the main bloodline are doing, huh?

Hyde: “Wow… I taught you well.” Vis: “CURSE YOU, ELLA!! CURSE YOU!! I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU!!” On second thought… let‟s go back to Peachtree Valley. Things seem to be a bit more normal over there.

SimMe: “Thank you both for coming today. As you know, we recently had a vacancy open up in the simself compound.”

Leonard: “I‟m not so sure I get the purpose of this interview. What are we doing, again?” Rflong: “Leonard, there‟s only one vacancy, and there‟s two of us.” Leonard: “Oh. I see.” SimMe: “Actually, I—”

Rflong: “Don‟t worry, though. You can have that room that Ani-Mei left open, and I‟ll just move into an apartment or something. Maybe a small house, I don‟t know. Go on and take it, Leonard, I‟ll be fine.” SimMe: “I was about to say—” Leonard: “Oh no, Rflong, be my guest. Far be it from me to take something you so clearly want. You go right ahead and take that room.” Rflong: “Oh, Leonard, don‟t be a gentleman. I insist.”

Would you just listen to me!? Leonard: “Keika, did you just use the echo-y narrator voice on us?” SimMe: “Er, no…? Look, I‟ve got a larger households mod. You can both move in to the simself compound, after you fill out the immigration paperwork, of course. Isn‟t that great?”

Leonard: “…” Rflong: “…”

Rflong: “You‟re sure we can‟t get our own houses?” Okay, now back to legacy estate for real.

Hyde… what are you doing? Hyde: “Making the bed.” Uh… huh.

Ella: “Hey there, Peter~! How are you doing, sweetie? Excited for the big day tomorrow? …sure, of course you can come over. This isn‟t bad news, is it? No? Okay, see you in a bit!”

Welcome home by the way, Ella! Ready to start your generation? Ella: “You know it! It‟s gonna be Peter and me and baby makes three, just us! Well, us and Dad, and Vis until he leaves for college, and probably Aunt Arie a lot of the time, too…” Ah, the curse of having a large, loving family. Ella: “Yeah, but I couldn‟t live without „em, so I can‟t complain too much.”

Ella: “I love your new look, sweetie. All the green, and all.” Peter: “Th-thanks. G-green is my favorite c-c-color, you know.” Ella: *giggle* “So what did you want to talk about?”

Peter: “I w-was offered my d-dream job. It‟s out on a f-f-farm, where I can g-garden and get p-paid for it.” Ella: “That‟s great!” Peter: “It‟s in P-P-Pleasantview.” Ella: “…oh. That‟s not great.”

Ella: “I can‟t move to Pleasantview, Peter. I would be giving up my family legacy; I can‟t move out of the house except to go to college. I‟m the heiress, I have responsibilities.” Peter: “I know. It‟s j-just…” Ella: “It‟s your dream job.” Peter: “P-p-precisely.”

Ella: “Well… what if you took the job, at least for now, and we just made sure to see each other as often as possible?” Peter: “M-maybe when I‟m p-permap-plat, I can f-find something c-closer to home, too.” Ella: “Okay, so let‟s get married right now, and then you can go take your job! When does your plane leave?” Peter: “W-well… in t-t-t-two hours.”

Ella: “Loveyagottagogetdressedseeyouinabitbye! DAD!! CALL SOL AND AUNT ARIE!!”

One hour and forty-five minutes later… This is a beautiful, tender moment, but hurry it up, guys. Peter‟s flight leaves in fifteen minutes, and if he doesn‟t catch this one, he loses his job.

Sol: “Aunt Arie, I kind of wanted to sit next to my wife.” Arie: “Move over, Sol, the wedding‟s underway. I can‟t see my niece!” Ten minutes, everyone.

Vows are exchanged, and we‟re down to seven minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. White. Peter: “I l-love you.” Ella: “I love you too. See you this weekend for our honeymoon, right?” Peter: “R-r-right!”

Peter: “B-b-bye!” Ella: “I want to be seeing you all the time, you hear me!? Promise me!” Peter: “Of c-c-course! I p-promise! Love you!” Ella: “Love you too!!”

Ani-Mei: “Runaway groom, huh?” Sol: “That guy better not hurt my baby sister.” Ella: “I’m not that much younger than you, Sol. Three point six minutes, remember?” Butler: “Heh heh. I invited myself to the wedding.” I will fire that guy someday. I mean it.

Ani-Mei: “How are you holding up, Ella?” Ella: “I‟m fine.” *hic* “Really. This marriage is going to” *sniff* “work.” Sol: “He really loves you, Ella. This isn‟t going to be like your last three boyfriends who ditched you the minute they went out of town.” Ella: “Thanks a lot for that, Sol.” *hic*

Arie: “Wait, seriously? All of her boyfriends were offered out-of-town jobs after she got with them?” Hyde: “Yup. Either jobs or scholarships or stuff like that. Buncha losers, every last one of them. Except for Peter, of course, since she likes him and all.” Arie: “Hm…”

Vis: “Grr… I can‟t believe I missed Ella‟s wedding, just because I was at school and they had to get it done quick. I‟m a Family Sim, I like that kind of thing. Everyone‟s out to get me. That‟s so evil.”

Peter: “Wow. Not b-b-bad. P-pretty c-c-cool, actually.” How was your flight? Peter: “G-good enough, I guess. N-now, he s-said to use the computer in the h-house and v-v-video chat w-with him…” Who‟s “him”? Peter: “M-my new boss!”

Peter: “Hello, M-m-mister Shiro.” Shiro: “Hello, Peter. Welcome to my family‟s farm. So? What do you think?” Peter: “It‟s awesome. W-what do you n-n-need m-me to do?” Shiro: “I‟m glad you asked! I‟m afraid I can‟t afford to hire any more employees right now—my sister went and spent my savings, would you believe—and so I‟m sorry to ask that you give the plants your full attention, at least until I can afford more help. It‟s a large amount of land, and the farm will need constant surveillance. And I mean constant surveillance.”

Peter: “Oh.” Shiro: “Is something wrong, Peter?” Peter: “It‟s n-n-nothing. It‟s just, I j-just got m-m-married, and I was hoping to m-meet with my w-w-wife this w-weekend…” Shiro: “Congratulations. I‟m sure your lovely wife is a wonderful person, but I must ask that you not invite any visitors to the lot. My last employee had some… questionable friends, you see, and I had a bit of a bad experience.” Peter: “Of c-course, sir.”

Shiro: “Now, I need a full harvest of apples as soon as possible. If any bugs sneak in, you should find some pesticides in the shed. We have a bit of a problem with aphids in this part of the country, you understand. It‟s been particularly bad this season. You come highly recommended through the garden club, so don‟t let me down.” Peter: “Y-yes sir. Th-thank you for this opportunity.” Shiro: “My pleasure, Peter.”

Ella: “Aw, man… there goes our honeymoon. We haven‟t even gotten to—” Ahem. Ella: “—pose for our couple‟s portrait. What, what did you think I was going to say?” …anyway, don‟t worry. I‟m sure he‟ll get a vacation day soon. Ella: “I don‟t know, that boss of his sounds downright draconian.”

Ella: “Heh heh. I got to use the word „draconian,‟ and there was alliteration, too. I‟m so clever.” Way to keep yourself in good spirits, Ella. Gosh, I love nice sims.

Ella: *sigh* “Maybe I could pay them off.” *sniff* “PU, this would make some great fertilizer! I bet Peter would love this! He could probably use it on that farm of his!” Probably. Are you going to send him a care package of old, rotting trash? Ella: “Hey Author, don‟t judge. He‟s a gardener. I bet he‟d love it.” *snicker*

It‟s so nice to see this greenhouse getting some use. It‟s been sitting back here for a couple of generations now, but I haven‟t had any sims interested in nature enough to start planting. Ella: “Then why‟d you build it in the first place?” Oh, you know. It seemed like the thing to do. Legacy estate… swimming pool… personal graveyard… wedding chapel… greenhouse.

WHOA! The butler gardens!!

Patrick: “Double, double, toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble! SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES!!” Vis: “WHOA!! I‟m seeing my evil great-great-great-grandpa! But, but he‟s been dead for generations!” *gasp* “This must be a ghost!” I don‟t think Patrick was evil, Vis. Vis: “I had to fit the word in somewhere, Author. I have a reputation to uphold. Uh, evil, and stuff.”

Arie: “Hm. You say a robot is going to magically appear out of that hunk of metal you‟ve got there?” Hyde: “Hey, Aunt Arie. What‟re you doing here?” Arie: “What am I doing here? I‟m being here for my niece in her hour of need!” Hyde: “Hour of… the boy‟s just out of town for a little while. Sure, she‟s a little sad, and a little bored—” Arie: “That‟s why I‟m here. Got any leftover wedding cake?”

Vis: “Au-thor!!” What is it, Vis? Vis: “This homework isn‟t nearly evil enough! I hate school! I‟m going to die if I have to do one more math problem!!” You‟re not going to die. All the famous evil masterminds did homework when they were kids. Vis: “But I‟m special!!” Cry me a river. Get to work already.

Ella: “I am one. One with nature, one with my body. It doesn‟t matter so much that I can‟t hold my husband right now. Nope. I am unbothered by this. I am blissful. I am a happy Pleasure Sim. There is nothing wrong. …but I miss him so much… NO! I am happy! I am having fun!”

Hyde: “Uh, hey kid.” Orion: “My name is Orion, and I‟m probably older than you are, „kid.‟” Hyde: “Sure, sure. Um, what are you doing hiding in my bathroom? And, uh, how long have you been here?”

I hope you‟re almost done with that robot station, Hyde. I‟m tired of the ugly thing taking up room in your formal parlor. Hyde: “Oh, sure, Author. There‟s just one thing left I‟ve been meaning to try out… I think it‟ll make our lives a whole lot easier.”

*Bach‟s „Toccata and Fugue in D Minor‟* Ella: “Ugh… thanks for the wake-up call, Vis.” Vis: “My pleasure, dear sister... heh heh heh. I am so evil…!”

Ella: “I am a Pleasure Sim. The Author won‟t make me get a job unless I want to. My husband (hehehe, I‟m married!!) is out of town and therefore unavailable to date at this moment. Sigh. I guess I‟ll just lay here and enjoy the calm relaxation of having graduated college and having nothing pressing to do. Also, I have awesome cherry jammies.” 3… 2… 1…

Ella: “BORED BORED BORED PLEASURE SIM IS BORED!!” That didn‟t take long.

Ella: “So, Dad, would you mind hooking me up with a spot in your office? I‟m thinking I want to follow in your footsteps and be a great game designer! Plus, I‟m bored. I want a job.” Hyde: “Meh, sure. Why not? Does this mean I can retire?” Butler: “Photobombing~!” That is IT!!




Butler— Butler: “I have a name, you know. It‟s—” Shush, you‟re not allowed to say anything other than “photobombing.” As I was saying, Butler, this is your replacement. Say hi, Pennyworth. Pennyworth: “Beep. Hi, Pennyworth.”

Butler: “But—but you can‟t do this to me! You need me! No droid could ever replace the natural intelligence and cunning of a living sim!” Beat it. Butler: “I‟ve served your household for five generations!” Scram, chum. Pennyworth: “Boop. Scram, chum.” Should‟ve named him “Polly.”

Ella: “Hm? Behind me? Oh, that‟s just Pennyworth. He‟s our new butler.” Peter: “W-we have a n-n-new robot b-butler? When d-did that h-happen?” Ella: “When the Author got fed up with the old one photobombing most of our special moments, and Dad happened to be building robots for a hobby at the same time. Don‟t worry, hon, Pennyworth‟s a doll. Anyway, how are you doing!? It‟s been so long since we‟ve gotten a chance to talk!”

Peter: “Yeah, the f-farm really runs m-m-me ragged. I c-c-can‟t take my attention from the p-plants for a minute, because the aphids w-will c-creep in. Pleasantview‟s having a really b-bad infestation r-r-right n-now.” Ella: “Well, go get them bugs, honey! Show ‘em who’s boss!” Peter: “Th-thanks sweetie.” Ella: “Any news yet on when we might be able to get together?” Peter: “N-n-not yet. I‟m going to ask my b-b-boss ab-bout it again t-tomorrow.”

Ella: “Good luck, then. I miss you so much!” Peter: “M-miss you too, Ellie. Love you.” Ella: “Love you too! Sweet dreams!”

Peter: “G-g-g-gosh, I miss her.”

Vis: “Hm… is this evil rainbow trout, Alfred?” Pennyworth: “Beep. I have a name, you know.” Vis: “Oh, sorry, man. Is this evil rainbow trout, Pennyworth?” Pennyworth: “Boop. Beat it.” Vis: “You beat the fish!? That‟s so evil! …um, it was already dead first, right?”

Ella: “Really, Aunt Arie, this isn‟t necessary. You don‟t have to cheer me up. I‟m happy! See?” Arie: “Nuh-uh, you can‟t fool me! It is my sworn duty as your aunt to make sure you‟re perfectly cheerful at all times, and that means sometimes I have to come over and whoop your behind at SSX3, so sit down and play the game, Ella. …besides, with two game designers in the house, you guys get all the access to the new versions and the secret cheat codes a whole lot faster than I do. When‟s the next one coming out, by the way?”

Hyde: “Uh… um… uh…” Arie: “What‟s up, kiddo?” Hyde: “Uh… you‟re not… wearing any clothes…” By the way, this might not be the greatest time to mention it, but Hyde and Arie have two bolts.

Vis: “Ee-yuck!” You said it, Vis.

Ella: “Green grass… green strawberry plants with little green fruits getting ready to ripen… green trees… green hills… green watering can… green me… I‟m sensing a pattern here, Author.” It‟s just your imagination, Ella. Ella: “Mm-hmm. You know what would make this picture better?” What‟s that? Ella: “My husband, in a green plaid shirt. Yum.”

Ella: “So, Pennyworth. How advanced are you? I mean, exactly how much of what I say do you understand?” Pennyworth: “Beep boop. That‟s so evil!” Ella: “You‟ve been talking to Vis, haven‟t you?”

Ella: “Okay, Well. You and I have had some issues in the past, but right now all I‟m looking for is some new friends. I‟m kind of lonely, you see. …Why do I feel like I‟m being stared at?” Just ignore them. Those ancestors of yours are being kind of rude. Toro: “It’s not our fault our graves got turned around! Hurry up and find a mod to fix this!” I‟ve tried, I‟ve tried! Stop pressuring me!!

Vis: “Sweet. Just two more days and then I go to college to meet the evil girl of my dreams, right Author?” Ah… maybe you should have a seat for a second, Vis.

Vis: “What‟s up, Author?” Well… um, it‟s about college. Vis: “Yeah?” How would you like to just stay home? You know, not go? Uh, you see, I think the university might, uh, not be able to handle your being unleashed on its campus. Yeah. You‟re just too evil for a goody-goody school like Sim State. Or Académie Le Tour. Or La Fiesta Tech. You know. Any one of them.

Vis: “Really!? You really think I‟m that evil!?” Uh… of course, Vis. (Also, I don‟t want to have to put another sim through college…) Vis: *sniff* “This is the proudest moment of my life! Someone really, honestly thinks I‟m evil! I—I think I‟ll go kick a box of kittens to celebrate!”

…I feel sort of guilty now… I also wonder where he‟s going to find a box of kittens to kick… this is The Sims, after all.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I‟ve always wanted to say that…

Peter: *cough* “Huh? W-w-w-what!?” *splutter, hack*

Peter: “Hey, l-l-look! I‟m g-green, just l-like Ella! She w-would l-love this look! I c-c-can‟t wait to see her f-face when I s-see her ag-g-gain… w-when we‟re v-video chatting when I have the t-t-time again…”

Peter: “…”

Peter: “That‟s it! D-dream job or not, I can‟t st-stand another d-d-day here without her! I m-miss Ellie too m-mmuch!!”

Peter: “H-h-hi, M-mister Shiro.” Shiro: “Goodness man, you’re a plantsim! Did something go wrong on the farm?” Peter: “You could s-s-say that. I‟ve d-decided to quit. This is m-m-my two week n-notice.” Shiro: “I’m very sorry to hear that.”

Shiro: “Unfortunately, I can’t let you leave.” Peter: “W-what?” Shiro: “It’s a political matter, you understand. Nothing personal. If you’re not with your wife, you can’t have any little generation sevens.” Peter: “I‟m g-g-g-going, n-no matter what you s-say!”

Shiro Arc: “I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this, Peter, but you leave me no choice. If you step outside that gate, I will have my associates destroy you. Do you understand? And I expect you not to tell anyone about this, of course, or I might just have to kill you anyway. Oh, and before I go, keep working that orchard, will you? Buying the property was quite expensive, and I was hoping for a return on my investment. Thanks.” That‟s the end of this chapter! Doesn‟t Peter make such a striking plantsim? See you next time!

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