The whereabouts of shollie puppies

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Information about The whereabouts of shollie puppies

Published on March 20, 2017

Author: DianeStirling


1. The Whereabouts of Shollie Puppies The collie dogs have a reputation as dogs with super powers. They are able to communicate complex messages well, compared to other dogs without any speech aid.Collie puppies are strong, responsive, and active dogs; with a naturally gentle, and calm nature. Collie puppies are also one of the best family dogs! They are eager to please, devoted, and can be house-trained with great ease. The Shollie is a cross breed of German Shepherd and Collie dogs. These are usually larger dogs with a number of talents that includes search and rescue, obedience, herding, therapy work, watchdog and agility. These dogs have an average life span of 13 to 15 years.

2. Shollies can also be a very good family dog provided they are socialized with their family and not left alone outside on a chain all day. Being a very enthusiastic and energetic breed they enjoy a good amount of physical activity. Origin of the Shollie Dogs: Most of the cross breed dogs are made for economical reasons world-wide. In the case of a Shollie, Diane Stirling, at Stirling Collies decided the name fit for her Shepherd-Collie mix puppies, and started calling them a Shollie over 20 years ago. It is expected that the traits of a German Shepherd and Collie will be amazing, as thesetwo species are known for bravery, intelligence, capability and loyalty. German Shepherds are used in bomb and drug detection, security and rescue work in even in military operations. On the other hand the Collie is a great herding dog, which originated from Scotland. It is a very sensitive, smart and loyal dog. Shollie dogs are smart, affectionate and friendly. They are also very good companions, and good in herding, tracking, retrieving, therapy, obedience and search and rescue work. Shollie Puppy Breed Information: Breed Type: Cross Breed Color: Black/Tan, Brown/Black, Sable/White, White, w/a variety of markings, Blue Merle, Sable Merle, Tri Grooming Needs: Moderate Exercise Requirement: Medium, These are somewhat active and sensitive dogs and tend to get bored easily without much activity. Life Expectancy: 13 to 15 years on an average Weight: 70 to 90 pounds Height: A full grown dog can be 21 to 29 inches tall Temperament: Sholliepuppies(German Shepherd Collie Mix) can be very playful, fun loving, affectionate and

3. loving. A Shollie loves attention but can be shy or wary towards strangers. They love to be a part of their family and whatever event is going on around them. Activity Needs: Your Shollie dog will have a lot of the traits of Collie dogs in terms of loving personality, energy and enthusiasm. Collie Shepherd mix dogs are pretty mellow, loving, loyal and smart. They can hang out by the couch and watch TV with their family, or go on a run or walk with the family, or run around the yard and play. These dogs can live in an apartment, if given proper care and exercise. Like most dogs, a Shollie can be found chasing birds, squirrels or any living thing in the backyard. Behavior: A Shollie, or German Shepherd-Collie Mix breed dogs are extremely alert and protective towards the place they live. It really depends on the Shepherd lineage though. With a Shepherd lineage, they can come from heavy guard dog lines, or heave search and rescue lines. They will try to warn their family and bark till the threat is gone. They can be very good at protecting their territory. A Shollie can be a watch-dog that is very loyal towards protecting their family from intruders. Any puppy, including a Shollie can appear a little strong, or rambunctious towards little babies or toddlers when introduced for the first time, but this phase passes away soon as proper training, and socialization occurs. Are the Shollie Puppies a suitable breed for you? Shollie puppies are very smart, obedient, social and easy to train. The German Shepherd-Collie mix breed dogs need attention and prefer daily interaction with their family. It is very important for any family that is looking to adopt a Shollie, to understand that a Shollie puppy requires a lot of time, love and attention to mature properly into the adult dog it is meant to be. Any dog left alone without proper training is not good.

4. Shollie puppies can have a good nose for search and rescue work, along with their natural herding nature. They can be equally trained to be watch dogs, therapy dogs, used for security work, as they are a very obedient, working dog. Before you decide to adopt, or buy a Shollie puppy, you want to educate yourself on the requirements of this type of dog. After you have a good understanding of their behavior, habits, sensitiveness and other personality then you can make an informed decision, before taking them home. You may refer to to find your suitable Shollie.

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