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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: mtaft



Mikaeel K

How are modern-day stereotypes of the Wild West were created

The West in General • When we think of the West we usually think of Duels at high noon, Cowboys, guns, Indians, Saloons and many other things • These images appear in our minds mostly because of Media and Hollywood • The West was one of the key moments which shaped America and the Typical American (Cowboy, “Boom or Bust”, ect)

Natives • Natives were the people who found themselves on the short side of things during the Western period • Natives left behind many names for sports team as well as being spiritual • Natives also left behind the key trait of being persistent • Hollywood portrays the Natives as violent inhumane people

Women • The Women of the West started to see improvements in their lives during this time • The Women left behind many things as they did every job for their family • They left behind many techniques for doing chores and household jobs that were used for many years after the West • Hollywood portrays them as the Man’s butler and personal worker

Cowboys • The Cowboys are the first thing we think of when we picture the West • The Cowboys left a lot of clothing behind including spurs, boots, and hats • The Cowboys also left the image of a typical American • Hollywood portrays the Cowboys as the “Good Guys”

Farmers • Farmers were plentiful in the West but their wealth was not • Farmers left behind the image of being a hard working American • Farmers also left behind many techniques that are still used today • Farmers showed the American dream of Thomas Jefferson

Miners • Miners of the West showed us the determination of Americans to become wealthy • They also showed us how willing Americans were to take their chances at Boom or Bust • The Miners of the West help lead one of the first gold rushs of America

Buffalo • Buffalo showed us the greed of the Americans trying to get the Natives to obey them • The Buffalo also showed us the humbleness of the Natives whom only killed as many Buffalo as they needed • The Buffalo was also one of the first animals to die off because of Industrialization and land problems

Continental Railroad • The Continental Railroad was the Greatest Industrial achievement at the time of the West • The Continental Railroad connected the East Coast to the West Coast • The Continental Railroad left us with the center piece of our railroad system • The Continental Railroad also showed us that the government was willing to displace people for the industrialization of America

Populists • The populists were one of the great things that occurred for the small farmers of the West. • The populists showed us that the people were willing to stand up for themselves. • The populists also marked one of the “to the people, for the people, by the people” moments of American history

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