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Published on March 12, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Unit 1 - Media PowerPoint Presentation: The Walking Dead is a TV show (originally based off of the comic series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore) with 4 and a half Seasons so far. It is about a group of survivors from America trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The show follows the main character, Rick Grimes, a sheriff from Atlanta, Georgia as he gets into an accident and ends up in hospital, waking up to find that the world around him had completely changed. He has no idea where his family is or what exactly has happened. This popular TV series is a Thriller/Drama/Horror and rated 18 due to it’s gruesome and terrifying scenes that are far too frightening for anyone younger than 15 at least. The reason for a rated 18 is because of the constant violent scenes, bad language and some nudity. This means that it can only be shown after 9 o clock in the evening in the UK due to the fact that children could come across it on some channels. The purpose of The Walking Dead is to entertain an audience and this is shown by the dramatic story lines and graphic scenes. Viewer’s of a TV Show want to feel connected to the characters and feel what they feel so this needs to be emphasized in order to grasp their attention. The Walking Dead Genre Content and Storyline PowerPoint Presentation: This popular TV series is a Thriller/Drama/Horror and rated 18 due to it’s gruesome and terrifying scenes that are far too frightening for anyone younger than 15 at least. The reason for a rated 18 is because of the constant violent scenes, bad language and some nudity. This means that it can only be shown after 9 o clock in the evening in the UK due to the fact that children could come across it on some channels. Unlike most Horror genres, The Walking Dead doesn’t follow the usual stereotypes of a scary movie/TV series. For example, you would expect an old abandoned house, the scary music or a lead female that gets saved by some strange man and they fall in love. TWD is very modern and unique in that sense since you cannot predict what can happen next. It ’ s hard to create a movie or TV series that isn’t typical or boring since it’s been done before like a lot of Horror movies and shows. Frank Darabont, one of the creators of The Walking Dead has previously directed on Horror movies such as ‘ The Mist ’ which has also starred actors from The Walking Dead, like Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Melissa McBride and Juan Gabriel Pareja and was made before The Walking Dead. Considering Darabont helped create The Walking Dead comics and following his movie history, there may have been some inspiration in there that helped him come up with TWD. Darabont has also worked on ‘ Shawshank Redemption ’ with star Jeffrey DeMunn again before The Mist. Circle of Confusion, one of the producers of The Walking Dead have previously produced on films like ‘ Vanishing on 7 th Street ’ which was created in 2010, the same year that TWD was created. Generic Conventions Andrew Lincoln has been in movies like Love Actually and The Woman in White and despite those 2 movies being very different in genre and time period, he did make a career from these and has become known most of all for playing Rick in TWD. Due to the huge fan base that this show has gathered over the years, there has been a lot of fan made videos dedicated to the show; 1 2 , along with fan art like this and this . PowerPoint Presentation: Links and Intentions Interview with the creators – Comic Con Robert Kirkman Interview (The Creator) Nominations Within The Walking Dead, I think that the links between the purpose and content show that even though the purpose is to entertain, the content of the programme shows that the actors and crew enjoy working on the show and this come across in the performance and interviews where they talk about how much fun it is to film. In return, this provides more entertainment for the audience if the actors enjoy what they do, rather than not enjoying it. Another point I would say connects is the form and meaning. Considering the meaning of the show is about family and trust, like I explain in the next two slides, I find that the formal conventions of the show support this because the duration of each episode gives the viewers time to connect with the characters and understand what they are going through like the actors are portraying within providing the entertainment for the viewers around the world. PowerPoint Presentation: Formal and Stylistic Conventions Formal Conventions – structural elements, narrative, length/duration Stylistic Conventions – how it looks, character types, lighting, mise-en-scene, realism, surrealism/fantasy F O R M A L The purpose of The Walking Dead is to entertain so the typical length of an episode is 47-50 minutes or when it ’ s a finale or premiere, the episodes are approximately 1 hour 10 minutes. This structure gives the viewers a chance to realize the subjectivity of the characters in the episode, despite what the plot is and the extended duration on a special episode gives the viewer more reason to watch. The structural elements of The Walking Dead include having an opening scene to grasp the plot of the episode and then show the titles before continuing on with the rest of that particular plot. From here on, each episode is structured continuing on from where the previous episode ended, but in this it could be starting form the Point of View from any of the characters in that situation. Another structural element is that each episode ends on a cliffhanger so it keeps the viewers wanting more and wanting to know what happens next, this in turn means more money for the distributers because the viewings have increased. Throughout the show, the narrative structure includes flashbacks and continuity through each episodes. I find that this helps the viewers connect with the characters more because if they are going through the consequences of a situation they were in, a flashback would help us understand what went wrong and why they feel the way the do. S T Y L I S T I C The stylistic elements of The Walking Dead are quite dark in terms of appearance. Since the show is set during an apocalypse, almost everything is ruined or damaged in some where, for example cars crashed on the road, an abandoned hospital etc. This sets a realistic scene for the viewers and puts them almost with the characters. A good example of this is the trailer for Season 1 ( x ). As for character types, all characters are very strong and admirable, if a little misunderstood. There is a also a lot of character development in the show as you see the main characters grow up and get more brave and confident as the show progresses. The mise-en-scene for The Walking Dead is often outside but has the rare occurrence to be inside like in the prison or Hershel’s house. The genre of a TV show is determined by the mise-en-scene. This is because of a few reasons, one being the setting or time period in which it is set. For example, The Walking Dead would be set in the future because a zombie apocalypse has not happened yet. Another example of this is Game of Thrones. It is a Fantasy because the setting is very old fashioned and medieval like. I also explain in a later slide about characters types, focusing on two main ones that I think challenge a typical stereotype. PowerPoint Presentation: AMC (American Movie Classics) are the creators and American distributors for The Walking Dead in the USA on TV which premiers new episodes and seasons one week before the UK. This company, which is a product of General Electric, has also distributed the show to FOX International Channels so it can be viewed by the audience in the UK and other countries who don’t have AMC. The popularity of the show has made AMC make an income of at least $8 million per episode released. Though when the show started getting increasingly popular, the episode started getting repeated on the mainstream channel; Channel 5. Ownership, Producers & Meaning The Walking Dead has 3 production companies working on the distribution of the TV show in addition to AMC Studios: Fox International, however, is part of News Corporation which is a competitor of General Electric. The meaning of The Walking Dead, I would say, is how important family is because we don’t appreciate it enough until we are put in a situation where they are in danger or gone. I think that there are some hidden meanings in the show that you have to really look into to understand. For example, trust. It’s hard to trust people where you’re in a world were you are fighting for survival but you never know, someone could be there to help you, or kill you so it’s very to trust. MEANING PowerPoint Presentation: Operating Model AMC is an American cable channel known for its streaming of movies and original TV Series such as The Walking Dead and Mad Men. I would say that the TV channels competitor is HBO because it distributes a very popular show, ‘Game of Thrones’, which is similar to The Walking Dead in terms of the fact that it is Fantasy and Surrealism . AMC, though, is trying to “do HBO-quality shows at USA [Network] prices” ( source ) so this shows that they haven’t got the funds to pull off a lot of the things they want to do. “Until recently at least, AMC and its studio partners (Lionsgate for Mad Men and Sony for Breaking Bad ) have been able to keep their shows looking good in a relatively frugal way: AMC has been paying both studios under $3 million an episode, while an HBO signature series such as Boardwalk Empire costs that net a reported $5 million per episode.” ( source ) AMC is a Commercial channel which advertises it’s own products, however it trades shows, such as The Walking Dead, with other Media Conglomerates to advertise shows and show programmes. For example, TWD is shown on Fox International which is part of News Corp and then re-run on the mainstream UK channel; Channel 5, which shown Seasons 1 & 2. This applied to Season 3 but due to low ratings, the show moved to 5*. However, Channel 5 is a public service broadcaster which is owned by a few different media conglomerates including News Corp which also owns Fox, and Time Warner, which is the parent company of HBO. Since AMC don’t have their own satellite, they have to make sure their products reach as many people as possible so they can make money, which is why they have to trade shows with their competitors. Unlike other mainstream channels like Channel 4, Channel 5 is urged to air a wider variety of programming which includes shows for kids, adults, interviews, documentaries and reality shows like Big Brother and The Bachelor. As well as this, they broadcast other scripted and produced shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, which was officially broadcasted on Sky Living (owned by News Corp), CSI and House. Since AMC is a relatively small network channel, they don’t have a distributor and therefore had to sell shows like The Walking Dead to channels like Channel 5 to get a following. Once this happened, they would then sell to bigger channels like Fox to get more money, since this is a bigger channel. PowerPoint Presentation: Competitors Supernatural is another Drama/Surrealism, and sometimes comedic, TV Show that is shown on CW and about 2 brothers, Sam & Dean, who’s mother dies due to an unknown being when they are both young. They reunite years later with their father hunting and missing and decide to go looking for him and what killed their mother. Unfortunately for them, they run into some some strange supernatural beings along the way and find themselves trying to battle the darkness in the world. This show is competition for The Walking Dead because of the fact that its about family and trying to survive in a world that ’ s changed. One difference about Supernatural to The Walking Dead is that there are now 9 Seasons ( Season 9 Trailer ) in Supernatural and TWD only has 4 but they are both getting increasingly more popular. Considering Supernatural is somewhat the same genre as TWD, then it has to be shown after 9pm on TV due to the graphic content. Since the premiere in 2005, the show has gathered an insanely large fan base and have had fan made trailers made and artwork too. ( Fan Video ) American Horror Story , described as an anthology series ( x ), has different character and locations each season, focusing on the living and the dead and how they interact with each other. The reason this is compared to The Walking Dead is because it is a Horror/Drama series and only has 4 seasons too. This show is shown on FX after (or on) 9pm because of the scary plots and structural elements. The generic conventions of this show are quite typical though comparing to TWD because each season changes location but they focus on old abandoned houses and asylums etc. like stereotypical horror movies. ( COVEN Trailer ) In other terms, another competitor would be Netflix, which distributes TV shows that are in competition with The Walking Dead. This means gaining more viewers and therefore more money for the company. PowerPoint Presentation: Other AMC TV Shows These shows are shown on AMC and are original series’ by it. Most of the shows, like Breaking Bad, are pretty different compared to The Walking Dead as the structural elements are more realistic than TWD. Although it is similar in the fact that it has only 5 Seasons and has episode averaging a duration of approximately 50 minutes. Breaking Bad is rated a 15/18 on certain seasons and has multiple genres that are similar to TWD like Drama and Thriller, but also rated as Crime. In terms of mise-en-scene, Breaking Bad is pretty suburban for the White household and modern in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The show is about Walter white, a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has Stage III Lung Cancer and only 2 years to live. D etermined to ensure that his wife and son, who has cerebral palsy, are financially prepared for the future without him, he teams up with a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, to embark on a career of selling the world's finest crystal methamphetamine. Despite that they are quite different in plot and series, the characters of TWD and Breaking Bad are similar in ways. For example, Walter White only wants what’s best for his family and he will always protect them, and I find influence in this from Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead. If he needs to hurt someone to protect his wife, son or daughter then he will ( x ). Much like Walter White, he can be misunderstood but in both shows there is a lot of character development from the main characters. Walter White goes from being scared and inexperienced to being feared and extremely confident in his illegal job. On the other hand, Rick has been going through numerous different stages depending on the plot of the story. Such as, when his wife died, he found that he was hallucinating and seeing her everywhere, almost on the brink of insanity but then he gets braver and less dependant on himself and started to get some support from other people. “ Hershel [ Scott Wilson ] is hugely important in this. He's become a mentor, a guide and a confidant in a new way for Rick, who is repressing his demons. He's healing and he's been healing the last six months since his breakdown and losing his wife.” says Andrew Lincoln in this interview. PowerPoint Presentation: Other AMC TV Shows Mad Men is an on going Drama series on AMC with 7 Seasons so far and episodes averaging to 45 minutes each. It is set in the 1960s in New York where men and women work at an advertising agency. However, as the industry develops, the advertising game gets more competitive and the agency has to change and adapt to ensure its safety and survival. Donald “Don” Draper is one of the companies best executive advertisers and as the agency adapts, he must do all he can to make sure his past and his secrets stay hidden ( x ). The show has been running since 2007 and is renewed for more to come this year. I find this show similar in ways to The Walking Dead because despite the difference in genre and plot, there is a strong male character in role that has a dark past and secrets to hide and there may be an influence in the leading role of Mad Men in the leading man of The Walking Dead. PowerPoint Presentation: Production & Shooting For Season 1 of TWD, the shortest season containing merely 6 episodes, was set in and around Atlanta, Georgia, USA where the series is set. The filming started June 2 nd 2010 with principal photography for the first episode, ‘Days Gone By’, being released May 5 th 2010. The Quarry in the first season, where the camp is set up, was filmed in a Quarry in Rockdale, Atlanta, Georgia USA ( x ). The first episode aired Halloween the same year and concluded on December 5 th as well. After the first episode aired in the US, the show received a lot of publicity from magazines and TV shows etc. including being on the cover of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ and gaining 5.38 million views after the first episode aired. After the first season, the writer and showrunner Frank Darabont was released with speculation of a disagreement with AMC and was therefore replaced with Glen Mazzara (who directed the Season 1 episode ‘Wildfire’) for Season 2. Mazzara then decided to depart from the show on his own accord after Season 3 had finished production and was replaced with executive producer Scott Gimple who is still working on Season 4. The second season was filmed also in Senoia, Georgia USA where the group encounter a knew surrounding and help. One of the first episodes was filmed on Georgia highway nearby Bear Creek Blvd and then the main set ( source ) for the Season was actually filmed on someone’s personal land who gave them permission to film there and build some new set for the production. The series aired in the USA on AMC on October 16 th 2012 and went on hiatus until February after the series finished airing before starting production for Season 3. This season broke cable ratings and was renewed by AMC for a 3 rd season. Season 3 was also split in half with a mid season finale which aired December 2 nd 2012 and the second half airing February 10 th 2013 ( source ) The main set was filmed in a prison which was filmed in West Central Prison in Zebulon, Georgia USA. The prison isn’t a real prison though, it took the crew about 18 weeks to build it from scratch to only destroy it in the end. The other big set that was a huge part of Season 3 was Woodbury which was filmed in Senoia, Georgia USA ( source ). There were many other sets involved in making Season 3 including forests and small towns that appear for a few minutes in certain episode but Woodbury and the Prison are the main two. Season 3’s finale “shattered the zombie drama's own ratings record yet again” with scoring 12.4 million views on the night of the launch. PowerPoint Presentation: Production & Shooting Cont. Season 4 , the most current season, was also split into two parts. The production of this season started on May 6 th 2013 and is consisting of 16 episodes in total. The first airing was on October 13 th 2013 and is to return on February 9 th 2014. This season is set still in the Prison for Rick’s group and The Governor is still at large, camping and eventually travelling with a family (Lilly, Tara and Megan) from an apartment block he found in the streets. They set out on in an abandoned truck and set up camp by a lake which gets overrun so they flee into the woods which was filmed near Turin, Atlanta, Georgia ( x ). The Governor then runs into an old acquaintance of his from Woodbury, Martinez, and sets up camp with him. He ends up killing Martinez and takes control of the camp, plotting to overrun the prison and force Rick and his group to leave. It ends badly for both of them. This season saw the introduction of a new character, Bob Stookey (played by Lawrence Gilliard Jr.), who is originally from the comic book series and becomes important to the show ( x ). Although the second half of the season starts Feb 9 th , it is not confirmed where the main set will be filmed or who will be starring most. Promotional Poster for Season 4 Part 2 PowerPoint Presentation: Production Values and Actors The Walking Dead has many people in the crew working for visual/sound effects and makeup, maybe more than people working on the filming process. The costume department has more costumes for the different extras on the show playing Walkers than for the main characters. MAIN CAST Andrew Lincoln – Rick Grimes Steven Yeun – Glenn Rhee Chandler Riggs – Carl Grimes Norman Reedus – Daryl Dixon Melissa McBride – Carol Peletier Lauren Cohan – Maggie Greene Scott Wilson – Hershel Greene Emily Kinney – Beth Greene Sarah Wayne Callies – Lori Grimes Laurie Holden – Andrea Danai Gurira – Michonne Chad L. Coleman – Tyreese Sonequa Martin-Green – Sasha Jon Bernthal – Shane Walsh IronE Singleton – Theodore ‘T-Dog’ Douglas David Morrissey – The Governor Jeffrey DeMunn – Dale Horvath Michael Rooker – Merle Dixon Lawrence Gilliard Jr. – Bob Stookey Jose Pablo Cantillo – Caesar Martinez PowerPoint Presentation: Market Position The Walking Dead has been nominated for over 30 awards since 2011 including Best Screenplay, Best TV show, Best Effect and 1 Golden Globe in 2011. Here are just some of the awards the show has won: Best Television Series (Satellite Awards, 2012) Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Miniseries, Movie or a Special (Primetime Emmy Awards, 2012) TV Programme of the Year ( AFI Awards, USA, 2013) Best Sound Editing - Long Form Sound Effects and Foley in Television ( Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA, 2012) Best Edited One-Hour Series for Commercial Television (American Cinema Editors, USA, 2011) Top Television Series ( ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, 2013) After the 1 st season, the show had a budget of $3.4 million per episode which is more than most people make in their lifetime. Because of this, AMC decreased the budget per episode to $2.8 million ( x ). RATINGS After the recent mid-season finale of season 4, the ratings and viewers of The Walking Dead just keeps growing with the latest episode reaching 12.4 million viewers, which actually went up 15% since December 2012’s finale. So far season 4 is averaging about 13 million viewers, up 29% from the first half of season three, with a 6.1 rating among adults aged 18 - 49 ( source ) ( source ) PowerPoint Presentation: Distribution and Advertising Distribution The Walking Dead has been distributed through: TV Magazines Online Downloading DVD’s (online) DVD’s (retail) Video Games Advertising The hype that The Walking Dead has caused has made the advertising business go crazy for it, adveritsing it anyway possible like: Online Trailers Posters TV Interviews with stars or crew Blogs Shop advertisement (stands/boards etc.) Websites Displays Premieres Conventions Merchandise ( x ) – TWD Comic Con Panel 2013 ( x ) – Season 4 Part 2 Teaser Trailer ( x ) – Behind the Scenes ( x ) – Interview with Andrew Lincoln (Rick) & Chandler Riggs (Carl) PowerPoint Presentation: Characters and Representation The cast of The Walking Dead is pretty big and there are a lot of important people being challenged by stereotype because of the conditions they live in. For example, typical female characters in scary situations would probably run and scream in fear but in The Walking Dead, the females are viewed as incredibly strong and independent and they can look after themselves. A good example of this is Lori Grimes (played by Sarah Wayne Callies). She has always stood by her husband (Rick) but as the show progresses you can see a change in her and she isn’t scared of asking questions, she is strong and willing to fight for her family. When she falls pregnant, it makes it very hard for her to keep up with all the moving around the group does but she doesn't ’ t falter and she keeps fighting right up until death. In her death scene she is talking to her son for the last time and she is being confident for him and is honest about everything, I think she is a great character because of this. Another character that I think challenges the stereotypes of society is Carl Grimes. His character development from the start of the show up to now is amazing. He has gone from a scared little kid, always looking for someone to help him, to a confident and independent boy who is very smart and strong despite his age. He makes his own decisions but is also very helpful and comforting to people he cares about. During season 2, when you start to see his change, he suggests to his father that he learns to use a gun. He knows what is best for the group and has grown to be in very mature. PowerPoint Presentation: Main Sets Atlanta Survivor Camp – Season 1 CDC – Season 1 Atlanta Highway – Season 1 Hershel’s Farm – Season 2 Campervan – Season 1/2 Highway – Season 2 Prison – Season 3 Woodbury – Season 3 PowerPoint Presentation: Typical Features Plot and Purpose: The whole plot of The Walking Dead is mainly survival. The characters need to survive the zombie apocalypse that seems to be taking over the world. Despite this, we don’t see the effects on any other country around the world apart from America and the further into the show we get, as the zombies (walkers) seem to grow in amount, we have to assume that the rest of the world is like that as well. As well as survival though, they have to deal with the other problems that keep spiralling out at them. For example, in the first season, Rick wanted to find his family and find some form of answers as to what is going on. As the show progresses, we find that the character, The Governor, is not as nice as he seems and it becomes a main plot to try and stop him from ruining what the group have, shelter and food. This leads from Season 3 into the first half of Season 4 after he disappears and then makes a surprise return. Having the constant battle with something put the audience into a perspective where they feel like they are there with the characters, praying that they survive as if they were living it themselves. The whole purpose of The Walking Dead is to entertain, this is shown by the fact that none of the content in the show is real, or has happened, therefor it can’t be to educate or inform and there’s nothing being advertised so it can’t be to persuade. Another feature showing this is that it was based off of a comic book series so it already has a following from this. Setting and Era: The setting changes throughout the show as the plot progresses and this keeps the audience interested instead of having to look at the similar place all the time. As I explained in a previous slide, the show is mainly set in Atlanta, Georgia, USA but as for era, we have to assume that it is pretty modern day give or take a few years. This being because there seems to be no change in the way the world runs, like technology, work and housing, apart from the obvious apocalypse which has taken over. Throughout the show, the main group are constantly moving around from camp to camp to try and keep safe from the walkers that have taken over, but this proves difficult as there is always some problem wherever they go and they can never stay in one place for too long before something goes wrong. When there is a mid-season finale and the show continues later in the year, there is an obvious time gap which is usually of about 5-6 months. This helps the audience grasp how the group has progressed and I think this sets a realistic kind of scene because it is almost like that the characters keep moving on despite the show being put on hold. For example, when Season 3 finished, the group were just getting used to their new, hopefully safe, life in the prison, but when Season 4 starts, you can see the progression they have made in trying to keep it safe because they now have a farm, more people in the group, more food, weaponry, ammunition and have a safer perimeter around the border. Music: As for music, the main theme song at the beginning and end of the show is composed and performed by London Music Works and is a total 3 minutes long, approximately. The fact that there are no lyrics, creates an atmosphere for the viewer by putting them in a position where the music sets the scene, rather than distracting them from the plot of the show. The theme song has become iconic and is recognised as ‘The theme from The Walking Dead’ whenever it is placed. During the show, there isn’t really any music apart from the odd sound effect or maybe a slower tune when something sad happens or on a Season finale.

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