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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: faithworksc


THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Gen 2:18 – 25 During courtship, opposite sex attracts. After you are married opposite sex attacks.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  In marriage you complete each other.  In marriage we have the our dark side.  God created us to complete each and not to compete each other.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP For the last 2 weeks here are our vows. VOW #1 : I promise that God will be my number ONE priority and my spouse will be number TWO.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP VOW#2: I promise to always pursue my number TWO.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Success starts in marriage and it starts at home. Pursuit is something that we must do consistently for life. It is a life time commitment

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Gen 2:24 ONE- In Hebrew it is echad (ekh-awd) -which means united, altogether, completely joined as one.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Ecc 4:12 Marriage is a covenant not a contract.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Malachi 2:14 Marriage contract is based on mutual mistrust. Marriage covenant is based mutual commitment.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Covenant  In Hebrew it is beriyth (ber-eeth) means cutting, a binding agreement, a blood covenant.  Marriage is a holy covenant with God.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Vow of Partnership

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  Partnership means state of being partner; we should go on working together.  As partners you have a specific goal and purpose in any endeavor that you want to do.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  VOW #3:  I promise our marriage will be about WE and not ME.  1. THE POWER OF WE. (Luke 11:17)  Gen 2:24  Deut 32:30

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP Anything that is disunited fails. You can not be successful as a couple if you are disunited.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP The power of unity is exponential. Ecclessiastes 4:9-12 (Example the Tower of Babel)

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP The power is limitless in unity. In unity nothing is impossible. When couple is united , they become powerful.


THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP How do we become good Partners as a couple?

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  A. COMMUNICATE OPENLY.  Marriage is like lottery you don’t know what will happen     unless you marry your girlfriend or boyfriend. How can we help you in you don’t express what you want. Consider your Partner as your best friend so you could communicate openly. As a couple you must have an effective and honest communication. The #1 reason why marriage PARTNERSHIPS were dissolved: IS POOR COMMUNICATION

COMMUNICATE OPENLY  Communication about money.  All of us are good communicators before we get married but after few years of marriage we become poor in communication..  Conflicts is not an issue, Unresolved conflicts is the problem because of poor communication.  Strong communication becomes strong partnership.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  B. DOING LIFE TOGETHER.  We have to do life together,  we have to have shared interest, shared passion, shared vision, shared life together.  Build life together. Watch the game, jog in the morning, eat together, mall together.  Enjoy the kids together.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  C. DISCOVER YOUR COMMON PURPOSE.  When you don’t talk and do not life together then you can not discover your common purpose.  It leads you to a purpose. You have a destiny. For us build church together. You must know your kids destiny so you could help them rich there destiny.  Parent together.

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  DISCOVER YOUR COMMON PURPOSE.  What is your purpose? Dream.  If you are courting then discuss what is your purpose to your future partner.  There should be a purpose on your marriage. What is your purpose on why you getting married?

Gen 2:18  Not just only make babies but to have partner in everything we do, enjoy life with your spouse, serve God and form a godly family.  You must have one vision and go with the same direction.

Gen 1:27 Common purpose:  Be fruitful and multiply  Subdue the earth  Rule over it.

Husband what is your purpose? Wife what is your purpose?

THE VOW OF PARTNERSHIP  Covenant Partnership includes: 1. Mutual Submission  Eph 5:21 2. Godly Leadership  Eph 5:22-24




Have a heaven-sent, God-lead partnership!!!

Thank you…. Have a meaningful partnership with your spouse and…. with the Lord!

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