The Versatility of Bodyweight Exercise

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Information about The Versatility of Bodyweight Exercise

Published on April 28, 2014

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Bodyweight Exercise is the most versatile and convenient form of physical training all around the world, because it maximizes our strength and minimizes our cost of paying gym membership fees and buying expensive equipments

The Versatility of Bodyweight Exercise

The Versatility of Bodyweight Exercise  Body weight exercises require only the weight of your body to be effective.  They are basically strength training workouts you can do without specific equipments, but with your own body weight because not everyone has access to home equipment or a gym to gain from this type of body weight training.

Bodyweight Exercise gives you one of the best all body walkouts anywhere and anytime. It is a great alternative in benefiting your body especially if you are just a beginner.  Here are the different benefits of using Bodyweight Exercise  Workout from home  Variety  It is all relative  Great for beginners  Health benefits You can also learn how to progress from the simplest variations to the most complicated and advanced bodyweight exercises as you continue with the training.

Workout from home • While Most fitness enthusiasts have gym memberships and have become highly dependent on machines and free weights to work their muscles. There is no doubt that body weight training has proved to be the most convenient. All you need is your own physical being, and you’ll never be without machine or a facility. This means you’ll only need to learn to use your body as a barbell and obtain a great workout to gain tremendous physical fitness such as strength, balance and endurance. • It is the world’s oldest but most effective exercise which is very convenient in doing it at home.

• Bodyweight Exercise can be done anywhere: – In a hotel room – Outside pretty much anywhere – In your home – In your office • You can do it wherever you are feel comfortable doing them. • The main issue is to use an independent place to your advantage and schedule your workouts so you don’t miss them. • You can also have fun as you do it with your family. You can enjoy with your kids or spouse at home. • It’s a great fun to do this as you can have fun trying to push each other and tease as well and the benefits will be incredible on your health and relationships too.

Variety • Body weight exercises is the most effective exercise that combines both strength training exercises and cardiovascular exercises consistent with your fitness goals. • This is learnt from many athletes who involve themselves in both running and bodybuilding to develop tremendous mind-muscle connection that allow them to achieve amazing workouts. • It offers challenges to every level of fitness and does not discriminate against age or any other factor. • It ranges from walking, jogging, jumping jacks and jumping rope. • You can also perform strength training exercises using your weight like push ups, crunches and many upper and lower body exercises.

• You can have so many combinations of bodyweight exercises and different styles of training because they are the best approach in providing both aerobics and resistance training at the same time. Good example of these combinations include: – Travelling and static frog combination. This brings together some powerful travelling moves that provides excellent strength. – Sprints are one of the best exercises that can build hard, solid muscle all over your body. They involve running like a hare. They are not just running or jogging, but you use large muscles to power your movements for a fantastic workout. They are important in fat loss. – Walking also uses large muscles groups – You can also perform yoga and meditation exercises as well as strength training exercises using your weight like push ups, crunches, and many upper and lower body exercises. - See more at: exercises.html#sthash.bbBphfg4.dpuf • There are no specific recommendations for any type of bodyweight combinations as long as they provide effective results.

Bodyweight exercise is all relative • How well you handle your own body weight depends on your relative strength and how strong you are, heavy and how skilled you are in mastering your own movements. Therefore it’s all about how well you can apply your strength. • Bodyweight exercise is a great way to integrate your strength into more sophisticated movement patterns because our bodies are put together to generate force. • The movement of your body Patterns can be trained by moving your body through all of its potential degrees of freedom in an efficient way.

Great for beginners • Bodyweight Exercise are perfect for beginners. • They can easily be modified to challenge any fitness level. By starting at your own pace and adding extra repetitions or performing the exercises faster slower, you can make the simplest exercise more challenging or the hardest exercise less challenging. They can offer endless ways to do a little more or a little less in each workout to tone your muscles without over extending yourself.

Body weight exercise include both upper body and lower body exercises such as push ups or pull ups, sit ups, crunches, squats, Parallel Bar Dips, sprinter sit-up, Box jump, Lunge, oblique twists among others. Rather than going into each type of exercise for weight training, here is one bodyweight training specialist calisthenics training for your help, and learn the exercises which will get you in the best shape of your life.

Health benefits • You get all the health benefits from bodyweight exercises. • They provide your body with the needed oxygen and resistance that minimizes many health risks. • They integrate your muscle movements for better efficiency. • You can save thousands on gym membership fees and use these savings to make healthier food choices and get better results from your training from the comfort of your own home. • You can maintain your muscularity and fitness solely by performing bodyweight exercises.

Conclusion • With body weight exercise, you can learn to manipulate your body to achieve a world-class workout. • It is considered to be among the most popular ways of training and getting positive results with many benefits. • The major benefit of body weight exercise is, you can apply these workouts everywhere. – If you don’t have access to a gym you can perform the training session in each and every location that suits you. – If you are traveling, you can have it inside your accommodation for excellent benefits you desire. • If your goal is to have increased strength, You can get better results if you are focused on your true cardiovascular workouts.

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