The value of interlocking process data: Netherlocks and Smith Flow Control key management solutions.

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Published on June 10, 2016

Author: StefanvanDiessen


1. Process interlocking Process interlocking Valve positioning Partial stroke testing Valve operation Process interlocking Process interlocking prevents human error by guiding the operator through a predefined operating sequence. Valve interlocks are based on the principle of the exchange of unique keys, that only allow the right valves to be operated in the correct, predefined order. Electronic Key Cabinets - Key Management Solution Netherlocks Key Management Solutions enable advanced key management for mechanical interlocks at a central location.

2. Process interlocking The Netherlocks Key Management Solution allows for easy logging and authorization of the use of your interlocking keys. It offers operators detailed interlock information and provides insight in the use and status of your systems. Know where your keys are In order to track the whereabouts of your interlocking keys, you want to know where your interlocking keys go when they’re taken from their cabinet. The operator must identify at a touch screen, using a personal ID code or tag. Key removals are logged in the cabinet PC. Detailed key movements reports are available at the cabinet touch screen or remotely. Avoid unauthorized operation To make sure that interlocked systems are operated only by authorized personnel and under the right circumstances, the system regulates the release of operating keys. The operator logs into the system to obtain an operating key. Based on the authorization level linked to the operator ID, the system regulates access to the appropriate keys. Through the link with your DCS, authorization of key release can also depend on specific field variables, status of related systems, maintenance job planning, etc. Improve operator convenience Operators require detailed information about the systems they operate. When they experience difficulties, they want supporting materials readily available. The Key Management Solution supplies interlocking sequence information per system. IOM and other related documentation are all stored and available through the touch screen. Instruction videos are available about how to use interlocks and how to resolve simple issues. Additionally, customer specific content is easily uploaded to the system. Integrate valve operation in your overall planning Improve planning of your equipment changeovers and system operations, by linking the operation of interlocked valve systems to other planning systems. The Key Management Solution can be connected to existing systems of general planning, maintenance and even work permit systems and operational planning. This way, it serves as a pro-active tool to schedule operations and maintenance activities.

3. Process interlocking Characteristics Our Key Management Solution is added to a traditional Compact Key Cabinet. It consists of an integrated PC, dedicated software and a touch screen. Sensors are added to detect key presence. Optionally, solenoids retain individual keys >> Provides digital information about presence of keys, indicating valve position and system status >> Logs and reports all key movements >> Door hinges with safety switches for reliable door status feedback >> Local GUI client software for key management >> Remote access to key cabinet management application for systems settings and management >> Remote access to key cabinet environment for keys and systems status information and key movements reporting >> Process interlocking diagrams according to System ID

4. Key management Solution data sheet Process interlocking SPECIFICATIONS Monitor > Integrated full HD 17” (1920X1080 pixels) touchscreen LCD monitor Processor > Integrated fanless Core i5-3230M PC @ 2.60 GHz; Intel SSD 530; 120 GB, MLC, 2,5”, SA TA6G Operating system > Windows 8.1 Professional Edition build 9600 (64 bit) license & media UK OEM IP rating > IP 20 Power supply > 230 VAC, 2000 W max Network connection > Ethernet IPv4, UTP RJ45 connection Ambient oparting environment > Temperature: 0 to 50 °C > Relative humidity: 20% to 90%, non-condensing Key postions (operational & master) > PCB controlled modular IKC cassettes (12 positions per cassette –Sections 1,2,3,4; 10 positions per cassette – Section 5) > 1 microswitch per key position, 250 VAC 5A, SPDT, 0,25 N > 1 multicolor LED light (green, orange, red) per key position (25 – 30 mA), (2 – 2.2 VDC)

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