The value of 3 d and height data maps

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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: carolyngiles752



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The Value of 3D and Height Data Maps 3D and height data maps are fast becoming an invaluable tool for developers and planners. Here we take a look at some uses of such models. 3D Maps Digital three dimensional models of the entire UK are now available from specialist suppliers. Most larger cities and towns with the UK have already been mapped and so are readily available. Other areas can be mapped upon request. 3D models provide a more visually arresting and detailed representation of the features of an area of land. They can also be supplied in many different 3D digital maps in order to ensure their compatibility with the most commonly-used CAD software. 3D maps can be incredibly accurate (often within + or -50cm) which makes them very useful for planning and urban design. They are increasingly being used to create photomontages, in sun/shadow studies, for emergency planning, GIS integration and traffic planning as well as a visualisation tool. 3D models are often used in conjunction with height data in order to create a triangulated image of urban environments. Such maps are useful in analysing and assessing the features found on a particular site and in identifying the environmental impacts of a particular development. They are also great for creating impressive presentations and improving the quality of planning applications. Other reasons why 3D maps and height data maps are useful include promoting projects and developments and they can even increase sales. Height Data Maps Height data can be purchased and integrated into existing GIS and CAD software in order to add another level of detail to a representation of a given area. Such data includes both the built and the natural environment and can aid modelling, planning and site analysis. Data is available in a range of resolutions and formats in order to be compatible with the huge variety of software, applications and skill sets. Higher resolution height data maps are commonly used for a wide range of applications such as line of sight investigation, cut and fill scrutiny, flood modelling and terrain visualisation and modelling. Lower resolution height models are used over larger areas in analysing environmental impacts, planning pipelines and highways, analysing the water network and risk management. They are also useful for analysing radio waves, planning land use and developments, managing assets, visualising landscapes and analysing terrain and drainage. Pricing and lead time Height data digital mapping services are rapidly becoming more affordable as more and more of the necessary data is collected. For most of the larger urban areas of the UK, data is already available and can be provided for as little as £200 and delivered within around 48 hours. If new data needs to be collected and prepared, then both the lead time and the cost will obviously increase. Even so, representations of most areas will be available within a few weeks from specialist suppliers of 3D maps and height data models.

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