The Uses of Radioisotopes

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Information about The Uses of Radioisotopes

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: littlevagabond



Some examples of the uses of radioisotopes in the world around us.

Name of decay Alpha Beta Gamma Symbol How The Decay Happen? What happens What happens to the Atomic to the Mass Number? Number?


Patient is injected with a radioisotope. The isotopes decay gives out radiation. A large detection machine is used to trace the isotope through the human body. The picture on the right is a tracer used to check if the kidneys are working correctly.

Food is exposed to gamma rays This kills all the bacteria and microbes. The food stays fresher for longer because there are less bacteria.

1. You are given one isotope card, write down the symbol, with the atomic number at the top and the mass number at the bottom 2. Now, work out the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in your isotope, and write each beside the isotope symbol 3. Once you have these numbers, try drawing the isotope in your book Eg 6 C 15

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