The Use of some phrases when you travel in albania

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Information about The Use of some phrases when you travel in albania

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: hoteleritourismalbania


UsefuL ALBANIAN Phrases Greetings Hello ! ! Shopping / Restaurants ! Njatjeta!! ! I don’t understand ! How are you? ! ! Si je?! ! ! Can you speak slowly? !Mund te flasesh me ngadale I’m fine, thank you ! Jam mire, faleminderit! How much is this? ! Sa kushton kjo?! What is your name? ! Si te guajne?! What time is it?! ! Sa eshte ora? ! My name is... ! ! ! ! ! Une quhem...! ! ! I have a reservation! Kam nje rezervim Where are you from? ! Nga je?!! ! (Une) nuk kuptoj ! I’m vegetarian! ! Une jam vegjeterian Une jam! nga...! ! I’m just looking! ! Vetem po shikoj Good morning !! Miremengjes! ! Can I have the bill?! Me jepni faturen ju lutem Good afternoon!! Miredita!! ! Do you accept cards? ! Pranoni karta krediti? Good evening ! ! Mirembrema! ! This is too expensive! Kjo eshte shume e shtrenjte Goodbye ! Mirupafshim ! ! No problem ! Nuk ka problem I am from... ! ! ! Nice to meet you! ! Gezohem qe ju takova! Thank you ! Getting Around ! Faleminderit! Emergency Excuse me ! ! Me falni!! ! I’m lost !! ! Kam humbur rrugen! Help! ! ! ! Ndihme! Stop!! ! ! Ndalo! Can you help me? ! Mund te me ndihmoni?! Call the police! !! Thirr policine! How can I get to? ! Si mund te shkoj...! I need a doctor!!! Kam nevoje per doktor!! Go straight! ! ! ! ! Shkoni drejt! ! Call the ambulance! Thirr ambulancen! Turn left ! ! Kthehuni majtas! ! I feel sick! Me vjen per te vjelle! Turn right! ! Kthehuni djathtas! Fire!! ! ! ! ! Zjarr! Can you show me? ! A mund te me tregoni?! Accident! Aksident What is this?! C’eshte ky?! Me ler te qete! ! ! ! Leave me alone!! ! ! ! !

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