The Underground Railroad

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Information about The Underground Railroad

Published on December 5, 2007

Author: Estelle


The Underground Railroad:  The Underground Railroad Escape from Slavery The Underground Railroad :  The Underground Railroad Be sure you are paying close attention. You will complete the worksheets given from the video. Click on train to begin the video. Slide3:  Name _______________ Date ________________ THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: Escape from Slavery ©Video Quiz Directions: At the end of the video, there is a short quiz. You may write your answers to the quiz on your own piece of paper. 1. Slaves, like land or a house, were considered ____________. 2. A person who spoke out against slavery was called an __________. 3. Slaves enabled southern plantation owners to obtain wealth by growing sugar, indigo, and _______________. 4. Harriet _______________ was a heroic figure on the Underground Railroad making 19 mission to free slaves. 5. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book titled ___________________________ that helped the nation understand the tragedy of slavery. Take a journey as a slave on the Underground Railroad:  Take a journey as a slave on the Underground Railroad Explore the following web site:  Explore the following web site Visit the updated timeline Vocabulary Quilt Quiz Pictures of Harriet Tubman Your assignment :  Your assignment You will complete the prereading exercises worksheet for the House of Dies Drear. You will compose 1 sentence explaining how you would respond if you were in the situation given. Homework Help #5 Great bay horse is a big horse #10 Phosphorus tape is glow in the dark tape Track star links:  Track star links 264102 108847 272498 Vocabulary for Dies Drear :  Vocabulary for Dies Drear Works cited :  Works cited Slide10:  The End

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