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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: merlien


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DR MEDIEFORSKNING OBJECTIVE OF THE PRESENTATION How “agents” can get you into the consumption situation (radio listening) - without the disturbing influence of having a researcher in the room How you can recruit in a unique way - and actually get people to “spy” on eachother How you can integrate your respondents in your research and understand their consumption patterns better. And finally how it is often more important to monitor the implementation of the solution – than it is to understand and solve the problem.

DR MEDIEFORSKNING CHANGE OF METHOD MEASURING RADIO LISTENING Green arrows show DIPS Average reach 2007, monday to friday 1000 700 900 600 800 700 600 400 rtg000 Number of listeners 500 500 300 400 200 300 200 100 100 0 0 05:00 Time of day 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00

DR MEDIEFORSKNING THE METHODOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE OF MEASURING The big change with PPM is the change from the perceived listener reality to the measured listener reality This difference is central in understanding the listeners. Listeners do not necessarily mean to give us inaccurate listening figures via CATI or diaries – but they do The Danish radio reality didn’t shift on jan. 1st 2008, but our ability to perceive it correctly did

DR MEDIEFORSKNING DISCREPANCY BETWEEN EXPERIENCED AND REAL LISTENING Problem To look at everyday radio use, without interfering with user habits and rituals Inspiration “Iron Board study”, “Shadow Shopping”, Ethnographic “moving-in” studies Solution Agents to monitor and ”log” spouse or colleagues behaviour Observation in real time (morning, transport, work ect.) Afterwards in depth duo-interview by DR audience researcher Makes it possible to Observe radio listening in a normal atmosphere Have a unique look into listeners everyday life. Challenge respondents answers through their monitored behaviour 5

DR MEDIEFORSKNING DIFFICULTIES Recruitment Snowball recruitment and agent to accept on behalf of respondent Screening of respondent through agent Teach agent to observe and to do log-book Teach agent not to talk to spouse after observation – at all Ethics – the interview is ”black box” until respondents accept Interview Keep time from observation to interview down to a minimum Best for ”negotiated listening” - not solo listening Much depend on (how well you teach) the agent

DR MEDIEFORSKNING ADVANTAGES Unique access to the radio listeners every day life Observation in relaxed normal atmosphere To study behaviour and be able to challenge what the Listener think to be the truth Interview The log-book is essential. As a tool in the interview and for analysis afterwards. Interview on top of agent-observation reveal both voluntary and involuntary behaviour and A good way to gain access to what the listeners think and feel in the listening situation

DR MEDIEFORSKNING RESULTS FROM THE UNDERCOVER AGENT PROJECT DIPS are structural Appointment time The jingle is an alarm-clock News on radio is functional Update – not repetition Repetition kills interest Fixed length = indifferent news items Variable length Short is functional Flow maintain – news interrupt News is guest on flow News need added value Functionality of news is NEW If it ain't new – it ain't news Use of news merge in the younger demographics Integrated news room Cross media corporation


DR MEDIEFORSKNING DIPS OVERVIEW 16% 15% Undercover analysis 14% 14% 12% 10% 11% 11% 9% 8% 11% 2008 1. kvartal 09 2. kvartal 2009 8% 3. kvartal 09 6% 4. kvartal 09 4% 1. kvartal 2010 2% 2. kvt. 2010 0% Hele dagen

DR MEDIEFORSKNING DIPS OVERVIEW Revisiting dips Undercover analysis 16% 15% 14% 14% 12% 12% 11% 11% 11% 10% 10% 2008 1. kvartal 09 9% 2. kvartal 2009 8% 3. kvartal 09 8% 4. kvartal 09 1. kvartal 2010 2. kvt. 2010 6% 3. kvt. 2010 4. kvt. 2010 4% 2% 0% Hele dagen

DR MEDIEFORSKNING REASONS FOR THE FALLBACK Journalists’ professional competence SOP’s Who gets to decide which news are irrelevant each day Making flow hosts and news hosts talk in same language Cutbacks and new strategic goals

DR MEDIEFORSKNING CONCLUSIONS The Undercover Agent Method did bring new understanding to radio We were able to see the discrepancy between actual and perceived behaviour We could work together with respondent in order to get a better understanding We did solve the problem and won the listeners back to the news on radio But most importantly - monetering the solution is every bit as important as solving the problem. 13

DR MEDIEFORSKNING THANK YOU! Peter Niegel Audience Researcher, DR PETN@DR.DK

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