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Published on September 15, 2016

Author: CyrellysGeibhendach1


1. MAY GOD TAKE ME TO MY GRAVE GEORGE SOROS AND GENOCIDE BY DESIGN IN THE UKRAINE PART 1 I. THE 21 ST CENTURY UKRAINE CRISIS. A. Background: Ukraine means borderlands. The Ukraine borders Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Belarus, and Romania. The Ukraine is the second largest state in Europe. It is fabulously wealthy. The history of the Ukraine is blood-drenched. It was coveted by ancient Scythians, Persians, Sarmatians, and the Vikings. In the middle Ages, Swedes, Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, Mongols and Turks coveted its incredibly rich lands with excellent soil, broad rivers, and sweeping fertile agricultural pasturages, complimented by vast treasures of iron, manganese, silver and gold. In the 12Th century, Russia defeated the powerful Khazar Empire that held sway over the silk, spice and trade routes to China. It established a powerful black sea naval base at Sebastopol, a coveted warm water port. Russia and Poland exerted influence over the region for 400 years, keeping the Turks and the Muslims out of Europe. During the 16Th century, The Ukraine was Polish and Lithuanian territory until Russia and other European powers ganged up on Poland and partitioned Poland in the 18Th century. Poland was never to reacquire its dominating influence in the Ukraine. During the 19Th century, Russia, England and Turkey fought a very nasty war over control of the Crimea, but England never held sway over the Ukraine. In the 20Th century, the Ukraine was the objective of communist agents attempting to foment revolution in Russia. In 1905, Lenin, Stalin and other communist agents instigated a bloodbath in the Ukraine. The communists massacred Volga Germans and other European minorities living in the Ukraine. Many fled to Canada and the United States. The Ukraine was fought over by Red and White armies during the October 1917 communist revolution and much blood was spilled by warring armies for control of the Ukraine. The communists exerted brutal control of the Ukraine and began collectivizing its wealthy farms, ranches, steel, and coal mines in the Donbass area. In 1932, Stalin decided to wipe out wealthy farmers and the Ukraine’s middle class. The Soviet secret police and military conducted a reign of terror in the Ukraine that lasted until 1937. Over 1 1

2. 7 million people were murdered by Stalin. Many died of famine, as the communists confiscated all the food, all of the farms, and agricultural machinery and farmlands. In 1937 Stalin imprisoned thousands and executed thousands more in a massive purge. During WII it was fought over by Germans and Russians, and native Ukrainians. Horrendous losses were incurred by the warring armies. Hitler made a bee line for the Crimea warm water ports and the Ukraine’s iron and manganese mines as necessary elements to drive his new order war machine. Over 5 million Ukrainians lost their lives, including most of the Orthodox Jews. Between WWI and WWII many ethnic Poles lived peacefully in the Ukraine until Hitler invaded in 1941. Few know that the Ukraine was targeted by Reinhardt Heydrich and the Nazi SD for destabilization in 1935. Secret Nazi agents were inserted into the Ukraine to assess what blond and blue eyed ethnics were amendable to incorporation into an expanding Reich new order. Nazi agents recruited many Ukrainians disaffected by Stalin and the communists. A secret underground army was established in the Ukraine under control of Nazi agents. Ultranationalist Ukrainian leader and war criminal, Stepan Bandera aligned with the German Nazis. Bandera conducted ruthless ethnic cleansing campaigns in the Ukraine, ridding the land of Poles, Orthodox Jews, Gypsies and Romanian settlers. Many Banderites joined the SS and were extensively used as counterinsurgency troops by the Nazis in the Ukraine. Many of these Ukrainian Nazis were the core cadre of the murderous SS Einsatzgruppen killers that roamed the Ukraine at will, raping, burning, hanging and destroying all ethnics in the country. Tens of thousands of ethnic Poles were massacred by the Banderites during WWII, leaving Poland with bitter lingering memories of Ukrainian perfidy. In 1954, The Soviet Union unexpectedly relinquished direct control of the Ukraine, and gave it to the Ukrainian people to manage, but incorporated it as part of the Soviet Union. Russia had developed major infrastructure and industrial projects in the Ukraine and ringed the Ukraine with strategic military bases. The Ukraine asserted its Independence in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Ukraine relinquished control of strategic weapons to Russia, but kept modern military bases and weapons plants for its own armed forces. The collapse of the Soviet Union set off a scramble by Western powers, and a coterie of central banks to finance and restructure a modern Ukraine under the European Union. Unfortunately, the Soviet collapse also attracted the attention of arch master criminal, convicted felon, Nazi war criminal and international speculator, George Soros. Soros is a Rothschild agent and front man in the United States. ‘ PUTIN WANTS ALL OF THE UKRAINE’… President P. Poroshenko, Ukraine 2 2

3. B. THE ORANGE REVOLUTION AND SOROS’ AGENDA. An analysis of Soros links, activities, causes, and investments post Cold War suggests that Rothschild and the Bank of England agent, George Soros is waging political and subversive warfare on Russia, the Ukraine, the Middle East and Europe by the following measures aimed at bringing Europe into a world order government and super state. The EU is to be replaced by a European federation super state under control of globalist agents. Soros’ agents used the following measures. • Creating political and economic chaos through massive illegal Muslim immigration-using unrestricted and illegal immigration to destroy state sovereignty, and to implode the social welfare system. • Wreaking financial chaos by attacking national currencies and degrading their worth. • Buying political candidates to subvert a state’s: traditions, politics, culture by creating and funding riots, funding political stalking horses and subversion agents that do his bidding in promoting globalism and authoritarian socialism in education, the arts and national politics. • Prior to the Soviet dissolution, Soros set up a foundation to manage events in Eastern Europe. Soros admitted that foundation agents in conjunction with the US State Department occasioned revolution, and the fall of the Ukrainian government in a coup known as the Orange Revolution. • Soros’ acknowledged that many of the wild demonstrators in the Euro-Maidan movement were foundation employees and recruits trained by his numerous NGOs in destabilization measures. Soros boasts that his International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) funded many of the chaotic events in Eastern Europe during the early 1990s, and were responsible for the disastrous Arab Spring that caused the atrocious war in Syria, the fall of Libya, and Egypt to Muslim radicals and persistent turmoil in the Arab world. • The United States has military forces and equipment inside the Ukraine and props up neo- Fascist’s Pyotor Poroshenko’s government. The objective of the American presence in the Ukraine, Scandinavia, and in the Baltic States and Poland is to constrain Russia with a ring of powerful military bases holding strategic weapons aimed at Moscow. Thus in summation, the West (The USA and the EU) has ringed Russia with powerful military weapons and bases by incorporating former Soviet states in the American led, financed and driven NATO military alliance, which now exerts tremendous influence in the Ukraine and has set the course for an apparent direct collision with Russia and Vladimir Putin. Private actors fronting for globalist organizations and elites like George Soros orchestrated many of the boiling political eruptions in the Ukraine that appears to set the stage for a possible Third World War. Moreover, in examining the military actions of the neo-Fascist inclined Poroshenko government with its American partners a new reality appears. America and the EU are waging a genocidal war on separatist Ukrainians’ seeking political, economic, and cultural union with Russia. 3 3

4. II. UKRAINIAN GENOCIDE A. The Ukrainian Cauldron. After hundred of hours of watching films, documentaries and studying hundreds of articles about the Ukraine, some of the following salient facts are noteworthy for consideration. 1. MSM News Blackout. The American and European MSM have maintained an effective news blackout on issues in the Ukraine, such as war crimes committed by neo Nazi troops from the Azov battalion. 2. Propaganda and Demonization. The American and European MSM use every occasion to characterize V. Putin, the Russians and separatist Ukrainians wishing to secede from the Ukraine as (a.) criminals, (b.) terrorists, (c.) saboteurs meriting condemnation, delegitimization, and the death penalty. a. American Mindset. American officials arrogantly tend to perceive that the Russians do not count for much in the post Cold War era. They were counting on a reset with Medevev as President and not Putin. Bad mistake. They keep reciting Russian aims at expanding empire with the conflict in Chechnya and in Georgia, while conveniently forgetting what happens in the Caucasus directly impacts Russian national security… just as much what happens in Mexico does with the US (we invaded Mexico in 1916 over security concerns with Pancho Villa). b. Media Control of News Events. Newsworthy events, such as George Soros intervention in the State Department, Soros’ formulation of American foreign policy obtained from Wiki Leaks and other sources show that Soros and his lieutenants in constant engagement with every actor in the Ukrainian crisis from the beginning… the leaks show that Americans and Soros intending to subvert Russian influence in the Ukraine, bringing Russia to its knees economically, and steering the Ukraine toward a neo Con model integration with Europe and eventually with global government. Soros rejected a federalized Ukraine, something Putin was amendable to. Soros’ hand in all of this was blacked out by the USG (US Government) and by the media, who knew full well how the game was playing out. Note: The USG was confident it could win the propaganda war and influence Germany, Greece and others in the EU sympathetic to Moscow views by insisting that federalization of the Ukraine was bad, and wiping out the separatist movement was the correct answer. Obviously, this view backfired as full scale civil war rages in the Ukraine. Note: An examination of the details involving Soros’ conversations with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt disclose a stunning development. Ambassador Pyatt asks Soros what should be done in the Ukraine. Who is the ambassador and who 4 4

5. is running US foreign Policy… Washington or George Soros? Soros’ reply is that Barrack Obama has been too soft on Russia and that a harder line is called for! 3. Utilization of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) upon notice of dissolution of the Donabass area from the Ukraine resulting in the formation of separatists political states (The Donbass and Luhansk People’s Republics) Kiev mobilized its army and poured in heavy mechanized tank battalions with heavily armed mobile infantry, and began using weapons of mass destruction such as Multiple Launched Rocket Systems [MLRS], the powerful BM 21 Grad and BM 27 Ouragan strategic rockets against separatist militia, civilians, and residential areas in the Donbass region. 4. Mass Casualties & Destruction of Infrastructure. Inspectors from the UN’s Office of Cooperation and Security in Europe (OCSE) estimates that since 2014, some 10,000 civilians, UAF soldiers and separatist militia have died in the raging conflict. Separatist military formations have sustained casualties and the destruction of military equipment in bitter fighting characterized by ruthless urban combat scenarios, such as the terrible fighting at the Donetsk Airport. However, an analysis of UAF targeting suggests that the emphasis of Kiev’s military campaigns against the separatists rests on causing civilian casualties, and public infrastructure destruction related to the quality and essentials of life. (a) water mains (b) schools (c) electricity generators and power stations (f) gas pipelines (g) food stores (h) train stations and airports and principal roads (i) residential areas This implies that FEAR and TERROR are constant companions of civilians in the Donbass area. The random and sustained rocketing and shelling have caused many terrible civilian deaths and the loss of homes, cars, jobs, and apartments. Many shocked civilians have fled to the Crimea, abroad, or to Russia as refugees. This state of affairs has been almost totally ignored by the MSM. Observations and analysis of sentiments obtained from emails, films, news reports, and statements from independent journalists, expatriates and travelers suggest that popular resistance to the neo-Fascist Kiev government is deep, bitter and sustained. B. ANALYSYS AND OBSERVATIONS OF THE CRISIS 1. The EU. Many in the Donbass and Eastern Ukraine do not want anything to do with the EU. They feel the EU does not meet their cultural or ethnic interests, and it is dominated by America, Germany (their former bitter WWII enemy), and by France. They have strong cultural, language and ethnic ties to Russia and want to be an 5 5

6. autonomous entity of Russia under the Russian Federation. Many of these people have strong family ties in Russia and go back and forth (like Mexican families in the US with Mexico). They see Poroshenko and his government as fascists and as toadies of the US and George Soros. In essence, Ukrainians in the East rejected Poroshenko as a US toady and his government as illegitimate. “MAY GOD QUICKLY TAKE ME TO MY GRAVE.” … homeless Ukrainian Babushka “ I NEVER EXPECTED TO BE LIVING LIKE AN ANIMAL IN MY BASEMENT FOR YEARS WHILE SHELLS FLY OVERHEAD.” … widowed woman in Donetsk. Ukrainians in the Donbass and Donetsk bitterly remark to journalists that they hate Poroshenko and the Americans for destroying their homes and country. Many are now refugees, traveling like gypsies and wandering around homeless on the back roads. Russians and others have offered to help them, but they are a proud and stubborn lot. A Babushka refused to let a journalist carry her shopping bag (it contained the salvage from her home). She refused to let him carry it. 2. Perceptions of Self and the Future, Personal Issues. Many Ukrainians are simply bewildered and horrified at what has happened to their country. They had a lot to look forward to. Life after the collapse of the old USSR was improving constantly. They had a good trade and working relationship with Russia and with most of Europe. Investments from abroad were accelerating, creating good jobs, and modernizing their infrastructure and industrial base. However, deep political and economic forces were working in the background to wrest control of the Ukraine from its peoples. These forces aligned with the neo Con agenda and the Project for a New American Century aimed at making America the preponderant and unipolar power in the post Cold War era. Ukrainians realize that their country, its resources, and they are caught in a tug of war between the post Cold War forces of globalization and independent self-determination. Ukrainians are driven apart and remain divided by the following personal issues. a. Bitterness and Self-Determination. There is too much bitterness over the wanton killing, pillaging and senseless destruction of the Ukraine with mass weapons for any reconciliation. Eastern Ukrainians and Russian ethnics want the fascist clique in Kiev, Poroshenko and the American arch criminal, George Soros tried for war crimes. They wish to seek their own course and self-determination. b. War Crimes and Terrorism. The Kiev government and the Ukrainian Armed Forces see the separatists and those in the East as TERRORISTS meriting the death penalty and the destruction of their territory. The UAF (Ukrop to the separatists) have committed many outrages, including documented executions of civilians and suspected pro-Russians. Yet, separatist military forces are also guilty of abusing UAF prisoners in parading prisoners in public, exposing them to civilian retaliation, beating them up in public, and dumping UAF bodies in public squares. 6 6

7. c. Loathing of “The Other.” There are intense feelings of betrayal, hostility and outright hatred from both groups. There is no effective cease-fire. As soon as the sun goes down or the UN observers (OSCE inspectors) go around the corner, shooting and shelling begins, sometimes lasting all night. Confidence building measures and the presence of peace keepers is noticeably absent in the conflict zone. d. The Future and Security. Many knowledgeable observers arguably suggest that Putin’s annexation of the Crimea was critical to destroying the post Cold War security apparatus, thus leading directly to a possible world war. What they ignore is more basic facts-Russian interests and security in the entire region is strategic and non-negotiable. Moscow is prepared to go to war if the West makes a move on the Crimea, considered critical to Russian national security. Thus, the basis for gloomy expectations of a peaceful and prosperous future in the Ukraine as it remains a flashpoint for global war. 3. The UN. The UN to most people in Eastern Ukraine is irrelevant. They do not want integration with Europe as it means the loss of their cultural and ethnic identities. They are very proud of their traditions and culture. A recent documentary film depicted a Kuban Cossack, in Cossack dress wandering the roads with a cross, blessing all and giving water to homeless people. He said prayers for the separatist militia units he met on the way. Wandering minstrels and Orthodox devouts have a long and honored tradition in Russia and the Ukraine. Recent documentary films show many of the beautiful Orthodox churches senselessly destroyed by shellfire. Babushkas and grandpas were setting aside brick, wood, and mortar to rebuild them. The UN's Office of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) sends inspectors to document shelling exchanges. They interview people and photograph mounds of ruins and the newly dead. But that is all they do. There are no peacekeepers in the Ukraine. The people in the conflict zones call the OSCE inspectors worthless flies sitting on a dead carcass. 4. The EU and Ethnic Culture. Ukrainians in the East do not want to integrate with Europe. They constantly cite the loss of their traditions and culture. That is what they live be Ukrainians celebrating life-not to be vague citizens of some ill-defined super state that will likely treat them as second class citizens. Moreover, they cite that linguistically and culturally they have links with Russians and that there are many ethnic Russian citizens in the Ukraine. They cite the need for an autonomous state linked to Russia economically and culturally, but with their own government (The United States’ federation principle). 5. The USA. Many Ukrainians have families in Canada and in the US (think Alberta and the Dakotas). They are deeply upset over the USA's support of a fascist clique in Kiev. They feel outraged and betrayed by the American government (think Victoria Nuland, Secretary of State Clinton). There are very bitter feelings from separatist militiamen that the “Ukrops” (a derogatory term for the Ukrainian Armed Forces-UAF) is getting massive US help to kill them and to destroy their country. They are also very angry at the presence of Polish and American mercenaries training the UAF, or actively 7 7

8. fighting against them. That was emphasized by militia members in a number of interviews. They bitterly added "what comes around goes around!" III. The Separatist Militia. The militias in the Donbass region have amazed international observers. Their members are not professional soldiers, but mostly miners, farmers, housewives, and tradesmen. Observers snidely remarked that they would not last a minute going up against the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They are now becoming a professional army in the making. Many members are ethnic Russians with military backgrounds citing the need to help their Donbass Ukrainian brothers in a just cause and fight. Some of these people quit their jobs to go to the Donbass region to join the militias. Note: Some observations obtained from documentary films, press interviews, social media commentary about the separatist militia follows below. A. Unit Cohesion and Morale. It is very high. Militia members realize there will be casualties, wounded, and dead. Despite being outgunned and forced to improvise and use outmoded equipment, they are not dissuaded. Many militia members cited that the Ukrainian Crisis is the beginning of WWIII and people in the West do not see it for what it is. Militias honor their dead with memorials and salutes. They also make every effort to retain a sense of humor and their humanity. B. Tactical Skills and Equipment. The PKM machine gun, the AK rifle, and SVD sniper rifle are the weapons of choice. Some outfits use the old WWII PTRS anti-tank guns. Uniforms and load bearing outfits are of very good quality, and of modern design. They use camouflage of all types, but most are outfitted with camouflage uniforms matching the terrain (The Gorka mountain outfit is widely used). They keep their weapons and outfights clean and in good repair. They train in small unit tactics: ambushes, infiltration, flanking and patrolling. They use GMRS and HAM type portable radios. Militia members are skilled recoilless rifle shooters. They use 82MM mortars, 57MM and 75MM recoilless rifles, LAWS, and RPGs as mobile artillery. Antiaircraft guns were generally not seen. Tanks, IFVs, and artillery were acquired from UAF stocks or supplied by Russia. Some village militias use the older Mosin Nagant bolt action and the good semi-automatic SKS rifle. C. Individual Outfits, Communications. When combat is expected, militias only carry essentials. They use the old Soviet M40 or later Cold War “cone head” helmets, or the more modern Kevlar renditions. Generally, they limit loads to weapon, ammo, water and one or two day’s rations and IFAKs (first aid kits). They use tarps, ponchos, dugouts, and ruins for shelter. They use soft caps and “boonie” hats on patrols. Scouts and snipers use “do rags” as headgear. Snipers and scouts are seen in ‘bush rag” or in ghillie camo outfits. Helmets are carried because of constant Grad Rocket or artillery bombardments. Medics carry tourniquets, gauze pads, and anti-shock medication. Stretchers are improvised by using ponchos and blankets. When not in the field, militia messes are provided by townsfolk supporters. Militias were seen using cell phones, GMRS and HAM type portable radios. Some static positions used the old field phone system or runners for communications. 8 8

9. D. Armor, LAWS, RPGs, Artillery. Militia use BMPs, BTRs and Russian T-72 and Ukrainian T-64 tanks with upgraded tubes (125MM). They praise the native T-64 highly and are devout users of the Russian BMP IFV. The militiamen know how to work with armor and are constantly guarding the flanks of armor in urban settings. Militia members carry a plethora of anti-armor weapons, usually American pattern LAWS and Russian RPGs. Much of the training in armor is provided in Russia. Whether militia armored units have engaged in tank versus tank battles is unknown. Militias recover damaged or knocked out tanks and either try to make repairs or salvage parts. Artillery used by militias rests on the Soviet pattern D30 122MM divisional piece and some long-ranged 130 MM guns. Whether militias have access to or use Grads (BM21 MLRS) is unknown. Militias adopt individual 122MM pieces to support them. They used these guns effectively in the Donetsk Airport battle. E. Training, Females, Sentiments. Militia training is very intense. Instructors actually use LIVE FIRE ROUNDS to stress important points in taking cover and using concealment. Militia members train on firing ranges and assault courses. Instructors appear to know their jobs and constantly rehearse their charges in deployments, the use of camouflage, cover and concealment, the use of supporting fires, marksmanship and in assault and defensive skills and tactics. Many trainees appeared to be older males (some were grandfathers). There are many women present in the militias. Some of the women are snipers, tank or BMP drivers, or mortar gunners. Some of the women lead men in battle and are highly regarded by the men. Sex is not an issue with the militia-the best qualified people command regardless of sex or background. Female trainees know they have a rough ordeal on their hands. They try to civilize situations by baking and cooking for the men, and by singing songs, or reciting poetry. Female militia cited the need to join their men as the fight was theirs too. Many female militia members cited they hated war and filth, and wanted to return to their homes, jobs and families (the men did too). There was a sense of deep bitterness and sadness expressed by the militia. Militia members interviewed by local and foreign press told the men with the UAF, especially the newly drafted young boys to go home, or to surrender to them. They cited that if they surrendered they would spare their lives, otherwise, if not, then “too bad.” Some of these youngsters captured by militia were sent home to their families by the militia. F. Snipers and Scouts, General Upkeep, Combat Loads. Each militia fire team is equipped with a PKM machine gun and a sniper/scout or two with SVD sniper rifles and portable radios. Snipers recon by fire and constantly use their excellent scopes and covert infiltration to scout the battlefield. Snipers work very closely with machine gunners and militia artillery units. Snipers are allowed independent authority to operate with the widest latitude. 9 9

10. During breaks in the fighting, militia train in tactics, clean weapons, prepare ammunition and magazines, and repair field equipment. Their noise and light discipline is very good. March formations and deployments are dependent on the terrain, the anticipated battle, and opposition. Anyone who bunches up or screws up gets an immediate "rocket" from the sergeant. Noncoms and officers contribute to the welfare of the men in these units by donating their own funds and equipment, or food to their men. Relation between men and officers is informal but also respectful. Militias do not salute officers. They are expected to voice opinions and frequently do so. Militias are not used as heavy infantry. They minimize combat loads to weapons, ammunition, and water. They avoid overburdening themselves with heavy packs and the huge and heavy combat loads noted with American infantry in Afghanistan. Militias carry basic combat loads of seven to nine AK magazines, and carry up to two RPG or light anti-tank weapon (LAW) rounds. Militias use LAWs and RPGs as mobile artillery in close combat. Militias make extensive use of “butt packs” and small backpacks to carry personal gear. They carry several hand grenades (F1 pattern). Only a few pistols or shotguns were observed used by the militias. Boots are durable and of good quality with Vibram type soles. Snipers use a lot of trail running shoes. Militia use buses, personal autos, bicycles, motorbikes, IFVs, and tanks as transportation G. Internationalization of the Separatist Militia. The Ukrainian crisis has attracted fighters from all over the world, reminiscent of the Spanish civil war in the 1930s. Americans, Poles, Balts, Englishmen and Spaniards have joined the militias inspired by Ukrainian militia bravery and what they perceive is a just cause. Conclusion. The separatist militias appear to be determined and very hard fighters. Contrary to professional views and expectations, they remain a major force on the battlefield. They have inflicted significant casualties on the Ukrainian Armed Forces, routing better equipped enemy units and causing them to withdraw. Militias in the Donbass are proud to serve. Unit cohesion is outstanding. Every effort is made to become better soldiers, to improve, and to take care of each other. Militias make every effort to aid civilians: to help feed them, to provide basic first aid, to help evacuate them, and to protect them. Relations between militia and civilians are outstanding. The people revere them, support them, and aid them. The militias are grateful for the people's support and take care not to cause them trouble or to impose on them. It appears that the separatist militias are evolving to becoming a highly competent professional army. Militia member cite that they did this mostly by themselves. There were a few Russian advisers present, but the militias cited that the Russian army is in Russia, and not on the battlefield. This invalidates the Kiev government’s claim that hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers are ghosting in militia ranks. Some militia units are guilty of mistreating UAF prisoners. Militia commanders need to stop this immediately. Finally, militia members’ views have soured and hardened. Their inflexibility remains just as much an obstacle to peace as Kiev’s hard line does. Propaganda is operative and at a high pitch demonizing each side as the intolerable other. The West and the American MSM joins in a crusade depicting V. Putin and Russia as the chief cause of the crisis. The MSM asserts that Putin had no right to annex the Crimea, ignoring facts 10 10

11. regarding its long established links to Russia and the desire of Crimea’s ethnic Russians to join with Moscow. Recent events indicate that the Russians and V. Putin is losing patience with ever more dangerous Kiev provocations to use chemical weapons and air strikes in the Donbass. Russian armor and infantry deployments to the Crimea and borders of the Ukraine have been noted and filmed. Russia’s armed forces are now on a war fighting posture. Kiev appears to be escalating tensions by sending significant armored units to the conflict’s borders. The Ukrainian crisis remains a flashpoint for another world war. Poroshenko’s government and the actions of the UAF deeply divide the Ukrainians. Reconciliation does not appear possible. Kiev is seen as a gang of outlaws doing globalist George Soros and the American neo Con’s bidding with little standing legitimacy. Ukrainians in the Donbass and in the East see Kiev waging genocide on them. They will never back down or retreat from their beliefs. That is key to understanding them. Their reverence for their traditions, language, and cultural heritage unites them as a people. They do not want to integrate with Europe or with a world government. They wish to remain Ukrainians. Putin knows this, and while trying not to be provoked, he does appear limited in options to deal with the crisis by ever rising tensions. He has put the West on notice that Russia will not back down in defending its long-term security, economic interests, and brothers in the Ukraine and in the Crimea. Moreover, he now boldly asserts that the Americans lied to the world about the need for basing American missile assets in territory close to the Russian border. The Americans declared that this was necessary to defend Europe from the Iranian nuclear and medium range missile threat. Putin knows that those missiles can also be used offensively with nuclear weapons. They now ring Russia with a flight time of only 18 minutes to Moscow. Additionally, the Americans are basing nuclear weapons in Romania. Putin asks the world why this is necessary. He declares Russia has no designs on the West. The Western media appears to avoid coverage of the crisis because the Ukrainian separatists are an embarrassing contradiction to elite globalists’ like George Soros and his minions driving forward the foundation of a new European super state and globalist world government. The message given to the separatists is clear. Integrate, follow our will, quit resisting, or be destroyed. You amount to nothing in our designs. Finally, there is little doubt that Kiev and Washington are engaging in a genocidal campaign to wipe the separatists out. An analysis of the targets selected by the UAF supports contentions that they are striking civilians and life support essentials and not military targets. Thus, civilians in the Donbass region are without power, food, shelter, water, and heat, and are being treated by their own government as terrorists and enemy combatants without regard for any standards of human decency, compassion, or the laws of war. V. Putin is the only leader on the world stage that has decried a Ukrainian genocide in the making and appears firmly determined to stop it. 11 11

12. Meanwhile, the world holds its breath as the clock ticks down to a razor’s edge between sanity and World War Three. 12 12

13. MAY GOD TAKE ME TO MY GRAVE GEORGE SOROS AND GENOCIDE BY DESIGN IN THE UKRAINE PART 2 I. UKRAINE, THE 4Th REICH, AND A NEW WORLD FASCIST ORDER. Knowledgeable observers to the grave crisis now occurring in the Ukraine state the present war in the Ukraine is much more than a regional crisis between the West and Russia. What is a stake is a new global post Cold War order modeled on the ancient Roman Imperial model. Essentially, globalist forces aligned with neo Nazis and old Nazis in the West “Deep State” apparatus inserted in the West prior to and after WWII feel that conditions in the world at present are ripe for the surfacing of the Fourth Reich. However, the driving force behind this movement, although inspired by German Nazism, is international fascism. Transnational corporations controlled by international fascist blocs and groups are the real engine behind this movement. Fascism and its stepbrother, Nazism are essentially parallel political and economic movements resting on hierarchical centralized authoritarian government. In this context, the state is controlled by monopolistic corporate interests hidden in the background. The state thus overrides any measure of individual liberty or rights, and controls all spheres of life through totalitarian economic and social controls. This infers total control of liberty, economics, culture and the arts, political or individual expression, labor, and education. Essentially, citizens are slaves to corporate elites (think feudalism). The Nazi version incorporated elements of racial superiority as determinant in relations with other cultures and states. Human beings declared or viewed as inferior under Nazism were classified as enemies of state and slated for extermination. A. The hidden Nazi Deep State. By 1943, German Nazis in Hitler’s Third Reich knew that the war was lost as the power of West aligned with the Soviet Union was too powerful to conquer militarily, especially as Hitler was engaged in a two front war. Germany did not have enough manpower or resources to carry forth such a struggle. German technology and weapons were excellent. By 1943, the German Nazis had developed super tanks, Infrared sighting technology, advanced submarines, phased array radars, guided missiles, cruise missiles, excellent fighters, jet engines and jet propelled bombers. Some sources suggest that they also developed a neutron bomb. However, the Nazis realized that much of their advanced weapons technology was too little and too late to carry the war in their favor. Thus, reluctantly, Hitler and his minions decided that the best solution was for the Nazis to surrender Germany, but not the Nazi party. Contextually, kernels of the Nazi state/party and its related financial, intellectual, economic interests and military technology assets would covertly go underground; and infiltrate Western states in the North and in South America. Meanwhile, they would 13 13

14. develop even more advanced weapons, thought and mind control technologies associated with mass political and social controls, and refine the concept of the transnational corporation as an instrument of state and war, and wait for the opportune time to resurface in a New Reich Order. Nazi think tank analysts suggested that this would take some 40 to 50 years. B. What is Fascism. Nazism and Fascism are economic based political orders. The people do not control the state. Authoritarian corporate and political party interests do. Keep in mind that the Nazi party of Germany and the Fascist party of Italy were corporate constructs. These corporate interests represented the military industrial complex, the financial sector and sectors associated with life sustaining industries: food, water, heating, shelter and clothing. One of the key elements in understanding Fascism is that corporate entities are oligopolistic in nature. That is, only a small number of key players’ usually elite families control the economy and national politics. These families wield power in familial corporations exerting considerable influence in setting prices, economic policies, competitors, the legal apparatus, and the state bureaucratic architecture (The American Rockefeller, Mellon and the German Rothschild and Krupp family are excellent examples of vested families with enormous financial and political control). “MISTER MAYOR, I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 25 YEARS AND I WILL STILL BE HERE A LOT LONGER WHEN YOU ARE GONE!” Deep State mindset examplar. II. The Origins of the Nazi Deep State and the Fourth Reich. There is much more to understanding the way a government and its bureaucracies function than a casual surface inspection reveals. Naïve or uninformed persons are under an illusion that government power is limited by law, or by a constitution, or by different branches of government formulated to pursue a specific purpose. There are two main structures supporting a Deep State notion of government. A. Private Sector Elements. In actuality, unelected bureaucrats, contractors, powerful corporations in the background, and elitist organizations all bring to bear power and influence that can exert enormous pressure to favor hidden interests in politics or the economy despite constraints of transparency and law, public policy, or state architecture. The significance of this is that the true nature of government, the power of unelected forces in the bureaucracy, the nature and the objective of powerful players behind the scenes are hidden from the casual observer, or trusting citizen. In essence, this apparatus of economic and political control is a parallel and shadow government. It is the real power residing in unelected persons, who actually control state policy and really run the government-the so-called Deep State. Presidents, members of Congress, academics, public policy advocates, true believers in Constitutional and limited government know this and dare not cross the divide between nominal government and the minions of the Deep State. A president who offends players hidden in the Deep State can be removed from office by withdrawing campaign funding, political support, by assassination, or by a contrived moral scandal. 14 14

15. In order for a Deep State shadow government to operate, the military and the police must be co-opted to the forces controlling the Deep State. The outcome of a Deep State, is that this hidden force in beyond popular political influence, or control, beyond the reach of the press or public opinion, and ultimately the law. Essentially, it serves itself and not the public. How was the Deep State realized, how did it come to control so much of American and Western politics and the national economies of Europe and the United States? The answer to those questions resides in the appearance, span of reach, and power of the 19Th century American ROBBER BARONS and the British Imperial Control system. For example, the British East India Company, a private corporation controlled much of the world’s international trade, the civil service and government of India, the trade in slaves and Opium, and a vast conglomeration of peoples ranging from India to China, to Pacific Rim states. The corporation had its own military and naval forces, its own civil service and reported to a board of directors representing British elites-not the British people. Moreover, it must be understood that Nazism, or Fascism is not a local force. It is global in scope, reach, and outlook. Consequently, a compelling argument can be made that the origin of the modern political Deep State rests with British and American imperialism and not Germany. All that the German Nazis did was to refine these concepts and to expand on them. In effect, German Nazi agents inserted into America prior to WWII were hard at work with Nazi American partners laying the foundation for hidden Nazi controls to dominate vast segments of the American political economy. These Nazi agents were inserted into the mainstream fabric of American life. Elite banking concerns, such as the Bush family controlled Union Bank, the eminent law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, and American corporations, like General Aniline and Dye, the Sperry Gyroscope Company, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, and International Telephone and Telegraph were infiltrated and corrupted to align with Nazi views on the political economy. In Britain, the same Fascist forces were at work inside elite British corporations such as the Hambro consortium of banks, Vickers/Armstrong, Royal Dutch Shell, and the Bank of England. These American and British corporate forces aligned with Swiss (The Bank of International Settlements-BIS), and German corporations were the true forces of international Fascism or Nazism-take your pick. There is another element and source of Deep State power, that most Americans do not know about that supports this Fascist troika of power resting on (1) the Police, (2) the military, (3) contractors and corporations in the military/industrial complex. B. The Official Continuity of Government (COG). The COG apparatus or the Continuity of Government structures were enacted during the Cold War to maintain government continuity and survivability in case of a nuclear war and its aftermath. The COG team was conceived to rest on a cadre of politicians who would act in the name of the President, certain Congressmen, designated military officers and appointed bureaucrats to evacuate American cities, to mobilize the remnant military, and to deliver 15 15

16. a counterstrike against the Soviet Union. That never happened. Instead, President George Bush in the wake of the terrorist strike on America in September 9/11 enacted a full-time, permanent COG bureaucracy manned by unelected shadow government functionaries. President Obama expanded this construct beyond the reach of the Bush Administration. Today, COG is fully funded and has expanded its reach of power beyond law and Constitutional strictures. These two unlawful and Unconstitutional sources of power have joined forces and now rule America from behind the scenes. The National Security Council, the Office of National Intelligence, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Council on Foreign Relations are the visible heads of this powerful consortium. In effect, executive orders and not the Constitution are determinant in making policy and implemented Unconstitutional law. All executive orders appear predicated on some vague or future national emergency. 1. The Nazi Enabling Act. This closely parallels the German Nazi Enabling Act, passed by the German Reichstag as soon as Hitler took power. This Act gave the fuhrer unlimited power and rule by decree. Within a year the German legislature was dead and all law emanated from one person, Adolph Hitler. Executive orders were enforced by the Nazi Party police (all police, lawyers, and judges were members of the Nazi party), and intelligence agencies, the Gestapo (Internal security) and the SS Sicherheitsdinst (the SD, external or foreign security). Nazi judges tried suspects in secret courts. The Gestapo approved defense lawyer selection. The Gestapo could withhold evidence and witnesses from jurists. If this sounds familiar, it is because the American NDAA is based on the Nazi legal empowering construct giving the state almost unlimited power over American citizens. III. The infiltration of Nazi/Fascist agents into America. This began prior to Hitler’s rise and the emergence of Nazi Germany. It began in earnest with the rise of the Fascist party and Dictator Benito Mussolini in the 1920s, thus fascism as we know it predates Nazism. Under this ideology applied to America, powerful American corporations in banking, defense, and the armaments and transportation sector funded Mussolini and provided technology for his military forces. Thus, fascist Deep State agents were already in place when Hitler surfaced in Germany. Modern political ideologies need a source of financing to implement totalitarian controls on a state and its people. Central banks in Europe and the American Federal Reserve consortium served this function perfectly in Europe and in America, especially during the 1930s. After World War II, the victor nations over Nazi Germany apportioned German technology, industrial advances and Nazi technicians among themselves. Accordingly, German weapons and technology scientists, the administrators of huge Nazi state industrial complexes (i.e. KRUPP, SIEMENS, IG FARBEN, ORGANIZATION TODT), engineers, and experts in military and police tactics, the formulators of counter-insurgency warfare doctrine, mass murder and execution constructs, prison camps, and intelligence specialists were imported in vast numbers into America and emplaced in the US military, US police forces, and in America academia (the founding cadre of American Special Forces were Nazi SS Einsatzkommandos). 16 16

17. The wartime Nazi Gestapo and Sicherheitsdinst (SD) operatives were brought to America and hidden within the FBI and the CIA. Nazi SS General Reinhardt Gehlen, who was in charge of German intelligence on the Eastern Front set up the CIA based on Nazi principles. Nazi scientists, mass murder technicians, and SS counterinsurgency specialists were brought into America under hidden CIA run operations, such as Operation Paperclip and so on. The German Nazis diverted and hid enormous sums of money acquired from looting captive nations and wealthy Jews into Swiss banks aligned with Nazi Germany during WWII. Many Nazi war criminals were given free passes and transported by the US military or by Nazi underground organizations to South America and even to the USA, where they were given new identities and assistance by Nazis already in place in the USA or South America. Thus, the technology developed by Nazi Germany, the technicians, the administrators, the military and intelligence personnel, the scientists, the paper pushers and formulators of Nazi or Fascist ideology were all hidden in place mostly in the Americas for a future rise of a 4th Reich- at the opportune time. The Fourth Reich is arguably the so-called New World Order that Hitler and his acolytes conceived of and discussed in Mein Kampf and My New Order prior to WWII. IV. The New Reich Order. Its is at once political, racist, and geopolitical in nature. It conceives of a one world Fascist government and oligopoly based economic control system, a state run religion, and a global military. In this schema the following are to be eliminated. • Political opponents and dissidents • Religious adherents of Judaism or Christianity • Republicans and Constitutionalists • Communists • Nations deemed overpopulated by “useless eaters.” • The Slavic race, Russia and freedom loving Slavs • America and freedom loving Americans • Blacks in African nations with geostrategic mineral resources Essentially, the New World Order construct is nothing more than the Old World Order view of Fascist sociopolitical control refined by technology. This concept has ancient roots resting in the Roman Empire. It is no coincidence that the Roman icon of twin Fasces came to represent the fascist order in Mussolini’s Italy. You see the twin FASCES icons in Congress and on American coins. The fasces represent the power of the Imperial magistrate. Most Americans have no idea of what they mean. V. The New World Order Political System: Communist or Fascist? The trajectory of the New World Order political and economic system surfaced after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Arguably, this was no accident. The demise of the Soviet system was deliberate. Arguably, the old USSR as a political control and economic construct had served its purpose. The Cold War was a false narrative and deception. Its purpose, experimental in nature was to ascertain what political philosophy and economy was best to a futuristic world, and what technology was needed to control people and their thoughts. 17 17

18. Under this schema, the Russian communist state was an experiment as much as the fascist Italian and Nazi states had been. Please keep in mind that socialism implies that the economic means of production and wealth generation are in the hands of the state and not the people. What it actually means is that corporate elites in industry and banking really own the state and lend it money at usurious rates to operate. Note: When Hilary Clinton said that Assad in Syria needed to step aside as democracy was coming to Syria, I am sure Assad, Putin and Clinton knew full well that what she really meant was that FASCISM and Rothschild central bank was coming to Syria. To reiterate, it is important to understand that contextually, the aim and outcome of this massive global socio political and economic system now surfacing in the 21St century implies that a decision has been made in selecting the political ideology and economic system that is to serve the hidden masters in a future global world under their direct control (the controllers plan ahead in 50 to 100 year cycles i. e, Stanford Research Institute, (SRI), Tavistock Research Institute, and the RAND Corporation. See The Committee of 300; Wall Street and Hitler, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution for more information). The results of the experiment were in. Communism failed economically, but thrived as an ideology to control the masses. Fascism and its attendant control systems thrived. Thus, what we are seeing today is a meld between fascism and communism… the so-called Third Way. Unfortunately, for humanity, the worst aspects of the police state systems relevant to fascism and communism have been retained. Adolf Hitler elaborated in his private conversations that communism was inefficient and ineffective as a global economic system. It lacked vitality, creativity, and flexibility. He was a powerful advocate of the fascist economic family trust system (See Stalin and Hitler, Parallel Lives, Alan Bullock). However, Hitler incorporated several developments by the Soviet communists, who had by the 1920s perfected the mechanics of a powerful secret police system. Hitler based his SS, the secret police (The Gestapo), and the Nazi intelligence agencies on the Soviet and Venetian Jesuit models. In retrospect, I believe Hitler (no fool) was right in characterizing communist economics as uninspired muddle. It would be correct to assume that Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler were New World Order agents, controlled and financed by an exterior funding source. This infers that a coterie of central banks funded and financed all of these actors in their respective spheres of influence. What banking institution has such an enormous power? An examination of the roles, functions, and the de facto power of various state central banks leads to only one conclusion… The Rothschild financial consortium of central banks was the titular head of this demonic force that unleashed Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, (Mao too? Mao was funded by operatives of Yale University-Skull and Bones) and Stalin on the world. Ah, but that is conspiracy theory you say. Really? If you know where to look and care to read documents prepared by their own Illuminated theoreticians, you will see the grand design with your own two eyes. 18 18

19. “THE MONEY IS IN THE DEBT FOR RECONSTRUCTION, NOT NECESSARILY IN THE ARMAMENTS WE’VE SOLD TO BOTH SIDES…” Central Banker An examination of documents, money transfers, reminiscences, memoirs of persons affiliated with the global communist and fascist movements since the 1920s discloses that powerful banking institutions financed Hitler, Mussolini and Josef Stalin. Most of them were related to the Rothschild consortium. Among these were: 1. The Union Banking Corporation in the USA (Harriman and Bush family) 2. The Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany (the Warburg family of the USA and Germany) 3. The Schroeder Bank of Germany 4. The Kuhn Loeb Bank in the USA 5. The Bank of England (Rothschild) 6. The Jacob Schiff bank (USA) 7. Lazar Frères’ (France) 8. Guaranty Trust, JP Morgan (USA) Are capitalist banks funding the source of their own destruction by financing communist and hard-core socialist revolutionaries? It’s more complicated than that, and you have to look deeper. In essence, capitalist banks and other financial institutions funded revolutionaries to bring down targeted states and societies so they could impose their own financial and political controls on these states. End of story. To better understand issues in the New World Order schema and in the Ukraine, it’s necessary to look at some determinants and political trajectories associated with social engineering and progressivism. A. The Economic Determinants of State Power. Under communism, capitalism is a monopoly power exercised by a state bank that controls the government offices, and the social welfare and economic system. It is hidden. You cannot see it at work. Under fascism, capitalist banks held by certain oligarchs own the corporations that control the politicians and the government. Under this system there is a little more transparency, but not much. The end result is pretty much the same. The operative mechanism is concentrated political and financial power in the hands of bankers… Thus, the ultimate power under these ideologies is in the hands of bankers. The people are nothing more than expendable assets and are treated as such. • Banks = concentrated financial power • Banks loan money at interest = quick accumulation of wealth by compound interest • Banks loan money to corporations to use as liquid operating capital • Corporations buy or finance politicians, who mandate corporate control of selected industries = fascism = authoritarian, hierarchical government = means of production held by selected corporations = corporate control of the state • Banks are corporations. They lend money to governments. Governments then securitize the bank debt by assigning the debt to the income of people, and to resources that can be exploited to generate wealth. The means of production are held by the government = 19 19

20. communism = monopoly capitalism = hierarchical authoritarian control = corporate control of the state • The state legitimizes the corporation as a lawful and legal construct Therefore, a close examination of the Soviet Union, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, and Progressive America from Taft to Franklin Roosevelt discloses essentially the same structures at work. • authoritarian government, limits on personal freedoms • pervasive secret police, strict social controls, • the imposition of Imperialism abroad, and diminished economic opportunity for most citizens at home, including limited upward mobility • moral degeneracy (we will return to demoralization in a moment). B. Progressivism, & Social Engineering. Is America really “Progressive” centered or is it, capitalist or socialist inclined? When you examine Wilson’s presidency and his authoritarian police controls, his avowed progressive ideology, the jailing of dissidents and his interventions in Mexico and elsewhere, one tends to get confused. Moreover his predecessors, Taft and Teddy Roosevelt’s so-called progressive ideology and economics, and their use of American imperial force further obscure the issue. Thus we have a conflicted and muddled answer. We see laissez-faire capitalist economics combined with socialist reform strictures aimed at curbing capitalist abuses, female suffrage, combined with a police state mentality combined with an Imperialist based foreign policy. What is determinant in finding an answer in wading through the muddle is who controls the government, the means of production and the politicians? The early American Progressive movement had many laudable goals and honorable aspirations to reform the raw abuses of capitalism and monopoly money power. However, it fell away from its path, and like many other political movements in America, became corrupted. “Carry a Big Stick” Progressive, Teddy Roosevelt championed American power all over the world. Taft intervened in Cuba and in the Philippines. Wilson intervened with US military force in Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and in the conflict raging in Europe. Moreover, it appears that so-called progressives had no conflict with American imperialism. They perceived it as uplifting and beneficial to the improvement of world society (consider improvements in society gleaned through social engineering). Consequently progressivism fused raw Imperialism and altruistic social justice tenets into a weird morphology of a helping hand combined with a bayonet. American presidents during times of national emergency nationalized or socialized entire industries (clearly a socialist measure). Today, we have executive orders ready for the president to pick and choose from related to implementing the same measures. So, if we assume that socialism infers that the means of production are controlled by the state (i.e. supposedly the state are the people) does it imply that America is a socialist state? 20 20

21. When you see that the state in actuality is controlled behind the scenes by a corporate oligarchy in selected industries, and that a central bank exists to finance national debt, you can only draw one conclusion. America, in essence, today has evolved from the Robber Baron era to become a neo FASCIST STATE. This evolution has grave implications for the world. It has grave implications for the people in the Ukraine. C. Social Engineering. This is a process whereby defects in society are perceived to eliminated by applications of technology to solve problems afflicting society, such as- • drug addiction • teen-age pregnancy • pornography • welfare • youth dissipation • youth gangs • alcoholism • poverty Thus, teen-age pregnancies might be reduced or eliminated by a combination of strong laws aimed at incarcerating those responsible for impregnating young females, by sex education in school, by handing out prophylactics to youth. Arguably the Soviet communists and the German Nazi socialists used many of the social engineering principles to change their societies. The Soviets used the firing squad to eliminate those considered dregs on society and useless eaters. The Nazis used the guillotine and the gas chambers to eliminate useless eaters, to purify their race from abominations and the physically or mentally disabled. America used the knife and electricity to sterilize undesirable females and wipe the brains of addled people. The outcome was incarcerations and the use of force in the elimination of persons who were perceived as detrimental to society and involved the cost of money in providing care for them… engineering. D. The End Result. Today, “progressive” is a code word for an authoritarian socialist inclined state-communist, Nazi or fascist… the end result is the same. The citizenry, the institutions of government: justice, education, and the military are in the hands of socialist ideologues employed by the state. Looking further, we see that Roosevelt’s social security construct, his progressive income tax structure, his organizations controlling commodities and fixing prices for goods and services, the transfer of lands to national parks and forests (essentially state land banks held in trust for the so-called people), the industrial nationalization board, the empowerment of the FBI under Hoover, and his unleashing of the FBI on Americans-all bear the hallmarks of a socialist state! When you are too close to the problem, it is hard to see it for what it is… To the central bank consortium operating behind the scenes, it didn’t really matter. They loved communism, fascism, or Nazism as it gave their institutions almost total power in the 21 21

22. states that they controlled. The end result was the same under any of these political economies. What this infers, is that powerful Ashkenazi Jewish banks under Rothschild banking control financed Hitler, Mussolini and Josef Stalin, and Mao. The main purpose was to insure the destruction of Germany, most of Europe and Russia, the rise of the United States and to lay the foundations for a new fascist world order under the auspices of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the rise of a fascist inclined European super state aiming at the integration of Europe-The European Union. The destruction of Europe during WWII led to enormous profit taking by banks engaged in furnishing loans to rebuild European infrastructure. VI. The World Bank and the IMF. Today, one of the main funding sources of states rests with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF is controlled by the US Treasury aligned with the Rothschild and Rockefeller controlled Federal Reserve bank (The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank. There is nothing federal about it). What these organizations do is aim at making populations debt slaves to the central banks. Yes, that is right…they create and impose DEBT on the peoples of the world. Therefore, if the Ukraine seeks capital beyond what can be acquired by taxation to pay for its social welfare system, for its industrial development, to expand or modernize its military, or to develop new farming grounds in say Zaporozhe Oblast, the President goes to the central bank for loans that are securitized by making the Ukraine’s people and their resources collateral for the bank. The loans are negotiable on the open market and the Ukraine’s debt can be traded, bought and sold on foreign exchanges like any other commodity (God help you if you fall into the hands of a criminal speculator like George Soros). A. The debt imposed on the citizenry is usurious. That is, Ukrainians must now pay compound interest on the debt. That is cumulative and once that happens, the debt is almost impossible to pay off. So, what does the central bank do when payments fall behind schedule or when the Ukraine cannot meets its debt obligations? B. Austerity Measures. Aha, now we come to crux of the matter. Generally, very bad things are going to happen to the Ukrainian people (we have seen this over and over since the late 19Th century). The bankers impose strict austerity on the people. This implies reducing them to poverty. Taxes on everything go way up. Pensions are seized, private bank accounts, negotiable instruments held by private citizens, gold, silver, and privately held land are seized by the state at the request of the bankers and suddenly, Ukrainians are impoverished (I might add permanently so). This usually results in social and political chaos and severe economic dislocations. No matter, the bankers will remove the government, impose a new and stricter one, or send in the UN’s peacekeepers to maintain order. Famine, disease, alcoholism and drug addictions suddenly rise along with the suicide rate. 22 22

23. People appear apathetic and hopeless. Good. That means the bankers have won. Now they really got you, especially when you get addicted to alcohol, and hard drugs. Social chaos, diminished productivity, hopelessness, increased crime rates are all just a cost of doing business to the central bankers. In fact, they profit when you as a new criminal go to a privately owned prison and work in profit-making prison industries as a new slave laborer. “WHY DOSEN’T OBAMA AND KIEV JUST SEND BOMBERS TO BLOW US ALL UP?”… “THAT WAY WE CAN HAVE SOME PEACE.” Donetsk grannie “I AM A MINER. I JOINED THE MILITIA TO DEFEND MY LAND AND HOME, AND MY FAMILY FROM FASCISTS.” MY GRANPA FOUGHT THEM IN THE GREAT PATRITIC WAR. I HAVE THIS TO SAY TO YOU AMERICANS-WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”… Tough Ukrainian militiaman VII. George Soros and The U

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