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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: SearchMarketingExpo



Smx West 2014 Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Session #Smx #13C - The Truth Behing Social Media Advertising Presentation By Lisa Buyer @Lisabuyer Of The Buyer Group

@lisabuyer Facts • I Live in Celebration, Florida

@lisabuyer Facts Balancing PR+SEO+Social since 2006 PR since 1990 Clients include: • Public, private tech startups, real estate, health and wellness and other agencies Favorite hashtags: • #yoga • #sunsets • #surfing

@lisabuyer Facts • Traditional PR background • Agency owner since 1996 • Author of Social PR Secrets • Editor of SocialPRChat • Column in Search Engine Watch • Covers trending topics and news related to Search, Social and Public Relations

The Truth Behind Social Advertising • Nielsen reports 3/4 of all advertisers have used paid social media • Advertising on major social networks—called social advertising, or native advertising—is taking off • Expected to hit $11 billion in revenues by 2017

The Truth Behind Social Advertising • Social ads work better on mobile than traditional • U.S. social mobile ad revenues approached $600 million in 2012, and are expected to grow to $2.2 billion by 2017 • Brand building vs. direct response

The Truth Behind Social Advertising • Stages of Social ad • Metrics are slightly blurred

2014 Facts Stats, Trends, Rumors • 1.26 billion users • 1.23 billion active users monthly • 757 million daily users • 76% of users log in once a day • Fake accounts

Facebook Fraud? February 2014

#Truth If you still use Facebook ads as if it’s 2012, you deserve the results you get. Did not exists until the last year Conversion Tracking Custom Audiences Lookalike Audiences Website Custom Audiences FBX Partner Categories Facebook’s new ad reports.

Facebook Ads Not Working? • This is not PPC • Are you stuck in 2012? • Conversions and short-term, unrealistic goals • Amateurs vs. experts

Facebook Ads STILL Not Working? • No testing • Exploring can be expensive • Low Quality Followers • Content Quality and Quantity • Poor content • Like Farms

Why Facebook Ads Do Work • Custom Targeting • Remarketing • Conversion tracking • Branding • High Quality Traffic

Facebook Ads + Devices Newsfeed Right hand

Ads to Gain More Likes (Fans) Newsfeed Right hand

Engage with Image Ads Newsfeed Right hand

Share Messages with Video Ads Newsfeed Right hand

Social to Store with Offer Ads Newsfeed Right hand

Simple Text Only Status Ads Newsfeed Right hand

Social RSVP with Event Ads Newsfeed Right hand

Website Ads (Blog Content Ads) Newsfeed Right hand

Social to Mobile! App Ads Newsfeed Right hand

Premium Ads = Ex: Logout Newsfeed Right hand

FB Ad Shortcuts to Avoid

Ad Types Shortcuts to Avoid

Sponsored Stories Going Bye Bye Sponsored Stories Ending in April 2014 • Sponsored stories show when a user's Facebook friend interacts with a sponsored Page, app or event • They will become Page Like ads

Ad Language to Avoid • Foul language • Alcohol • Plastic surgery • Sexual references • Adult content

Ad Language to Avoid

Innocent but Guilty Ads Get Disapproved

Meet Power Editor: Your Facebook Ads BFF Best For: • Easy set-up of Conversion Tracking • Targeting Custom Audiences • Dark Posts – huh? • Be first to get new Facebook ad features

Power Editor

Dark Posts • Creating Page Post Ads that don’t clutter your timeline • AKA: Unpublished posts • Solely for promotion • Don’t go crazy, keep brand voice • TOTAL control over who sees what message

Facebook’s Incredible Targeting • Add a private list of your current customers to Facebook • Interest targeting to reach people who already like or have a connection • Partner category targeting to help show your ads to people using information that’s available outside of Facebook • Remember: you can maximize the ROI by creating ads for specific audiences

Partner Targeting

Interest and Category Targeting

Media Targeting

Media Relations with Facebook Ads

Build Relationships with Custom Audiences • Lets advertisers find their existing audiences among people who are on Facebook • 6x return on ad spend when using: – Email addresses – Phone numbers – Facebook user IDs – App user IDs – IDFAs

Upsell with Custom Audiences • Use Ads Create Tool • Power Editor • Usually need a minimum of 2500 email addresses

Sales Dream? Lookalike Audiences • Lets you reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to a customer list you care about • Builds brand awareness

Prove it with Conversion Tracking -

Website to Newsfeed Retargeting

Facebook Exchange Now Available in Newsfeed

Facebook Exchange 1. View Product on Website

Facebook Exchange 2. Appears in Newsfeed


Facebook Ads Manager Overview • Create Ads • Campaigns • Pages • Reports • Settings • Conversion • Tracking • Power Editor • Audiences

Managing Ads Daily Spend

Managing Ads Settings

Managing Ads • Narrow down to see which campaigns are active - results/costs/actions • See individual campaign performance

Managing Ads • See if you are meeting your objectives • Clicks might exceed website clicks • Click on reports to see if you are meeting your business goals

Facebook Reports/Analytics

Key Performance Indicators • Facebook Insights • Referring Traffic • Google Analytics Social Reporting • Simply Measured

ROI • Conversions • Customer Service • Brand Building • Relationships

2014 Facts, Stats and Trends

Why Use Twitter Ads • Twitter is still the best real-time news network • Builds audience/reach • Sometimes better exposure than organic • Lead generation • Media relations

Why Use Twitter Ads

Pro Tips in Writing • Start organically first • Direct response tweets - avoid optimizing with: – #hashtags – @mentions – Images • Give followers an incentive to spread the word

Best Practices Include a Call to Action

Types of Targeting • Usernames • Similar usernames • Keywords - in tweets • Geo • News phrases and headlines

Promoted Accounts • Quickly Reach More Followers • Build community advocates • Target by: – Geo – Interest • Pay only when people follow you back

Promoted Tweets • Regular Tweets but with the added bonus of reaching both current and potential followers you target • Found in: – Twitter timelines – Search results

Promoted Tweets for PR News NBC Reporting Academy Award Win for Director

Promoted Tweets NOW in Search

Pro Tips in Writing

Identify Your Target Audience

Targeting Example

Twitter Cards for Images, Photos & Lead Gen

Best Practices Image vs. No Image

Best Practices Images • Images are AWESOME with higher 2x more engagement BUT… • Be careful in Twitter ads because you will be charged for clicks on images • (Images are links) • Fewer characters

Twitter Ad Tips • Research before starting a campaign using tools such as Simply Measured • Create a goal • Identify target audience • Monitor • Start small ad scale up

Key Performance Indicators • Twitter Analytics • Referring Traffic • Google Analytics Social Reporting • Simply Measured

Reflect and Measure

2014 Facts, Stats and Trends • Started in May 2003 • 227 million total active users • 40% of users log in daily • Geographic reach to over 200 countries • Over 3 million business pages listed on this platform • 37% visits via mobile

Why Use LinkedIn Social Ads • Brand awareness • Lead generation

Ad Formats • Sponsored updates – Raise brand awareness – Relationship building – Quality leads • Text and Image Ads • Video Ads • Text only Ads

Targeting • Geography • Industry • Groups • Job Title

Setup • Audience • Messaging • Budget • Schedule

Pro Tips In Creating + Writing 1. Must have a LinkedIn account 2. Define your ideal customer 3. Be sure to have a good landing page

Have A Good Landing Page • Be sure to have a good landing page • Research other LinkedIn ads before you start

Check out other LinkedIn Ads

Measure Results • Strong headlines that speak to your target • Review ad variations • Measure results

Test Headlines and Ad Variations

Media Relations Using LinkedIn

Key Performance Indicators • LinkedIn • Referring Traffic • Google Analytics Social Reporting • Simply Measured Analytics

Cost-per-Click • CPCs start at around $2 and run up to $4 or $5 per click • LinkedIn pegs a good clickthrough rate at 0.025%

Promoted Pins • Will be transparent and appear in feed • No intrusive pop-up ads • Relevant to search • Option for feedback

Instagram Ads

Google +Post Ads

#Truth If you still use Facebook ads as if it’s 2012, you deserve the results you get. Did not exists until the last year Conversion Tracking Custom Audiences Lookalike Audiences Website Custom Audiences FBX Partner Categories Facebook’s new ad reports.

Social Advertising Buyer Beware • Emails still rock in customer acquisition • Social can stink in the short term • Why invest in social?

Four Metrics That Rock According to Avinash Kaushik • Conversation Rate • Amplification Rate • Applause Rate • Economic Value

Social Advertising Takeaways • Facebook advertising is the biggest platform with most targeting opportunity, but it is also the most complex • Advertising on Facebook – be sure the team behind it stays current on Facebook Ad platform changes and updates. • Twitter advertising offers ways to gain traction, brand awareness and leads in REAL Time. • LinkedIn Ads cater mostly to the B2B market • Watch for NEW social ad opportunities from Instagram, Pinterest and Google+

Social Advertising Takeaways • Visual usually works best • Image and Videos work well on mobile • Landing pages make a big difference, sending people to home pages typically is not ideal • Social paid is a smart way to amplify awesome content. Example blog post • Social paid can act as an effective content distribution method • Pick the social network that fits your organization best to explore social paid

Social Advertising Takeaways • Community Managers can accomplish more with the right social paid in place to support community • Media relations! Social Paid can help gain publicity and exposure to the audience that matters • Sales and marketing can take advantage of social advertising to generate leads and generate more sales from existing customers • Social Advertising is not a short term proposition • Things change. What worked last year may not work this year

Facebook Ad Resources • • • • • • • statistics#.UwTmfUJdXE4 • brilliant-option-increase-sales-your-ecommerce-site

Twitter Ad Resources • • • • @twitterads • @TwitterSmallBiz

LinkedIn Ad Resources • • advertising-tips-2014/#sthash.jvSDiZG7.dpuf • linkedin-ads1/

Book signing during SMX 

#smx #yoga presentations

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