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Published on December 26, 2008

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Online Educa Berlin 2008 workshop

The Three Bears It’s not the technology Excerpts from It’s Not About the Technology by Jay Cross

What’s in it for us? • Speed up the flow of information through the organization • Improve customer service • Streamline workflow and slash bureaucracy • Unleash the power of collective intelligence • Create a nerve center for corporate news and market intelligence • Make all corporate know-how accessible 24/7 • Recruit the best candidates for new positions and make them productive quickly • Replace training classes with informal, hands-on learning • Open the process of innovation to all employees • Help workers build strong, supportive relationships • Enable managers to assess the status and direction of projects • Empower all employees to contribute ideas and feel part of the team • Develop more productive relationships with customers, prospects, recruits, partners, supply chain, and other employees

Baby Bear Mama Bear Papa Bear Motivation Curiosity, immediate Opportunistic Leverage enterprise need application assets Focus Prototyping Applying Exploiting Level Individual, team Group, department Enterprise Benefits realized Capture Increase innovation, Nimble, quick- organization-wide cut bureaucracy, response knowledge and keep don’t reinvent the organization, it alive, save time, wheel, simplify improve service self-service project management information, non- controversial projects Sample project Coordinate supplier Google searching Knowledge information across inside the firewall management that co. works

It’s not about the technology.

Baby Bear Enthusiast Prototype Bottom-up, Collaborative local Not Sound controversial business case

Is the organization ready? Not obsessively controlling Willing to share ideas Want to enable many voices Workers are online Can live with messiness

Social Pact Respect the team Be active Share ideas & suggestions Respect one another Any tool that works Trust one another

Hints on what works with social software • Keep it simple • Keep it flexible • Do it yourself (blog/wiki) or you won’t understand it • Be innovative, ever alert to productivity improvements • Be open to new ways of doing things • Release early and release often. Just do it • Promotion is important. Remind people where to look • Focus on the function rather than on the tools • Provide step-by-step how-to guides • Provide the opportunity to celebrate small successes • Give people time to practice using the software

Mama Bear Maintain Pragmatic momentum Fearless (See list of Seeks key targets on business issues next slide) Hungry for change

Mama Bear’s Shopping List: Inefficiency & bureaucracy Unenthusiastic, sluggish staff Underdeveloped organization Not learning enough to keep up Suboptimal execution Insufficient revenue Deficient service

Poppa Bear Exploit social Collaboration relationship software framework to the max Customers, suppliers, Enterprise the market infrastructure

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