The Third Reich Attacks

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: marinaprc


 At first:  Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan and Urss  Allies: France and Britain  + British Commonwealth  Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa  In the End:  Axis: Germany, Italy and Japan  Allies: France, Britain, USA, Brazil and 53 more countries

 German Living Space  The Aryans, as a superior race, would be entitled to a larger territory  Annexation of Austria  Czechoslovakia  Munich Agreement  France and England  conceded this territory to Germany, against the wishes of the Czechoslovak government, in exchange for a promise of no further territorial demands  Hungary  Poland

 Nonagression Pact  August 1939  Germany + Soviet Russia  Secret articles  Spheres of influence  Split Poland  URSS: Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

 Germany invades Poland  + Slovakia  1939  Surprise attack  Warfare tatics  Blitzkrieg  Luftwaffe

 France and Britain declare War on Germany  But provide no help for Poland  Naval Blockade!  French!  September 3, 1939

 Italy conquered Albania  in April 1939  The Pact of Steel  Italy + Germany Vs France + Britain  Japan isn’t happy  Wanted the focus on URSS

 Pacts of "mutual assistance”  Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia  Invasion of Finland  Winter  Ski soldiers!  USSR's eviction from the League of Nations

 The Maginot Line  Sitzkrieg  8 months

 Germany attacks  Denmark  4 hours  Holand  7 days  Belgium  18 days  France  1 month and 12 days  Norway  2 months

 Netherlands  Belgiun  Luxemburg

 Ardennes

 June of 1940  Italy Invades  France cut in 3 pieces  Vicky republic

 Dunkirk Evacuation  338,226 soldiers recued  40,000 French soldiers of the rearguard remained to be captured  Between 31 May and 4 June  Losses  A total of 89 merchantmen were lost; the Royal Navy lost 29 of its 40 destroyers sunk or seriously damaged.  The Germans lost around 100 aircraft confirmed destroyed, and the RAF 106 fighters

 The Résistance was many small groups of armed men and women  Guerrilla warfare  Underground newspapers  Spies  Providers of first-hand intelligence information  Maintainers of escape networks that helped Allied soldiers and airmen trapped behind enemy lines.  Sabotages

 The cemetery and memorial in Vassieux-en-Vercors where, in July 1944, GermanWehrmacht forces executed more than 200, including women and children, in reprisal for the Maquis's armed resistance.[The town was later awarded the Ordre de la Libération

 De Gaulle  Rejected the unconstitutional, repressive and racist laws instituted by Vichy Régime  Established his own bona fides  Himself as the major defender of republican values.  Appeal of 18 June 1940  That every patriot who could reach British territory should do so and join the Free French Army to fight in company with the Allies.  Jean Moulin  National Council of Resistance  de Gaulle's formal link to the irregulars throughout occupied France.

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