The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Thirteen

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Information about The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Thirteen

Published on July 7, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Superfrog ISBIChapter Thirteen: Popular

Ducks getting ready to take over the family! Ta da! But first, thefinal chapter of Sketchs sanity...Last time, there were adorable faces, lots of music playing, a newfriend for the kids in the form of Katy Gavigan, a local playable girl.There was also embarrassing parents, teenage birthdays, ACRinduced relationships, Goopy matched his shorts to the guitar, yetanother visit from the Reaper, teenage rebellion, ghosts, swimming,and poor fashion choices.

But before we launch into the chapter, Id just like to draw yourattention to Knights lack of fashion sense.I moaned about it at the end of the last chapter, yet forgot to include acomplete picture of Knights new style.Anyway. Enough intros, more insanity! →

We return to the Supers to find they have the same amount of tact andclass as ever.Knights face says it all, really, “Mum! Dont you think thats a little lowcut?!”Sketch is oblivious and Goopy cant bear to look. Oh, the life andtimes of an ISBI family. How I shall miss it when all is said and done.

Sketch and Goopy are still very much in love, which isnt really all thatsurprising. Im still super happy Goopy was dropped for her. :)And it looks like they might be able to grow old together – a privilegedenied to all of the other spouses in the challenge!

“Congratulations, Duck!” Knight grinned.“What for this time?”“Taking over the role of insanitys leader!”Honestly, Knight keeps congratulating Duck. On what? His sense ofstyle? His first kiss with Katy? I dont know. Maybe they know hes thenext heir.

Knight then takes a break from his busy schedule of making awkwardconversation and congratulating Duck to play the guitar.“Hes right. You have to live with a crazy wife and crazy kids while meand Knight get to live the life of spares.”“Eh. I have an adorable face. And a playable girlfriend. Im breakingthe rules. Youre wearing a leopard print jumpsuit. I think we knowwhich one of us is better off.”

“Ahoy there!”I cant remember why I took this picture originally. Maybe I wasnoticing his stylish outerwear, or maybe it was the fact his jawlinelooks a little odd. I dont know.I just wanted to include it somehow.

And, because shes such great friends with the family, Knight broughtKaty Gavigan home with him.She doesnt look very impressed. The bus driver, however, looksVERY impressed!

“So whats the verdict? Do I get to keep Duck?”Ive decided to forget all about the compulsory-Gypsy-date for the lastgeneration. Duck can marry Katy, it seems Im playing a variation ofthe rules anyway.Besides, Im a sucker for couples who choose themselves.

“Rock beats scissors! You lose!”And because theyre teenagers, Katy and Duck dont spend theirentire time together stalking each other for kisses – which is howGoopy and Sketch like to spend their time.

“Ducks got a girlfriend, Ducks got a girlfriend!” Knight seems to likehanging out and irritating his older brother. Duck has bigger issuesthan Knight, though.“Katy! You cheat! Paper cant possibly beat rock!”“It does!”“Right...Ill start throwing rocks, and you can have some paper todefend yourself with!”

I was listening to Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf while Sketch was playingguitar.Shes never seemed more awesome than in that moment.

While Duck is Katys boyfriend, Knight is Katys best friend. They makea pretty awesome trio, if you ask me.Goblin, however, doesnt bother to hang out with them. Maybe shefeels a little too old? She is almost an adult.

What is it with these kids and making friends with playables? Goblinbrought home Gavin Newson.

Then again, maybe Goblin didnt bring Gavin home to be friends withhim.“Youre an idiot, see, the reaper really isnt scary!”“YAWN. Youre boring, Goblin. Why are you so boring?!”

Even with their arguments and disagreements, the Super kids arepretty popular with their local teens. Popularity isnt everything, itseems, because Duck spent the time sobbing.“Katy isnt here! How can we have friends over, but not invite Katy?!”

Then again, maybe the friends of the Super kids dont like them all thatmuch. Sophie, in the tracksuit, seems to enjoy picking on Duck a lot.“Ha, ha! Goopy is your Dad! Your girlfriend is playable! Your haircut isfunny! Youre in my way! Ha ha!”“So?”“Ha ha!”

Ducks face is a picture of misery, really“Why does she hate me?!”Who knows. But shes coming back for round two, behind you.

Gavin decides to get revenge on Ducks behalf.“Hey, Sophie, is that a go-faster stripe on your tracksuit?”“What? Where?”

Gavin flicked her across the nose.“Hahaha!”“Ouch! I blame Duck!”Getting the blame did not impress Duck. At all.

“Take that, Sophie!”Why does this remind me of Vamsi and Makoto, all that time ago?

After that, Sophie goes back to annoying Gavin, while Duck ignoresher and plays games with Knight.Also, that cat painting in the background. Its been half finished for along, long time. Its because the person who originally painted it diedbefore it was finished. I dont remember who the painter was, but Idont feel like scrapping it.

Sophie appeared to be enjoy overstaying her welcome. You know itsserious when your enemies start using the family kareoke machine.“This one goes out to my BEST friend, Duck Super!”“Im so angry right now!”

Gavin is totally on our side. He stood there, glaring, while Sophiesang.She wasnt as good as my select group of uncontrollables, to behonest.

Then again, the uncontrollables have spent their entire lives learningto sing and stuff.“I feel pretty...”Seriously, thats the first song that popped into my head whenwatching Duck sing.

The next day, only Goblin bothers bringing a friend home, who shepromptly ignores in favour of the violins company.Duck and Knight ignore him, too, opting to pillow fight instead.

Knight and Katy are still really good friends. Tickling has always beena kind of unofficial flirting in my game, but eh. Im assuming Katy andKnight are just friends, though.Orlando was interested in what was happening, but Ivy couldnt careless. She doesnt like Knight, though.

“Hello everyone! It seems our house is full of teenagers again!”There are always large groups of teenagers hanging out at the house.Also, note that huge pile of homework in the background. ThatsGoblins homework.

“Why do you hate me?!”“I dont want to hate you!”I dont understand why these two fight all the times, but it reminds meof Vamsi and Makoto.

The next day, the sparkles came for Sketch. Goopy was busy working,so only the kids were around to pay her any attention.I wasnt sure if Sketchs elder birthday meant it was time for Duck totake charge or not. I decided to wait for Ducks adult birthday beforetaking control of him.

Sketch aged pretty well, dont you think?

Also that night, Goopy also aged up. He chose some pretty goodclothes, if you ask me!This is the first time since the beginning of this challenge that aspouse hasnt died before they reach elderhood!

“Guess what, Mum! Its Goblins birthday!”Knight doesnt look completely happy that its another birthday.Seriously, all of the birthdays are close together for some reason.

Goblin later grew up with the same fashion sense she boasted duringher teen years. Its amazing!Also, she went into aspiration failure, for not going to uni.Understandable – shes a knowledge sim.

That night, Duck and Knight decided to chill on the front lawn for ages.“So whats up? How do you feel about me being the heir and stuff?”

“Its cool. I get to live in an awesome house. Maybe with an awesomewife. And some awesome kids,” Knight sighed, happily, “Im just goingto have an awesome life.”

The next day, Katys Mum takes a wander by.“Hi! I heard youre planning to steal my daughters sanity!”...just maybe. She might not go completely insane, she might be reallychilled out or something.

“Duck. Duck. Hey, Duck. Duck? Duck? Pa y attention to me?”Seriously, they only ever seem to want Ducks attention when hesplaying violin or something.

“Knight, stop bothering your brother. Hes busy.”None of this broke Ducks concentration. I assume hes just reallyfocused on his music, right?

With Goblin grown up and moved out (shes living in the spares housewith Vogue and Story – well check in on her next time), Duck andKnight have been bringing less friends home with them.Maybe it was Goblin who was super-popular.Anyway, they do occasionally drag friends in, just so they can ignorethem.“Hey, a nice chat could be good right now.” Meadow looks like shestrying to remind people of her presence in that corner.

“Hey Duck, want to chat?”“Does anyone hear voices? I think Im hearing voices!”Meadow eventually got tired of being ignored, and wandered off thelot. I do like her, but Ducks spouse is already decided, and Knightswill be decided via wishing well or matchmaker.

Im pretty sure Katy is convinced she lives here. She was justwandering by, before stopping and walking straight into the house.Duck seemed less than impressed.“Dont you think thats a little creepy, Knight?”“No, I clearly think its hilarious.”“But shes staring at us right now, waiting to talk to me. Or to you.”I dont think theyre going off each other. Better hope not, seeing astheir future is all arranged.

“Hey, Knight, were, like, best friends! Lets chat and stuff while Icompletely ignore my intended!”“That sounds like a brilliant idea!”“And then we can play punch-you-punch-me!”“Even better!”

“So...youre punching my brother, right?”“Yep!”“You dont feel like heading outside and making out?”“Nope!”“Oh. I see. I guess Ill just stand here and smile at you then.”“Okay!”

Later on, though, the couple seemed fine. I think as long as thesethree are young and together there will always be a third wheel.Its usually Duck or Katy, but Knight occasionally takes a turn.

Vamsi is still about, still trying to scare people to death. Shes beenpretty unsuccessful at that, really.Most of the other ghosts are pretty peaceful. Ive never seen Leo outof his grave, Star never scares anyone, Makoto and Alan very rarelycome out, and Vyn just wanders around. But Vamsi makes an effort toscare, for some reason.

On a completely different note, Sketch is keeping to herself a lot,lately. Well, herself and occasionally Goopy.Shes still an extreme amount of awesome, though. :)

The next day was Ducks birthday. Katy was there, naturally. With hereyes glitched up.“Explode in to sparkles, my precious.”“What?”“I mean, happy birthday, Duck!”

And thats that! Duck is now the Torch Holder! Katy looks pleased withthe turn out of her soul mate.Im not convinced Duck is 100% Goopy genes – I believe thecheekbones are a bit different to Goopys. I dont know.

Thats it for this time!Join me in the next chapter for weddings, and the arrival of the finalgeneration, of course! Im excited, are you?Thanks for reading! :)

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