The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Sixteen

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Published on July 17, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Superfrog ISBIChapter Sixteen: Attention Seeker

Ducks pleased to welcome you to chapter sixteen and so am I!Last time, we saw hauntings, Ethans smustle faces, pregnancies,elders being awesome, welcomed Sequin (Quinn) to the family, andBox. Then, of course, there were toddler birthdays, and spareupdates. Goblins twins, Gem and Stone, have grown into kids, whileKnight was meeting someone via the Gypsy Matchmaker – Chris.Anyway. If that doesnt sound familiar, then I recommend looking back.If it does, lets get moving onto this chapter!

We rejoin the Supers on the night of Boxs toddler birthday.“Isnt he adorable?”“Duck, put him down. I want to kiss/joke/hug/pillow fight with you.”

Goopy makes an excellent grandfather. And I could imagine the kidswould call him Grandpa Goopy, which is just an awesome name.He only seems to pay attention to Quinn, though, never really to Box.

The toddler days passed quickly – Box spent all of his time playingwith building blocks or drawing.When not being stalked by family, of course.

Quinn, however, preferred her dolls house. When she wasnt beingstalked by her grandparents – Sketch and Goopy literally took it inturns to hold her for most of the day.

It also snowed heavily during the toddler days, which sparked a visitfrom this little guy. Hes been out in the snow so long he has a smallwig made out of snow.Poor guy. He did a few laps of the pavement before waddling awayagain.

Quinns birthday rolled around pretty quickly. Probably becausenothing really interesting happened during toddler time.Again, I could have held her back a day and put her and Box in sync,but...eagerness to see child-Quinn!

I really like this picture. Youve got Tiffany wearing her “adequatelyimpressed” face, Sketch and Goopy being over-enthusiastic, with Katybehind them, looking delighted.Goopy was at work.And Ethan, I hear you ask?

Ethan stood on his own clapping and cheering, but his expressionsmade him just that little bit more awesome.“Who wouldnt want a grandpa like me?”

Still adorable, and still awesome. Im sure awesome-ness runs infamilies, because both Quinn and Box seem to have inherited it fromtheir parents.

This slide was originally going to be about how Quinn got a makeoverfrom her fathers makeover chair (which is on the top floor and veryrarely used), but then I noticed the speech bubble with the handcuffsin it.After that, I was wondering what Sketch was talking about, and whoto. Duck looks like he overheard the conversation, and hes worriedabout it.

As a birthday treat, Quinn got to stay up late doing whatever shewanted. She decided she wanted to play catch outside while it wassnowing.And who was awesome enough to join her?

Ethan, of course.Though his way of playing the game is closer to dodgeball than tocatch.

“Grandpa Ethan! You aimed that one at my head!”Quinn isnt mean enough to aim the ball at Ethans head, though shesdefinitely less than impressed when Ethan thinks he can get away withit.

“Haters gonna hate, sweetheart.”Im so glad I decided to adopt elders this generation. I cant imaginelife without their awesomeness. Im also convinced that Ethan was arebel in his younger years.

Quinn then decides to show off a bit. I have no idea why, but all of mysim kids do it.“Daddy! Look at me!”“Wow, Quinn!”

“See, Daddy? I can stand on my head!”All of my sim kids can do that, as well. I never could stand on myhead, and I still cant. In fact, only a few people could do it when wewere kids.

After that headstand, Quinn seemed to like showing off a lot.Seriously, if no one paid her any attention for about five minutes, shewould demand their attention with a stunt of some kind.“Praise the plumbbob, my daughter is amazing!”

Quinn didnt seem to want to sleep on her first night as a child. Evenher Dad spinning her around in the family graveyard didnt seem to tireher out.

“There there, Box, no one is paying any attention to me, either.”Yeah, I think I accidentally spammed the chapter with pictures ofQuinn again, didnt I?

“Ethan, its the worst thing ever! I dont get any attention now.”“Well, theres one thing you can do!”

“If you pull awesome faces, you automatically get more attention!”Goopys only response to that was to slouch. Theres been quite a fewslouchers throughout this challenge, hasnt there?

Tiffany, however, is one of the most boring elders Ive ever adopted.Its a shame. But she just doesnt seem to do anything interesting.“Help me become more awesome, Katy?”“Im sorry, my five minutes of being awesome with Duck are prettymuch over. Quinns got all the awesome now.”

This is one of the things I will not miss from this challenge – having tohelp with the homework throughout the childhood of the kids. Its okaywhen they get to teens, I can forget about it completely.

That night, party horns came out again.“Are you guys celebrating me?”

Of course its not for Quinn – its for Box! Hes going to be a child!

“Now Im older I cant be ignored!”Hes adorable!

“Eek! The kid that isnt mine just grew up!”Katy seemed really surprised to find Box a child. But she does treathim like her own son, so maybe her surprise is justified.

Maybe throwing the kids round in circles is a tradition for theirbirthdays?

Ethan and Quinn, meanwhile, decided to be awesome and smustletogether in the living room.

The dance, however, was interrupted for a haunting.“I know I said I wanted attention, but I didnt mean from ghosts!”

“Its okay, Quinn, Ill protect you from the ghosts. We can keep themaway with our awesomeness.”“Thats great, Grandpa Ethan! But I have to go show off once more!”

“Watch me cartwheel, Daddy!”“Woo!”

“Wheee! Awesomeness!”

“Ta Da! I bet none of you can do that!”(I can, but thats beside the point)I told you Quinn shows off all the time.

Thats it for this time. I know it was only a short chapter, but if theupdates are longer, the challenge will be over quicker. :(Join us next time for more of the kids!Thanks for reading!

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