The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Seventeen

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Published on August 11, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Superfrog ISBIChapter Seventeen: The Baby Boom

Welcome back! Duck and Quinn are very happy to have you here!Seriously, that picture was too much fun not to use. Anyway:Last time, we saw the quiet toddler years of Quinn and Box, theirbirthdays, Ethan being awesome, two cute kids who look kind ofsimilar despite them being only half-siblings, Quinn showing off (whichhappened a lot), various family members suffering from lack ofattention, there was smustling, ghosts haunting, and lots moreshowing off and awesome.Sound familiar? If not, Id recommend looking back. Before we headback to the main lot, lets drop by my simselfs first...

“Vogue, dont let your mother catch you doing that.”Seriously, I open their lot for the first time in a while, to find Ethanusing his powers of awesome to woo Vogue. Which is odd, becausetheir gypsy date all those chapters ago didnt turn out so well.

“Do you think we freaked out your parents with our awesome loveaffair, Vogue?”

“I was already so awesome...” Vogue seems a little stunned, “I thinkwed make a super-awesome couple.”Its weird thinking that if Vogue had won that heir poll, Ethan would bethe father of the third generation, instead of the adopted-grandfatherof the fifth generation.Sounds complicated. Anyway, thats not why were here.

This is why were here. Were bringing Star back.Ethan decided it was the perfect time to leave, “Right, Im going to getout of here before you summon the Reaper or zombies, or whatever itis youre up to.”“Dont you want to stay for the fun?”“Cant. My awesome is needed elsewhere.”

“Why do I have such a bad feeling about this?”Seriously, Joe pulled lots of concerned, sad and upset faces duringthe morning I spent at his house.Im not sure why.

“Hello, is this the Grim Reapers office?”“IM NOT EVEN GOING TO ASK HOW YOU GOT MY NUMBER. IS THIS GOINGTO TAKE LONG, BECAUSE IVE GOT COMPANY.”“How can the Grim Reaper have company?!”“WHAT DO YOU WANT?!”“I want my daughter and my grandbaby back.”

“SAM, THEY HAVE BEEN DEAD FOR TWO GENERATIONS, NEARLY THREE.DONT YOU THINK ITS A TAD LATE TO RESURRECT THEM?”“No, I think its the perfect time. See, things are starting to gear up foran ending, and I want no loose strings.”“UNDERSTANDABLE.”“So I can have Star and her baby back?”

“WHATS IN IT FOR ME?”“I dont know, but Ill think of something. Thanks, Grim!”“WAIT, I NEVER AGREED-”“Thanks again, Grim!”Sam hung up before the Reaper could stop things.

What an interesting moment in the family history. You have Star, who isvery much happy to be back, and then youve got Joe, who is sobbing.Hes probably worried because his wife now owes the Reaper a favour.

“Woo! Stars back!”Well drop by the household later to meet the baby.

We rejoin the main family to find Goopy playing his guitar.That is HIS guitar – Ive never seen anyone else playing it. Which isodd, but kind of cool.Sketch appreciates his music.And yes, this is the most entertaining thing Sketch gets up to now.After loads of interesting times involving the reaper, raising a familyand just generally being awesome, I think Sketch has earned a rest,dont you?

Besides, there are other people hogging all of the attention.“Katy! Stop it! I want to dance with Quinn!”Seriously, Quinn is always dancing with someone – its usually Duck,Ethan or Katy. I dont understand why they all pay so much attention toher!

Box spends all of his time at the activity table, instead of with otherpeople. I dont know why no one pays him any attention.

Quinn spent the hour before school standing and staring at thecamera.Maybe she wasnt getting enough attention, I dont know.

Then again, she could have been waiting until she had Boxs attention.“Look at me! Everyone! Guys, youre not looking!”“I am looking, Quinn!”

“Yay, headstands! Quinn, youre so awesome!”“I know, right?”

“Isnt my sister just amazing?!”Box is adorable, and he gets on great with Quinn.

Life at the Super house gets into a repetitive pattern. Katy and Duckspend all of their time together, though if Katy gets pregnant again, Imgoing to be less than impressed.But the pair of them are still very much in love.

Tiffany spends all of her time with the train set the family got.Unfortunately, its not finished – all it has is a mountain.I think I mentioned that Tiffany bores me.

Ethan spends all of his time spying on the familys neighbours. Theonly family you can see from that balcony anyway is Goblins.Hopefully no one is going to show up to slap this awesome elder.

Goopy is still playing his guitar.“You mean Im supposed to be doing other things?”Well, at least hes not getting into trouble, I guess.

Sketch has also been musically-minded lately, with help from thepiano.I suppose thats cool, as she clearly enjoys it. Doesnt make forentertaining pictures, though.

Ethan, however, sometimes takes breaks from being awesome to waitfor attention from Tiffany.Im guessing hes the reason Quinn learned about showing off.

“School is great! Everyone there is awesome! And I brought homesomeone from school!”If its Marsha Bruenig, Im selling the phone.

Turns out Quinn brought home her cousin, Gem. I did tell you guysshe was Goblins daughter, right?Gems twin, however, didnt come home with Box.

Box didnt bring anyone home. I guess hes content with his sisterscompany. Maybe.

Quinn paid no attention Gem at all, preferring to dance with Duck, orshow off to various family members.Box, however, took a break from the drawing table, to hang out withGem. They werent quite friends when Gem left, but its a start.

Ethan and Box have also started getting along. Box hasnt startedshowing off like his sister has, so I guess it might not be Ethansinfluence afterall.Also, I have no idea why Box appears to be missing a chunk of hishead. Hopefully thats fixable.

Time to briefly stop in with the spares. Chris and Knight are still livinghappily ever after in the old main house.They make a sweet couple, no?

Well, theres been a development since then. Chris got pregnant.I like the fact her maternity was yellow, so she matched Knight :D

Knight continued his familys proud tradition of kareoke.Its strange that no one on the main lot has used the new kareokemachine yet. I wonder why.

And eventually, this little guy showed up. This is Knight and Chrissson, Note Jalowitz.I have no idea where the red hair came from either.Note is named after a notebook I have on my desk.(It was a choice of naming him after the notebook, or my white beltfrom martial arts.)

Back at my simselfs house, the population continues to grow.“Dammit, Vogue, you cant keep Ethan, you know that, right?”“Just another example of how out-of-control your sims are.”

“Youd better hope this kid is awesome and adorable, Vogue, becausethe neighbourhood adoption pool is always accepting new kids...”Ive never done that on purpose, and I dont intend to start,but...population control!Well head back to the simself house to meet the babies later.

Back at the main house, Quinn was getting more attention. Thatsusual.She interrupted Katy and Duck spending time together. Thats no sousual.

Box, however, was pulling adorable faces on the playgroundequipment.The kids dont seem to mind the fact its snowing. Chills and wintertemperature? No problem! Fun happens anyway!

Quinn then decides she wants all of the attention and starts makingadorable faces of her own.Also, I really like the lighting in the picture. Not sure why.

Ethan was also outside that night – insulting Jan Tellerman, it seems.“Why do you wear such a low cut top in the snow?”“How dare you notice the lack of modesty in this maxis label outfit!”“Im sorry?”

With everyone hanging out in the street (Jan left, probably deeplyinsulted by Ethan) a penguin thought it was time to come and join inthe fun.I love the penguin, but sometimes he has scary expressions.

Like this expression.“I can see into your soul.”I dunno. Ive always found the penguin pretty creepy looking.

Back at the simself house, Star goes into labour. So excited!This baby is going to be Sketchs brother or sister, which I find odd.

Its a boy! Everyone meet baby Snowdon!And before anyone asks “How can she have the tallest mountain inWales on her desk?”, hes named after a rock I got from the summit ofthe mountain of Snowdon, which lives on my desk. I suppose I shouldhave named him Rock in that case, but Snowdon is better.I dont know whether Ill shorten it to Snow or Don yet.

Moving right along to toddler time – because Im not in the habit oftaking lots of pictures on the simself lot – here he is as a toddler!I see both Alan and Star there, and hes adorable.Speaking of toddlers...

This is Ink Super. Hes named after a bottle of ink I have on my desk.Hes the son of Vogue and Ethan.Technically, hes Sketchs cousin, which is weird because shes anelder and hes a toddler...and Ethan is Inks father, and Sketchsadopted elder...I dont know. Small world, I guess.Still, I took one look at Ink and just couldnt give him up. Look at all ofthe adorable and the awesome in him!

Everyone else was having kids, so I got curious about Story andKennedys genes. This is their daughter, Angel, named after a glassangel on my desk.Following the trend of this baby boom, Angel is also adorable.

“Please let there be no more babies!”Thats about it for this time! The next chapter will focus more on themain line than the spares, I just had to share the adorable this time.Thanks for reading!

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