The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Fourteen

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Published on July 10, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Superfrog ISBIChapter Fourteen: Fright Night

Hello and welcome to chapter fourteen of my ISBI!This chapter comes to from a burst of insomnia. Seriously, the onlyreason I started writing this up was because I couldnt sleep. Anyway.Last time, we saw the teenagers get popular, and get picked on.Apparently, Sophie Miguel doesnt like Duck. Gradually, the teensgrew into adults, and Katy, Ducks chosen spouse, became more andmore comfortable with the family.Sound familiar? If not, I recommend looking back. Just a thought. :)

But before we return to the main house, lets quickly stop in at a sparehouse. This is a well-drop for the eldest of generation four, GoblinSuper.Is it bad that I didnt remember his name and had to look it up? This isRobi Baena.

Seeing as Duck isnt having the compulsory gypsy-drop for hisspouse, Im forcing all of the spares to find their life partners via thegypsy or the well. Cruel, but necessary. It makes me feel better forbreaking my own rule.So Robi gets to stick around. Even if his gaze is inappropriate.I also decided that Goblin can keep her rather strange get-up. Ihonestly dont know why.

Anyway, skipping through a rather uneventful pregnancy, meet thetwins. Gem and Stone, named after a gemstone I had on my desk.Yep, the naming tradition continues.Stone is one the left, Gem on the right. So far, Stone is completelyGoblin, while Gem looks like shes completely Robi. Le sigh. Thoughred hair! Im assuming Robi was a red head in his younger years – andthat Goblin is carrying the recessive from her grandfather.This picture is dated. I changed both of Stone and Gems looks afterthis was taken. But still. You get the idea.

Meanwhile, Duck, Katy, Sketch, Goopy and six tombstones moved intoan apartment building I converted into a residential lot. I know thatsounds like a lot of space for the final generation, but in my defence, itwas a small apartment building.Plus theres...a surprise later on. Anyway.“Ahoy there, Duck!”Katy was aged up and moved in.

Duck wastes no time.“Marry me, Katy!”I know its cliché, but Katy really does have one of those “Ooh! Shiny!”expressions on her face.

She said yes, of course. I was thrilled, Duck was thrilled, Sketch andGoopy were breaking in their new was a good day for everyone, I guess.

Naturally, a wedding follows a proposal. To my knowledge, they dontnormally occur on the same day, but eh.“So...handcuffs?”Vogue is not impressed by Story bringing up handcuffs. Oh the thingsfamilies talk about. Speaking of families, everyone is there, apart fromKatys parents and brother. I didnt think about inviting them until after.Oops.

Speaking of parents and family, check out Goopys awesome red-purple suit! He chose that himself – Goopys fashion sense continuesto impress me.Also, ignore the fact Sketch managed to glitch up her eyes.

The bride and groom then took it in turns to glitch up their eyes. Katywins the award for creepiest eyes, though, Ducks didnt manage tofreak me out.

The wedding happened on the roof, with a beautiful view of thecommunity area of the Hills where the family live.Seriously, the Supers now live next to many community locations.Before, the only neighbours they had were the spares.

No one wanted or expected Katy to leave Duck at the alter, did they?Because if they did, theyre going to be horribly disappointed.The wedding itself went off without any problems, which is alwaysnice. :)

The guests werent too impressed by the wedding, though. I mean,Robi is clapping politely, Goblin looks like she cant wait to get to thecake afterwards, while Story is just blankly staring at Robis head.Gotta love weddings.

Eventually, though, enthusiasm was shown.“Yay! Duck got married!”“Um, guys...Im over here...the wedding was held over here...”

Mr and Mrs Super. And I wouldnt have it any other way – I cant thinkof anyone better for Duck, anyway.

Sketch manages to show enthusiasm for the wedding while gettingstuck in her Grandfathers head.No permanent damage was done, thankfully.

Moving swiftly along, it was time for cake. Yaaaay.Will Duck be a cake-shover? Taking all bets!

If you predicted cake-shoving, you win. :D I dont know what you win,but I wondered if Duck would be a cake-shover.My whole ISBI has all of the tact and grace of a cake-shover.

Naturally, Katy and Duck get started on the next generation straightaway. ACR took care of that.

Apparently, kareoke and guitars are out of fashion now. Its all aboutthe piano.Too bad Goopy doesnt feel like sharing with Sketch.

“I can turn my head all the way round.”Katy really creeped me out with that. Maybe thats her goal here – tocreep me out with her strange eyes and twisted neck.

If you hadnt noticed by now, I have a tendency to stick to traditionsand while we have non-adopted elders this generation, Ijust...wanted to adopt some.So this is Ethan Barrett.

And this is Tiffany Zarubin. Shes from the Garden Club, while all of myother elders have been from the social groups that came withApartment Life.Anyway, I cant wait to find out what theyre like :)

The first thing Tiffany and Ethan do is talk to each other. Im happy.This should mean they wont fight like Vamsi and Makoto did.

Then again...“Ethan! You threw a ball at my head!”

“Thats just the kind of guy I am!”I already love these two.

Plus they both get on with Duck and Katy. Speaking of Katy, sheseems comfortable to wander the house in her underwear. Im notsure that has happened before.

The first night in the new place, the ghosts are out in force. And man,theyre angry.“My bed! They didnt bring my bed!”“Your bed? It was MY bed!”“Wow, Sketch is old! I never got to be old...”

That night was certainly going to be eventful. Duck decided tostargaze for a matter of seconds before the aliens decided they wereinterested.I dont remember the last time I had a natural abduction. The last threeabductions in my game were from summoning the aliens.

Hooray for Duck, breaking the tradition.

Although I dont think hes as happy about it as I am.“No! Please! My wife is already pregnant! We really dont need twins!”

No one noticed Ducks abduction, they were all way too busy.Katy was getting spooked by Leo – at least, I think thats Leos ghost –while Ethan and Tiffany were getting along really well.

Oh, come on, Alan. Thats hardly fair. She only JUST got spooked.I hope the ghosts arent planning to kill her off. :(

Apparently tonight is a good night for the supernatural. Outside, awolf, appropriately named Killer, decided he didnt like Goopy.I have no idea why.

Leo! Not cool!It looks like we have a serious haunting problem. But only Katy isexperiencing it.

Katy decides to chill a little after her third haunting in half an hour. Theelders, meanwhile, hang out with the couch.Theyre an odd bunch, these sims.

“Sketch is old! This displeases me!”It also turns your face into a featureless red shape.

“Im going to take my anger out on Katy.”Uh oh. Now we have a problem. I also thought it was kind of amusingthat Alans raging while in the kitchen counter.But mostly, it seems a bit ominous that the ghosts are ganging up onKaty – she hasnt even been married twenty-four hours yet!

“Can you hear that? Tell me Im not the only one hearing that!”The elders all headed out to greet Duck after his epic spaceadventure. I have no idea where Sketch is at the point.

Goopys opinion quickly changes, though. I have no idea why.“Yay! Meeting aliens is cool!”Ethans not convinced.“Loud noises are not cool.”

Maybe thats why Goopy is cheering?“Woo! Young daughter-in-law in undies! Woo!”

Duck is back! Yay! And he face-planted the pavement, which is alwaysa fun after-effect of an abduction.

“Feel sorry for me?”Not likely. I think this is brilliant. Yay, green baby!

Naturally, Katy thinks the whole thing is hilarious.But hey, if your wife cant laugh at you, who can?

I think this would be a good stopping point for now.Join me next time for babies! Yay!Thanks for reading!

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