The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Fifteen

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Information about The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Fifteen

Published on July 10, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Superfrog ISBIChapter Fifteen: So Cute!

Duck is pleased that you made it here for chapter fifteen!Fifteen chapters, can you believe it? Anyway, last time, we saw twocousins – Goblins twins, Gem and Stone, we also saw Duck marry hishigh school sweetheart, Katy Gavigan. The ghosts got irritatedbecause their beds didnt make it to the new house, Katy got pregnantand Duck got abducted. The ghosts took their frustration out on Katy.It truly was a night for the supernatural.Sound familiar? If not, I recommend taking a quick look back.

We rejoin the family to find Katy being spooked. Again. This time, itwas so bad, her eyes went all strange.Then again, Katy loves nothing more than making her eyes gostrange.

“Aw man! I hate ghosts!”Katy is the first person to pee themselves in a long time. I think thelast one may have been Vyn? I dont know anymore.

While Katy autonomously took a bath, Alan came back to scare someof the other residents, like Duck and Goopy.Maybe its time the family invested in a graveyard off the lot. Or maybeits too late for that.

We interrupt everything to bring you Ethan smustling.


That was Ethan smustling. Well now continue with your regularinsanity.Seriously, his smustle faces were too good to waste.

I bought them all a new guitar. So far, Goopy wont share it withanyone. I might have to buy more guitars.

Downstairs, Katy pops into pregnancy. Its funny how her maternitymatches the colours of her normal clothes. And its randomly picked.It was also the same colour Star ended up with all those chapters ago.

That night, quite a few of the six ghost decide to make an appearance.Alan being the most active so far.“What are you looking at, Katy?”“An angsty red ghost.”

“IM NOT ANGSTY!”“Teehee! Hello Alan! That time of day again, is it?”I feel kind of sorry for Duck – he has a ghost poking through his head.

“Yay! Im pregnant, too!”If it feels like Im moving through events quicker in this chapter thanthe last one, its because I am. The last chapter covered one sim day.Which left me a little stunned – one sim day equals a lot of slides?

That and I cant wait to meet the babies. One of them will be getting theirown challenge involving a LOT of for the other, theyll probablyget something, I just dont know what yet.Also, isnt it cool that Duck and Katy have practically matched theirmaternity clothes?

Both Sketch and Goopy ARE still around,even if Im not showing them a lot. They justseem to play a lot of music in betweensleeping, eating and using the bathroom.And theyre both in the zone. Which isawesome!

Ethan and Tiffany are getting on pretty well, and theyve even foundanother person to hang out with. That cat is called Kim, she seemspretty awesome.I only just realised this, but Ethan was Vogues gypsy drop in chapterthree. Yeah, their relationship didnt really go anywhere.

I havent checked Robis stats, but he just wandered in and helpedhimself to the TV. Im assuming hes outgoing.Oh, and if you dont remember who he is, its fine – hes Goblinspartner.

Now Robi has a choice – does he watch the cooking channel, or thepregnant sims dancing next to the TV?You can also see that Katy popped again – she looks huge! I dontthink it can be twins, as I dont have a hack that allows more than eightin a household.

That night, it was Stars turn to spook Katy.“How dare you wear the same maternity as me!”Did I mention Star was pregnant, but not showing, when she died? Ionly remembered recently. Part of me wants to res her and let thepregnancy go would be a bit odd. To have Sketchsyounger brother or sister born at the same time as her grandchildren.

There really isnt much to look at, other than these two being anadorable couple. Im glad Duck chose her.

Lunch that afternoon was delayed, because the first of the newSupers was arriving.“Duck! Babytime!”“Hold on a second? Im hungry...”“Duck, I dont think the babys going to wait!”

“Oh man, Im going to have to go through all of this in a few hours!”

“Its a girl!”Yay, a baby. This is baby Sequin, named after the small pile of sequinson my desk. Its an odd name was either that or the jellybeanson my desk, and I dont fancy calling her Bean for the rest of thechallenge.Though I did have a friend we called Bean in middle school.Anyway, from here on out, youll find me referring to Sequin as Quinn,because Im lazy and its easier to type.

Everyone, of course, was delighted with Quinns arrival. Even Duck,though his interest seems to be non-existent in this picture.“Hold on a second, this isnt a good time. My wife just gave birth. Iknow. Look, Ill call you back.”

Duck IS excited about Quinn, I swear. He just felt the need to answerthe phone instead of celebrate her birth.

Later that evening, Duck went into labour with the last of the mainhouse children – unless someone dies (which I really hope doesnthappen) theres just no room for another baby.“This hurts! Why didnt Katy tell me it hurt?!”

“Its a boy, everyone! We have a little girl and a little boy!”Meet baby Box, named after...well, a box. Its a box on my desk whereI keep pocket change. You know, like the pennies and ten pencepieces and occasionally a pound coin or two.

Ethan and Tiffany were thrilled that they had the opportunity to begrandparents. Or almost-grandparents. Or something.Then again, everyone loves Quinn and Box. They have a tendency totake it in turns to hold them for hours and hours.

Quinns birthday rolled around the evening after Boxs birth. Theresone day difference between them, and I could have held Quinn back aday, but......I really wanted to see Duck and Katys daughter.

At first glance, I was convinced she was a Goopy clone. But!Those are Katys eyebrows. Who knows what other Katy genetics arein there – it may be a little too early to tell who she looks like.

Now, if you tell me that Quinn isnt adorable, Im officially believing youto be a liar. I adore her!Quinn has a personality of 2/7/10/1/7 - so shes sloppy, outgoing,active, serious and nice.

While I would have preferred to avoid spamming you with pictures ofQuinn, when I opened my storytelling folder, there wasnt muchbesides pictures of Quinn...But look! Sketch being an awesome grandmother!

Still more spam of Quinn...can you tell not much else was happening?Other than the queue of people wanting to feed Box bottles. But thatsnormal, really.

“Who looks quite a bit like Daddy?”“Me! Me!”Ill stop spamming you with pictures of Quinn. Im sorry. Im trying veryhard to control myself.

With all of the spamming and the adorableness, Boxs birthday comesup quicker than I thought it would.

Okay, I dont know why I originally downloaded that massive quiff, butit needs deleting. Like, right now. Anyway.Box is so very Goopy-like. Or Duck-like, you know, considering Duckis his Dad.

He looks almost completely like Duck, apart from the elf ears he gotfrom the PT. I guess rolling the CAS dice doesnt always work.Box has a personality of 10/1/7//7/2 – neat, shy, active, playful andmean.Earlier I mentioned that one of the kids get their own Crazy Cat Loverchallenge. Box is going to be our Crazy Cat Lover, for a number ofreasons I will explain later.

And now for a visit to the spares. You remember Gem and Stone fromthe last update? They were just toddlers back then.I mentioned that theyd both changed since that picture was taken. Well,here they are – theyre children now.

Gem looks almost completely like her Dad. Shes awesome! And Isuspect she may be a troublemaker when shes older.Her personality is 4/7/2/7/6 – sloppy, outgoing, lazy, playful and nice.

Stone is a lot quieter and more reserved that his sister, but theyregreat together. Unlike Gem, Stone looks almost completely like hismother.Hes an Aquarius, with a personality of 5/4/4/7/7 – neat, shy, lazy,playful and nice.

Its also probably worth mentioning that the twins are colour-codedwith their outfits. I mean, its not like theyre identical twins who I willmix up, but still.Gem will always be wearing purple, while Stone will always be wearingblue.

Speaking of spares, over at the old Super house, where Knight stilllives, hes just grown into an adult.Knights a cool combo of Goopy and Sketch – hes got a pretty funkyjawline if you look at it from other angles, but I still really like him.Also, I mentioned how he was going to meet his spouse in a previouschapter...

“Hi there!”“Ready to meet your destiny?”Yup! Its time for a compulsory spouse from the matchmaker!

Knight has enough money to pay the full £5000, so he does. Afterall,we want the best chance of success!“This is going to be awesome!”

The gypsy drops Chris Jalowitz, while Knight looks depressed briefly.Its not her thats depressing him, its the fact I didnt send him to uni. Itbothers him, even though hes a pop sim.

“Hi there. I think were going to get along really well.”Knight breaks the ice with a flirt, because hes cool like that. Thegypsy turns her back – I think shes pleased with this successfulmatch.“My work is done here.”

“Youre oddly handsome, Mr Super.”“Please, call me Knight. And if thats true, then we could make a verybeautiful couple.”I think she has the same face shape as Alan, but Im not sure. Eitherway, I really like Chris and Knight together.

Knight also finally scored his first kiss. Better late than never.

While Knight was wooing Chris, I nipped into the house to checkthings were all fine and dandy – you know, bathtub still broken, kitchenstill a wreck...not sure why theyd be different, but...anyway, I foundthis.Its the drawing Goblin did, the one that was inspired by Knight. Idcompletely forgotten it was still there.

Thats it for this time!Join me next time when Quinn and Box grow into kids, Knightswedding takes place, and whatever insanity happens along the way!Thanks for reading!

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