The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Eighteen

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Published on September 1, 2011

Author: SuperFrog4


The Superfrog ISBIChapter Eighteen: Deaths Door

Hey there! Quinn and Box have been waiting for you!Im sorry this chapter took so long. Life got busy, and then I dislocateda toe at martial arts so I get some time to sim!Last time, everyone was having babies. Seriously. Star came backfrom the dead just to have hers, Sam now owes the Reaper a favour.To recap the children born into the last chapter – Star had Snowdon,the son of her deceased husband Alan; Vogue had Ink, son of herawesome lover, Ethan; Story had Angel, the daughter of her PrinceCharming, Kennedy; and Chris had Note, the son of a spare, Knight.Obviously I recommend reading the previous chapters. But thats up toyou!

We rejoin the family to discover Goopy outside. Thats right. Outside.And not on his guitar.I was stunned, too.And he seems to be enjoying being outside. The end is nigh!

He then went back inside, and started whistling. Just to irritate JanTellerman, who hasnt left us yet.I like Jan, but I wish she would go home sometimes. She ends up justwatching our TV and getting irritated when Goopy whistles through herfavourite shows.

Meanwhile, everyone else plays in the street.Ethan and Katy play catch, though due to Ethans mean points, itsmore dodgeball than catch. Duck admires the view of his wife pickingup a football.

These two are still very much in love. Im very happy I let Duck marryKaty, instead of forcing him to meet his spouse via the matchmaker.But you knew that, right?

We interrupt this regular update for a picture of a scary penguin.I do not enjoy having the penguin waddle around, its terrifying!

By the time night has fallen, Goopy has stopped irritating Jan onpurpose, and started trying to get to know her.“We have a train set upstairs, would you like to play on it sometime?Perhaps youre more of a singer. We have a kareoke machine!”

Jan, however, is having none of it.“I want to watch TV in peace! Leave me alone!”Goopy does not look pleased by Jans wish to watch TV alone...inGoopys living room.

After kissing Duck, Katy turned and stared accusingly right at thecamera.Okay, Ill stop taking pictures of them being cute. Apparently, Katyknows about it somehow.

“Its cold outside!”Fifty points to Ethan for realising that snow is cold. Bonus points forthe awkward-looking picture, too.

Quinn, meanwhile, was bored, and was wandering round the livingroom making sure everyone knew about it.Shes still an attention seeker – I doubt thats going to change anytime soon.

Box is just a happy little kid with some pens and paper. I love him. Henever demands any attention.

The next day, Jan was still hanging out, and so were the elders.“So I was thinking, Goopy, that I should just marry your wifes aunt. Ithink wed make the most awesome couple this side of Pleasantview.”“I dont...”Thats when Goopy unexpectedly rose to his feet.

“GOOPY GILSCARBO, IT IS TIME TO GO.”“Can it wait a second? Jan and I were watching this episode ofFriends I havent seen before, Id like to know how it ends.”“YOU CAN WATCH FRIENDS IN THE NEXT LIFE. ITS TIME TO LEAVE THISONE, AND I DONT WANT TO BE LATE FOR MY NEXT REAPING. GETMOVING.”“Please?”

“SEE THIS HOURGLASS?”“Pretty fancy.”Death pointed at bony finger at the sand gathering in the bottom, “THISIS YOUR LIFE. AND ITS OVER. GET MOVING!”With a sigh, Goopy followed the Reaper out of the mortal realm, andinto the next.

Even Jan was upset. I guess she will missing having someone tointerrupt her TV time now. Or maybe, just maybe, she will go home.

Sketch had a breakdown after losing the love of her life. Im notsurprised, and nor do I blame her.Shes also lost a high number of people from her life now – seven. Allthe fault of the Reaper.

Tiffany, the other adopted elder, gave me another reason to dislike her.Who smustles on an occasion like this?! Even Quinn temporarilystopped attention-seeking as a mark of respect!

“Why arent you dancing with me, small child?”Quinn didnt join in with Tiffanys smustle. She pushed past her andwent up the stairs – I was happy Quinn knew better than to dance ather Grandfathers death.

Duck got the most inheritance out of the family. Duck was clearly thefavourite.Seeing them all cry makes me feel bad. Goopy truly will be missed.

“Ive missed you too, Goopy. Hey, did you do something to your nose?It seems flatter and more paper-y than usual.”Sketch has lost it. Completely.Ethan and Tiffany think this is amusing, naturally.

Tiffany then turned Quinn down for a hug. Naturally, this upset Quinn.Which upset Box, because he loves Quinn.Im really starting to dislike Tiffany. This isnt good.

Quinn and Box are like the best half-siblings Ive ever had. They bothlove playing games and hanging out with each other.They got stuck playing Cops and Robbers for hours.

The next day, everyones favourite NPC is back. The Reaper comes toclaim another soul.If its Tiffany he can have her.“I REALLY HATE MY JOB...”

Probably because hes here for Ethan.“What? No way...Im awesome, I have a son, and a family...”“AND I HAVE A FANCY HOURGLASS THAT MEANS YOUR LIFE IS OVER.”

“You cant take me! Look at the awesome face Im pulling!”“HAHAHA, OH ETHAN, YOU ARE SO AWESOME...”


“Why does Death keep visiting us? Seriously?”Because I have the habit of adopting elders. He hates that, it seems.Everyone was upset by Ethans death, but things didnt stop there.

Life goes on.Kids have gotta grow and sparkle into teenagers, and Quinn was upfirst.

“Quinn, youre successfully making me feel old.”I cant believe shes a teenager already. Seems like only yesterday shewas born into my game.

Quinn grew into a gorgeous young lady of the Pleasure aspiration. Herlifetime want being fifty first dates.I know theres a lot of Duck in her, but she definitely has Katys brows.

Of course, we cant have a celebration in this chapter without a death.Naturally. -sigh-“HOW IS EVERYONE HOLDING UP?”“Shut up and tell us whose turn it is.”

“TIFFANY, THIS IS NORMALLY THE PART WHERE I MAKE A FOOL OFMYSELF, OR THE READERS LAUGH, OR SOMETHING, BUT YOU WERESUCH A BORING ELDER, I DONT SEE THE POINT. LETS JUST GO.”This means Sketch is the last of the elders. What has this taught me?Sims live longer if you control them at some point in their life, even if itisnt all of their lives!Thats not the only thing Ive learnt during this challenge, but wellcome to that later.

The family gets over Tiffanys death pretty quickly – she left money toKaty and Box and no one else.Plus, I couldnt wait to see Box as a teenager. Of course, before thatcould happen, there was one more thing...

“My turn.”The following scene needs no words. Im actually really gutted Imlosing Sketch, and couldnt think of a single thing that would do herawesomeness justice.







*** Sketch is the only sim in my OWBC who has made it from cradle tograve. Which makes me sound like a bad simmer, but Im not that bad.She will be missed, by her family and friends in game, as well as me. She was so much fun to play.

“I WONT BE BACK.”Hopefully not, anyway. There are no playable elders left in the hood,and Im praying for no accidents this generation. This should be thelast time we see the Reaper in the ISBI.

So, because we need something to celebrate, Box has his birthday.

And so he becomes a handsome young alien of the Knowledgeaspiration – just like his father. Not the alien part. The Knowledge simpart.You knew which I meant.

So this is what the generation looks like now!In case youve forgotten:Back row, L-R – Stone, Gem, Box and Quinn SuperFront row, L-R – Snowdon, Note, Ink and Angel Super

“Pay attention to me!”That brings this chapter to a close – join me and the Supers next timefor the last chapter of the ISBI! D:Until next time!

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