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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: Snagajob_Works



Snagajob asked over 9,000 hourly job seekers and 250 employers about their opinions on minimum wage. Here's what they said.

The State of Minimum Wage A report on job seeker and employer opinion

Snagajob asked over 250 employers and more than 9,000 active job seekers regarding their opinion and outlook for federal minimum wage.


EMPLOYER Are you in favor of raising minimum wage? In 2012, there were 3.6 million hourly paid workers in the United States with wages at or below the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. 68 percent of employers said “no” 32 percent of employers said “yes”

What is your general hiring outlook for 2014? EMPLOYER 46% 46% of employers are optimistic and increasing their workforce 44% 44% of employers are waiting to see and making no changes to their workforce 10% 10% of employers are decreasing their workforce

How old do you think is the average person making minimum wage? Majority of employers believe the average EMPLOYER age of workers being paid minimum wage are between 16 to 20 years old. 49% 16-20 years old 43% 21-30 years old 8% 31 years or older

EMPLOYER Which is the closest to what you think minimum wage should be? $7.25 50% of employers believe we should keep minimum wage where it is $9.00 $11.00 38 percent said minimum should be closer to $9.00 10 percent of employers would be open to a $11.00 per hour minimum

EMPLOYER Would you be in favor of keeping minimum wage at $7.25 per hour if that meant mandatory raises of $1.00 every six months of work? NO YES 78 percent of employers would not be open to this arrangement 22 percent of employers would consider this

EMPLOYER If minimum wage is increased, how would you pay for the increased wages? 65 percent of employers would increase price of goods sold 5 percent of employers would no longer offer benefits 30 percent of employers would reduce their workforce


JOB SEEKER Do you think minimum wage should be increased? 84 percent of job seekers said “yes”

JOB SEEKER How old do you think is the average person making minimum wage? 80 percent of job seekers believe that the average age of hourly workers making minimum wage is between 16 to 30 years old. 16 18 21 30 50

JOB SEEKER Would you be willing to take a position at minimum wage ($7.25) if your were guaranteed a $1 pay increase after every six months of work? 83 percent would 17 percent would not

JOB SEEKER Are you in favor of raising minimum wage if it means paying more for products? 70% 72% said “yes” However, if raising minimum wage meant job cuts for their co-workers, 70 percent of those job seekers said “no” to raising minimum wage

JOB SEEKER How much should minimum wage be? $9.00 The magic number 46 percent of job seekers said should be the new minimum $11.00 30 percent said minimum wage should be raised to $11.00 per hour $15.00 Seven percent of job seekers said minimum wage should be raised to $15.00 per hour

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