The Spanish Nuclear Industry in Japan

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Information about The Spanish Nuclear Industry in Japan
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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: ForoNuclear



The Spanish Nuclear Forum presents this report on the Spanish Nuclear Industry in Tokyo, Japan, at a meeting of the Spanish and Japanese nuclear industries for new business opportunities.

Nuclear energy, electricity for everyone. THE SPANISH NUCLEAR INDUSTRY Antonio Cornadó Quibus President March 2014

What is the Spanish Nuclear Forum? An association of companies that support activities related to nuclear energy. Co-ordinates activities of common interest to the industry. Two tasks: Influence Facilitate Goal: To achieve the long-term operation of Spanish nuclear power plants. Page 01

Main areas of activity Page 02

Electric system in Spain (2013) Page 03

Current situation of nuclear energy in Spain 8 reactors in 6 different sites. 2 reactors undergoing dismantling. 7,865 MWe installed power: 7.27% of total. 56,815 GWh produced in 2013: 20.09% of total. It currently avoids the emission of between 30 and 40 million tons of CO2 It generates approximately 32% of emission-free electricity. Saves the import of 100 million barrels of petroleum per year. Page 04

Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant Operative situation It was decommissioned on December 2012 as a consequence of the entry into force of the new Fiscal Measures for Energy Sustainability Law. During 2013, the plant has been unoperative and has not generated electricity. Systems and equipment maintenance tasks are still being carried out at the site, contemplating a double scenario: final decommissioning and potential continuity. Page 05

Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant Steps towards renewing operation of the nuclear power plant Administrative steps: A modification of the Nuclear and Radioactive Site Regulations has been approved (February 21st 2014). It allows sites that have have cessated activity for reasons other than safety and security, to request a renewal of the operation permit within a year from decommissioning. Regulatory steps: Established by the Nuclear Security Council These shall include limits and conditions, technical instructions, terms and required modifications for the site, as well as the duration of the new permit. Corporate decisions  Evaluate the economic and investment needs Page 06

Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant 11-05: Nuclenor presents the documentation of the activity. 1-19: The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) requests information from the Nuclear Security Council (CSN). J F Draft of the R&D Project for the Responsible and Safe Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste. 7-03: Modification of the Ministry Order in July: Draft of the new Energy Taxation Law. Energética 10-25: Organizational changes M A 2-17: CSN emits a favorable decision: Re-launching of the main continuity projects. M 2012 J J A S O 9-06: Nuclenor does not present a renovation request, and requests an extension of the time frame for its presentation. 9-12: CSN requests pre-dismantling documentation. N D The Administrative Council decides to maintain the technical and organizational capacities. J F M 12-14: A decision is made to anticipate phasing out of activity. 12-16: Site cessation and refueling outage. 12-28: Official communication of definitive cessation. A M 2013 J J February 21st 2014: Modification of the RINR 2014 A S O N D MINETUR declares the official cessation of activity (July 6th). Presentation of the cessation documentation. Nuclenor requests the possibility of renovating the valid exploitation authorization for an additional year, with the site not operating at full power. No response from MINETUR. Favorable Legal and technical reports from CSN. Page 07

The Spanish nuclear industry …is competitive, consolidated and experienced. …is present throughout the entire nuclear cycle. …has ample technological, regulatory, industrial and operational experience in all of the most common technologies. Page 08

Internationalization of the Spanish nuclear industry Energy sector Page 09

Internationalization of the Spanish nuclear industry Energy sector Page 10 Nuclear energy sector

Capacities of the nuclear industry Page 11

Electric utility companies Responsible for the construction of nuclear power plants and their operation. They support safe and reliable long-term operation of nuclear power plants. They provide abundant, reliable, clean and competitive electricity. They promote growth at the areas where they operate. Page 12

Fuel manufacturing This factory, located in Juzbado (Salamanca), belongs to the ENUSA Advanced Industry Group. A highly qualified team that centers its activities upon the first stage of the nuclear fuel cycle. From the start of its operation in 1985, they have manufactured and provided over 17,000 fuel elements. ENUSA has a workforce of over 700 staff members, and over 40% of them hold intermediate and higher graduate degrees. Exports over 65% of its production. In Sweden, ENUSA provides fuel for half of the country’s nuclear reactors Page 13

Equipment goods Capacities: from manufacturing main equipment to turboalternators, valves or equipment for fuel storage, both dry and in pools. Provides equipment both to Spanish nuclear power plants and to sites in the United Kingdom, Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, China, etcetera. Over 80% of its annual production is destined to exports. Over 100 steam generators used in nuclear power plants around the world have been manufactured by Spanish companies. Valves are provided to all the nuclear power plants in Sweden. Page 14

Engineering and Services Wide experience, both national and international. Capable of developing large electric generation projects. Provides services to all types of reactors during construction, operation and site maintenance. Leads the field in nuclear operation training. Develops a wide variety of engineering and design activities for the ITER Project, through contracts from the European Union or other national or international organizations. Projects in over 40 countries. Exports over 60% of its annual production, and some companies even 100%. Page 15

Milestones Milestones of Spanish Engineering and Services companies: Present in nuclear projects in over 40 countries In China, they are currently building 8 control rooms and 3 simulators Actively participate in European nuclear projects: Finland, ITER, etcetera The Company with the largest number of engineering contracts for the ITER Project is Spanish Page 16 Europe’s first nuclear dismantling company is Spanish

Waste management In Spain, radioactive waste is managed by ENRESA. Low and medium activity waste: the low, very low and medium level waste storage center in El Cabril (Córdoba, Spain). Used fuel: stored in the plant pools or in dry storage when the pools are full or being dismantled. ATC (Centralised Storage Facility): Villar de Cañas (Cuenca, Spain)  Important economic and employment motor for the area. Spain is a referential country in its methodology for waste management and dismantling (over 15 countries have visited ENRESA’s facilities). Page 17

Dismantling of the Vandellós I nuclear power plant Gas cooled reactor (GCR) with 500 MWe capacity. Operation ceased by Ministerial Order in 1989. Currently in latency phase until 2028. Dismantling executed over a 63 month period. Final cost of the project: 94,6 million euros. Page 18

Dismantling of the José Cabrera nuclear power plant Pressurized light water reactor with 160 MWe capacity. The first nuclear power plant to enter operation in Spain in 1968. Operation ceased by Ministerial Order in 2006. Estimated cost (2003): 135 million euros (not including spent fuel evacuation and the Individual Temporary Storage facility, or ATI). Planned total duration of the project: 6 years. The first 5 years will cover disassembly, decontamination, demolition and material management activities. The final year will be dedicated to the site’s restoration. Page 19

Conclusions The Spanish nuclear industry: The internationalization of nuclear activities is a tendency that has consolidated over the past few years. Nuclear companies have strived to retain and increase their capacities in order to reach an ever growing international market. Spain is a referential country in its methodology for waste management and dismantling. The industrial nuclear sector is consolidated and prestigious, generating wealth and employment. It is a niche of industrial activity. It is a focus of qualified employment. It is a source of international prestige. It helps create the national trademark. Page 20

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