The Social Learning Revolution: What it means for Higher Education

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Information about The Social Learning Revolution: What it means for Higher Education

Published on November 21, 2013

Author: janehart



Closing Keynote, WCET Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, 15 November 2013

The Social Learning Revolution  Jane Hart WCET Closing Keynote 15 November 2013

@C4LPT   Independent advisor, writer and international speaker on learning trends, technologies and tools Partner in the international think tank on workplace learning, Internet Time Alliance 2  

The Social Learning Revolution What is the Social Learning Revolution? What does it mean for workplace learning? What does it mean for higher education?

Our view of learning hasn’t changed for a long time … 4  

…. it’s essentially about transferring knowledge into the heads of an individual

Meanwhile out on the Social Web, things are very different … 6  


1 Twitter 2 Google Drive/Docs 3 YouTube 4 Google Search 5 PowerPoint 6 Evernote 7 Dropbox 8 Wordpress Blogging/website tool 9 Facebook Social network SAME Social network and micro-blogging service Office tools & file storage ê 1 Video sharing site SAME Web search engine é 3 Presentation software é 6 Productivity tool File storage and synchronization service 10 Google+/Hangouts . é 1 ê 1 ê 3 SAME Social network/
 video meetings é 7

1.  2.  3.  4.  Free online social tools dominate the list Increasing consumerization of IT and Learning Learning, working and personal tools are merging Personal and professional learning is under the control of the individual

Individuals are using social tools to build a trusted network of friends and colleagues - aka a Personal or Professional Learning Network 12  

ask and answer questions of each other exchange resources, ideas and experiences brainstorm and solve problems together keep up to date with what their colleagues are doing learn from each other – often without even realising it 13  

“25% of doctors use social media daily to scan or explore new medical information. Social media never will replace traditional means of research and learning … it’s an additional — and valuable — channel that can add to a physician’s knowledge base.” Journal of Medical Internet Research 14  

Individuals are using social tools to .. “learn the new” and to keep up  to date with their industry and profession 15  

INDIVIDUALS are using social tools to .. participate in wider educational opportunities

Individuals are using social tools to .. find solutions to their own performance problems 17  

Individuals are using  social tools to .. share what they find, learn,  create and know with one another 18  

Teams and groups are using social tools for .. knowledge sharing and collaboration 19  

For those active on the Social Web, “learning” will never be the same again continuously on demand socially autonomously in the workflow 20  

The social learning revolution is … workplace … that we now have the tools to make it an even more powerful experience,  and it has changed the way many prefer to learn; individuals now have the tools to solve their own learning and performance problems 21   and are bypassing IT and L&D to do so

It explains why there is growing frustration with  a lot of e-learning “knowledge dumps tarted up with trivial interactions”  Clark Quinn 22  

And why some are now paying their children to take their e-learning for them.

What does this mean for workplace learning?

It’s not just about adding social tools to existing instructional practices … 25  

It means supporting more modern and relevant approaches to learning in the workplace.

The workplace is now changing. Social Businesses are emerging.

Enterprise Social Networks are being adopted.

In the Age of Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration. learning is no longer just about knowledge transfer 29  

It means helping teams work & learn together, & share their knowledge & experiences in the flow of work. 30  

“Personal Knowledge Management is  a set of processes  individually constructed,  to help each of us  make sense of the world and work more effectively.”   Harold Jarche

filter synthesise what how with whom PKM  “PKM is our is our partthe part of of the social learning socialcontract”  learning contract

The connected workplace  demands a new set of skills

The world of work has changed There is no such thing as a job for life - only a life of jobs. “Estimated that current students will have more than 10 jobs by the time they are 38.” An individual’s knowledge and  skills will be out of date  within 5 years. “A college degree will be out of date long before the loan is paid off.” It’ll be up to every individual to remain marketable. An employer will likely only train staff do their job.

What does this mean for  higher education?

It’s not just about adding social tools to instructional practices … 37  

… but building social competence within a PKM framework to prepare them for the new world of work

(1) Explain the rationale for PKM, and the underlying framework of  seek, sense and share

(2) Help them build a professional network of people in their  industry or profession (external experts and others)

(3) Encourage them to seek out other opportunities to keep up to date with  what is happening in their industry and profession

(4) Help them to make sense of what they find (applying filters, synthesisng and analysing what they find)

(5) Encourage them to share what they learn with others internally then externally, in different formats: presentations and blogs

(6) Help them to develop an online presence to promote themselves to future employers

To find out more, visit

How are you preparing your students for this new world of work and learning?

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