The Social Learning Revolution and 3 ways L&D are re-thinking their activities

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Published on September 19, 2013

Author: janehart



Here are the presentation slides I used in the Workshop at the GREAT Conference in Lisbon, Portugal on Monday 16 September 2013

The  Social  Learning  Revolu2on     Jane  Hart,  GREAT  Conference    Lisbon,  16  September  2013   2   2013  recipient  of  the     Colin  Corder  Award  for   Outstanding  ContribuAon  to   Learning  


5   What  is  the  social  learning   revoluAon?  And  what  does   it  mean  for  the  workplace?     3  significant  ways  that  L&D   are  re-­‐thinking  their   acAviAes  


7   Training Department Learning & Development   Since  the  laOer  half  of  the  20th  century  the  Training  Department  has  been  responsible  for   organizaAonal  learning,  and  very  liOle  has  changed  …   Although  some  have  changed  the  name  –  its  funcAon  remains  largely  the  same  –  to   organise  structured  learning  events.  

8   computer-based training online learning e-learning learning management systems Most  are  now  using  technologies  to  automate  the  training  funcAon  …  

9   Meanwhile,  out  on  the  Social  Web  things  are  very   different  …  


11   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   The  Top  10  of  the  Top  100  Tools  for  Learning  2012  

Individuals  are  using  social  tools  to  build  a  trusted  network   of  friends  and  colleagues    -­‐  aka  a  Personal  Learning  Network   12  

ask  and  answer  ques2ons  of  each  other     exchange  resources,  ideas  and  experiences     brainstorm  and  solve  problems  together     keep  up  to  date  with  what  their  colleagues     are  doing     learn  from  each  other  –  oOen  without  even   realising  it   13  

“25%  of  doctors  use  social   media  daily  to  scan  or  explore   new  medical  informaAon.     Social  media  never  will   replace  tradiAonal  means  of   research  and  learning  …  it’s   an  addiAonal  —  and  valuable   —  channel  that  can  add  to  a   physician’s  knowledge  base.”     Journal  of  Medical  Internet   Research   14  

Individuals  are  using  social  tools  to  ..     “learn  the  new”  and  to  keep  up     to  date  with  their  industry  and   profession   15  

Individuals  are  using   social  tools  to  ..     find  solu2ons  to  their   own  performance   problems  16  

INDIVIDUALS  are  using     social  tools  to  ..     share  what  they  find,  learn,     create    and  know   with  one  another   17  

TEAMS  AND  GROUPS  are  using  social  tools  for  ..     knowledge  sharing  and  collabora2on   18  

For  those  ac2ve  on  the  Social  Web,  “learning”  will   never  be  the  same  again   19   conAnuous  -­‐  on  demand     self  organised  and  autonomous     unstructured,  “messy”  learning   informal,  social  learning     ge^ng  things  done     opportuniAes  for  wider  open   educaAonal  opportuniAes     lines  between  working,  learning  and   playing  are  blurring     serendipitous,  accidental,  unconscious  

20   “knowledge  dumps  tarted  up   with  trivial  interac6ons”   Clark  Quinn   This  is  why  there  is   growing  frustra2on  with     current  e-­‐learning  

Even  InstrucAonal  designers  are  frustrated  at  having  to  create  courses  and   ensure  that  every  link  is  clicked  -­‐  because  manager  think  that  this  means  that   their  people  will  have  “learned”  the  content.  

As  a  result  some   employees  are  now   paying  their  children  to   take  their  e-­‐learning  for   them.  

23       an  increasing  number  of  people  who  are  bypassing  L&D  and  IT  to  solve  their  own   learning  and  performance  problems  more  quickly  and  easily  -­‐  and  in  ways  that   suit  them  best.   The  social  learning  revolu2on  is  …    

24   So  the  answer  for  L&D  is  not  just  about  adding  new  tools  and   technologies  to  instrucAonal  pracAces  …   People  don’t  like  to  be  told  to  be  social!  

25   …    it’s  about    re-­‐thinking  pracAces  and  supporAng  workplace  learning  more   widely  and  in  more  modern  and  relevant  ways.  

26   What  is  the  social  learning   revoluAon?  And  what  does   it  mean  for  the  workplace?     3  ways  that  L&D  are     re-­‐thinking  their  ac2vi2es  

27   1    Moving  from  a  focus  on  learning    to  a  focus  on  performance  

28   They  are  stopping  being  order-­‐takers  and    becoming  performance  consultants.  

29   They  are  carrying  out  a  performance  analysis    …     (not  to  be  confused  with  a  Training  Needs  Analysis)  

30   They  are  idenAfying  a  range  of  soluAons  to  performance   problems;  training  courses/e-­‐learning  are  the  last  thing,  not  the   first  thing  they  choose  

31   They  are  increasingly  focusing  on  performance  support   opAons    …  on  appropriate  devices  

32   They  are  measuring  the  success  of  their  “intervenAons”     in  performance  terms  

33   2    Moving  from  a  focus  on  managing  learning   to  building  a  learning  network  

34   They  are  breaking  free  of  their  learning  plaiorms  and  management  system   as  it  constrains  their  thinking  about  learning  ...   …  and  which  measure  learning   rather  than  performance   outcomes  …     …    and  which  are  silos     for  knowledge  and   experience  -­‐   separate  from  work   WORK                  LEARNING  

35  They  are  recognising  that  new  enterprise  tools  offer  new  opportuniAes  …  

AcAvity  stream   Real-­‐Ame  updates   Member  commenAng   Threaded  discussions   Likes  and  Relies   Sharing  of  resources   Sharing  links   Sharing  files   Polls  and  surveys   Content  creaAon  tools   Group  spaces   within  the  network   and  external  networks   36   ..  since  they  take  a  more  modern,  social  approach  to   collaboraAon  

So  they  are  being  used  for  social  onboarding      …   get  to  know  co-­‐workers  and   company  culture   ask  &  answer  quesAons   access  resources   AND  start  contribuAng   37  

They  are  being  used  for  social  mentoring   informal,  ad  hoc  mentoring   as  needs  arise   self-­‐iniAaAng  in  the  ESN   38  

39   Live  chats  –  YamJams  –   real  Ame  conversaAons     Hotseats     Book  clubs     Online  Lunch  ’n’  Learns     Daily  Aps  or  learning   resources   They  are  being  used  for  an  on-­‐going  stream  of  social  and   collaboraAve  learning  acAviAes  ..  

They  are  also  being  used  for  online,  social  workshops   1.  scaffolding     2.  autonomy     3.  social  as  focus   4.  content  as  support   5.  performance-­‐oriented  

41   In  other  words  L&D  departments  are  building  an  Enterprise  Learning  Network   embedded  within  their  Enterprise  Social  Network.  

42   3    Moving  from  a  focus  on  instruc2on   to  suppor2ng  knowledge  sharing  and   collabora2on  in  the  workflow  

They  recognise  that  “learning”  is  not  something  separate  from   work;  it  is  an  integral  part  of  it.   43  

44   They  are  helping  teams  to    work  and  learn  together  –  and  share  their   knowledge  and  experiences  –  and  in  doing  so  helping  to  build    a  collaboraAon  culture  

“You  can’t  TRAIN  people  to  be  social  –  only   show  what  them  what  it  is  like    to  be  be  social.”     45  

They  are  helping  teams  understand  how  to   collaborate  purposefully  and  producAvely   through  modelling    not  shaping   46  

“A  set  of  processes     individually  constructed,     to  help  each  of  us  make     sense  of  the  world     and  work  more  effecGvely”   47   They  are  helping  individuals  with  their  Personal  Knowledge  Management   Harold  Jarche  


50   Personal/   Professional   Learning   OrganisaAonal   Learning   organised:  designed/delivered/managed   (structured,  formal)   TRAINING   self-­‐organised  and  self-­‐managed   (un)structured,  informal,  social     LEARNING   To  summarise,  whereas  L&D  has   tradi2onally  only  valued  the  learning   that  has  been  organised  by  them    …  

51   Personal/   Professional   Learning   OrganisaAonal   Learning   KNOWLEDGE  SHARING     in  work  teams  and  groups   …  the  Social  Learning  Revolu2on   means  that  L&D  is  no  longer  solely   responsible  for  learning    in  the  workplace;   it  is  becoming  a  shared   responsibility   organised:  designed/delivered/managed   (structured,  formal)   TRAINING   self-­‐organised  and  self-­‐managed   (un)structured,  informal,  social     LEARNING  

52   The     Workplace  Learning     Revolu2on     Jane  Hart  

The  Social  Learning  Revolu2on     Jane  Hart,  GREAT  Conference    Lisbon,  16  September  2013  

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