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Information about The Slideshare Introductions Group

Published on October 20, 2008

Author: netbizguru



This slideshare presentation is an introduction to and explanation of the Slideshare Introductions Group...

Hello, my name is David G Smith and I am the creator of the ‘Slideshare Introductions Group’ here at I created this group because I am a very firm believer, that whenever you move into a new community

Whether it’s a community in the real world...

Or an online community in the virtual world... ...Like here at Slideshare

You should make an effort to get to know your neighbours

And start making lots of new contacts and friends

And that’s the idea behind the ‘Slideshare Introductions Group’ Having a single point of introduction to the rest of the Slideshare community

Our growing group is open to everyone

So whether your feeling isolated from the rest of the community

Or if you’re just looking to build up your Contacts and Friends here

Upload your introductory presentation and tell the rest of the community: Who you are What you do Where you are from Things that interest you And anything else that you’d like to share with the rest of us

As a member, you only have to follow these 3 simple rules: 1.) Your presentation MUST be at least THREE slides in length. 2.) Your presentation MUST include a photo of YOU on the very first slide. 3.) Absolutely NO ADVERTISING of any products or services. Your introduction may advertise yourself ONLY, but you may include links to other places if they are relevant to you (e.g. your MySpace, Facebook, YouTube pages). That was easy, wasn’t it...

Come and join us today

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