The Significance of Test Environment Management In Software Testing

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Information about The Significance of Test Environment Management In Software Testing

Published on December 15, 2017

Author: enov8


Slide3: What About the Test Environment Management? Test Environment Management is a process taking place during the software delivery process that helps in the testing cycle by providing a stable environment for the testing of the software products. The management of test environments is necessary for the enterprises in order to launch a smooth and error free. The management of the test environment is comprised of certain important tasks such as Creating New Test Environments whenever required. Allocate the Test Environments to the Respective Teams. Resolve the issues found while the testing process. Slide4: What About the Test Environment Management? A Test Environment Management process is practised at various stages. Let us have a look on the stages of the test environment management. Development Environment Performance Test Environment System Test Environment Production Test Environment Acceptance Test Environment Slide5: What About the Test Environment Management? The only aim of the test environment or the test environment management is to release the software to the end user with perfect and wonderful functioning. Once the test environment is properly managed, the final production would be perfectly functioning. The Test environment management aims at overcoming the problems like network, memory, speed and many others by building a test environment that is entirely similar to the final production environment. With the good test environment management, one can easily improve the quality, reliability, and the flexibility of the test environments and as a result, shorten the software cycle by letting the website owners launch their software sooner than decided.

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