The Significance Of Olive Wood From Bethlehem

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Information about The Significance Of Olive Wood From Bethlehem

Published on September 16, 2019

Author: Bfta17


slide 1: The Significance Of Olive Wood From Bethlehem One can observe the special meaning and significance of wooden items made from olive wood in Bethlehem. It is a known fact Jesus Christ used to be a carpenter before he started his world-changing ministry it is believed he likely worked with this same wood in his youth and young adulthood. History of Bethlehem olive wood These as the name hints are wood from the abundant olive trees in the area of Bethlehem in Israel. These are believed to have grown in the area since around 4000BC. They acquire a distinctive patina and appearance and these trees often live for thousands of years. The finish wood exhibits a marble pattern. Also these are beneficial in supplying people in Bethlehem with olives and olive oil. This wood is known for a variety of historic uses. In today’s era people from throughout the world can also reap the benefits of items using these trees. The importance of olive wood nativity sets Bethlehem nativity sets are in vogue for a variety of reasons. There is a humungous amount of importance to any item made with this unique wood. It is believed Jesus prayed under an olive tree before he was crucified. To an extent it is believed Romans used this wood for the crucifixion. Olive wood nativity sets allow people to store Christian history to treasure in their home. This tree is also considered as immortal as the old tree is replaced by the new shoot. The continuous rebirth of this tree is seen as symbolic to the rebirth of Christ. An ideal Christmas gifts Many Christians treasure the items made of this wood which is due to a great deal of lore and symbolism. These counts for perfect gifts as well. These can be seen as a source of positivity and you can plan to gift your loved one and this can channelize tranquility in their lives. No matter if you are looking for a mesmerizing family heirloom or a unique gift with deep-rooted religious meaning these gifts are unparallel and will cement a certain amount of serenity in your life. slide 2: The Essence And Challenges Faced By Palestinian handicrafts sector For over 5000 years the production of handmade Palestinian crafts has mirrored the unique cord between people environment and land. But down the lane the handicraft sector faces several obstacles and challenges obstructing its development. This article will acquaint you with such scenarios. Handicraft Sector in Palestine: Earlier handicraft products used to be sold locally to tourists and pilgrims who would visit Palestine during the religious time. With the evolving times it has been made globally available to the potential customers via formal and informal businesses through the various medium of export channels. However this might appear as a certain level of progress in the trade but in reality it has posed a plethora of challenges that are comprehended in the further section of this article. The Handicraft sector in Palestine is primarily concentrated in Bethlehem and Hebron in comparison with other cities’ contributions to the sector. The positive graph of this sector can be inferred from its link with the Holy Land which provides it a comparative and competitive advantage. This might justify the reason for the soaring prices of the handicraft products in comparison to other countries. Also all products are hand-crafted by industrious labors who have acquired the know-how techniques from the antecedents. There are majorly four types of handicraft products that directly contribute to this sector. These comprise of Embroidery Olive Wood handicrafts carvings Glass and Pottery and Mother of Pearl. One can witness a down slope in this sector and major reasons for this are discussed below:  After the foreign invasion in the market similar products can be seen in the market which is a major reason for cost-cutting.  There is a lack of labeling of the Palestinian products which can also be the vital reason.  It has been observed a large margin of the product price is included by the retailers. slide 3: Also one of the concerning deficiencies of this sector could be a lack of marketing and promotional skills. One could witness the lack of an expansion which is now being recovered to an extent. In spite of the predicaments faced by the sector there is no dubiety in the fact that the industry has untapped potentials for further support and in a way has bounced back and this can be seen as the act of gumption. This industry is yet to reach its peak point About US: Business Name: Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans Phone no.: 657 549 2010 Address: 3125 katharine dr. Escondido CA United States 92027 Website: Reference URL:

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