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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: ailishen



Summary of The Shining's plot until the "Are you concerned about me?" scene.

Jack is the father of the family, also an ex teacher.  He used to be an alcoholic.  Now he wants to be a writer.  He can be aggresive and once broke his son’s shoulder.  Played by Jack Nichilson 

She is called Wendy.  She is timid and quiet  Wendy worries a lot about her child’s imaginary friend.  Played by Shelley Duvall. 

     Danny is about 4/5 years old. Since he started nursery school he started talking to his imaginary friend, who is called “Tony”. He uses his finger and changes his voice when “Tony” is talking. Sometimes he blacks out when he’s talking to him and this worries his mother a lot. His parents don’t know, but Danny has abilities to see dead spirits.

 The father has decided to take a new job as a caretaker of an isolated hotel during the off-peak season (from October 31st until May). The hotel is located very high up on a mountain. During the winter it snows very heavily there and it is impossible to travel to or from the hotel.  Before accepting the job Jack is told about a tragedy that occurred in the hotel a few years ago. A family had moved there to take care of the hotel but the father went insane because he was so isolated. He had a bad case of cabin fever. He murdered his wife and his twin daughters, before he committed suicide.

 During the winter there is lots of snow, every year this causes the phone lines to break down. The family are now completely isolated with seldom communication from the operator.  Jack is spending lots of time trying to write his book but begins to get angry because he has no good ideas. He starts spending lots of time in a room typing. When Wendy or Danny interrupts him he gets very angry. Jack gets angrier everyday and Wendy becomes more afraid of him.

 Danny has been seeing of dead spirits in the hotel. He is having lots of black outs, where he all he can see is red and rivers of blood in the hotel.

 He has been taken over by “Tony”.  When his mum asks him a question Danny only responds using Tony’s voice and moving his little finger. “Danny is not here Mrs. Torrance.”

 Wendy is extremely worried about Danny and wants to take him to a doctor. She goes to Jack’s writing room to tell him they need to leave the mountain immediately.  Wendy enters the room with caution, holding a baseball bat. Jack is not there so she takes a look at what he has written so far in his book as there are hundreds of pages on his desk

 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Then Jack enters the room. Wendy is afraid and wants to leave to find a doctor.  This is the scene you must watch without sound. Use your imagination to invent the dialogue between the two of them.  RmV1Sj6j4 

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