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Published on June 21, 2018

Author: TwibrightInside


PowerPoint-Präsentation: The Servo Chronicles: Infinities 5 Created By: Phamser Created: 01.21.2009 Last Updated: 01.25.2009 Number of Entries: 65 Description: Part 5 - the Girls enter teendom with the normal party problems... Family Name: Lot Name: 146 Pebble Drive Categories: Ponderings and Observations,Sims Life Stories PowerPoint-Präsentation: The Servo Chronicles: Infinites 5 - Growth “What is it about youth that make many desire it and fear age? Is it the vitality and vigor that one has in that age? Or that, despite all the laws, society still stereotypes the elderly as costly and senile employ that should be removed for cheap and younger workers to maximize profits? Or is it something different all together? Whatever the reasons, we all in one form or another experience it . Thomas Servo here, and since this chapter is about the girls growing up and such, it seemed to be a fitting question that came to mind. Being a member of the undead, it seems to give me the benefit of eternal youth, but it was not one of choice but fate .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…And those who were not designed to age, like Prototype? So far I see only madness in such fates….” [Prototype] "Worship of the BLEEP! Grilled Cheese Man is not BLEEP! madness, BLEEP!" “*Sigh*... then again, maybe eternal youth is a double edged sword, all based on one's choices…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Take Audrey for example: she was once a streaker NPC, and like those of the Townie Limbo didn't age till she became controllable . Yet, she made different choices, and shows no sign of madness . Though her concern over my well-being makes m…some of our neighbours worried sometimes….” [Audrey] " Eaxians and those of their brood tend to have a lot more mental stability then CAS Sims, Hunnybear . Anyway, I just don't want you to die on me again! But you may want to get back to the story, Baby." “True…Well, for those who didn’t read the last chapter: the girls, Candi and the two Renees were experiencing their childhood when I created the first Servo unit for the family, dubbed Prototype, which came with a lot of bugs. Also, I was fired from my job as an adventurer. I was able to plea for my job back, but had to start at the bottom while Audrey reached the top of her preferred career as a Ecological Guru .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , things at the apartment were pretty calm, with the girls skilling the spare time away, surrounded by their mother's snapdragons .” [Renee I ] "Renee, stop trying to kill my queen !“ [Renee II] "Then stop trying to get my knight, Renee !“ [Candi] ".... and I used to think having Lauren* calling me her twin around was confusing...." - * Editor's note: Candi’s referring to her firstborn glitch sister in the original series , Lauren Servo . - PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , things got a bit too boring, so we decided to get a roommate to keep things interesting. Audrey thought April would be a good choice since she was near her final years in college . April arrived for Candi's Birthday party and accepted our invitation .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Though her choice of clothing to grow into was questionable .” [April] "Hey, it was freezing out there, Andross !" “Point taken, April .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , soon my little Candi’s birthday party was underway. Just when she was about to blow the candles, she called out to the “Idiot”. Though her call for the "Idiot" was quite unusual: " Idiot, if you are still upstairs ... don't screw this up again!". " He's not upstairs, Candi. It just our annoying neighbours ", I said. " But how do we know for sure?" ,she responded. She then revealed that back then she saw some Simselfs coming through the firewall like she did when it collapsed , but she could have been seeing things as she hit her head a bit hard when she landed here. Curiouser and curiouser , I thought, while the sparkles of light surrounded her ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…And aged into a lovely teen. She said she wanted to restore the family line, so she now was a family sim with the want to have 3 children graduate college . It sounded like a good plan, and I'm sure we wouldn't mind some grandchildren .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “The party was a in full swing as we danced the night away. I thought for sure that the party would end well this time, till the sound of the sirens was heard from the outside ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Officer Dorian shut down my children's birthday party once again ... If I didn't know better I’d say he had something against us .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “At least this time we were able to get the party score high enough before it came to an end. Now I'm more hopeful that we can pull it off for the other girls’ parties in the next few days .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “The girls still study together a lot . I was a bit concerned actually since they can worry about skilling in college , but Candi explained the Idiot's way of doing this was a 3 scholarships minimum requirement . I asked the reason why, but the girls said it's how things had always been done.” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , I was about to argue against it, when Audrey let me know that she finally maxed her Cleaning skill. Well, at least they’re doing it together... But seriously, to still attempt for a legacy lifestyle, when we aren't one ...? Renee (I.) countered, that this was an unavoidable part of the Servo lives, that we were all supposed to be a bunch of eggheads. Still, the guilt of somehow being forced to do certain things again and again wouldn't go away ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , the night passed on, and Audrey topped her last skill, Charisma, before the medicine cabinet...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…And reach perma -platinum status too.” [Audrey] "And all despite the lag of having reflections on again !" “Huh? What do you mean, Audrey? Aren’t mirrors supposed to always have lagging reflections?” [Audrey] " Never mind ..." PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , as I was leaving for work, we had an interesting visitor drop something before our door .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “The neighbours said that she had a crazed look on her wrinkled face as she left behind an old lamp. We didn't put it into much consideration while we stuffed the lamp into our inventory . Besides, from some of the other neighbours views, they thought that her reaction was actually towards one of the elders on the lot trying to get her out of her dress to go swimming with him , ewwww ….” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Audrey told me while I was gone, Renee (II.) had an emotional breakdown when she realized that she ate too much and got fat. Audrey was able calm her down, but the omen thing Renee (II.) kept mentioning was really affecting her. I hoped we would break her out of that soon .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Speaking of Renees , Renee (I.) was teenifying up and able to get another member from the society to come for a visit since April was living with us. Guess being a former President does have some perks .” [Renee I] "Dad, do you mind?" “Oh, sorry, let break this "Omen", your sister kept whining about.” [Renee I] "Way ahead of you, Dad." PowerPoint-Präsentation: “What a lovely girl she grew up to be, don't you agree ?” [Renee I] "Dad!" “Sorry… anyway, she wanted to be a knowledge type sim like her parents from what I understand .” [Renee I] "Yup! Once an egghead, always an egghead. But really, to report about this realm to the public, being the head of the media sounded like a good idea." PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Of course, what would be a servo party without the complaining neighbours, with Prototype doing the poor job of handling them .” [Prototype] "Get out of my BLEEP! face, you BLEEP! old fart! PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Or Officer Dorian to arrive and shut it down. I'm sure he had something against me, I just knew it. He might be working for the simself Pinstar or Eaxis since we were are an illegal family... Or perhaps I'm just being paranoid…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Despite his efforts, Audrey danced with joy as the party was another success while Renee (I.) looked into the computer for the slacker career job .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Later that night, Candi returned, topping her job in the education career, becoming the first overachiever of the family .” [Candi] "Well, as heiress, I do have a tradition to maintain, Dad." “What tradition? We're hardly past generation 2 to have “traditions”! ...but since I'm the only one that doesn't remember anything about the "old days", maybe it's for the best to leave the tradition making to those that remember…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…Well , the more I think about it - we do have some traditions, like birthdays! It was Renee (II.)'s turn, and her going on about the omen of bad luck that was going to happen was starting to annoy me. I wanted her to live a peaceful life, and that omen-thing just only made her a denier of such matters .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “She grew up into a lovely girl nonetheless. I tend to say that a lot, I know. But even though we are no longer related in blood in this universe, I was very happy to know that Audrey and I did create some beautiful children. Since I was worrying so much about her, she tried to calm me down by explaining that she would follow the path of a pleasure sim to be a celebrity chef to millions. I didn't see how cooking could be a pleasure, but she said, if done right, it can bring the taste buds much pleasure, from the first bite to the last.” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Audrey then felt it was time for some of the girls for makeovers. I was worried as Audrey did her magic on Candi since she was not a pro, but she a assured me she could do it ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “It took two tries on Candi before she got it right. Even then Candi was scared to look at the mirror when she was done .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Renee (I.) was more lucky as it took only one try. I guess cutting hair was easier then styling it .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “As the party went on, the complaints continued. We so need to move out of this place! Unfortunately the house I found that would be perfect for us was not in our budget yet. It won't be till the children's return when we get out of here .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “At least the cops didn't crash the party this time as Renee (II.) went to bed with a good party memories. I'm was sure the Omen she spoke off was lifted, but Renee (I.) said she could still hear Renee (II.) mumbling about it in her sleep... *sigh*, my poor little girl…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , as the days passed, I had just climbed up one more step on the Adventure career ladder, Renee (I.) came back topping her slacker career, adding another scholarship to her belt .” [Candi] "Come on, Renee. Do it for old time sakes .“ [Renee I] "Maybe later, Candi. It was hard enough getting rid of that cake fat . I mean, with all of mom's snapdragons , we hardly need to eat!" PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well , Audrey didn't need much to eat to keep fit, but she was getting down the years. Since the landlord didn't allow cowplants , she ordered a few tanks of Dr. Goth's Elixir from ARC to push back the days since she knew my turn off were the elderly .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “She said, the stuff tasted horrible, like burnt meat, despite the results. It make me glad Dr. Goth kept the creation of the Elixir secret, since I had an uneasy feeling about it being freely available. Imagine what our world would look like if… I didn't want to find out…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “By the way, by now Rena had taken a job in show business. She seemed to like the job, ever the hyper pup, we sometimes carpooled together. Though the free supply of Sugar Kibble seemed to make her too hyper .” [Rena] " Suger ! SUGAR! Yup, yup!" PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Though we can't help but to adore her, she can be so cute at times .” [Rena] "Me cute furball , hee hee , hide in snow! Fun! Fun !“ [ Penguin ] "Jus' giv ' me tha ' wo'd , Frosty an' I'll bean tha ' wimpy furball , eh .“ [Snowman] "..... go away....." PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Yeah , it was snowing again , and the girls were having the time of their lives as they made snow angels and snowmen. Maybe that’s what attract us to youth, the carefreeness .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “One night, the girls wanted to go on dates, so they called the matchmaker. I was weary about the matchmaker, but I knew the girls would leave the nest soon, so I let them be. I should had known better when they paid full price for her services ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…as Candi got the Dreamer kid from Pleasantview who was already on a date with the Pleasant girl. Candi was traumatized that her first date had resulted in her being a home wrecker, and so the date ended badly .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Then Renee (II.) wanted to give the matchmaker a try. Candi said the old hag had a greedy look in her eyes as she paid the full amount. I should have been out there to stop them.” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Renee (II.) got some goth kid from Downtown who's name she didn't remember, much less cared. She was displeased with the matchmaker, but got no refund as the date ended as Candi's, boring. If only I had known how close they were to a clue to the Llamanati Order that night…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “In the following days, Candi seemed to take the heiress thing more and more seriously, caring over every family members well-being, like checking up on me when Audrey was at work .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…though she still needs to work on not waking me up rudely due to my condition. There had been moments I thought I scared her to death, but she seemed have her mother's strong will .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Then one day, it looked like Prototype had pissed off the wrong person as she shoved him into the pool. And since robots and water doesn't mix, Prototype found the experience not funny. He kept cursing at the lady to get him out of there but to no avail...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “He was able to get out, but the water had damaged him and he ran amok a bit before breaking down in our bedroom. In the end Colin was able to repair him...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…but Prototype didn't like this kind of help, even when Colin explained he was only doing his job. The two didn't get along, but then again, it seems only the kids ever get along with Prototype, everyone else hates his titanium guts .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…And what’s more annoying are his attempts to get smarter only to lose more skill points on the way. The more I have him around, the more I just want to unplug his power reactor .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “I mean he takes no responsibility if anything goes wrong like his use of the thinking cap, resulting in it getting stuck on his head. And whom did he blame instead? Audrey! I would be worried about her since the idea of victory in a fight machine versus human seems to be impossible in theory, but ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…Audrey proved to me time and time again that she can handle herself. If I didn't know better, I swear her body skill was of the legendary " Crumplebottom 11th body skill", but the girls tell me she is just hard to beat in a fight...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…in fact, Audrey can be a bit scary when she fights...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Well, eventually the time came when Renee reached the top of her career as an adventurer and acquired her scholarship, but she was not the only one to reach the top ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…as I've hit the top of the adventure career too, finally! Though stinky from the ordeal and near death experiences , I was in the mood for a bath and rest, but that had to wait for something more important came up .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “For it was time for the girls to leave the nest and head to collage. They grow up so fast, don't they?” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Candi was the first to leave ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Followed by Renee (II.)..” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…And lastly by Renee (I.). T he girls’ leaving was unavoidable, since I felt we could no longer protect them from our enemies, but the girls assured me they'll call as soon they arrive in a few days .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “With the apartment now empty , we continued to try to have a baby a bit more frequently, but still no luck as the night dragged on .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “Distraught about our misfortune, a part of me wanted to get a job in the medical career to find a solution, but there was still no opening. Then I saw an opening at Sim State for a college professor in Physics. Since the girls were heading there, it sounded like a good job to take since it would let me check on them every now and then .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “It took a few days, but Candi was finally able to call us and let us know that they arrived okay at the new dorms in Sim State University. It was nice to hear they grew up safe .” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “From what Candi told us, the Renees ’ gave themselves a makeover to look more like their old selves. I don't see the reason why, but if it made them happy, that’s all what really mattered, right?” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…though I couldn't help but worry a bit since looking like their old selves could attract unwanted attention… someone may recognize them ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…namely Retsudo Tono , or those that worked for him. Little did I know, that I was not alone in worries this night ...” " M…maybe the boss won't noticed the firewall's down. I mean we don't even know who slipped through, right ?“ “Alone in his thoughts, the werewolf was unaware of the person entering his home till he interrupted his train of thought... “ " Really, Wolfenstein... If the Professor wouldn't need your hands to do his work, I would have disposed of you a long time ago…” “…the voice coldly said as the werewolf turned around in horror…” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “…still , a punishment is in order for your… blind behaviour… I think, I’ll rip your remaining eye out this time..." "YIPE! BOSS!! PLEASE! DON"T RIP MY OTHER EYE OUT!!" “…the werewolf screamed as Tono stood before him...” " Enough with the pleasantries, WHAT WENT WRONG?!!! The Professor said nothing could stop the machine, BUT I see a pile of charred remains where the Trans-dimensional gate was !!“ “… Tono snapped at the shivering lycan ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: "I-I don't know, Boss. Things were going normal, then suddenly the system detected a strange surge of positron energy. I don't know how, but it caused all the charges to be restored to max for a few moments before neutralizing the firewall used to keep legacy sims and simselves out. The Professor and I concluded - before he went on another poodle humping trip - it could be due to the lack of the "Black Sheep" battery, or it could have been caused by an insanely powerful form of "Pure Love" energy.. Oops…“ “…he explained, but ...” PowerPoint-Präsentation: “ Tono didn't want to believe it but did his best to remain calm…” " Pure Love energy?! Is Henry serious?!! It’s just an illusionary feeling to take advantage for ones’ selfish needs! Even if it was real, it’s been extinct for centuries , "love" is just a money maker or a con, no one in this day and age is capable of that purity anymore, you know that !!“ "It’s the only conclusion he could think of, Boss. Someone was able to restore it long enough to have an effect ." “…Wolfenstein replied . Tono was silent while his thoughts came together …” "..... Once the Professor gets back, transfer to Site B. I'm moving things ahead of schedule!" "But Boss - we still don't have any means to make the nukes needed . “ “…Wolfenstein replied , but Tono snapped back…” " Not yet, you moron!! I already have Domino deal with that, so get packing!!" - To be continued... What does Tono need nukes for? How will the girls handle college ? Will Audrey ever bear a child? All in due time, readers, till next time, peace out ! -

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