The Secret to Being Everywhere at Once...with Unity3D!

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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: guybendov



If you are involved in a mobile game development business today, you are likely considering, discussing, planning, or actively participating in cross-platform game development. If you haven’t started yet, you probably are worried about how difficult this journey may be, and if you have — you already know. Is the pain worth the gain? Join Guy Bendov, Founder and CEO of Sidekick Games, as he discusses his studios journey to cross platform success and his choice of Unity as his technological foundation.

The Secret to Being Everywhere at Once… …with Unity3D! Not Sponsored  Guy Bendov, CEO, SideKick Games

Hello Everyone ! • Guy Bendov, CEO, SideKick Games • Started 2010 with PC and Xbox360 development, now focusing on F2P mobile games 2

Romans from Mars • Published by Majesco in November 2013 • 1M downloads over iOS, Android, Win8phone, Kindle 3

Why go cross platform ? • Be in front of more players = more revenues • Find your niche audience • Grow the brand awareness 4

Return on Investment (ROI) Sure, I’d like to be on any platform, but… Will I see a return on my investment ? How can I minimize my risk ? 5

5 Tips to consider As you face the cross-platform challenge 6

Prioritize your platforms • One first target platform • Factor growth based on KPIs, audience, gameplay and expected exposure and value • Target platform sample factors: – Android – easy to update – iOS - high avg revenues per user – Amazon – niche gamers audience – Win8 – go above the noise level 7

Know the platform To make decisions, you need to know: • Hardware and software limitations • Devices / OSs are not the same around the world – Especially Android and Win8 • The audience and its behavior • Services provided by the OS maker • How can you get exposure – Requirements/ expectations by store owners – Marketing tips • Update and grow your knowledge base – Via users, web and makers 8

Scale Up (Never Down) • Find out the least performance device • Profile and test early on mobile handsets – particularly Android • Screen resolutions and ratios. – Stretch or 5-6 builds 9

Select your plug-ins carefully • You may want to connect to services like: – Analytics, Social, notifications, Ads, monetization,… • Not all plug-ins support all platforms, or are stable • Some service providers preform better on certain platforms • Some Plug-ins effect the game’s performance • Services and Plug-ins update 10

Different backend data for each platforms • Have as much information external to the game’s build • Server (online) data feeds game (levels, economy, math) • Each platform is different, so each platform needs a separate set of data … • … double if you want to A/B test…. • ..but do not create a management chaos • Factor backwards computability 11

Two Extras 1. Screen sizes/ ratios 1. Generic issue.. There is a lot to read about it. Unity3D helps but you want to code it in. • • • 2. A word about consoles… 1. Preparing your game for mobile and scaling up to console . 2. TRC submission is a *&@$#^& 12

Guidelines to minimize investment and risk 1. Prioritize your platforms 2. know the platform before you start to work on it. 3. Scale Up (never down) 4. Select your plug-ins carefully 5. Different backend data for all platforms 6. Two Extras 1. Screen sizes/ ratios 2. A word about consoles… 13

Thank you GuyBendov SideKick Games 14

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