The second coming of Jesus Christ - As in the days of noah

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Information about The second coming of Jesus Christ - As in the days of noah

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: billydean_en



Wake up, Christian! Wake up you too heathen as there will be another earthquake, another flood as the flood in the time of Noah, and there will come another big wave and an earth flow and you, with all of the houses, will slide kilometers and kilometers away.

As in the days of Noah «As it happened in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People ate, drank, got married and were given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered into the ship; and the flood came, destroying them all. Likewise, even as it happened in the days of Lot: people ate, drank, bought, sold, planted and built. But in the day that Lot went out from Sodom, it rained fire and sulfur from the sky which destroyed them all. It will be the same in the day that the Son of Man is revealed.» (Luke: 17/26-30.) As in the days of Noah Selection of texts from God’s Word1 upon this theme (Translated by I.A.) My people, my children, you who know God and have faith, please pray for all the world; children, husbands and wives, brothers, sisters, friends, acquaintances and for all, so that they may come back to the right way and true faith for which much blood was shed in order to be sealed, so that we may know too, and the latter ones to know how to live to get there from where they came here, on earth. Well My sheep, today I am the Spirit who comforts you, the Savior who saves you, the home who rests and welcomes you; I am all you want, just come when I call you, when I wait for you! Come as I have many to tell you, but you cannot keep them now as they are stolen from you. Oh, my flock, keep to whatever you have heard, to fulfill them, as not those who hear will be saved but only the doers. Oh, children do not be clanging, do not be whitewashed copper. Be pure gold, tried in the waves of life. Stand against all the vain desires and worries through which the Evil one steals you. Today we live the time of Noah. What did they do then? They were marrying and given in marriage, eating and drinking. Who said: „Make for yourself an ark?” Who helped him? What were the people and those who helped him to make the ark saying? They were laughing at him. What do the people say now when they hear the wrath of the Father, which will be poured out on earth because of unbelief and iniquities that the world keeps all the time doing? Excerpt from the God’s Word, on June 9, 1958 *** I spoke through Noah. When the clouds came in the sky they were crying: „Noah, take us as well!”, but the door were closed from the outside. I spoke through Lot and I urged the world to repent but they did not repent. Now the Christian life has turned into debauchery. Everyone knows that the fire comes but is not afraid of it and keeps it into his mouth. (See „The apocalyptic fire”, red. note2.) Son, put the little coat of the world into the fire. It is a parable of speech. When you were into the world you have been drinking. Drink no more! Excerpt from the God’s word, on May 15, 1963 *** … Sons, these words are sacred. They are not spoken by mother of father, but God himself speaks them and He speaks as in the days of Noah when the nations were shouting to his closed door, sisters and uncles, “Noah, please let us come in!” All of Noah’s friends were shouting and Noah was crying too but he was not able to open the door; he kept weeping because of their death. The same will be now, the same. This word is written. Excerpt from God’s Word, on April 25, 1973 *** 1 2 God’s Word in Romania Redactor note 1

As in the days of Noah Daniel, carpentry is worked in many positions and many mysteries and one cannot give the measure because the wave of this work comes with time. Shall I tell the time measure of today? What if the wave changes? Son, my work which is done here with this house has many rulers in heaven. The Lord speaks spiritually. This home which is made for you is being worked in heaven as well, and is being done in time after the wave. Do you believe this? It is as in the days of Noah. Then there were four families, but now no one knows how many they are. This program was given long ago, but no one in the holy heaven knows what kind of wave will be. Wait a little bit more and this thing will be revealed. Daniel, do not give thought to something wrong and do not say that the Lord does not know what He is doing. Carpenter be patient and do not force my vessel (Virginia, the trumpet of the Lord, r.n.) to give the measure without God’s measure. And when you work be well armed with spiritual life; do not be faithless, and have no defiled sin. Excerpt from God’s Word, on August 30, 1973 *** I want to make a home to me but there is no one to build with. I do not have a place. I want to make a home to me and the heathen made himself a master of my own land and got high power to stop me. Oh, what an emptiness! Where shall I find a place to make me a house? Where are you Noah to make a house for me? I made then, I accomplished, but what got left to me I cannot fulfill to me today. The heathen took away my home. He is not afraid of me; he goes side by side with me. Oh, son, I do not complain as the poor does because he has not got a place to make him a house, but I whine you, Christian, that the time for harvest has come; the time of mash has come and there is no more time. On the vine stake I will mash them! Worship me, groan, repent and cry for poverty as you do not have a cage. Do not cry of hunger as the one that does not eat lives as well. Only the homeless does not live. Spiritually! Get up, as I have a whistle and you are not going to know to whom I whistled and when I whistled. Excerpt from God’s Word, on September 25, 1973 *** … Come near to Me. Do not allow your body to gain weight to be heavy on the way to Us. To many of you it will happen as with Lot’s wife when she wanted to be with Me with all her people, but she could not walk with Me because she did not do My will. And if you take in with your people, you stick with your people as the Lot’s wife did. Noah too had kinsfolk and they were crying to him, “Noah, let us go!” and he could not receive them because the key was to Me. Excerpt from God’s Word, on December 11, 1973 *** Today is Lot’s time when he was proclaiming the Word and no one heard him. Today is the time of Sodom and Gomorrah when the man of God was preaching His word and the people would not listen and set the table for sodomy and fornication. Today is the time of Noah as well, as he was working and the people laughed at him and played. Today is the time for the flood. Excerpt from God’s Word, on September 8, 1974 *** ... Christian, take a good look through the cities as you are not going to see them any longer. Look at the high walls as you will see them no more. Look at the stores as you will not see them. I can see how you choose rings and fabrics on the street and expensive items and with them in your arms you will die. Excerpt from the God’s Word, on September 15, 1974 *** 2

As in the days of Noah … Keep in mind, Christian, that during the flood God took into the ark something of all so that its kind will not perish. One does not speak of animals but of the human seed. Who was saved from the flood? The faithful one. Only God worked, worked, worked. Excerpt from God’s word, on August 10, 1975 *** … When Lord Jesus Christ left for the holy heaven told them: “Children, behave yourself as I go up to heaven, but I will return and you will have great joy.” But behold, the Lord has come today with his disciples and some of you have not received Us. Hard time will come but you need to know the good times as well as Lord Jesus come not in good weather but with the storm instead, when the fruit trees come out of the roots, with bad weather and frosty snow; however the Lords says: “Hold on well, as you will be happy if you are not knocked down.” But when you will see the sun on your little coat, what shall you say? And in your heart the son, what shall you say? And rays in your mouth? What shall you say when you see executioner who says: “Save me too!”?” What will you do? Will you receive him in your house? Lord will not be there to tell you what to do. What will you do? Noah did not receive anyone in his ark. If you receive him your house will be brought down. Excerpt from God’s Word on December 6, 1976 *** God is no longer struggling to cleanse a sinner of his sins, as today it has been found, that whenever He cleansed him man was worse than a dog; for the dog is ten times wiser than man, as when man calls for it, it knows him and comes in a hurry to him, but man does not know God any more. To change he changes no more as in the days of Noah. Jesus says everywhere by the Spirit that the fire will come over you, death will come over the world, but no one is to hear. That although they have years they do not hear as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah; they insatiably commit fornication. They starve but do not give up this. (See topic: “What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?” r.n.) Excerpt from the God’s Word, January 7, 1977 *** … Make the best of you to get rid of these dogs, for this is how the beast seeks for her food. See, you Christian, not to fall into the mouth of the beast, as God sends His angels, but you do not want to be on good terms with them and run away as from other defiled beings, but I tell you that whenever you hide, God’s eye sees and discovers you, to be cleansed of your committed sin. Come to your senses, as this is how I told Noah: “Noah, do this and that!, and Noah was working according to My command, and when the plague came, neither his sister nor his lineage and no one could be received. And they stopped saying as they said until then: “Noah is mad!” Now you do not want to obey and do not want to conform to the way of Christians. Excerpt from God’s Word from January, 24, 1977 *** … Oh, dear brother, how you will crave to rest in a heavenly place! Oh, Christian, you got where the light separates from the darkness, you came to the evil of evils. But I cry: stop sinning! I cry and I watch the way Noah looked forth from the ark and I look down on earth to see if there is much to bring to an end all that are written in the book. Excerpt from God’s Word, from March 27, 1977 *** … It is heard from heaven when the world hates and scolds and threatens you; and God cries when He sees His people that it does not keep quiet and raises the sword against the evil one. It is not the time to raise the sword. Your sword is praying and your bullet is feasting and your staff is the cross, Christian. (See “About feasting” no.) Moses split the Read See in half and the people passed. Now, the staff turned into the holy cross and if you do have faith, you are far above Moses with his staff. See to it son, only to see. Take a good look at My Word which is 3

As in the days of Noah towards you, that there will be war between bad people and My people and I, the Son of God, will be their commander. But the war will be as in the old times as today it is spoken falsifying the truth. It will not be this way as there will be war without arms and the evil ones will be selfdestroyed. Do not take after bad people and to not be their friend as you will perish as well. Excerpt from God’s Word, from April 15, 1977 *** ... Wake up, Christian! Wake up you too heathen as there will be another earthquake, another flood as the flood in the time of Noah, and there will come another big wave and an earth flow and you, with all of the houses, will slide kilometers and kilometers away. This comes because of your deed, and there will be severe famine and draught and many cattle and human lives will perish. Even the emperor will perish because of his iniquity as only the earthly work has been multiplied on the earth. Excerpt from God’s Word from April 24, 1977 *** … All that was prophesied in the Old (Testament) was fulfilled. And according to the Old, Lord, Jesus Christ came and put a new law, and Saint John the Baptizer was made worthy by deed to baptize our Savior and he came before Him. He was sent to prepare this daughter of that time and of today, so that the world may be saved. Woe and over again woe, to those who broke this bond! Because much more, hundred percent the sin is greater today than in Sodom and Gomorrah. But I tell you: get ready, sons, because it is very painful for a Christian today who make a wrong deed, for I came with no sign to do. God does not take you forcefully into His heaven, for behold, God decided to destroy the whole world. The angels in heaven cry, the crowd of saints cry, the seraphim and Cherubim cry, they cry over what God has decided; and I do not come back as I came back after the Flood. Excerpt from God’s Word, from May 6, 1977 *** … This covering of mine, where I left you, is and will be as a sacred object in which the Lord did His work, and it will be of great benefit, as it was Noah’s ark, if you work according to God’s will. Excerpt from God’s Word, from May 20, 1982 *** … I have come now, before the washing of the earth, as I came before the flood when I found only Noah and I got him into the ark to float over. I have come now as well as I came before the fire when I sent two angels to take Lot out. And I have come again to take you out too. But I do not force anyone. Excerpt from God’s Word, from July 26, 1989 *** … Behold, the servant of the small church in the town here arises against Me and against the sons of My word, but I will give him pain and I will double it until his head reaches to his feet. I sent him My Word to lift him up and to strengthen him, but he took a satanic way to harm Me. … Sons, you do not know but I know. Satan routs through all hearts, but I will soon wash the names of his lovers. Stand by Me and you will see great things. Noah did not see the flood after I put him into the ark. And I will do with you as well. Even if the earthquake comes over your houses, it will not tear your little houses down; it will not tear them down as My strong rock is with them. Then you will see the miracle. 4

As in the days of Noah Be careful with all your enemies, for they want to destroy all God’s people. Behind Me, Satan! Why are you looking for what is not yours? Is it not enough how many you brought to your liking? Sons, I have told you again and again that all I do on you is to smash the enemy. Excerpt from God’s Word, from October 6, 1989 *** … I could not prepare you because fear seized you. They laid a trap for you. And this is what God has done! Now you see, and see that God is with you. God did not want the enemy to catch the innocent, the one that God loves, but the ones without God were caught. The drizzle and the waves of enmity have not cleared yet, but I will blow and clarify. I let you go to have access to the Word. I told you that I took Elijah to help Me, he who brought Israel to Me in the days of Ahab. (See topic: “Enoch and Elijah”, r.n.) I brought him to My help here too. The priesthood was led by the executioner of the mankind, but now the judgment and punishment wait for them. The seat of judgment will be in Romania, which I cleanse now. You will see with your own eyes both the truth and justice. … A little time on earth and then you will be in the holy heaven, that on the holy land, for what you were wanting and asking for, arrived and came out. This prayer was uttered by My sweet mother and by your little mouths and it has been fulfilled that Romania may be taken out and shaken of the Satan’s dirt and of the darkness which has overwhelmed her. I have seen the traps laid for you so that My lovers may be caught into them, but I, the Lord, have stopped the pace of all and I gave you word to stay obedient and to intensify your prayers, and see that I turned the die so that those who dug the pit to fall into it. They laid a trap for you. Romania, Romania, My holy and beloved country! How they have overwhelmed you! How they have tricked you! Be careful, that now is a threshold of time ending. Romania, you will be the New Jerusalem and you will see that God was and is still with you. (See topic: “Romania - The New Jerusalem - The New Canaan”, r.n.) Excerpt from God’s word, from December 25, 1989) (Three days after the Revolution) *** The sequel of this document will soon be published, after the translation, as the original one has over 20 pages, r.n. You can see more documents containing the word of God here: 5

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