The Seamless Synthetic Sports Flooring Experience

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Information about The Seamless Synthetic Sports Flooring Experience

Published on February 22, 2018

Author: sportsbuilder


slide 1: The Seamless Synthetic Sports Flooring Experience Sporting grounds are becoming more encouraging with the use of some of the advanced systems. The new Si-Pu Flooring System Material is used in floors today have given a new approach compared to traditional systems. The rubber granules are used for the construction of sports ground because it has stable properties. The rubber granules help to maintain temperature UV stability colorfastness abrasion resistance tensile strength etc. These all are an important factor that ensures the longevity of the surface systems. They are often used for playgrounds golf walkways swimming pools and driving ranges. An Artificial Turf Underlay Mat used is a damping cushion shock pad it is laid below the artificial turf. It has shock absorbing properties hence the impact of the player doesn ’t harm him too much. It is made up of soft synthetic elastomeric material that has good drainage and high shock absorption feature. With the use of turf underlay mat the shock absorption is as high as 55 it gives exactly the same feel as one of the good natural lawns. slide 2: The running track systems are made after studying deep the environment and the property of the materials required according to the weather and frequency of use. An IAAF certification Spray-coat /Sandwich/Full-PU Running Track System is undoubtedly the best forms of running track systems. They have fast damping properties and offer excellent support for athletics.

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