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Information about The Scope of Enterprise Messaging Solution

Published on December 29, 2016

Author: Mahindra_Comviva


1. 1© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Rise and Rise of Enterprise Messaging Solutions

2. 2© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 What is Enterprise Messaging  A system through which organizations can send messages between different computer systems.  Promote loosely coupled architecture through which formats of messages can be changed so that a better user experience can be delivered.

3. 3© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 The Rise of Enterprise Messaging Solutions  Grown in popularity in the last couple of years to a great extent.  Emails have become archaic.  The increase in smart phone penetration has lead to this rise.  Kids and adults have taken onto communicating in a few characters which have paved the way for further growth of enterprise messaging.  Enterprise messaging provides the technology backbone for all communications within and between organizations.  Enterprise messaging provides a great tool for businesses to communicate with stakeholders and other business professionals who support them.  It helps businesses take the best advantage of opportunities in hand by enabling communication on a real time basis.

4. 4© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Present Scenario  The enterprise messaging solution has been growing through technological innovations.  Starting as wearable technology it moved on to new technologies for customers and then to cloud-based messaging systems.  Today’s enterprise messaging are used for things other than messaging.  The data obtained through enterprise messaging system is used for analytics and big data.  Promotes innovations in the industry.  Message-oriented middleware (MoM) technology, is the latest technology  It consumes and publishes messages and is making a wave of the enterprise messaging world.

5. 5© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Present Scenario  MoM integrates technology, interfaces, and enterprise messaging to enable real-time messaging. Almost 48% of organizations today use MoM. Businesses need to keep themselves updated all the time.  MoM is changing fast to include protocols and standards to enable transport and exchange of messages instantaneously.  At present, the Microsoft Exchange Server is the leader.  Maximum businesses in the Asia Pacific region use enterprise messaging and the lowest penetration is in North America.

6. 6© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Challenges  The instant processing of messages is the main challenge.  The requirement of faster processing of messages has placed extreme pressure on the message queue.  Have to handle high volumes of data which is being generated.  Organizations are today using more complicated technology than before.  The new technologies pose a new set of challenge  The systems have to be cost effective and reliable.

7. 7© Copyright Comviva Technologies Limited. 2015 Opportunities  Enterprise messaging solution industry has a bright future  Estimated reach - $1.9 billion by 2019.  In the coming days, enterprises will need to communicate effectively and immediately.  Workforce is now dispersed. World is moving to virtual office.  Penetration of mobile devices will grow, and connectivity will become easier.

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