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Published on February 19, 2014

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The SCHOTT synopsis contains key figures and information about of SCHOTT.

“Glass made of ideas” The SCHOTT Synopsis

SCHOTT Group Agenda 1. Overview of SCHOTT 2. Products and Applications 3. Responsibility for Employees and Society 4. Company History Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 2

SCHOTT Group SCHOTT is a globally active technology group SCHOTT is an international technology group with 130 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses, materials and advanced technologies. We rank as number one in the world with many of our products. We are committed to managing our business in a sustainable manner and supporting our employees, society and the environment. Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 3

SCHOTT Group 4 Key Figures Fiscal Year 2012/13 € 1.84 billion Worldwide sales, 85 % of which was generated outside Germany € 118 million EBIT € 122 million Capital expenditure on property, plant and equipment 15,400 In 35 countries Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG Employees, 5,300 of whom are based in Germany Production sites and sales offices

SCHOTT Group 5 Sales by Region Fiscal Year 2012/13 Europe North America 21% 45% Asia 26% South America 6% Global Sales: € 1.84 billion Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 6 Close to Customers all over the world Europe        Austria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark France        Germany Great Britain Hungary Italy Netherlands  Poland   Russian Federation   Spain  Sweden   Switzerland   Turkey Asia North America  Canada   Mexico   USA Africa  Tunisia                China Dubai India Indonesia Israel Japan Malaysia Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand South America   Argentina   Brazil  Colombia  Production Sites  Australia  Sales Offices Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group SCHOTT in Mainz SCHOTT Group headquarters and main plant since 1952 Largest industrial employer and provider of training positions in Mainz  Approximately 2,400 employees  Of which 110 are apprentices Otto Schott Research Center  Ranks as one of the world’s latest state-of-the-art glass research centers Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 7

SCHOTT Group 8 R&D: Innovation Leadership the Key to Maintaining our Lead A global network with more than 600 R&D employees all over the world  The Otto Schott Research Center in Mainz  The Development Center in Duryea, Pennsylvania (USA)  Technical Support Centers in Europe, North America and Asia Main focuses of development work  New and improved glasses and glass-ceramics  Process development in the areas of melting and hot forming  Coating technologies  Application development New product rate: over 30 % of sales Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 9 SCHOTT AG is owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation Carl Zeiss Foundation Heidenheim an der Brenz and Jena Foundation acting as shareholder 100% SCHOTT AG Carl Zeiss AG Mainz Oberkochen Subsidiaries Subsidiaries SCHOTT Group Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 100% ZEISS Group

SCHOTT Group 10 Corporate Structure SCHOTT AG Management Board Dr Frank Heinricht (Chairman) Dr-Ing Hans-Joachim Konz Mr Klaus Rübenthaler Segments Home Appliances Precision Materials Production Sites and Sales Offices Corporate Functions Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG Optical Industries

SCHOTT Group 11 Our Vision, our Mission, our Values We make SCHOTT part of everyone’s life. We profitably enable our customers’ success through unique solutions based on our competencies in glass, specialty materials and superior technologies. Respect others Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG  Act responsibly  Create value

SCHOTT Group Agenda 1. Overview of SCHOTT 2. Products and Applications 3. Responsibility for Employees and Society 4. Company History Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 12

SCHOTT Group 13 Home Appliances Cooking, baking, refrigeration   © SCHOTT AG SCHOTT CERAN® innovative glass-ceramic cooktop panels for electric, induction and gas ranges Processed flat glass for baking ovens, gas cookers, refrigerators and washing machines

SCHOTT Group 14 Commercial Cooling Saving energy for supermarkets  SCHOTT TERMOFROST® glass door systems for a professional product presentation Up to 60% energy savings compared to open systems © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 15 Fireplaces and Stoves Cozy warmth  © SCHOTT AG SCHOTT ROBAX® transparent glass-ceramic vision panels

SCHOTT Group 16 Pharmaceuticals Safe packaging for medications  FIOLAX® glass tubing for safer primary pharmaceutical packaging  SCHOTT ampoules, vials, cartridges and prefillable syringes made of glass and high-tech polymer More than 9 billion units each year meet the highest pharmaceutical demands  SCHOTT pharma services: Analytical lab services for pharmaceutical packaging © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 17 Optics Precision for meeting the highest demands  More than 120 types of optical glass for use in high-tech applications in the areas of consumer optics, electronics, laser technology, medicine and biotech  Lenses, prisms and filters for camera systems, high-performance projectors and laser tools  Thin glass for micro-optics, imaging sensors and biochips  ZERODUR® glass-ceramic for use in high-precision measurement technology and microlithography © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 18 Astronomy Research in the depths of outer space   © SCHOTT AG ZERODUR® glass-ceramic mirror substrates for use in the world’s largest telescopes Radiation-resistant glass and filters for use in astronomical instruments

SCHOTT Group 19 Electronics Reliable protection  © SCHOTT AG Hermetic housings made of glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal for the protection of sensitive electronics, e.g. from moisture

SCHOTT Group 20 Automobile Driving more safely and comfortably   Hermetic glass-to-metal sealed housings for the protection of electronics and sensor technology  Special glass tubes for halogen lamps  Ambient lighting for vehicle interiors  © SCHOTT AG Housings for airbag ignitors and seatbelt pretensioners Fiber optic components for outdoor lighting and data transmission

SCHOTT Group 21 Aircraft Safer and more relaxed above the clouds  Anti-reflective glass and optical filters for cockpit instruments  Hermetic housings for the protection of sensitive aircraft electronics  Functional and ambient lighting for aircraft cabins © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 22 Communication Smart touch screens  Xensation® Cover extremely strong display glass for use in smartphones and tablets, for example  CONTURAN® DARO for professional touch displays combines antireflective properties with an antifingerprint coating © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 23 Solar Power Sustainable generation of electricity  Receivers for solar thermal power plants based on parabolic trough technology © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 24 Healthcare and Cosmetics Staying healthy and attractive  Lenses, prisms, filters, and fiber optic light and image guides for microscopes and medical devices  Glass powder for aesthetic and durable dental fillings and composites  NEXTERION® coated and uncoated microscope slides for use in biotechnology  Bioactive glass powder for re-mineralization and smoothing of the skin  Cosmetic skin and hair analysis devices © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 25 Architecture Functionality and sophisticated design   © SCHOTT AG Decorative and functional glasses for interior and exterior design PYRAN® and PYRANOVA® special glasses for fire protection

SCHOTT Group 26 Automation Technology Faster and more efficient manufacturing  © SCHOTT AG LED and fiber optic components, modules and systems for use in automated quality control (Machine Vision) in industry

SCHOTT Group 27 Industrial and Environmental Technology Crystal clear benefits: durable and corrosion-resistant  © SCHOTT AG DURAN® glass tubing for use in plant engineering, for ozone generation, flue gas desulfurization or algae cultivation in photobioreactors

SCHOTT Group 28 Segments and Businesses Home Appliances Precision Materials Optical Industries Home Tech Pharmaceutical Systems Advanced Optics Flat Glass Electronic Packaging Lighting and Imaging Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group Agenda 1. Overview of SCHOTT 2. Products and Applications 3. Responsibility for Employees and Society 4. Company History Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 29

SCHOTT Group 30 We are committed to our employees and society Responsibility for our employees and society has always been part of our corporate culture at SCHOTT. Employees & Family Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG Environment Research Society

SCHOTT Group 31 Focus on Employees and Their Families  The health and safety of our employees is always our top priority  Balancing family and career  Day care centers for children  Flexible working hour models  Support to those returning to the workplace after parental leave  Teleworking positions  Trust-based working hours  A high-quality professional education for young people  Profit-sharing and pension plans Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 32 A Pioneer in Environmental Protection and Sustainability  Responsible use of raw materials  The pioneer in the area of "green" glass-ceramics manufactured without arsenic and antimony  Continuous process improvements in the area of manufacturing  Lowering of the specific energy consumption  Reductions in emissions and hazardous substances  Lowering consumption of fresh water by using circulation systems and water treatment  Products for climate protection  Solar receivers  Integrated Management System for Safety, Security, Health and Environment Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 33 Promotion of Science  Otto Schott Research Award for outstanding scientific achievements  Through our sole shareholder, the Carl Zeiss Foundation: Programs that support young researchers and strengthen research structures at universities  Promotion of young talents as a patron company for the youth competitions, such as the “Young Researchers Competition“ (“Jugend forscht“) and “Student Experiments“ (“Schüler experimentieren“) Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 34 Corporate Social Responsibility  Run for Children® – Charity run for handicapped, ill and socially disadvantaged children  Support for sports clubs in Mainz and Jena  Local corporate social responsibility activities all over the world Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group Agenda 1. Overview of SCHOTT 2. Products and Applications 3. Responsibility for Employees and Society 4. Company History Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG 35

SCHOTT Group 36 Historic Milestones 1884 1889 SCHOTT becomes a foundation company Sole owner: the Carl Zeiss Foundation 1948 Expropriation of the original factory in Jena (GDR) 1952 Rebuilding of the foundation company in Mainz, Mainz becomes the headquarters of the SCHOTT Group As of 1963 Increasing internationalization 1991/1995 After German reunification SCHOTT acquires the shares in Jenaer Glaswerk 2004 Corporate Presentation February 2014 © SCHOTT AG Ernst Abbe founds the Carl Zeiss Foundation 1891/1919 Otto Schott (1851 - 1935) Firmengründer Founding of the company in Jena Conversion into a corporation, SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 37 Milestones of Internationalization 1900 Export share reaches nearly 50% 1954 First production site outside of Germany (Brazil) As of 1963 Establishment of production sites and sales offices in Western and Southern Europe First sales office in the USA 1966 First sales office in Asia (Japan) 1969 First production site in the USA 1974 First production site in Asia (Malaysia) As of 1993 Establishment of production sites and sales offices in Eastern Europe 2002 First production site in China 2013 85% of worldwide sales are generated outside of Germany © SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT Group 38 Technological Milestones 1884 Optical glasses 1887/1893 Invention of borosilicate glass 1923 Drawing glass tubing with the Danner process 1923 Ampoules for pharmaceutical packaging 1935 Manual manufacturing of television bulbs 1939 Glass-to-metal seals 1964 Fiber optic components for light and image guides 1968 ZERODUR glass-ceramic for telescope mirror substrates 1973 CERAN glass-ceramic cooktop panels 1994 Borosilicate glasses with the microfloat process 1996 Airbag components 2002 Prefillable polymer syringes 2005 Solar receivers 2007 Floated glass-ceramic 2011 Xensation® Cover glass for touch applications © SCHOTT AG

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