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Published on February 11, 2009

Author: carlton.rollins


Africa: The Sahel : Africa: The Sahel Where is the Sahel? : Where is the Sahel? South of the Sahara Desert Separates the desert from the tropical lands Belt across all of Africa Countries in the Sahel: : Countries in the Sahel: 1. Guinea-Bissau 2. Senegal 3. Gambia 4. Mauritania 5. Mali 6. Burkina Faso 7. Niger 8. Chad 9. Sudan About the Sahel: : About the Sahel: Originated from Arabs searching for gold and Europeans finding slaves The cultures mixed and formed THE SAHEL SAHEL means “shore” in Arabic 1970 Drought: : 1970 Drought: Killed 200,000 people The boundaries of the Sahel altered drastically after the drought The Fulani: : The Fulani: 13 million people speak Fulfade in the world Predominantly Muslim Fulfade comes from Niger-Congo African language hello – no ngoolu daa goodbye –ñalleeen e jamm The Dogon: : The Dogon: Practice “Dogon” religion Worship God Amma 15 different languages hello – po good-bye – yemeh ehso Traditions of the Sahel: : Traditions of the Sahel: Kanga Mask Spirit Ladder Sahel Jewelry Granary Door The Gourd Animals of the Sahel: : Animals of the Sahel: Zebu Giraffe Warthog Senegal Gerbil Elephant Vegetation in the Sahel: : Vegetation in the Sahel: Mostly fertile grassland, bushland, dry, and Savanna woodland Bibliography : Bibliography Slide 16: Slide 17:

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Sahel (arabisch ساحل „Küste“ oder „Ufer der Wüste“) steht für: den Übergang von Wüste/Halbwüste zur Trockensavanne; also ist ein Sahel ...
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