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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: looksoftware



A fun brief highlight of RPGOA and DDS functionality for IBM i GUI, rich desktop, mobile and browser. See how the life of this RPG Dude has evolved with the integration of RPGOA and looksoftware's IDE. The RPG Dude Take a seat while the meeting is starting… The RPG Dude His Design perspective RPG preamble • To display data, the RPG uses display formats • Display formats are described within DDS (Data Description Specifications) • The formats in DDS contains: • Field buffer definition • UI description (position, DDS keyword…) RPG preamble • For the RPG, a format is only a Field buffer definition that can be read or written, the RPG doesn’t care about any UI description. • This is the workstation 5250 that monitors all UI description, • with OA, we could decide to monitor them or even to ignore them. Then we could use DDS formats only for Field buffer definition. And use RPGOA only to send and receive these buffer. RPG preamble In RPG you can write many formats. Write format5 Write format4 Write format3 Write format2 Write format1 But in 5250 you only see what is filtered by the workstation 5250. RPG preamble With OA they could all be available. Write format5 Write format4 Write format3 Write format2 Write format1 Remember the iceberg ? 5250 is the tip, OA is the whole RPG preamble And the UI could decide to show formats data fields through any UI components, and all in the same form. RPG preamble With OA many formats can be exchanged between the RPG and the UI, in 1 transaction. Many RPG/DDS formats 1 RPG Many UI components 1 form 1 I/O Now, let’s talk about The RPG Dude - and particularly about His Design perspective The RPG Dude He is under pressure… So many app to maintain and to develop… The RPG Dude Here is his boss… The RPG Dude Here is the customer… The RPG Dude Our dude has to design new screens… What are his tools ? The RPG Dude SDA ? Screen Design Aid ? Aid ?? The RPG Dude RDi ? SDA in eclipse ? Aid ?? The RPG Dude Aid ?? No drag&drop ? No UI Controls ? No Widgets ? No GUI properties ? No “What You See Is What You Get” ? nope…What You Get Is What You See The RPG Dude This is not going to make our customer happy… The RPG Dude Our dude tries hard any possible way to design new screens… SDA, RDi, third party tool… The RPG Dude Results are not what he was expecting… The pressure increases… The RPG Dude Must our dude end up like a bunny ? The RPG Dude A condemned bunny ?… The RPG Dude For ever ? The RPG Dude That cannot be it… A possibility HAS TO EXIST ! The RPG Dude A new solution ? A new paradigm ? In the industry they call it looksoftware The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Rich Designer, drag&drop, GUI controls, widgets, a full IDE! You can build new Form with rich components for mobile, browser or desktop. The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Save Form and generate XML-DDS Save Form and generate XML-DDS & RPG The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Save Form and generate XML-DDS <xml> <format name=‘fmt01’> <field name=‘fld01’ length=‘10’ type=‘A’/> <field name=‘fld02’ length=‘12’ type=‘A’/> <field name=‘fld03’ length=‘5’ type=‘S’/> </format> <format name=‘fmt02’> <field name=‘fld04’ length=‘12’ type=‘A’/> <field name=‘fld05’ length=‘5’ type=‘S’/> </format> … Data field descriptions are represented in XML, simply grouped by <format>. This XML is the Open Access Metadata Open Standard (OAMOS) The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Save Form and generate XML-DDS DDS A R fmt01 A fld01 10 H A fld02 12 H A fld03 5 0 H A R fmt02 A fld04 12 H A fld05 5 0 H … With the XML, a DDS is automatically generated, no DDS keywords needed, no positioning, no limits. (Only for grid, we use 4 DDS keywords mandatory for SFL but that’s it!) The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Save Form and generate XML-DDS RPG fld01 = ’abc’; fld02 = ’xyz’; fld03 = ’123’; write fmt01; fld04 = ’qwe’; fld05 = ’rty’; write fmt02; … read fmt01; (1st read triggers I/O to GUI) read fmt02; … An RPG is also generated, it can be used as a Unit-test for your form I/O or as a base for your business logic. RPG can then simply control any data fields or GUI attributes The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Design time: Runtime: Designer XML DDS RPGOA RPGOA XML UI RPG compilation with OA OA handler - openlook OA handler - openlookAnd all will work with other RPG or 5250 or system displays. The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE Then our Dude can create a new Rich Form with the Designer, save it, and control it directly in RPG.  1 Designer, 1 RPG, 1 Dude. Save Form and generate XML-DDS & RPG The RPG Dude looksoftware IDE IDE ? Insert Dude Empowerment The RPG Dude And all of a sudden, our dude’s life changes. The RPG Dude The customer becomes happy! The RPG Dude His boss starts to have new ideas for the business! The RPG Dude Our dude starts to have a lot of fans! The RPG Dude His brother comes to see him, which hadn’t happened in a very long time! The RPG Dude Young dudes start to follow his path! The RPG Dude People want to meet him! The RPG Dude He can finally express many of his real potentials! The RPG Dude He can finally express many of his real potentials! ooops! This is private info The RPG Dude In some countries they start to worship him! The RPG Dude And now, our RPG dude has a happy life. The RPG Dude “Thank you looksoftware!” He just sent us a postcard. The RPG Dude The part I prefer is when his brother came to see him…

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