The Roserio Family Receives a New Home in the Dominican Republic

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Information about The Roserio Family Receives a New Home in the Dominican Republic
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Published on May 29, 2014

Author: LouiseZoBell



Dominican Starfish Foundation is a charity group from Canada that builds homes for those in great need in the Dominican Republic. The funds for the Roserio home were donated by Chris and Kym Kilgour with Color My World, a humanitarian foundation from the United States. They not only provided the funds but a group of 17 people from Color My World traveled to the Dominican Republic in February 2014 and helped build the home. This picture presentation shows before and after images of this project.

A New Home for The Roserio Family Dominican Republic 2014 Thank you Color MyWorld, Chris Kilgour and the team at C&L

Emmanuel Roserio lives in the Dominican Republic with his wife and three daughters They were living in a home that was in very dangerous condition. They are on the side of a hill and their home was slipping away. In the middle of the night one night they had to call neighbors and friends to help, as part of their home fell.

Inside the Roserio Home

Construction for the new home began in February 2014

Color My World, including Chris Kilgour and family were joined by some locals to spend a day hauling dirt up the hill in buckets to fill the floor of the home.

The finished home

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