The role of the email within the inbound smarketing Strategy

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Information about The role of the email within the inbound smarketing Strategy

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: joseluisGiraldez



The role of the email within the inbound smarketing Strategy

The role of the Email within the Inbound Smarketing strategy José L. Giráldez Hunter of Customers & Added Value Provider

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FACT - 2 FACT - 1 *AVG ROI of an Email $1  $40,65 63% of marketers cite Email as the channel that offers best ROI (*) Message System Co. (*) DMA (Direct Marketing Association) “Your email marketing should be part of a holistic approach to educate your contacts” FACT - 3 Your DB LIST decays at an avg of 25% per year FACT - 4 Email opens in mobile devices increased by 34% (*) From April 2011 to Sept 2011

KEY ELEMENTS OF A WORLD CLASS EMAIL 1 - Identify a SPECIFIC GOAL What is the desired action, once the email has been readen? 2 - SEGMENT your list 3 – PERSONALIZE as much as you can 4 – Use STRONG + VIBRANT + ACTIONABLE language 5 – CLEAR + COMPELLING subject lines + email copy 6– WRITE in the second person

KEY ELEMENTS OF A WORLD CLASS EMAIL 7- Focus on BENEFITS, not features 8 – Be BRIEF (NO more than 200 words) 9 – Concise SIGNATURE/FOOTER 10 – TEST it!!! (in different: Platforms, Devices, Systems, …) 11 – ANALIZE it!!!

TYPES OF EMAILs EMAIL NEWSLETTER It is expected (after all,it is the result of a subscription) Optimal to promote Brand Awareness You can use it to Repurpose Content Suitable ofr Current Customers and for customers within the Nurturing phase Can provide varied contents: • Discounts • Information • Offers • Links to surveys • Announcements • New products • … • Its lay out is complicated • It can be difficult to get attention on a CTA • • • • •

TYPES OF EMAILs EMAIL DIGEST Summarizes existing info and delivers sanpshots • “Top blog posts of the month” • “Top performance data of the month” • “Your daily pics” •… • Much easier to consume than Newsletters (after all it is a list of links) •

TYPES OF EMAILs EMAIL STAND ALONE (Dedicated Mails) • • • • • It has only ONE purpose. One specific action (CTA) Very focused Easy to build Fast to measure Less consistent than other types of email

TYPES OF EMAILs EMAIL NURTURING • • • • • • It is timely Must be an automated process It is very targeted Content related to the nuances and needs of the prospect Only allows a passive tracking Low concurrent buzz

TYPES OF EMAILs EMAIL TRANSACTIONAL • • • • • The recipient is anticipating this email (triggered by its actions) CTR will increase Very high open rate The secondary CTA is very important Very focused



TYPES OF EMAILs SPONSORSHIP EMAIL • • • • Higly targeted Ver exact calculation of ROI You have to pay for it Needs to invest in additional resources

MEASUREMENTS BOUNCE RATE • Emails not delivered!! (can be due to Hard Bounces or Soft Bounces) • Hard bounces occur when delivery is attempted to an invalid email address, • Soft bounces occur when the email server encounters an issue, such as a mailbox that has reached capacity. • A double opt-in list signup ensures that the email addresses on your list are functional Total Number of emails that bounced X 100 Total Number of emails sent

MEASUREMENTS DELIVERY RATE • % of Emails delivered!! • Look for a delivery rate of 95% or higher • Remember: If you want to have any chance of engaging a customer/prospect with an email campaign, that message has to get delivered to their inbox Total Number of emails sent – (Hard & soft bounces) X 100 Total Number of emails sent

MEASUREMENTS LIST GROWTH • A measurement of how fast your email list is growing • The natural churn rate of an email list can be 25% annually • A steady, positive list growth rate helps keep your list healthy and contributes to the overall success of your email-marketing program New emails subscribers – (Opt outs + Hard bounces) X 100 Total Number of subscribers on our list

MEASUREMENTS CLICK THROUGH RATE • The click-through rate measures how many times the links in your email message were clicked • The CTR rate varies by industry and by Type of email. • The more relevant your content and marketing messages are to your audience, the higher the click-through rate Total # of unique clicks Total Number of links in the email X Total Recipients

MEASUREMENTS EMAIL SHARING RATE • The percentage of emails shared • Can be shared through “Social Networks” or “Forwarded to a friend” Total # of emails shared Total Number of emails delivered X 100

MEASUREMENTS EMAIL CONVERSION RATE • Are you getting the results you’re looking for? That’s what this key metric tells you. • The conversion rate tells you how many of the people you sent the email to actually clicked all the way through to complete the desired conversion Total # of people who converted Total Number of recipients X 100

MEASUREMENTS EMAIL OPEN RATE • This metric measures the number of people who open an email message • Open rates varied widely by industry Total # of emails opened Total Number of emails sent X 100 EMAIL UNSUBSCRIBE RATE • The unsubscribe rate measures the number of people who “opt out” of your email list. • In addition to measuring the quality of the subscribers on your list, it’s also a good indicator of how relevant your audience finds your content. Total # of unsubscribers Total List X 100

José L. Giráldez Hunter of Customers & Added Value provider Athos-world GiraldezGo +34 916419116 If you quit nobody will care, but you will always know it!! Some of the graphics come from public documents or web sites, and have been used with the sole intention of delivering the messsage There are no commercial purposes behind this document

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