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Published on November 7, 2008

Author: nsvf


Slide 1: The Role of the Manager N SUNDARAM ICFAI 29th Aug 2008 BANGALORE Slide 2: “We cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow” --- Nelson Jackson Slide 3: A Group of Donkeys lead by a lion can defeat a group of lions lead by a donkey ---Socrates Main Purpose of the Managers’ Job : Main Purpose of the Managers’ Job To achieve and exceed the Assigned objective by ensuring that each and every member of the team achieves and / or surpasses his / her respective objective. A Good Manager has….. : A Good Manager has….. … the capability to get people of ordinary ability to perform in an extraordinary manner! 5 Differences : 5 Differences Worker Works alone Does the work Like a player in the team Is lead and Managed Responsibility: Single Manager Works with others Develops people/customers Like a coach and a counsel; Pitches in as player when needed. Is the Leader/Manager according to the condition Responsibility : Various Key Responsibilities : Key Responsibilities Ensuring achievement of assigned Team’s and individual team members’ objectives Decision Making Ensuring his objectives achievement covering up deficit of anyone in his team. Focus on Brands / New Products Distribution Channel Management Timely Reporting and Feedback Developing Team Members Market Development Market Intelligence Strong Customer Focus Planning, Monitoring & Controlling Appraising &Reviewing Necessary course corrections Key Activities : Key Activities Strong Customer Focus Right product for the right customers Frequency of visits Servicing Trouble shooting Retention and multiplication of customers Tracking of Customers Planning, Monitoring and controlling : Planning, Monitoring and controlling Objective setting Assigning the responsibilities as per the resources Alternative steps in case of crisis Monitoring of Progress/Key Customers Key Activities : Key Activities Ensuring follow up of every subordinates’ responsibilities. Ensure follow up on payments Ensure Liquidation of stocks Ensure Order generation Regular follow up of pending claims of distributors and CFAs Key Activities : Key Activities Ensuring at Distributors’ Level Inventory Check Payment follow up Catering to Retailer Liquidation of short expiry / non moving products Settlement of Claims Successful of Operation of bonus offers New Product availability at retailer level LOC & NOC of products Key Activities : Key Activities At the Retail Level Tracking of new and established products Retail survey to track the demand of Company’s and competitors’ products Retail survey to validate the customer coverage Right product, Right customer focus approach Tracking of Key Retailers Ensure order booking and its supply Key Activities : Key Activities Reporting Weekly Reports on time Specialty Coverage Analysis Sales Promotion Proposal / Report cum Expenses Statement Subordinates’ Coverage format-Self Analysis Campaign Sales Meeting follow up. Record of Leaves Sales Diary Key Activities : Key Activities Feedback On inputs On competitors Regarding strategies On emerging trends To subordinates on performance To superiors on any important developments Key Activities : Key Activities Market Development / Market Intelligence Gather information from distributors / retailers to know the actual market potential Focused approach Rural coverage Distributors’ appointment Customer contact programmes Tracking Competitors Key Activities : Key Activities Development Team Members Review of Team members’ performance identifying key areas for improvement Improving his/her knowledge / skill levels Coaching Training Improving his / her personality Motivating Key Activities : Key Activities Review and Appraising Performance Agreed action plans Market potential Consistency in sales Coverage of territory Coverage of Key customers Growth in Sales Maturity Market knowledge Reporting Focus on Power Products Monitoring the Sales Right Customer Focus Key Skills : Key Skills Analytical Skills Technical Skills Communication Skills Selling Skills Planning Skills Reviewing Skills Managerial Skills Interpersonal relationship Skills Negotiating Skills Administrative Skills Interviewing Skills Counseling Skills Forecasting Skills Leadership Skills Key Performance Parameters : Key Performance Parameters Targets Field Work inputs Implementation of strategies Implementation of learning Knowledge Team Performance Development of Subordinates Market Development Reporting Discipline Distribution Management Maintenance and analysis of Data Self Development Profile : Profile Team Leader Decision Maker Coach Role Model Problem Solver Strategist Knowledge Resource Good Communicator Mediator Counselor Motivator Negotiator Positive Thinker Hard Worker Honest Listener Observer Fair Achiever Adaptable Enthusiastic A Good Manager will….. : A Good Manager will….. …always succeed in getting more output and better results from his team members …and they will deliver this willingly! Managers : Ineffective v/s Effective : Managers : Ineffective v/s Effective Ineffective Manager Appeaser Bully Caddy Despondent Excavator Favoritism Gutter Inspector Hindsight Effective Manager Advisor Benefactor Cheer Leader Decisive Example Setter Fair Generous Honest Managers : Ineffective v/s Effective : Managers : Ineffective v/s Effective Insecure Jealous Know-all Loner Manipulator Nag Opinionated Pillion Rider Quashes new ideas Innovator Judicious Knowledge Resource Leader Motivator Negotiator Open minded Perseverant Quality Conscious Managers : Ineffective v/s Effective : Managers : Ineffective v/s Effective Reactive Subjective Trumpet Blower Unfair Vengeful Whiner Xcuse Master Yesterday’s hero Zombie Receptive Strategist Transparent Understanding Vibrant Winner’s Mind Set Xperimenter Youthful Zestful

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