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Published on January 6, 2017

Author: atwconsultancy


slide 1: The Role Of Consulting Firms In Your Business If you look around you you’ll see the amount of advertisements there are. Every day we are bombarded with an excessive amount of marketing strategies. From print ads to digital activations our minds are being convinced to choose a particular brand. But how does one brand end up standing out How do we choose one particular brand over the others This is the power of good marketing. Marketing is a plan that companies come up with that creates a very intricate plan from budgets to advertisements to attract their target audience and guarantee customer loyalty. However companies can’t do this by themselves. They need help and guidance from professional firms. Here is where consulting firms come into the picture. Consulting firms are organizations who help companies come up a solid plan to reach their companies final goal. From brainstorming the plan to organising the resources to doing a follow up review of how the plan is doing your consultant does it all. Top consulting firms will always help companies review how the plan is progressing and help change any issues that might be present. There are many different types of consulting firms one of the most popular being marketing consulting firms. Marketing consulting firms is an organization that helps other businesses by giving them professional advice on their business strategy helps them achieve their ideal market growth. Though the consulting process changes depending on the type of company and the type of consultant there are 6 things that form the basic skeleton of the process. First is Discovery. In this stage the consultant starts to collect all the data about the company. This helps consulting firms understand the problems in the company and come up with a very basic sketch of the solution. Second is Analysis. Top consulting firms will always do the second round of Analysis. Here they find the biggest issues in the company and then think of the way to use the biggest opportunities presented to the company. Third is the Strategize. Here consulting firms will come up with a plan of action keeping in mind the goal and objectives of the company. Fourth is Implementation. In this step the plan is physically implemented and is set to start making a change in the company’s workings. Fifth is Ending Report. This is a report of the entire plan from start to finish made as a form of documentation. Lastly we have Follow Up. It is highly essential that there is a follow up session. Top consulting firms will always make sure that they follow up. This will be done after a considerable time to see how the plan is working out. If there any parts of it that are unsatisfactory then the plan is altered to meet the needs of the clients. slide 2: Since there are also a lot of consultants to choose from make sure you do your research. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a financial consulting form or a marketing consulting firm it is important the firm has a good reputation in the market and should have experience in your company’s field. Choose wisely

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